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The crowd was roaring as Jim played his final solo, his hair slick and black, his shirt long discarded, his abdomen still taut after all these years. Penny tried to stop herself thinking of the solitary night they’d spent together all those years ago, when she was little more than a groupie following him back to his hotel room. She tried not to think of that moment when they were kissing on the balcony, both soaked with tequila and laughing, wrestling together, before he dragged her back into the room and into his bed.

Something had passed between them that night, something that stuck. Perhaps it was her smell that made him remember her, or the way her hair slid across his chest. Or was it the way she cried when he made her come? Whatever it was, he’d kept in touch for ten years, sending her sexy, funny emails while he toured the world with his rock band. And she kept responding, kept up her flirtations in cyberspace, even though in the interim, she’d managed to find herself a career in publishing, a husband and a baby.

Jim had been little more than a nice memory; a fantasy figure from her distant past to withdraw to when she needed some escape from the banal domestics in her life. Yet here he was, finally playing in her city. Her husband and child were tucked away at home and she stood on the side of the stage, in a satin dress that cooled and caressed her. Her hair was soft against her shoulders, she felt sassy and strong in her high leather boots, and she knew she looked good.

Jim had been attentive all evening, bringing her drinks and introducing her to the other musicians at the concert, many of them people she’d idolized for years. He’d told her how beautiful she looked and touched her often, smoothing her hair, resting his hand in the curve of her lower back, watching with a hungry intensity the way her mouth moved when she talked.

There was something dangerous about him, something reckless and powerful. She couldn’t help feeling aroused by him, with his gravelly voice, rough shaven face and sweat soaked body. He spotted her backstage and ran his hands over her satiny back,

“Oh God, you’re so sleek and cool.” he said, spinning her around and planting a playful kiss on her lips, “I guess I must smell like a whore house huh?”

“Kind of,” she teased, “But I like it.”

“You kill me baby, what am I gonna do with you? It’s so good to see you again. Come back for a night-cap. Just a little one. I’ll be good, I promise.”

“Yeah sure, you’ve got ‘good boy’ written all over you haven’t you? No, I can’t. I just know I’m asking for trouble. I should go home.”

“There’s no way I am letting you walk bahis firmaları away from me now.”

“Look Jim. I’m walking away. Watch me.” She kissed him lightly on the lips and turned away, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him.

“I just gotta kiss you once. Properly. Before you go.” He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, running his hand over her satiny backside, squeezing her flesh, his tongue roaming her mouth, and she felt that same rush, the same flush of heat and melting sensation she’d had in the hotel room that night. She wanted to go back with him so badly. She loved her husband, but since the baby the sex had been virtually non-existent. It seemed to her that there was no room for desire and eroticism in a marriage with a small child. And Jim would be gone within twenty-four hours. He wasn’t a real threat to their marriage. Not really. Perhaps she could get away with it? She was aching with need and desire. She wanted to feel beautiful, and sexy and wild again. Just for one night.

“I’ve got to go Jim. Please don’t do this to me.”

“Come on. I’ll be gone tomorrow. I’m going to kidnap you. Just for a few hours. Then I’ll set you free.” Jim put his arm around her and ushered her behind the stage to where a limo was waiting outside.

“Jim, I…” He was kissing her again, his finger circling her nipple through the satin, sending electric currents through her body. Then he grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back and kissing her neck, running his tongue over her ear lobe. She moaned and he pulled her onto his lap, so that she could straddle him and feel his hardness through his leather pants. She ground her hips against him, and he grabbed her arse and squeezed it.

“I shouldn’t be doing this.” she sighed.

“I’m sorry.” He said, “You have no choice in the matter. You’re my slave and tonight you’re mine.”

The limo pulled up at the hotel and Jim led Penny up to his room. “Now, I happen to have a pair of handcuffs that some overzealous fan threw on the stage at our last gig. So if you don’t mind, I’m gonna cuff you and have my way with you. In case you were thinking of making a get away.”

Very gently, he cuffed her hands to the bedpost. “I don’t want you making a sound alright? You have to keep very quiet or I’m going to have to punish you.” Penny nodded, and trembled as he slowly ran his fingers up her legs, brushing the satin upwards, revealing her body inch by inch and gently teasing her with feather light kisses. Her legs were tan, shiny, and fragrant with the cocoa butter she’d rubbed into them earlier that evening. His kisses moved upward until her dress was kaçak iddaa at her navel, and his mouth hovered teasingly over her black lace panties for what seemed like an eternity. He looked up at her and she felt as if his eyes were drilling into her, challenging her to make a sound.

She could smell his sweat. His body was wiry and hard, and his nipple rings brushed against her as he kissed her, his hands roaming over her body. “Don’t make a sound.” He muttered, as he moved back down and slowly unpeeled her panties with his teeth. Then he ran his hands up the backs of her thighs until they were squeezing her backside. He separated her legs, and as he squeezed her arse, his mouth again hovered tantalizingly over her vulva. Then slowly he began to circle her clit with his tongue, moaning as though he had never tasted anything so succulent.

He spread her legs wider and devoured her, while he pushed his fingers inside her. She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. She strained against the handcuffs, wanting desperately to touch him. His mouth embraced her and his fingers moved slowly, rhythmically, bringing her close to an orgasm, but then he pulled back, and stood above her, watching her with heavy lidded eyes as he slowly undid his belt and took off his leather pants. His cock was huge and smooth, and he whispered, “I’m just going to have a shower. You’ll be alright won’t you?” She nodded and he turned away from her with a smile.

She lay on the bed, her body aching with desire. She was wet and open with longing. Her clit throbbed, and she wished desperately that she could be free from the handcuffs so she could touch it. It seemed to her that her whole body was crying out to be fulfilled. Every muscle, every bone, every fibre, the very cells in her body were tingling and waiting. Finally he returned, strolling casually into the room, naked and glistening. He released her from the handcuffs.

“Is there anything you want to say before I have my way with you?”

“Yeah.” She breathed, “I want to suck your cock.” He raised his eyebrow.

“Oh do you now? How much do you want to suck it? Tell me.”

“I really, really want to suck your cock Jim,” She begged, “I’m desperate. Please let me.”

“Alright, if you insist.” He lay down on the bed, and his beautiful, erect penis stood to attention. She took it in her hand and caressed the delicate silky flesh beneath his balls. He moaned in anticipation, and slowly, wetly, warmly, she lowered her mouth over him. It was so smooth and hard and silky. She gripped the base of his cock and moved her hand back and forth while her head moved up and down in time, slowly at kaçak bahis first, then with increasing speed, while she teased him with her tongue. She loved the taste of him, the silken texture, the hardness and the size. He moaned again as she took him deeply into her mouth. But then he was pulling back, pushing her away, “Okay, that’s enough. My turn now.”

He pulled her on top of him so that she straddled him, and suddenly, deliciously, he was inside her, filling an intense and desperate ache that she suddenly realised had been building inside her for years. She cried out and he slapped her arse lightly, “Remember, no sound. Not until I tell you to.” She kissed him to make herself be silent, and rode up and down on his cock, feeling it caress the deepest parts of her. Her orgasm began to build, but he pulled her off him and told her to stand up.

“Take your dress off.” He ordered, and she stood before him in her black leather boots.

“Walk around the room. I wanna watch you move.”

She walked around the room until he instructed her to stand in front of the full-length mirror and touch herself. “You see how beautiful you are?” he asked, “You see why I had to kidnap you?” Then he stood up and kissed her, lifting her onto him, so that she was riding him, and weightless, aware of no other point of contact than his cock inside her, and the force of gravity that seemed to drive him ever deeper. As his fingers clutched her buttocks, he pushed her against the wall for balance, thrusting harder and faster, catching his breath and groaning, “Alright it’s time. Make some noise.” The tension and desire she had been trying to control came rushing forth in a torrent of sound, as she rode him hard and the blood boiled up inside her. He thrust and thrust, nudging her closer to orgasm, and her whole being moaned with pleasure, until finally they came together, their orgasms exploding simultaneously, and years worth of longing and frustration rose to the surface for Penny. She burst into tears. Jim lay her down gently on the bed and caressed her, until her crying subsided. He seemed to have an instinct with women. As long as they didn’t try to own him, he knew exactly what to do to make them happy. He drew a bath, bathed her, dried her with a soft towel and dressed her in her satin. Then he led her outside to the limo and kissed her warmly. “Now don’t you feel bad about this, ” he said, “This was my doing okay? So you can blame it all on me. Until next time cupcake. Keep yourself sweet.”

Penny went home and found her husband still up watching the football. “Hey babe,” He muttered, “How was the concert?”

“Fabulous.” She replied, “He kidnapped me afterwards, took me back to the hotel and …”

“Cool babe, hey let’s talk at half time ok?”

“Actually. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” Penny tiptoed to bed and smiled to herself in the dark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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