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I was 6 when my parents split, my younger sister Catherine (just 12 months old) stayed with my mother while I left with my father and went to live in the south of England. Dad eventually met and married my new mum (Sam), she was nice but she wasn’t my mum. I remember getting letters and the odd photo of my mum and Catherine but they eventually stopped when I was about 11. After a couple of years the differences seemed to disappear and I only ever thought of my mum and Catherine on their birthdays and at Christmas. Sadly they had moved, so I didn’t have an address to send cards to.

I had worked hard through school and became a pilot for a small airline company. I had my dreams of Transatlantic crossings with the big boys, but I was happy for the moment gaining flying hours and flying small aircraft around the south of England.

Sam and my Dad were in a serious car accident when I was 25 and they both died. So I was left on my own. After the accident I decided it was time to find my mum and Catherine, I knew they used to live near Leeds and so I went to the local library and began looking through old telephone books to try and find a possible telephone contact. After what seemed like hundreds of phone calls I struck gold. I was speaking to a woman with the right name but living 20 miles away from where we used to live, after a couple of questions it became apparent that this was my mother. The tears began to fall (from both of us) and I agreed to come up for the weekend and say hello. I wanted to speak to Catherine but she was out with friends, but I thought it didn’t matter as I would see her in a couple of days.

I managed to get an extra couple of days holiday from the airline, so I drove up to Yorkshire on the Thursday. I figured I would surprise my Mum on the Friday, spend the weekend with her and return south on the Monday. I booked a hotel in the area for the Thursday night. pendik escort

I needed a drink so I went to a local nightclub for a quiet pint of Guinness or three. I was just about to leave when I spotted this great looking girl dancing with her friends. As I didn’t have to get up early I decided to try my luck. A couple of dances later she left her friends to go to the toilet. On her way out she accidentally bumped into me, she apologised and we got talking. Her name was Kate and she was studying to be a nurse. We hit it off immediately, we had a lot in common, we liked the same things, activities, sports etc. After a few drinks we decided to go for a walk for some fresh air.

Outside we kissed, not a simple peck on the cheek, this was tongue hockey at its best. We were all over each other. We needed each other. Kate asked if we could go somewhere. Ever the gentleman I offered to take her to my hotel. A couple of minutes later we were in the door and continued kissing each other. Our hands were all over each other and soon I had my hand in her blouse caressing her bra covered breasts. Kate was unbuckling my belt and dropped my trousers revealing my semi hard cock (I wasn’t wearing underwear). Kate began fondling my cock and it responded the only way it knew. Soon I was fully hard and my respectable 7 inches throbbed in her hand. I had also been busy and Kate’s blouse was now lying on the floor next to her bra which I had also managed to remove. I now had a good look at her full firm breasts, set off with a pair of hard nipples. I had to taste them, I dropped my head and took a nipple into my mouth and caressed the hard nub with my tongue. Kate sighed, I continued suckling her breast before switching my attention to the other one. These tits were made to be suckled. Kate pulled me away and dropped to her knees, immediately taking my throbbing erection into her hands. The purple head poked escort pendik out between her fingers and was immediately covered by her hot mouth. Her lips closed around my head and her tongue started to wash around my head. She started to move slowly up and down over the full length of my cock. When her nose was buried in my pubic hair, I could feel the end of my cock nestling in the back of her throat. She kept it there for a minute, her tongue moving over the base of my cock. This girl knew how to please a man. Eventually she moved her head back and forth allowing her tongue to swirl over and around the full length of my cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long. She deep throated me again and this sent me over the edge.

I grunted “I’m coming” expecting her to remove my cock but she didn’t. My orgasm hit me and I came harder than I had ever done before. Six or seven times my seed erupted in her mouth, but she didn’t spill a drop. At the end she licked my cock clean and smiled at me.

“Your turn” she said.

You couldn’t have kept me away with a shotgun. I did allow her the luxury of lying on the bed before I dove between her legs. I could smell that musky scent of sex. I gently kissed her inner thighs allowing my tongue to glide over her thighs and upwards towards her sex. I gently kissed her lips, now slightly open as her wetness began to spread. I added to it by licking her lips from top to bottom. My tongue penetrated slightly to get at the source of the fluid. I moved my tongue to her clit, it slowly began to emerge from its hiding place as Kate’s excitement increased. Her hands began to claw at my hair as her breathing increased. I concentrated on her clit, my fingers pulled her lips apart to allow me more access. Kate was close, I could sense it. I slowly pushed a finger inside her, she screamed in pleasure and her body went rigid. I kept lapping at her clit. After about 30 seconds pendik escort bayan she started to calm down. I removed my finger but kept lapping at her clit. She asked me to stop and give her a kiss, she enjoyed tasting herself on my lips.

She asked me to fuck her.

I was hard again and slowly fed my cock into her cunt. It felt like a tight fit. I pushed slowly inside her until my balls were nestled against her arse. I pulled out and began a nice gentle fucking motion. Kate had her hands on my arse pulling me inside her. My hands were groping those fine tits. Our mouths were locked together as our tongues once again fought each other.

We kept this up for a few minutes before I rolled over onto my back. Kate now took the lead and began bouncing up and down on my slippery cock. She sat up throughout offering me a great view of her tits jiggling with the movement. Her hands were on my chest as she increased her speed. I was getting close and I hoped that I could last until Kate came with me. It was a near thing, my seed erupted from my cock just as Kate bottomed out and ground her clit into my pubic mound. She collapsed onto me with a groan.

A minute or so later, Kate said that was great but she had to get home. She asked for my mobile number, which I gladly gave and she hopped off the bed giving me a kiss as she quickly dressed and left.

I was still shell shocked, that had to be the best sex I had ever had, and the girl had left me wanting more. I slowly realised that I didn’t have her phone number and thought I probably wouldn’t see her again.

It didn’t take me long to fall asleep, I dreamt that Kate had rejoined me and we fucked in every position possible.

The following morning I checked out of the hotel and drove the 5 or so miles to my mothers house. Nervously I rang the bell and there stood my mother. I hadn’t seen her for almost 20 years and she looked great. She invited me in and we sat and talked for hours. I asked when Catherine was due home. She replied that Catherine was due home any minute but she preferred to be called Kate and was studying to become a nurse……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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