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Author’s Note: Hey, hello, it’s me, Andi. If you read my Free Use story, I’m sorry to say that I will not be continuing it. Those characters were genderswaps of my normal cast of characters, and by flipping their genders and putting them in practically paradise… I managed to strip everyone of their personalities in the process. I wasn’t happy that I’d turned them into basically sex objects, so I won’t be continuing that story.

This story is mostly going to be M/M, but practically everyone is bi, so anything is possible. One of my main characters (he doesn’t appear in this chapter) is a transgender male. I’ve been debating this for a while, but I won’t be putting chapters focused on him in the Transgender/Crossdresser section. The fact that those two are considered the same on this site is kinda disgusting in my opinion, since they’re two very separate things, and people conflate the two way too much as it is. Anyway, I’ll still put transgender in the tags for when the character is relevant, but really, if you’re reading through that tag just to fetishize trans people, just… we’re just people, okay? Ollie is a dude, he just happens to not have a dick. I’ll be reserving the use of the Transgender/Crossdresser tag for whenever crossdressing is a main focus.

Anyway, this story (both this chapter and any to come) is not meant to represent healthy relationships. Honestly, all my characters need to stop fucking and get therapy, but that wouldn’t make for very good erotica. Drug use isn’t glamorous, alcohol destroys lives, and toxic relationships just make things worse.

Content Warnings: Drug Use, Alcohol Abuse, Vomit


It wasn’t often that Jarred Abernathy was shown up at his own parties, but that blue haired bastard had just jumped on a table and started belting out the chorus to Arsenic Affection. People were surrounding him with their phones, taking videos like he’s someone special, and then it hit him.

Plumarian McNeil, more commonly known as Plum, lead singer of Star Eyes, the high school punk band that had swept more than a few small towns in the Pacific Northwest off their feet, was crashing his party.

He glanced around to see if any of his friends were paying attention. He locked eyes with Elijah from across the room, who was giving him an amused smile as he sipped on his beer. He was probably enjoying the show.

Jarred, however, didn’t want some punk ass high schooler getting caught at one of his parties. The cops let a lot slide, but Jarred wasn’t going to be responsible for some bratty minor. This kid was a disaster waiting to happen.

He went up to the table, actually having to fight a bit to get past all the drunk girls crowding the blue-haired brat. He stood up on the table with him, and holy shit, this kid was tall. Jarred wasn’t short by any means, standing at around six feet, but Plum was almost a full head taller than him. It almost took his breath away.

“Hey, kid.” Jarred clapped a hand on Plum’s shoulder. “I know you’re having fun and all, but high schoolers aren’t invited to this kind of shit. Come back when you’re in college.”

“Bruh.” Plum stopped singing long enough to dig out his wallet. He opened it up and showed it to Jarred. “I’m RSU’s latest music major who’s going to get a building named after him after I make it big.” Sure enough, there was a college ID, and it certainly didn’t look fake, at least at first glance. “And besides, I’ve been eighteen for like nine months now.”

“Oh, thank God.” Jarred sighed with relief.

“I take it you’re the host of this party?” Plum smirked, pulling him in close.

“The name’s Jarred.”

“Jarred, huh?” He noticed a bit of the familiar white powder at the base of Plum’s nose, and the smear of his black lipstick. Plum leaned in closer, his breath hot and heavy against Jarred’s ear “Let me tell you, I am having the time of my life thanks to you. Maybe the rich are good for something after all.”

Jarred rolled his eyes. “Right, you’re one of those ‘fuck the rich’ assholes, aren’t you.”

“Well, I normally say ‘eat the rich’, but your idea sounds better.” The taller one winked.

Two could play at that game. Jarred grabbed onto Plum’s stupid little leather vest crop top (He honestly had not way to describe it) and yanked him in even closer, moving his lips so they practically touched the brat’s ear. “Oh, trust me, if you end up in bed with me, you won’t be doing the fucking.” He smirked as he pulled away. “Don’t break my table, okay?”

“I make no promises.” Plum’s voice hitched just a little, imperceptible kurtköy escort to most, but nothing got past Jarred’s ears.

The moment Jarred climbed down from the table, Plum started singing again. Eh, at least he could sing. Most of the time when coked up brats started singing, they were absolutely awful, but Plum could at least hold a tune.


A couple hours later, it seemed like Plum had finally partied himself out. Well, at least he wasn’t singing anymore. His throat probably got too sore. Or he passed out in one of the bathrooms. Honestly, as long as the kid didn’t take a swan dive off the table, Jarred couldn’t care less.

The summer air was hot and sticky, and the smell of the ocean only a few hundred yards away filled his lungs.. Half the party was out on the patio, some in the pool. A lot of his recurring guests knew to bring swimsuits, but a lot of the incoming freshmen were swimming in their underwear instead. Jarred watched from his seat on one of the outdoor couches as a few girls convinced their friend to skinny dip, and soon after the girl jumped in the pool naked, a few others decided to take off what little they were wearing as well.

“Hey, uh, excuse me?” Someone lightly touched his arm. He looked up, and there was a group of three giggling girls. “Can you help me?” The middle one said, twirling a finger in her dark brown hair.

“How can I please ya?” Jarred chuckled as he sat up straighter.

“Well, you see, my friends here dared me to take a body shot off a stranger, and you have vodka, so I figured you can help me out.”

“You’re not allergic to peaches, are you?” Jarred held up the bottle of peach vodka. It was the good shit, too, not just the shit you get at a liquor store by a gas station.

“Not at all.”

“Perfect.” Jarred started unbuttoning his shirt. Usually, he was the one drinking off of someone else, but he was willing to flip that around for a girl as cute as her. He laid back on the couch. “You want to do the pouring, or should I?”

“Oh, uh, you can I guess.”

“Fair enough.” Of course, he was a few shots in himself, so he overpoured, but that didn’t really matter. Still, it tickled as the liquid rolled down his stomach and towards his pants.

The girl positioned herself in front of him and started drinking from his navel. He tried to hold back his laughter as her tongue accidentally tickled him. Eventually, she managed to get all the liquid from his belly button, but her tongue started trailing down the same bath the overpour had. “Damn, I just can’t seem to get it all.” She smirked against his skin.

“Yeah, some went down under my pants. You may have to slide them off to get the rest.”

“You bet.” She giggled as she fiddled with the button on his pants.

“Isa!” One of the other girls grabbed her by the shoulder. “I thought we all agreed that we wouldn’t let each other hook up with strangers while drunk.”


“But it’s just a blowjob.” The girl, Isa, pouted. At least she knew what she was getting into.

“Come on, let’s go!” The other girl pulled her away. “You’ll thank me later.”

Isa groaned, but ultimately followed her. “I’ll, uh, find you again when I’m sober, yeah?”

All Jarred could muster was a weak thumbs up. Fuck, she was cute. If he remembered her face once classes started, he’d definitely seek her out. He noticed the tattoo down her spine. Planets or something? There were lots of circles.

He sighed and laid back. Would it be rude to jerk off at his own party? Probably, but gods, if he didn’t find someone soon, he might have to go up to his room. Or find Elijah, but he was probably busy. First party of the year was always a great networking chance, whether it be for hookups or soccer team recruitment.

Someone landed right on his lap with a giggle. He glanced up and smiled. Rose Elliot.

“Jaaaaarred, what are you doing taking a nap at your own party?” Rose giggled, grinding her hips right on Jarred’s cock, forcing it to strain against his pants.

Fuck, had he fallen asleep? “Been a long day.”

She playfully placed a finger on his nose. “I know how to wake you up.”


Her finger slid down to his mouth, where it caught on his lower lip. “If you can catch me before I get to Elijah…” She leaned forward to kiss him, and in the process he gave him an excellent view down her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra (she never did at anything like this. She knew what was up.) so Jarred got to see her breasts in all of their round, pendulous levent escort glory. “…you get to fuck me instead. Sound like a plan?”

Jarred gulped. Gods, she was hot. “Yeah, sound’s fun.”

“Good! Catch me if you can!” She jumped off of him and gave him a moment to sit up before she started skipping away.

Jarred tried to chase after her, he really did, but his foot got caught on the coffee table, and he crashed right over it. Fuck. Maybe he was too drunk. He weakly pushed himself up, nothing bruised but his pride, but he really didn’t feel like running.

Rose let out a loud oof when she noticed. “Sorry, Jarred.” She slipped off her cute pink panties and slingshotted them at Jarred’s face. “Maybe next time, then!” She turned on her foot, swishing her black mini skirt to expose her perfectly round ass before skipping back inside.

Jarred rolled back onto the couch, praying to every god out there that no one saw -or worse, recorded- that moment. Fuck. Why wasn’t his body working?

More booze wasn’t the answer, but it was the closest thing he had. He never bothered with shot glasses, not anymore. Was the point of this even to have fun, or to just forget how he was when he was sober?

He almost screamed when that blue haired brat climbed on top of him. “So, when we gonna fuck, huh?” He placed his hands on the couch on either side of Jarred’s head, inadvertently (or maybe intentionally) trapping him in.

“Did I say we were?” Jarred tried to compose himself. Plum wasn’t actually that scary to look at, at least for someone who was used to piercings. Three eyebrow rings on his left eyebrow, a septum ring, and a couple of snake bites on his upper lip. Plus whatever mess of piercings and chains was on his right ear. (How’d he get so many in nine months?) No, the only thing that was remotely scary were his sharp incisors, but even then, it was just the suddenness of it.

Come to think of it, Plum was handsome, with ocean blue eyes and a jawline that could cut diamonds. No wonder his band was a rising success.

“Yeah, you said when we fuck, you’d be the one doing the fucking.” Plum grinned. While he was talking, Jarred noticed that he also had a tongue piercing. That could be… interesting.

“I said ‘if’, not ‘when’.” But Jarred’s cock was straining even harder against his pants, and he needed to shove it into something. He bit his lip. “You know what? Get up. It’s your lucky day.”

“Oh damn, you serious?” Plum got up and bounced on the balls of his feet. Gods, imagine if someone that big toppled over. Jarred was so thankful the brat didn’t seem to be uneasy on his feet.

“Shut up before I change my mind.” Jarred got up on shaky legs.

“Need me to carry you?” The question sounded remarkably genuine.

“What did I literally just say?”

“Right. Got it.”

Though, after a few steps, Jarred did start leaning on Plum, just enough to prevent himself from falling over. He didn’t say anything when Plum wrapped an arm around his midsection, long fingers wrapping around his midsection.

They started up the stairs, and as Jarred glanced around, he saw Rose and Elijah making out on the couch. Her skirt was hiked up as she sat on his lap, exposing her ass to everyone and their phones. Jarred was always amused at the pure wonder and amazement incoming freshmen had as they realized what kind of party this truly was.

Jarred caught Elijah’s eyes and gave a peace sign. Elijah have a thumbs up in return before focusing his attention back onto Rose.

It was honestly a miracle he didn’t stumble on the stairs. Bless whichever gods were watching over him.

He guided Plum towards the guest bedroom, because there was no way in hell he was letting him into his real room. When they got inside, he made sure to lock the door. Sometimes he was fine with unexpected guests joining (or just watching), but he really just wanted to get off uninterrupted.

“You know, I’m so fucking glad you’re doing the fucking, cause I’m too fucking drunk to get it up.” Plum laughed.

“Did I tell you you could talk?” Jarred said as he slid off his shirt.

“Dude, you’re being super dom. You want me to call you Daddy or something?”

Jarred snapped his head up. “Absolutely not.” Gods, would it be easier to kick the brat out and just take care of himself? The only thought keeping him from doing that was a nice, warm mouth.

“Then what should I call you?” Plum asked as he took off that dumb best thing, leaving his chest bare.

“Nothing.” Jarred mahmutbey escort slid off his pants and boxers in one go, finally letting his cock spring free. He sat down on the edge of the bed and smirked. “You’re going to shut up and suck me off, and if you do a good enough job, I’ll return the favor.”

Plum finally shut up. Thank every god out there. He dutifully got on his knees and gave the head of Jarred’s cock a kiss before taking it into his mouth. The little ball on his tongue was strange, but it ultimately felt real nice. Singing must have given him an advantage, because it didn’t take him long before he was taking his entire cock in each bob of his head.

And fuck, those moans felt so nice against his dick. Jarred ran a hand through Plum’s blue hair, fingers interlocking with the curls as he pushed the brat’s head down and thrust into his mouth.

To give the brat credit, he was able to last more than most before needing to breathe. But when he finally broke free for air, he immediately turned to the side and vomited.


Jarred rolled his eyes. Was this his own fault? Probably. But the brat shouldn’t have fucking pushed himself so hard.

Once Plum was done, Jarred grabbed him by the upper arm. “Come on, let’s get you in the shower.”

“Kay. Sorry about thr-”

“Let’s just not talk about it.” If he didn’t look at it, didn’t think about it, he could hold back the churning in his own stomach for just long enough to finish himself off.

“Got it.”

Plum took off his pants as soon as they got to the guest bathroom. The brat looked so differently than him, broad shouldered and tan as opposed to Jarred’s lithe frame and pale skin. Plum wasn’t the most ripped guy he’d seen, but he was certainly not as twinkish as Jarred. He was also strange in that he dyed his pubes to match his blue hair. Just… why?

The taller one got in the shower, having to awkwardly duck down to get under the stream. Jarred rolled his eyes again. “Here, just kneel down, I’m not done with you yet.”

“That didn’t take you out of the mood?” Plum laughed a little.

“Look, I’ve been horny as fuck all night. I just need to get off so I can go to bed.” Jarred got in the shower with him.

“That’s fair.”

Jarred grabbed Plum’s jaw to hold him in place. “Now, you’re going to shut up and let me come on your face, okay?”

Plum nodded, a smirk on his face. Well, at least he wasn’t trying to beg for more. His voice pissed Jarred off more and more every time he heard it.

It didn’t take long for Jarred to stroke himself to completion. It wasn’t satisfying by any means – it was rushed as all hell, because he really just wanted to get out of there- but seeing Plum’s face covered in cum, if only for a moment as the shower washed it way, was worth at least something.

He got out of the shower and dried himself off. “There’s extra towels in the closet. Clean up your fucking mess, then either sleep it off or go home.”


It took almost all of Jarred’s effort to not sprint to his room. He was done with tonight. All he wanted was to crash in his bed and pray for sleep, but his body had other plans.

He stumbled into his own bathroom and barely made it to the toilet before his stomach expelled it’s entire contents out through his mouth. Maybe he should slow down a little, not consume alcohol so much that it consumes him.

The cycle would repeat next weekend. He’d drink too much, regret it, yet make no effort to change his actions, even as the vomit climbed up his throat.

He’d die like this someday, in his own porcelain and marble bathroom, choking on his vomit all alone. He could imagine worse ways to die. Better this than in someone’s arms, feebly trying to find good last words. He didn’t want last words. He just wanted to die without worrying about anyone’s feelings.

He heard the door open behind him. Fuck? Some rando looking for condoms? A drink girl who got really, really lost? He was really, really glad his face was obscured.

“Jarred?” Oh thank the gods, it was just Elijah. He still wasn’t thrilled that he had to see him like this, but it wasn’t the worst case scenario. “You good, man?”

“Not really.” Jarred said, voice rough.

“Want me to stay with you?” He felt Elijah’s hand on his back, the other holding back his long brown hair.

“What about Rose?”

Elijah chuckled. “Rose can wait. Or, we can get you all cleaned up and you can join us.”

“I’m-” He was cut off by another round of vomiting.

“I’m guessing your not feeling up to it.”

“Not really,” He said after he was done. “I’ll be fine. Go have fun.”

“You sure?”

“Don’t make me tell you again.” Jarred groaned.

“Hint taken, I’ll leave you alone.” Elijah got up. “Love you, Jarred.”

“Love you too.”

And then he was alone with just him and his thoughts.

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