Sara’s Sexual Education Ch. 03

“It was fucking amazing.” Sara said to her friend Katie. They were sitting in Katie’s flat talking about the events two days before. “I was worried about it hurting but it only did for a bit, and when he rammed in hard. God it felt so good.” Her friend was grinning widely as she spoke.

“You lucky bitch,” Katie said. “I had to get my ass fucked several times before I got anything close to what you got in one night. Why couldn’t he have wanted to fuck me instead?”

“I’m sure he would want to, you’re a lot sexier than me.” Katie laughed.

“No I’m not, you’ve just never figure out how sexy you are. But I guess you have done now. You got a hot guy fucking you and wanting to fuck you even more.” Sara smiled sort of not believing her. Why was David interested in her? She was too thin, her breasts were nowhere near as big as Katie’s were and she had a small ass. She was not even close to Katie when it came to being sexy.

“Given the choice between the two of us I bet I know who David would pick.”

“Me too, and it isn’t me. I offered once a while back and he turned me down flat. You go round and he’s fucking you within five minutes no hesitation.” Sara had not known that and she looked at Katie in shock.

“No way, you wanted him.”

“Who wouldn’t he’s fit.”

“If you asked I bet he’d accept.”

“Only if you were involved he would.”

“No he wouldn’t”

“Try it.”


“Call him and offer the two of us. See what he says. I’ll put money on him saying yes. Nearly every guy has a fantasy about being with two girls.” Sara looked at her laughing. “Go on call him.”

“You’re serious aren’t you?” Katie nodded. “Ok I will.” Sara pulled out her mobile and dialled David’s number. It rang three times then he picked up, she switched on the speakerphone so Katie could hear.

“Hi ya, you all right.” He said to her.

“Fine thanks.”

“Cool what can I do for you then.”

“Well me and Katie are sat in her flat just wondering.” Sara hesitated a second. “Just wondering if you wanted to come and keep us company at some point. We want a bit of fun.”

“What both of you?”

“Yep, unless you don’t want me involved.”

“You better be otherwise I ain’t coming.” Katie gave her a told you so look.

“Really cool,” Sara could not help but blush.

“So you two want me now, or later.” Sara looked at Katie who shook her head.

“This evening?” Sara said and Katie nodded.

“Ok, what time?” David asked. Katie held up some fingers.

“Seven.” Sara told him.

“Fine I’ll be there at seven, what’s the address again?” Sara told him and said goodbye. He hung up and she looked at Katie.

“Told you he’d want you more than me.” Her friend said.

“Ok so you were right. Why did you tell him to come round tonight?”

“To give us time to get ready girl of course. If he’s coming round to fuck us both don’t you think it would be better if we weren’t in scruffy jeans and tops?” Sara nodded after a second. “Right, now I think I’ve got a few ideas for what you can wear that’ll blow him away.” Sara suddenly had a thought.

“I’ve gotta go home, there’s something I need to get.” She said pushing up from her chair. Katie looked at her quizzically. “You’ll see in a while.” Sara told her in reply to her questioning look. “I’ll be back in half and hour.” Katie nodded as Sara headed out the door. She went home and, after telling her dad she was staying at Katie’s for the night she went to her room. She knew what she was after, she had brought it a month ago, it had supposed to be for Darren for the first time she slept with him. But he had been a two timing jerk and she had ended up loosing her virginity to David instead. That was less than a week ago and what a week. She tingled thinking about what David had done to her in that time. In addition, tonight he was going to get the chance to do more to her. She felt her pussy warming to the idea of having him inside her again. She found what she was looking for at the bottom of her wardrobe and carefully pulled it out, then pushed it into a bag and quickly left. Just over half an hour after she left she got back to Katie’s. Her friend looked at the bag with interest but Sara kept it hidden from her. She quickly headed into the bathroom with a mysterious grin to Katie. Inside Sara stripped naked and for a second looked at herself in the mirror.

Why David seemed to want her was a mystery to her. She had long red hair and an ok face she thought with bright blue eyes. Her breasts were minuscule almost just two hard prominent nipples. She had no real shape to her figure, being very thin. It looked as if her body stopped growing just after puberty. The only part of her with any shape was her ass which was fairly firm and she knew it seemed to drive David wild. With a shake of her head, she pulled out the item in the bag.

‘Baby doll lingerie’ it said on the cover with a picture of a pretty blonde girl in the clothes. gorukle escort Sara doubted she would look that good as she opened the pack. She slipped on the white top. It had two thin straps that led down to a see through bra. Just below the bra the top opened up split down to her waist. It did nothing to hide her body at all. With it was a set of stockings and suspenders that Sara fumbled with for a minute before managing to fasten the suspenders onto the stockings. She looked at herself in the mirror and had to admit it did not look that bad. By now, she could hear Katie calling to her wanting to know what she was doing. Sara took a deep breath and opened the door walking out so her friend could see her.

“Jesus,” Katie hissed. “That looks amazing when you buy that?”

“Few weeks ago, it was going to be for Darren when we first made love. But I think tonight might be a better use for it.”

“You bet, god he isn’t going to be able to keep his hands off you in that.” She was looking Sara up and down. There was something in her eyes, a flicker of something more than just friendship. It vanished as quickly as it came making Sara wonder if she had seen it at all. “Well that just changed my mind on what you could wear. But I know just the thing to go with that.” Katie headed into her room and came out with some clothing. She handed it to Sara. Sara looked at it suspiciously; it was a thin black top and a scarily short black skirt.

“You want me to wear this?” Katie nodded.

“And I’ve got the perfect pair of black shoes to go with it. Now put that lot on so we can work on make up. It’s nearly six thirty and you know how long it takes you to put on make up.” Sara gave her a mock snarl and began to put on the clothes. The top was as see through as the lingerie under it leaving very little to the imagination. The skirt barely came to the top of her stockings showing off nearly all of her legs. The shoes Katie brought in were white with high stilettos that lifted her up by several inches. Katie came over to do some final touches that were mainly to undo all but one button on the top. It now hung open like the top below it revealing her flat naked stomach. Sara glanced in the mirror in Katie’s room and almost did not recognise herself. Normally she would never have worn anything this risky.

“God I look like a whore.” She said Katie shook her head.

“No you look sexy; the idea is to make him want you as much as possible. Looking like that he’ll be all over you in a minute.” Katie sat at the dressing table doing her make up. She had on a red basque with a push up bra underneath giving her all ready large cleavage extra emphasis. Her skirt was almost as short as Sara’s was with a red and black check pattern and two large black buckles on one side. She had no stockings on but wore black ankle boots made of shiny black leather. Sara thought she looked a hell of a lot sexier than Sara did. Her long blonde hair hung down round a very pretty face. She had dark blue eyes that shone with inner fire. Her figure was one Sara would have killed to have, with full breasts and long shapely legs. With the clothes she was wearing, she would be the total centre of and blokes’ attention. Just before seven, they both finished their make up. Katie, as always taking longer than Sara did. They sat on the sofa waiting for David. At exactly seven the buzzer went. Katie answered it.


“Hi it’s me.” David replied.

“Ok come up, I’ll leave the door open to the flat. Just come in when you get up here.”

“Ok.” She let him in the main door and put the flat door on the latch before coming back into Sara.

“Let’s stand up and let him have the full effect.” She said, Sara stood up next to her and waited. A minute later, she heard the door open then close. David walked into the lounge and stopped seeing the two of them together. His eyes went wide and he gave a long slow whistle.

“God that’s a nice picture.” He said to them. “Leaves no room for debate as to what you two want.” He added with a soft laugh. “Not that I mind.” He came in and put the bottle of wine he held down on the table. Then walked slowly towards them, to her surprise he turned at the last second to Sara and pulled her into him. His mouth lowered to hers in a deep long kiss. Sara kissed him back just as hard feeling his body next to hers. David pulled away from the kiss and turned to Katie gently pulling her towards him. His one arm was still around Sara as he gave Katie the same long kiss he had given Sara. Then he turned back to Sara kissing her and pushing his tongue into her mouth. She sank into the kiss wrapping her tongue around his her eyes closed. She felt his hand on her back, and then Katie’s hand joined it. David pulled away and Sara opened her eyes half turning towards Katie expecting to see her and David kissing. To her surprise they were not, in fact Katie was leaning towards Sara. By the time Sara realised what her friend was doing she was altıparmak eskort bayan all ready kissing her. Not a soft kiss, it was a full on passionate affair. Sara felt Katie’s tongue pushing into her mouth. David stepped backward releasing Sara. Katie moved to replace him sliding her arms around Sara and kissing her hard. Sara was shocked, what was Katie doing? Sara could not understand what her friend was up to. Katie’s hands slid round her waist then slowly moved upwards Sara pulled away stunned.

“Hush, trust me.” Katie whispered to her. “It’ll be ok.” Sara looked at her and saw that look in her eyes again. She recognised it now; it was the same look that had been in David’s eyes. Katie wanted her, not just as a friend but also as a lover. The idea was as surprising as it was interesting. Sara did trust Katie; the blonde girl knew all her secrets. However, how far was she willing to allow that trust to go? Katie was leaning back towards her to kiss her. Sara could just step back and stop her now if she wanted to. She tensed for a second ready to pull away then felt Katie’s lips pressing against hers. In a second, she chose to trust her friend one more time, just to see where she went. Katie, as if realising Sara’s choice was kissing her hard on the lips. Sara opened her mouth and let Katie’s tongue push into hers. She could feel Katie’s hands moving back up her body, towards her breasts. They softly cupped her breasts squeezing them gently but firmly as the two girls kissed. The kiss grew harder and more passionate Katie pushing her tongue into Sara’s mouth. Her hands squeezed Sara’s breasts harder the fingers rubbing over her nipples. Sara made a soft moan in her throat at the feeling. Katie moved to kiss the side of her neck, her lips pressing firmly against the skin and her tongue just licking Sara’s neck. Her hands moved down slightly and began to undo the button to the black top. As she kissed Sara’s neck, she gently, lovingly slipped the top off and onto the floor. Then she ran her fingers up under the two thin straps of the baby doll top and slipped them off Sara’s shoulders

Katie began to kiss down Sara’s neck and chest until she was kissing her breasts. Sara gasped feeling her friend’s mouth enveloping her nipple. She opened her eyes and could see David watching them his eyes intense. Sara closed her eyes and gave a soft gasp as Katie gently licked her nipple running her tongue around it. Sara was amazed at how sensitive her nipples were suddenly; it was as if her whole being centred on them. Katie licked and sucked them with a softness that was almost reverent. Sara gave a soft moan at the feel of her friends tongue on her nipples. She slid the fingers of her one hand in Katie’s hair holding her mouth to her breasts not wanting her to stop. Katie did not seem to mind happily licking and sucking on Sara’s small breasts. Then Sara felt her friend’s hands working at the clasps on her suspenders. Katie released them with a lot more ease than Sara had putting them on. She pushed her fingers inside Sara’s panties and slowly pushed them down. Sara felt them slip off her buttocks and down her thighs; they reached her knees and dropped swiftly from there to the floor. Katie ran her hands back up Sara’s legs and slid one hand between her thighs. Sara gasped softly as her friend rubbed her hand softly over her pussy. Her fingers firmly sliding between her outer lips and along the edge of her inner sanctum. Then one finger slipped inside her pushing upwards and making Sara gasp loudly. She could not believe she was letting her best friend, the girl she had known since junior school, finger her like this.

Katie slowly manoeuvred Sara towards the sofa pushing her down onto it. She leant forwards and kissed her hard on the mouth her tongue pushing into Sara’s mouth. Katie kissed down towards her breasts sucking and licking them softly. As she did, she pulled Sara forward until she sat on the edge of the sofa. She ran her hands up Sara’s thighs pushing her skirt up towards her waist. She began to kiss down Sara’s body planting a soft kiss every inch. Sara watched her as she kissed down her body. Katie kissed Sara’s thighs and around her pussy always just avoiding touching Sara’s pussy until she was almost writhing in desperation wanting that touch. Katie sensed this and sank her face down to Sara’s pussy licking deeply her tongue sliding inside. Sara gasped as her friend licked inside her. Katie pushed her tongue deep into her licking it along the roof of her pussy and twirling it around inside her. Sara gasped and moaned softly, nobody had ever licked her like this before. Katie pushed one hand up to cup Sara’s breast rubbing her fingers over the now almost over sensitive nipple. Sara sank back into the sofa moaning loudly at the feelings her friend was causing in her. Katie’s tongue flicked up over her clitoris making Sara hiss sharply in pleasure. Katie circled Sara’s clitoris with her tongue just touching it. nilüfer eskort bayan Sara gasped softly her body on fire with sensations. Now Katie began to run her tongue over the clitoris flicking the tip of her tongue over it. Sara hissed and gasped her hands wrapped in Katie’s hair holding her down onto her pussy. Katie licked hard at her seeming to know just where and how to lick to give Sara the highest pleasure. She brought her right to the edge of an orgasm, then pulled back licking down to inside her.

“Oh god,” Sara hissed feeling her friends tongue inside her again.

“Your pussy is so sweet, tastes as good as I imagined it would be.” Katie hissed up to her. Sara looked down to her and saw the look in her eyes. Filled with lust and passion. There was a long held want in that look. Katie dropped her head back down to Sara’s pussy licking inside her again. Both her hands were cupping Sara’s breasts now squeezing and rubbing at them. Her tongue moved back up to her clitoris licking over and around it again. Sara moaned deeply gasping at the sensation.

“Oh yes, god that’s so good.” She hissed chewing on her lip in passion. Katie licked her tongue rapidly over her clitoris sending sharp thrills through Sara. Again, she brought her to the edge of an orgasm her tongue leaving her teetering on the edge. Then she pulled back again letting Sara slip back from her orgasm. Sara gave a gasp of frustration.

“You want me to make you cum?” Katie whispered to her. Sara nodded desperately.

“Yes oh god yes. Don’t leave me hanging please.” She begged, Katie gave a soft laugh and lowered her tongue back down to her clitoris licking hard and rapidly over it. She ran one hand down Sara’s stomach to her thigh, then sliding it down to push two fingers deep into Sara’s pussy. Sara gasped hard feeling the fingers pushing into her, stretching her pussy wide open. Katie rubbed the fingers of her other hand over Sara’s nipple, pushing her two fingers rapidly in and out of Sara’s pussy. And her tongue, the delicious tongue, flicked over her clitoris. Then Sara’s body exploded into orgasmic pleasure. Sara rocked her head from side to side as she came squealing loudly. Katie pulled her fingers out of her pussy and pushed her tongue deep into her pussy licking into her. Sara clawed at the sofa as her orgasm swept through her running its course. Katie looked up at her with a smile and moved up to kiss her softly.

“Told you to trust me, was that good?”

“Oh god yes it was.” Sara hissed kissing her back hard. She could taste something on Katie’s lips. It was tangy and sweet. It took her a second to realise she could taste herself. This was how she had tasted to Katie. Her hands slid up to cup the blonde girl’s breasts feeling their shape through the material of her top. She wanted to see those breasts, to feel and lick them and suck on her nipples. Her fingers grabbed at the tie strings clawing at them pulling them to get them undone. She pulled at the top wanting to physically rip it off her friend. Katie gasped and laughed at her friend’s wanton need. Sara pulled the top open feeling the ties sliding over her fingers. The top slid back and she pushed it down over Katie’s shoulders letting it fall to the floor. Sara reached behind her and quickly undid the bra dropping it to the floor as well. She ran her hands back round to Katie’s exposed breasts squeezing them. She felt their shape and firmness under her fingers. She ran her thumbs softly over the nipples feeling their hardness. Sara lowered her head down to one breasts softly licking her tongue over it. She drew it into her mouth sucking on it licking her tongue over the nipple. Katie gasped softly and wrapped her arms around Sara’s neck. She licked and sucked on her friends breasts surprised at how good it felt to be doing this. She moved from one breast to the other happily sucking on them. Her tongue licked over the hard nipples making her friend moan softly.

Sara slipped one hand down to between her friend’s legs rubbing softly. She could feel how wet Katie was, her fingers slipping easily along her pussy. Katie moaned deeply then gasped as Sara pushed a finger into her. She slid the finger deep into her friend’s pussy running the tip along the top wall and back down again. Katie gave a soft moan of pleasure as Sara’s finger slid out of her. Sara gently pushed her friend onto her back on the floor and lent down to kiss her. Their tongues entwined for a minute the Sara began to kiss down Katie as Katie had done to her. She kissed the side of her neck, then the hollow at the base of her neck. She kissed just above Katie’s breasts, then in between them before kissing each nipple. She licked and sucked her friends breasts for a few seconds then continued kissing down her. She moved down Katie stomach, kissing softly her lips barely touching the skin. When she reached Katie’s legs, she gave each leg a firm kiss. She brushed her lips against Katie’s pussy then used her fingers to open the soft flaps of flesh to let her see. She took in the view of her friend’s pussy, the small folds of flesh hiding her most secret place. There was a soft scent wafting up to Sara, she instinctively knew it was the scent of lust and desire. Sara lowered her mouth down to lick her tongue along the flower in front of her.

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