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In the dark of the cell Iliafray dozed as she embraced Xanaphia, several times during the night Xanaphia had cried and struggled in her sleep as nightmares plagued her but each time the reassurance of arms around her seemed to calm her and let her fall back to sleep.To Iliafray it was obvious Xanaphia was near breaking point and she was genuinely worried for her friend, she could only hope that she was right and the escape called for by her Matriarch’s plan was soon and that she would then be able to turn it to a genuine escape.

After what seemed like a rest period the door to the cell opened and a goblin slave came in to clean away the straw and replace it with fresh straw as he left the door stuck remaining slightly open, Xanaphia had been woken by the noise of the Goblin and remained lying embracing Iliafray, outside the door the two slaves heard a part of a conversation between two of the drow slavers much was irrelevant but part of it was asking if the prisoners were ready for the rites of devotion and it being confirmed that they would be tomorrow or the next day, Iliafray knew that in the rites of devotion one of them must die and so expected the opportunity to escape to come that day or never if the Matriarch had tired of her original plan.

There was no opportunity to try and talk to Xanaphia not only were they monitored but soon one of the mistresses would enter the cell and catching them talking would have consequences which may prevent an escape.

A few minutes the cell door opened and the mistress came in accompanied by a pair of human slaves who set out a low table with manacle attachment points visible and a couple of stools along with a ***********ion of tools and torture sevices placed onto the table. As the drow entered the room both slaves struggled to get into a kneeling presentation posture , with Xanaphia’s hands still secured behind her back and Iliafray placing her hands behind her as if they were secured. “You are looking well, although you smell badly enough that I am going to have to punish you for it after you are clean enough for me to touch,” the drow mocked “I think you first Elf-Bitch , Orc Cunt can wait” the drow manipulated a gem on her bracelet and the line linking Xanaphia’s collar to the wall slit up the wall and along the roof until it was anchored over her and began to shorten forcing her to first struggle to her feat and then to stand on the tips of her toes stop stop herself being strangled by the collar. “You do look pretty stretched out like that Elf Bitch , well if you weren’t so filthy and an elf. Orc Cunt go pick up the cleaning gel container in your mouth and then break it on Elf Bitch here so I can get her clean enough she won’t soil my whip , then when you have done that break another vial on yourself for when it’s your turn”, She turned and watched as Iliafray stood and walked over to the table where the bindle of tools had been left and bend over to pick up a vial of a red liquid in her mouth , with her hands still apparently immobilised behind her back. Ten with the vial held in her mouth she walked over to Xanaphia and pressed the vial against her shoulder trapping it between Iliafray’s chin and Xanaphia’s shoulder until it broke with the shards of glass drawing blood from both of them, The red fluid started to flow over Xanaphia’s skin slowly spreading to cover her entire body. As it did so Xanaphia began to moan in pain as the fluid started to feel hot , so hot in fact it felt like boiling water was being poured over her skin, the moans turned to a shriek of agony as the fluid swept over her cunt ,finally as the fluid covered all her skin and hair it began to evaporate as a swirling cloud of steam leaving Xanaphia very clean and with her skin undamaged rather to her relief as the heat had not been real, As the fluid had spread over Xanaphia Iliafray had backed away returning to the table as the Mistress watched , then as she picked up and bit though the other vial , the mistress returned her attention to Xanaphia taking the whip of her belt and taking a few practice swings.

“Well Elf Bitch now it is time to punish you for assaulting my nostrils with your stench, I think twenty strokes should get me warmed up ready for something more creative” She started by landing a blow across Xanaphia’s breasts drawing a strangled cry of agony as the pain momentarily caused her to lose her footing, the next four strikes landed across Xanaphia;s stomach causing quiter groans of pain after the fifth blow the drow mistress stepped forward pressing against Xanaphia’s chest while forcing the fingers of one hand into Xanaphia’s cunt “Well how the mighty are fallen Elf Bitch it seems that now getting whipped makes you all wet and excited” she held her wet fingers up in front of Xanaphia;s eyes , which went wide “ No need to be embarrassed you little slut,, Its quite normal for a sla. …” .

The Mistresses sentence went unfinsihed as Iliafray who Xanaphia had seen sneaking up behind reached over the drows shoulder and cut her throat with a sharp knife from the torture tools,the blow severed the wind pipe and major arteries, blood fountained forward over Xanaphia;s naked body and the drow slumped to the floor with a last gasping rattle from her throat. Iliafray looked down on the body with a dispassionate look “You always were careless and lazy and now you’ve died from it” Then reaching down she took the wrist control off of the dead mistress and quickly manipulated it , with a click both her and Xanaphia’s collars came off , Xanaphia stumbling and almost falling as the weight went back on her feet , then gasping in relief as her bracelets unlocked themselves freeing her arms for the first time in days. “What are you doing “ asked Xanaphia , Iliafray responded quickly “ W e don;t have much time . The rites of devotion they mentioned are a test to see if a slave is broken, they would have pushed us until one of us killed the other preferably you killing me. So we have to take this chance to escape. Please trust me for know, There is a lot to explain but once we are out of here and on our way somewhere safe”. Pausing for a moment and feeling the blood dripping down her chest Xanaphia responded “Ok, I’ll follow you”, Iliafray handed over the knife saying “You are probably more skilled with this than me if we have to fight”.

The pair quietly opened the door left ajar by the Mistress , which opened out into a dimly lit corridor. Iliafray familiar with the layout of the family fortress recognised which section of the dungeons they were in and knew which way to head for the exit. Moving polatlı escort quickly as they did not know how long it would be before someone else entered the corridor they followed the curve of the corridor until they came to a crossing corridor which headed towards the exterior walls. Along the way they passed a storeroom which Iliafray realised would hold anything belonging to the slaves in this section which the drow wanted to keep, likely this would include some of Xanaphia’s equipment as dressing a slave in the dress of her previous life as a Paladin would appeal to many drow. She gestured Xanaphia inside and began opening chests, slightly puzzled Xanaphia followed suit , once she realised that the chests contained clothes she understood and joined in the search soon they located the chest containing most of Xanaphia’s clothes but sadly not any of her weapons or magical items. She quickly pulled the clothes on being surprised to discover they were now slightly tight around her chest indicating her breasts had grown. Iliafray also pulled on some poorly fitting clothes a size too large for her and obviously meant for a human. Both of them felt better dressed as it put some distance between them and the memory of recent days.. It was a short walk from there to an exterior door , next to the door hung a ***********ion of cloaks and boots for drow to put on when leaving the fortress, most of the normal wear around the building being somewhat unsuitable for the outside. Iliafray realised that the Matriarch must still be expecting her to go along with the plan as under normal circumstances no exterior door would be unguarded.

The door opened into a huge cavern which contained most of the drow settlements in this case it was one of the large mushroom fields around the edge of the great vault. The tree sized mushroom glowed with a faint and eerie light providing enough light for elven eyes although it was dimly lit for them, drow with their superior darkvision would see much better.

Fortunately no Drow were around only the slaves tending the fields and they saw figures in drow cloaks and knew better than to show any interest in their betters going about their business. Iliafray lead Xanaphia through the fungal forest the pair keeping quiet so as not to raise the interest of any of the slaves or possible overseers with an unusual conversation, Finally as the reached the edge of the caver after what seemed like a very long walk for two people who were underfed and out of condition they came to a hidden cave Iliafray had prepared as a secret meeting place and getaway when she was younger and not used for a good two decades , she hoped it was unknown or forgotten by the Matriarch who would instead be ready at the planned rendezvous. After sliding away the rock which concealed the entrance there was a short winding tunnel before a larger chamber which some forgotten drow had prepared for habitation. It consisted of a large living and sleeping chamber with large bed in the middle of it with a series of small antechambers off it , one was a toilet and washing area and another a food preparation area the other two had originally been used for storage and still stored some of Ilafray’s supplies. Everything in the chambers was covered with dust apparently undisturbed since Iliafray last used the place, fortunately the magical glow stones were still in place providing light enough to see by.

Sophia turns the tables 13

This was the fourth time Sophia had been summoned for experimentation and she still had not learnt the wizards name. The last two sessions had been as unpleasant as the first with the wizard experimenting with her ability to resist conjured magical elements, the fire and acid in particular had hurt although oddly her injuries had been healed with healing potions as her tormentor had not wanted Sophia to waster her own mana on healing,

After she had seated herself in the chair and been restrained again she had to wait for the wizard to arrive . When she arrived the wizard looked over Sophia then gave an order “Set Collar to minimum restrictions. You will not be compelled to obey any order until the full restraints are released from the chair. Today I will be studying your response to charm spells so I need to the collar to not interfere with your actions, “ She manipulated one of her devices and the restraints on Sophia’s right arms unfastened themselves, and some telekinetic force brought a knife over to within reach of her right hand. “I am going to order you to do a number of unpleasant things, should you be able to do so you can refuse to do them, this will measure the effectiveness of your resistance to the mind control spells I will be using. So let us begin”

The wizard cast her first spell which Sophia’s limited education in spellcraft enabled her to recognise as a dominate person spell. She braced herself to resist and as the wizard finished the spell she felt a wash of magical energy surge towards her and then it seemed to rebound. Sophia asked “What happened?” puzzled as to why the wizard seemed to be pausing in her activity and why she could feel no effect on her thoughts. The Wizard answered “It seems you managed to use your mana to reflect the spell turning the effect on me and I am now under your control until the spell wears off in about fifteen minutes”. Surprised Sophia realised she had to act quickly to take advantage of this turn of events “Do you have any more slave collars available, and will they work on you?”, the response was “Yes on both accounts” . Sophia quickly gave an order “Go and put on a slave collar then return here immediately, contact no one while fetching the collar and do not delay”. The wizard immediately rushed out of the room.

While she was alone Sophia realised that perhaps it would have been wiser to have the wizard release her from her restraints and the collar before sending her off but speed has been of the essence. The wait for the wizards return seemed to drag on , with Sophia worrying she would not return in time.

Eventually the wizard returned wearing a collar like Sophia’s and Sophia immediately issued more orders “Make certain that you cannot issue orders to me , and must obey my orders”, the wizard took another device from the wall and fiddled with it before replying “Your collar has been set as that of a senior slave and mine of a junior slave so I will be required to obey you.”let out a sigh of relief “Now release me from this chair and take of my collar”, the response annoyed her “I can release you from the pursaklar escort chair , but the basic functions of the slave collars prevent one slave from removing another’s collar”, She definitely should have had the wizard remove the collar before putting one on but too late know. As the wizard unstrapped Sopha from the chair she thought about what commands to issue .

Then as she stood up and stretched she delivered her basic list of rules” Slave you will follow the following rules

You will not attempt to cast any spell or use any magical item without my express permission

You will not speak unless directed to or in response to a direct question

You will not attempt to communicate with anyone other than me

Unless you are following explicit instructions you will remain in the same room as me or return to me as fast as possible

If I am about to trigger some trap or security feature you will warn me before I do so

You will refer to me as Mistress

Do you understand these rules ?”

“Yes Mistress” was the response.

Sophia asked “What is your name slave?” , “Margritte Mistress” Sophia considered “I think that is an unsuitable name for such a junior slave , your new name will be Slutslave. Now Slutslave escort me to your living area so I can get comfortable”. The newly named Slutslave opened the door and lead Sophia up the stairs past a floor containing a wizards laboratory and library to a suite of rooms consisting of a bedroom with a fairly small bed, a living room with a couple of comfortable stuffed chairs and a small dining table and chairs, finally a small kitchen and a bathroom with a rather nice bath.

Sophia settled into a rather comfortable chair “Slutslave fetch me a decent meal from your kitchen”, as Slutslave hurried out Sophia looked around the room appreciating it’s rather opulent decoration and enjoying the feeling of the silk upholstery on her skin. It took a while before Slutslave returned with a plate of roast chicken and roasted vegetables which Sophia devoured ravenously. Finished with the first decent meal she had eaten since leaving the underdark she turned her attention to Slaveslut.

“Slaveslut tell me about your sex life”, Slaveslut blushed red “I have none Mistress Sophia, I have never found the idea interesting and so have never had sex” Sophia beamed in pleasure hearing that it would make this more fun. “Do you have any sex toys , whips or similar here?”, “Yes, Mistress Sophia there are some in the basement for the slave training facility”. Sophia wondered why and how someone with no sexual interest had a sex slave training facility in her basement and how she managed it but that could wait, “Slaveslut go down to the basement and bring me back a ***********ion of whips, restraints and sex toys including whichever ones you think you would least like to have used on you, also bring back some depilatory cream. And hurry the longer you take , the longer I am going to spend whipping you later”. Slutslave hurried out of the room and Sophia wondered what she would come back with.

It did not take long for a flushed and out of breath Slavecunt to return after running up and down the stairs carrying a sack stuffed with objects. She emptied the bag onto the table revealing an interesting ***********ion of dildo’s, ass plugs, whips and restraints. “Sophia stood up and walked over to the collection looking it over , then asked “Which of these are you most afraid of?” Slavecunt picked up a monstrous strap on dildo covered in blunt spikes and a pair of vicious barbed nipple clamps . Sophia smiled at her choices and took the items over to her comfortable chair and seated herself comfortably,

“Slavecunt it is time to get started , first take off all of your clothes. You won’t need them again , you are never to wear clothes again. When you have stripped come and stand in front of me and turn around so I can look at what I own now”.

Clearly reluctantly but unable to resist Slavecunt pulled her robe over her head and threw it into the corner , then stripped off her heavy bra and underwear, finally kicking her sandals off. Turning round she revealed a reasonably shapely body with large but slightly sagging breasts , and a body running slightly to fat. Besides her long brown hair bushes of curly brown hair were visible beneath her armpits and covering her cunt. Her pale skin was flushed red with shame and embarrassment at being on display. Sophia looked her over knowing that her inspection was deeply humiliating the slave. Finally she issued new orders “Slavecunt kneel in front of me with your legs apart, your arms behind your back and your tits thrust forward”. Slavecunt dropped into a kneeling position on top of her discarded clothes and did her best to assume the instructed posture, she felt Sophia’s feet pushing her knees further apart until her cunt was clearly on display protected only by it’s hairy covering. Sophia stood up andcircled around behind Slavecunt. Slavecunt moved her head to try and watch Sophia until Sophia ordered her to keep her head facing straight ahead. Instead of striking Slavecunt Sophia collected the pot of depilatory cream and returned to her seat placing the pot of cream in front of Slavecunt.

“Slavecunt take that cream and rub it into your armpits and cunt” obeying Slavecunt slathered her cunt and armpits in the sticky white cream .

Sophia sat and watched Slavecunt as she started to notice the burning sensation as the cream as it burnt out the follicles in the sensitive areas of her body. Soon Slavecunt was squirming as she tried to relieve the slowly worsening burning of her skin. Sophia smiled at her “I’ll let you wash that off when you beg me to be allowed to lick my cunt , and convince me of your sincerity”. She could see the idea of doing that repulsed Slavecunt, but at the same time she was turning red and tears had started to run down her face as the burning on her skin started to feel like it was burning into the skin and doing permanent harm, she knew from experience that it wasn’t but Slavecunt hadn’t grown used to pain and abuse, Yet.

Finally Slave cunt spoke “Please Mistress , let me lick your cunt” she didn’t even try to sound sincere just repeating the words expected of her for some relief. Sophia replied “No you don’t sound like you mean it yet”. Slavecunt was shocked and tried to think how to convince her Mistress that she wanted to do something she found repugnant while distracted by the feelings in her body which felt like her cunt was being covered ankara escort in boiling water. Slavecunt tried again several times each time being turned down by Sophia until finally with tears running down her face from the pain “Please Mistress, Slavecunt wishes to link your beautiful cunt , Please let Slavecunt worship your cunt”, finally Sophia relented “Very well slave , I will let you wash stuff off you then attempt to please me, but I warn you if I don’t think you are really trying you’ll wish your cunt was still on fire”.

Sophia stood up and moved forward slightly standing over Slavecunt with her legs either side of Slavecunt and her own cunt close against the slave’s face. “Slavecunt keep your mouth open, stay still and use your hands to rinse yourself off” Sophia let loose her bladder pissing into Slavecunts mouth and on to her face, forced to remain still with her mouth open Slavecunt desperately tried to force the acrid liquid out of her mouth and then as the disgusting fluid ran down her body she used her hands to rub it into her cunt washing off the vile depilatory fluid and reducing the burning , she was disgusted as she found herself hoping that Sophia would keep pissing on her. But the stream came to an end before she had washed off all the burning cream . Seeing Slavecunt still desperately trying to rub the cream of her body Sophia told her “Piss onto the clothes beneath you and then you can use the soaking material to rub yourself down” Sophia sat down and watched as the red faced slave pissed on to her already soaked clothes before reaching down and grabbing her underwear and rubbing the sopping material all over her body to get rid of every trace of the depilatory.

Once Slavecunt finished rubbing urine all over her body to wash off the depilatory cream Sophia instructed her on what to do next “Slavecunt I want you to lean forward and start licking my cunt”. Reluctantly Slavecunt leaned forward and tentatively at first began to lick and Sophia’s cunt initially it had the same vile taste as the urine she had swallowed, then she remembered Sophia’s expectation of enthusiasm, she shuddered at the thought of what might be done to her if she was not thought to be enthusiastic enough. She started to move her tongue around more energetically and slide her tongue into Sophia’s channel, she even ran her tongue over the piercings along Sophia’s labia and clit. Despite her energy she had no idea what to do to stimulate Sophia, having not even masturbated herself frequently, but as she heard Sophia counting off the minutes and passing the count of five she redoubled her effort as she did so she noticed the taste of Sophia’s cunt as Sophia started to juice up. She was fortunate that Sophia’s piercings helped guide her to sensitive parts, but unfortunate that Sophia could easily delay her climax to such inexpert tonguing. Her tongue and mouth were getting tired from the unexpected effort and desperate to achieve something anything to bring Sophia off she gently gripped Sophia’s clit piercing with her teeth and pulled on it , Slightly surprising Sophia and earning herself a copious mouthful of fluid as Sophia came spraying all over Slavecunt.

“Pretty pathetic Slavecunt but I am sure you’ll get better with practice. Next I am going to decorate you properly and then I am going to fuck you with this massive dildo. You get a choice if you ask nicely I’ll you pick if I fuck your virgin cunt or your virgin ass, which is it to be?” Slavecunt looked at the massive dildo which had terrified her and knew it would never fit into her asshole so “Please Mistress Sophia this slave thinks you will get more pleasure fucking her worthless cunt than having to struggle with her asshole”. “Very well Slavecunt then I’ll take your virginity, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, I know I certainly will. But first lets get you dressed up properly”.

Sophia picked up the nipple clamps and looked down at the kneeling Slavecunt “Play with your tits and get then nice and firm so I can fit these on properly “ Slavecunt started playing clumsily with her breasts, Sophia watched for a few minutes as it became obvious that Slavecunt was achieving anything , she slapped Slavecunts hands away from her breast “You really are useless Slavecunt, I suppose I’ll have to do all the work myself”. Reaching down she grabbed Slavecunt’s left breast twisting and pulling at her nipple and stretching her breast out, then she reached with the other hand and snapped the jaws of the spring loaded clamp over the distended breast. Slavecunt stiffened but was forced to remain quiet and still by the collar as the spiked jaws closed painfully over her nipple and trickles of blood started to run down from the spikes, Sophia repeated the process on Slavecunt’s other breast before stepping back to look at her handiwork.

“Stand up Slavecunt and bend over the table with your legs apart, I want you to press those tits against the table, and then stay still while I ram this dildo into your cunt” Slavecunt stood up obediently and leaned over the table pressing her breasts against the table despite the shooting agony which shot through her as she crushed her tortured breasts against the hard surface. As she did do Sophia put on the dildo sliding the smaller and much more comfortable end into her own cunt to stimulate her as she raped Slavecunt. She moved up behind Slavecunt and ran her hand over Slavecunt’s slit confirming it was as dry as she expected, this would hurt the dildo and it’s spikes would be painful for Sophia to take in her cunt it would be much worse for Slavecunt.

Slavecunt tensed and wanted to get up and run as she felt the fingers run over her sensitive and newly bare cunt, then started to panic as she felt the impossibly wide head of the dildo brush against her cunt lips but she couldn’t do anything the collar locked her in place , waiting to be violated. Then her cunt erupted in agony as the dildo ripped into her , tearing her hymen apart and feeling like it was ripping her apart , she felt she could feel her body tearing as the massive object brutalized her bone dry cunt, then she felt it pulling out with the spikes feeling like they were ripping her apart, she could feel the blood flowing out of the cuts and abrasions and imagined it as worse than it was. Sophia felt Slavecunt trembling and could see her cunt bleeding but from experience could tell it was painful but not actually a serious injury , the smaller end of the monstrous dildo was spring into her as she drove into Slavecunt so she started to forcer herself back into the tight tunnel of Slavecunt repeatedly.

Slavecunt was lost in her own world of pain and Sophia was just getting close to an Orgasm when a male voice she had never heard before spoke from behind her “This is a new style for you Margritte, It suits you I think”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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