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Amateur Milf

Three AM, and they were both awake. The previous evenings anniversary meal at a top London restaurant had been wonderful, but too much rich food and champagne, an unusually warm night and, in her case, driving lesson nerves, meant neither slept well.

She turned to pick up her tablet computer hoping a few chapters of Jane Austen would bore her to sleep.

He was restless as well and happy to read. “Want a chapter of Rosie?” he asked. He loved “Cider with Rosie” and enjoyed sharing it with her. A prose poem novel about life in an English village 100 years ago. Its sensuous language seemed a part of the natural world it described. Read at three AM it was a calming, lullaby book, and usually had her asleep and him relaxed within a few pages.

She was always happy to be read to and settled down to drift off to sleep while he read.

But this time the book failed to do the job. Its nostalgic evocation of summer heat and Christmas caroling from over a century ago was not enough to calm her troubled mind and full stomach.

Noticing she was still awake he stopped reading. “I could give you a massage instead?” he suggested. Like the reading, it was as much for his benefit as hers.

“You know I always like a massage but isn’t it a bit late?” she replied.

“No problem, I’m not working tomorrow,” he said.

Preparations took time but were an enjoyable part of the ritual. Deciding on what music to play, Enya was a favorite. Lighting the massage candle, turning up the heating.

He removed his boxer shorts; she removed her night dress.

Candlelight threw shadows around the room, the comforting, warm scent of melting wax filled it. Quite music surrounded the bed on which the two held each other close, kissing and stroking intimately. It took a few minutes for enough wax to melt and form a pool of massage oil.

She turned and lay on her front. He poured some oil onto her back directly from the candle. It was deliciously “too” hot, a gentle pain as the heated liquid oozed down her spine.

He sat astride her, his thighs either side of hers, his hardening length grazing her buttocks.

He placed his palms on the lower part of her back and pushed upwards. The oil lubricated the slow glide up her body. Using his weight and timing it to the music, he repeated over and over. He poured on more oil. As it was absorbed her skin become silk smooth and glistened, reflecting the candlelight. He ensured that as his hands slid up, his cock did the same in the valley between her buttocks.

The massage followed the usual patten, after her back was done she turned on her side and laid her arm over his leg. Her fingers held the head of his cock. As he massaged her arm, her fingers moved over the engorged flesh, oil and a little pre cum combined to coat it. She liked the feel of the loose skin sliding over the rigid core and the smooth dome slicked by the liquid oozing from the tip.

He massaged faster up and down her arm, kneading her flesh, each movement he made transmitted back to him via her hand on his shaft.

He took her hand from it and concentrated on her fingers. Enfolding each in his grip one at a time and squeezing tight, moving his fist up and down, lubricated by the oil, gently taking each into his mouth, closing his lips around it, enjoying the taste and feel of the oil mixing with his saliva, flicking his tongue down until he was licking the junction between the joints.

She imagined each finger was a little cock, fully inside his mouth. When his tongue lapped against the base of two fingers then they became her legs, spread wide, his tongue searching between them.

He took one leg and laid it in his lap. He liked the sight of the smooth, rounded skin of her thigh, curving up to the buttocks, abstract and real as a Henry Moore sculpture.

Her legs, now parted slightly, exposed her pussy and he could see her pubic hair and lips, obscene and animal in contrast to the purity of her leg.

He gently moved his knee until it pressed against her pussy and poured oil onto her thigh.

It ran in slow rivulets, warm and viscous, sending shivers of pleasure through her as it oozed between her buttocks.

He massaged the leg, sliding his hands over and under, lovingly caressing, kneading and stroking. He loved to feel the flow of form as he ran his hands over the cool, curved flesh.

She drifted, relaxed and excited, the dreamy music, the candlelight, the touch of skin on skin, both stimulating and calming.

He trailed fingers up to her buttocks and down to her knees, then rubbed in bahis firmaları a circular motion in time to the music, careful to brush her most intimate parts on each circuit.

He pressed his leg in tighter against her pussy and moved his hands further down to massage below her knee. Languid at first but with increasing intensity he ran his hands over the pliant flesh, enjoying the feel of the muscle beneath.

He took her foot in his hand, gently as if it were another hand. He rubbed the sole and pulled at each toe, then leaned further down and sucked them, inserting his tongue between each as he’d done with her fingers.

She took in the sight of his buttocks as he leaned forward. She allowed her fingers to trail lazily over them. The feeling excited him, a deliciously gentle tickling sending sparks through his whole body. He suckled on her big toe whilst caressing her foot, as if trying to make it cum. He imagined her cupping his balls, pushing an oiled finger inside him, licking his hole. He shuffled a little closer to her face, inviting her to kiss, but she continued only to brush him with her fingers.

She lay on her back, her breasts and pussy fully exposed. He poured oil onto her belly and with circular strokes he massaged her stomach, one hand giving way to the other, slight pressure, firm but gentle, round and round.

He traced the outer rim of her belly button with a finger, then leant down to kiss it. He kissed lovingly, as if it were her mouth. He lapped at the oil pooled there then moved up to her breasts and dribbled some oil onto each.

He sat up and began the circles again, but they soon widened to include breasts and pussy. His left hand moved urgently over both breasts, spreading the oil over the soft flesh, working it into the valley between, fingers circling each areola.

Her nipples hardened.

His other hand cupped her mound, his middle finger lay between the lips and gently pushed, slicked by the oil it slipped easily inside, he allowed up to the first knuckle to enter.

Her clitoris hardened, like a third nipple.

He removed his finger, bent down and gently kissed her vulva, his tongue briefly darted inside, but it was a goodbye kiss. “Massage over madam,” he announced, “Now you must relax.”

She felt slightly disappointed, unfulfilled, but she was also very sleepy so didn’t protest, and knew that more was to come later on.

He got off the bed and walked around it, his penis jutting straight ahead, turned off the music, blew out the candle and pulled the bed clothes back into place.

It was not yet 4.

“Goodnight”, kiss, she turned to lie on her side, her back to him. He snuggled up behind, his left arm reached round and pulled her close, his hand on her breast, chest pressed to her back, still hard cock pressed to her buttocks, legs laid against hers, feet touching like hands praying.

Soon she was asleep, he lay still and content, bodies molded to each other, cradled by the other, heartbeats merging, breathing as one in an hours long, whole body kiss.


7 am. Light spilling around the curtains, bird song celebrating another new day.

He stirred from his doze. They’d lain in the same position for 3 hours, kissing without mouths. He wriggled closer, his cock relaxed, but soon he felt the familiar thrumming and the movement against his inner thigh as it woke.

She stirred, half awake, a fading dream left her feeling as though floating, her dance partner guiding her through canyons of cloud. She turned to him, they embraced, and kissed……

First the foreplay, lip traced by tongue tip, lip suckled by lips, teeth grazing the tender rim, warm cushioning, lips lock, full consummation, entering the moist cavern, exploring the smooth curved roof, fleshy wet floor, hard teeth.

The probing, slippery mussels wrestle and caress, lips sealed tight forming one mouth, one warm wet womb, 2 creatures writhing within.

For a long time, they remained, enfolding each other in lithe, wandering limbs.

Caressing, stoking, scratching, hair, back, buttocks, breasts, cock, cunt.

Yet the most profound union, the most intimate act of love, was concealed within conjoined lips.

But with an inevitability born of millennia, the coupling turned more urgent, more animalistic, love reverted to lust.

So far she had been the more reserved, accepting the ministrations of his tongue and lips, only tentatively venturing into his mouth. He was happy to luxuriate in the warm bath of gentle love making for longer, but kaçak iddaa she grew restless. Now she wanted fucking, not loving, she informed him of this wordlessly.

She plunged her tongue into him, forcing his to retreat, she smacked it against the top of his mouth and dragged it slowly back, sensing every ridge. She bit his lip, nearly drawing blood.

He responded, he put his hand on the back of her head and urged her deeper, sucking her further in. He turned aggressor, he bit, she was trapped, his teeth held her tongue fast while his tip flickered at hers. He released and she retracted, he extended, forced his way in, held her head firmly, he thrust repeatedly into her, tongue fucking her mouth, grinding his cock against her cunt, he reached down and placed his middle finger on her anus, he pressed, still oily from hours ago it slid in.

He pushed in up to the first knuckle, he felt her passage distend and tighten. She moaned, protesting but unable to stop him as his lips silenced her. His hips ground against hers, his tongue and finger penetrating her.

This is what she’d asked for, this is what she needs, and at that moment she knew it too:

Her romantic dreams were a facade, they all hid this: a cock in her mouth, another buried in her arse, another thrusting into her cunt. She imagined them all spurting at once, each orifice throbbing and overflowing with hot, slimy cum…..and they all Fucked happily ever after!


She became more aroused, she jerked her head rapidly back and forth, a willing recipient of his urgent tongue jabs.

He took his finger out of her and pushed it into her mouth. “Suck it,” he demanded.

She hungrily took it, sucking on it like a teat, the knowledge it had just been inside her backside made it all the more illicit.

He wanted a taste to, he put it in his mouth, slathered it in more spit. He moved it back down to her hole and slid it in, further than before. She gasped but resumed the rapid head bobbing blow job on his tongue.

He pushed her buttocks forward harder, mashing her pussy against his cock, she responded instinctively, hips slapped together, becoming more frenzied.

He imagined she was his puppet, controlled by his finger, making her do whatever he desired, she was his glove puppet, wrapped around his shaft.

He removed his finger so that he could slap her. He slapped her buttock, trying to get a satisfying Smack that would sting and warm and urge her to thrust her pussy harder against his erection.

Smack, smack, she felt a sharp pain,

Smack, smack smack, her backside reddened and warmed,

Smack, smack, smack, smack, Stinging pain, tingling pleasure spreading over her butt cheek and up her spine.

“Yes, yes, slap my arse, slap it, lick it, fuck it, fuck me, Fuck me now,” she begged.

She turned suddenly, not in his control any longer, or her own, but at the mercy of eons of animal instinct. She lay on her front, her arms reached down, she started manipulating her clit and pussy slit.

He nearly came straight away, the sight and sound of his wife in this lust maddened state was enough. He managed to hold back but a small amount of ejaculate leaked out and dripped onto her as he positioned himself over her, his cock head level with her arse.

He was about to ram his cock home, but he paused, bent down and licked her a-hole. It was slippery with oil, sweat, spit and the pre-cum he’d just shed. He used his hands to spread her cheeks, exposing the puckered orifice, stretching it and entering it with his tongue.

She bucked her hips up and down convulsively.

Down onto her fingers, rubbing the hard nub of her clit,

Up, grinding her arse into his face, her anus sucking on his tongue.

She could feel the strong, slippery flesh squeezed by her muscular hole, straining to penetrate further inside, like a blind creature searching…..

He slapped, spread her cheeks wide and slapped again. He grabbed her hips and pulled her harder against his face, still stabbing into her with his tongue. Spit dribbled down her crack into her pussy, she used it to lubricate her fingers as they flickered against her gash.

No more fantasies, just an overwhelming Now of tongue, arse, pussy, fingers, oozing liquid, throbbing flesh, convulsing limbs, Fucking, Cumming….

“Ahhh,” she cried, her mouth half open, lips pulled back over her teeth.

“Aaahhh,” tingling release spreading from her pussy and rippling through her body.

“Aaaahhhhh,” she ground her buttocks back onto him, he pulled her tighter, his nose kaçak bahis crushed against her crack, felt her spasm around his tongue.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh,” if it were his cock it would be shooting cum deep inside her pulsing passage, it would be throbbing in time with her…….


She grimaced and shuddered, drool soaked into the pillow, she convulsed one last time, then quietened, relaxed, hunger satisfied.

But his hunger still was keen. He slapped again, really hard this time, she winced in shock.

“Fucking slut, what about me?” he cried. “I didn’t say you could cum, I’ve not Fucked you yet.”

She was confused, shocked, scared even.

He grabbed her wrists and dragged her off the bed, she tumbled to the floor.

“Kneel”. he commanded “I’m going to teach you a lesson, you’re to cum while I’m fucking you, not before. Now I’ll fuck you…. I’ll fuck your mouth and cum in it and maybe next time you won’t be such a selfish cunt.”

She was trembling but did as she was told. She sat up, kneeled before him, and faced his rock-hard rod. He was griping it, squeezing it, viscous liquid oozed from the tip, she was scared but excited.

Her mouth watered at the sight of the engorged flesh, veined and rigged, the hairy ball sac bouncing up and down as he jerked himself, the pulsing domed head. Did she really want that thing in her mouth?

She didn’t have long to consider. He grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her towards his crotch. He put both hands on the back of her head and thrust his cock into her, holding her head he plunged in and out.

His eyes feasted on the sight of her buttocks resting on her legs, the gentle curves like a violin. Her head, nodding back and forth like a birds. Her full, delicate lips encircling his thick shaft as he thrust in and out.

But the sound was even better, her mouth had cum thick drool. Obscene liquid sounds accompanied each thrust, like a plunger in a drain. Her saliva coated his cock, lubricating his fucking.

He gripped her head firmly and held it still, she was in his control now. Just a head, a mouth, a warm, drooling orifice for his cock to ravage.

“Touch my balls” he commanded, she obeyed. She fondled him, caressing the loose sensitive skin, feeling the glands within slide beneath her fingers.

“Touch my arse hole” he commanded, she obeyed. She reached between his legs and pressed her finger against it, she felt it widen and contract with each thrust, she slid inside, he gasped.

He pushed his erection harder against the back of her throat, she chocked, fighting for breath, thick saliva dripped from her lips down his cock to her breasts, belly, cunt.

And then she knew it again:

All those dances and flowers,

Champagne dinners, romantic movies,

whispered caresses, loving kisses, sensuous massages,

…..all come to this, come over and over again to this,

thrusting and writhing, penetrating and drooling, Fucking and Cumming…..

“Get ready bitch, I’m about to cum in your Fucking mouth” he growled.

She nodded, murmured ascent, “mmm ummm.”

He pistoned into her, tears filled her eyes,

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,” He held still, his cock throbbed semen, it oozed from her lips and down his shaft, dripped from his balls onto the carpet, slid down the channel between her breasts and pooled at her pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh,” still pulsing, his cock head resting against her throat, spunk shooting out, she drooling, swallowing, gasping, still pressing into his arse hole.

“Aaaahhhhhh.” his penis tip became unbearably sensitive, he withdrew, dripping onto the carpet.


“Look what a mess you made,” he jeered.

She kept her mouth shut, trying to contain all the cum and spit without being sick.

She staggered up, rushed into the bathroom, bent over the toilet.

A few minutes later she came back into the bedroom. He lay stretched out on the bed in a tangled mess of duvet and blanket. His cock lay on his thigh, shrinking, still oozing.

“Did you enjoy your punishment? I did!” he said with a nervous smile.

She lay down next to him. She said nothing, she had enjoyed it, kind of, but still wanted revenge, what revenge may he “kind of” enjoy? she pondered.

“I hope the neighbors didn’t hear me ordering you about!” he laughed, though they both knew a part of him quite liked the idea.

“It was a nice massage earlier?” he said, a statement and pleading question. Her silence continued, but she laid a hand on his thigh, he relaxed a bit.

“How about I make it up to you later, we’ll have a nice romantic picnic, I’ll make sandwiches, get some champagne, we’ll go to your favorite spot.”

…….And so it begins again, she thought.

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