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AUTHOR’s NOTE: Arthur is 60, His children, Kent, Pearl and Cherry are in their mid to late 30’s, Ross, Rose and Renee are 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.


Ross woke up and lolled on his left side, half curled, staring at Cherry’s flaxen hair, flared against the pillow. Her sheer aqua peignoir, in the dim light, glimmered with electric shadows across her shoulder, flank, hip and thigh. She reposed, like a question mark, backed up against his mother. Both women were sound asleep. Their quiet, regular breaths moved their chests, but otherwise, they were totally still.

Ross’ right hand moved to his groin and touched his cock, already stiff and alert to any available stimulation. He lightly rubbed himself, absently pondering, for about the hundredth time, his great good fortune to be naked, in bed, with two sexy women. He was still boggled that they were his own mother and aunt.

Leaving his dick, he raised the leading edge of Cherry’s diaphanous robe and gently drug it back over her hip and thigh. The full expanse of her skin was voluptuously exposed from the top of her left ass cheek to her knee, rolling into the shaded hollow where he knew her pussy was hiding. Running his finger tips from the gauzy edge along her smooth thigh, he slowly pushed his hand between her legs, sliding his palm against her inner right thigh. The back of his hand just grazed her inner left leg. Cherry sighed softly, rolled a fraction to her left, separating her legs. Her cunt no longer coyly kept its crease sealed, but rather, smiled with inviting, parted lips. Ross looked closely at his aunt’s face and listened to make sure she still slept before moving his hand higher. He dabbed her dampening pout with his pinky tip and eased just inside the winking gap.

Cherry’s pussy kissed his finger as it glided upward along the slit. Ross pulled his hand away and put his sticky little finger tip dead center on Cherry’s sleeping mouth. Her lips instantly gave way, yielding a small portal. Taking advantage, Ross pushed his pinky slightly and Cherry, without waking, closed her lips tight and held it. Ross withdrew, heard a small smacking sound, and saw his aunt’s lips re-open and tremble. He quickly inserted his finger again, this time to the first joint, and felt a definite suction from Cherry as, again, her lips clamped down.

“Is she sleeping? Dreaming of sucking a cock?” he wondered, “Does she think it’s my cock? what if it was?” The questions raced through his mind as he acted to resolve them.

Swiftly, but still silently cautious, Ross raised himself and scooted his body up toward his aunt’s head. When his erect dick was just below Cherry’s chin, his weight balanced carefully on his left knee on the pillow above her face and on his right knee on the mattress near her stomach, he gently lifted her head with his left hand and pushed her face forward. Cherry’s eyes remained closed, her breathing seemed unchanged, yet she made distinct murmurs as she continued to suck his pinky.

When his knob, shiny with pre-cum in anticipation, brushed Cherry’s soft pulsing lips, Ross popped his finger out, exchanging his purple cockhead for it in a single fluid motion. Cherry seemed hardly to notice. Her mouth necessarily opened wider and then closed around the fleshy plum and sucked as before.

Ross’ free right hand spread Cherry’s peignoir and uncovered her tits. He tickled her left nipple, watching it stiffen under his touch. His aunt rolled further to her left, forcing Ross abruptly to adjust his posture. Now, fully astride her head, both knees on the pillow, he still held her mimping lips to his cock and reflexively ground his hips. “OMG! I am face-fucking Aunt Cherry!” he thought, and then he realized she was no longer asleep.

He did not know, exactly, when she came to, but she was awake now, for sure. Cherry’s murmurs became moans and her hands reached up grabbing Ross’ ass and moving beyond to the small of his back. Soon they were coursing over his waist, his back, up to his shoulders, down to his buttocks and then to his thighs. “How many hands has she?” Ross wondered as his excitement grew and his whole body heated up.

When he felt two hands on his back and a third holding and squeezing his nuts, and a fourth massaging something slick and cool over his butt and asshole, it dawned on him his mother, too, was awake and active. Pearl confirmed his deduction by leaning over his back and buzzing in his ear, “That’s right, sweetie, let your Aunt Cherry suck on that hard wood rod. Your mother has a present for you!”

Ross felt his butt cheeks being pushed and spread as Pearl kneaded and stroked them, pausing only to reload her palm with K-Y jelly. Her left hand kept rolling his balls in a gripping and releasing cycle, while Cherry raked his back with her nails and sucked his thrusting cock.

Still, he was surprised to feel a pressure against his anus pendik escort and something small and semi-soft pushing in past its outer rim. “Seriously? Is Mom tonguing my ass?” he asked himself in disbelief.

“Ooh! Unhh! No!”, he answered himself aloud, as he felt the penetration deepen and stiffen. “I mean…OH! I.. Unh!” he gasped and cried, first startled by, then enjoying, the sensations of increasing pleasure as they overcame the initial pain of his virgin ass betting reamed by his mother’s favorite dildo.

“It’s all right, baby,” Pearl said, “Your young bung is being wrung. Feel the stick, squeeze it and hold, come on, now, come, come, come for Mommy and Aunt Pearl, sweetie!”

Pearl moved the ribbed device in and out slowly. with determined strokes, as Cherry ran the length of Ross’ rigid stalk deep into her throat and back and teased its head with her tongue and teeth.

Screaming, Ross exploded his balls, convulsed his ass muscles, and collapsed.

Cherry pulled his softening dick from her mouth, licked her lips and then cleaned up the last bits of jism still sticking to Ross’s plump bulb. “Well, Pearl, this has been quite the orientation weekend for our young Ross, don’t you think?” she asked with a laugh.

“Indeed I do, Sis, indeed, I do.” Pearl concurred. “My son and your nephew has come of age!


In Bodega Bay, the brothers helped the buggered twins to the bathroom and gently laved their still tender bottoms under the warm soft shower spray. When everyone was cleaned up they flopped back on the bed, waking up only just in time to pack and leave without incurring an extra charge for late check-out.

Kent was driving, with Arthur in the back, but the twins had switched around, so Rose was now up front and Renee sat with her uncle. The inland route on less travelled highways was pretty and the traffic was light. Time passed quietly for the group.

The westering sun cast long shadows in front of the Jeep as Renee looked up from her tablet and studied her dozing uncle. His close-cropped iron gray hair set off his chiseled profile and made her feel all tingly. Scooting across the seat, she put her left hand on his hard left thigh muscle and brushed the back of her right index finger along his jaw from his ear to his mouth. Twisting her fingertip, she pushed at the corner with her nail and whispered, “Uncle Art! Are you awake?”

“I am now,” he quietly answered. “Why?”

“I was just wondering…”Renee started,” because we’re getting kinda close to home and I was wondering…”

“What, Honey?” Arthur asked. “What was it you were wondering?”

“Well,… I have that funny feeling again and I was wondering if you could rub my pussy like you do one last time?” Renee finished in a breathy burst, as she scratched her uncle’s leg, running her hand up to the crotch of his jeans.

“Mmm,” Arthur answered, “Sure, but what do you mean, ‘one last time’? don’t you like your Uncle Art?”

“OH YES! It’s not that!” Renee quickly assured him, “it’s just when we get home Mom and Aunt Pearl will be there and Rose and I thought you and Dad wouldn’t be able to,.. you know,.. FUCK US!” As she blurted out the last words she grabbed Arthur’s swelling cock and squeezed it hard through the denim.

Rose unsnapped her seatbelt and spun swiftly onto her knees to peer over the headrest and added, in a rush, “Yeah! We figured we’d have to wait until Fall when you took us back to school and maybe not even then, if Mom and Aunt Pearl came along!”

Kent turned his head and asked, “What’s going on back there? Anything I need to do?”

Arthur answered, “I’ve got it handled, Son, No worries.” and then, to the twins, more quietly, he said, “Don’t you fret a bit, Chipmunks. We’re going to work it out.”

He moved his left arm to embrace Renee against his ribs and rubbed his hand along the back of her sweater-dress. Bringing his right hand up and forward, he stroked Rose’s hair and drug his thumb across her lips. She quickly seized his wrist and turned her head to the window. Opening her mouth she pulled his thumb into her face and sucked it briefly, then popped it out and said, “Goody! Isn’t that just great news? Renee?”

“Mmm Hmmm,” Renee agreed, pulling the tab on her uncle’s zipper and worming her hand inside the fly to rub his swollen bulb as it poked from his boxers, “That’s super, Rose!”

“What’s super?” called Kent over his shoulder.

“Uncle Art just said we’re going to work out, Daddy,” Rose paraphrased, turning around to snuggle up on the console against Kent.

“Unh huh. ooh,mmm,” groaned Arthur,”Yeah, it’s all going to work out just fine.”

Renee pulled her hand away and Arthur arched his back so she could finish lowering his jeans and shorts. His dick waved hello and Renee leaned forward, kissing it lovingly as she pushed her uncle’s clothes into a bunch at his fee. Looking up at him, she lifted herself to his lap and changed targets, peppering him with a flurry of escort pendik light kisses before crushing her lips to his and probing his mouth with her tongue. Arthur continued to massage Renee’s back through the wool of her sweater and discovered, in the haste to clear out of the hotel, Renee had pulled her dress on without a bra. In fact, he found, as his hands cruised to her ass, she had nothing at all beneath the deliciously sliding knit.

“Ooo, uh, mmm,” Renee cooed into her uncle’s mouth, as his hands glided up and down her backside. “Uncle Art…my pussy is ..aching, so, sooo… ”

Arthur pulled the dress hem up to Renee’s waist and held her hips. She jockeyed herself onto her knees and found the tip of his dick with her dripping cunt. Pushing down and sliding forward, never taking her mouth off of his, she settled until he was deeply caught in her hot slippery trench. His hands came up from her hips to her ribcage and moved to the sides of Renee’s firm breasts. Pushing the sweater’s wool across her nipples, he teased and tormented her tits. Renee bit his lips, squeezed his head with her hands, his dick with her cunt and began to bounce.. “Unh! Unh! UNH!” she squeaked each time her bottom crashed onto his balls.

“Oh,Yeah! OH,YEAH!” Arthur growled responsively until she shuddered and contracted and completed her orgasmic cry, “Unh CLE!” and relaxed into a clinging heap around his neck and shoulders like a cape.

While Renee worked Arthur’s cock out of his pants, Rose, cuddled against Kent’s right side, started tugging his shirttails out of his jeans.

“Whatchya trying to do, kiddo?” Kent chuckled, “Make me go off the road?”

“Huh-unh, Daddy,” Rose quipped, “maybe ‘go off’, but…not the road!” She giggled and kept pulling the shirt cloth up out of his pants.

Rose’s busy hand unbuttoned the bottom three shirt buttons and she pushed her right palm onto her father’s six-pack abs and rubbed around until her middle finger found his navel. Pressing her fingertip in and out, she kept rubbing her hands heel back and forth in a lowering pendulum until it touched the pelvic cradle below his jeans waist.

“Oh, unh-huh, I see,” replied Kent. Keeping his right hand on the steering wheel he dropped his left to cover her active palm, then slid off to unsnap and unzip his pants.

“MMMmmm, Thanks, Daddy!” Rose smiled, appreciating the new freedom of movement. “Now, I can…do… THIS!” and she inverted her hand, forsaking Kent’s belly button, and snaked below his boxers’ waist to grab his tumescent log.

Kent returned his left hand to the wheel and reached his right arm around his young daughter’s back to grab and squeeze her right breast, as it moved, under her knit dress, with her arm motions. Sliding downward, his hand crossed her flank, climbed over her curled hip and pulled her dress’ hem up exposing her bare butt.

Rose kept opening and closing her fingers, one at a time, as she played her hand along Kent’s shaft from balls to knob and back again. Kent rubbed his daughter’s bottom, spreading her cheeks and legs. He dipped his thumb into her wet pussy and then pushed it against, and into, her receptive rear while introducing his middle and fourth fingers to her dripping slot in a bowler’s grip. Rose moved her hand more firmly and more quickly, thrusting her bottom backward, while clinging tightly to her dad’s fingers with her cunt muscles and sphincter.

Kent watched the road, but, in truth, was unfocused. His own hips pushed and pulled against Rose’s manipulations as he squeezed her ass and pussy like an exercise ball. Father and daughter heard and understood the sounds from Renee and Arthur in the backseat and were further excited by the awareness. Gasping and panting, they, also, were audible to the uncle and niece.

“Keep… it… going…”Kent exclaimed to Rose, “I’m almost… there…AHH!”

“MMmmeeee…tooo, Daddy!” Rose cried back at him, “ME…TOO! DADDY!!”

Whether by luck, skill, or divine intervention, the swerving Cherokee did not careen off the road. Neither were there any observant cops around. Coming back under control, Kent and the happy family rallied from their thrall and continued home safe and satisfied.


Cherry steered the Outback homeward bound, thankful to be driving the opposite direction to the majority of the Monday morning LA Freeway traffic. Her nephew and sister slept in the back seat, still recovering, no doubt, from last night’s and this morning’s romps. Cherry was tired, too, but OK to drive and Pearl could spell her later, if needed.

Heading north on Interstate 5, Cherry glimpsed in the rearview mirror and saw Ross and Pearl yawning and stretching. “Hey!, good Morning!” she said, “How are you doing back there? Pearl, are you up to driving for a while?”

“Yeah, sure, Sis,” Pearl replied, “Whenever you like.”

“OK, I’ll pull over ahead and we can trade off,” Cherry said, indicating a green highway sign announcing a rest area exit in two pendik escort bayan miles.

The women walked around the Subaru as a stout breeze gusted through the empty parking lot. Pearl’s hair was blown forward around her face and required brushing back in place after she got in the car. As cherry crossed in front and stepped toward the back door the wind blew directly against her. It whipped her cotton shirt-dress tight against her legs and she bent forward, using her left hand to hold the hem down while her right popped the door handle. She ducked into the back next to Ross. “Whew! It’s blowing hard out there!” she exclaimed, laughing aloud, “I thought I was in an old Marilyn Monroe movie!”

“Ha, good one, Aunt Cherry,” Ross nodded, adding “You look lots better than she ever did, though.”

“Why, thank you, sweetie,” Cherry smiled, settling in. She used her fingers to swiftly untangle her hair and pull it back into a loose ponytail. Her upraised arms stretched her dress front taut and Ross sensed a growing reaction as he saw his aunt’s wind-stiffened nipples push against the thin material. He was glad he was wearing sweats instead of jeans.

Cherry brought her hands down from her hair to smooth invisible wrinkles over chest, then brushed them briskly across her tummy and thighs to complete the ironing of her mussed dress.

“There now, order restored, right, honey?” she said as she reached her left hand to Ross’ right leg and patted and squeezed it quickly just above the knee.

By now the vehicle was moving again and Pearl reminded them, “Don’t forget your seatbelts back there.”

“No, Sis, we won’t forget,” answered Cherry, winking broadly at her nephew and releasing the catch on his shoulder harness. “Let’s just take away that old restraint, right now, so we won’t forget.” she whispered throatily to Ross. Plunging her hand under the elastic of his sweatpants’ waist, Cherry seized his erection.

“Heh heh, just as I suspected,” she chortled, “Ever ready, aren’t you, sweetie?”

Ross turned to his right, sliding along the bench seat toward Cherry. He raised his left hand to her left boob, squeezing it through the cloth, noting she had no brassiere. “Mmmm. Oh, that’s very nice, Ross,” she responded, continuing to massage his meat.

“Yeah, I guess so, Aunt Cherry” he retorted with a wry grin, “But you don’t need much to warm up yourself!” Ross dipped his hand down her frame to the dress hem and shot it under and straight up between her legs. He knew she was wet and waiting. He was pleased to find she wore no panties, either, and her warm, soaking cunt pulled at his fingers as he pushed them in.

“Ummm,” moaned Cherry, “That’s right, honey, right… there!”

They each turned in and clung to the other keeping their busy hands working. Kissing deeply they rocked against each other. Cherry broke the kiss and hissed, “I need you, now.”

Rolling to her left, she removed her hand from his pants. “Pull down your sweats, honey, and slide under me.” she directed, hiking her dress up above her naked navel.

Ross moved fast. When Cherry raised her dress and ass he scooted under and was ready when she landed, encasing his cock with her saturated pussy. Instinctively he held her tits and started to pull her against his chest. Cherry surprised him by lifting herself again. His thickness popped entirely out of her twat. She again lowered herself and Ross felt an odd resistance. His dickhead was pushing, but, was not going anywhere. “Did I miss her hole by so much?” he wondered to himself.

He kept thrusting his pole and Cherry, grunting, continued to try to reseat herself. Suddenly there was a breakthrough feeling! Smiling, Ross slipped his cock back into his aunt. “Aahh…” she cried, “”That’s so… good… sweetie!”

“Weird,” thought Ross, “how did her pussy get so tight all of a sudden?” He pulled and pushed and the friction was noticeably greater than any other time he had fucked his aunt.

“Oh, Ohhh, Ross!” Cherry repeated, as she lifted and dropped her haunches in time with his pushing rod.

“OMG!” Ross silently answered his own question, “I’m not in her pussy, I’m fucking her ass!” Out loud, he groaned, as he felt his balls tighten and her sphincter constrict.

Up front, Pearl was grinning from ear to ear, dividing her eyes between the light traffic and the bouncing bodies in her rearview mirror. As Cherry and Ross escalated their passion, a perfect opportunity presented itself. The road lay straight between almond orchards for miles. Looking once more in her mirrors, Pearl saw no other vehicles. Her sister was rising and falling like a carrousel horse, while her son, embedded in Cherry’s ass, howled.

Pearl slammed the brakes hard. Ross and Cherry were thrown forward.

“OOOmmph! Oh, GOD!” screamed Cherry as she hit the seat in front of her, was jammed to the tightest extreme on her nephew’s hard cock, and came all at the same time.

“Yahh! OMG!” yelled Ross, “What Happened!” as he was propelled forward and simultaneously ejaculated deep into Cherry’s rectum.

“I warned you not to forget seatbelts!” Pearl laughed out loud, “Didn’t I?” the she resumed normal driving as if nothing had happened.

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