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I opened my sister’s Sophie’s bedroom door. Very quietly, without knocking. It was only 4:00pm and she was in bed, with the sheet pulled up over her head.

A few minutes previously, my mother, or rather, our mother, Sophie’s and mine, had taken me aside. “Simon, I’m really worried about Sophie.”

“About the internet bullying stuff?” I guessed.

“Yes. I don’t understand it, she’s eighteen, in her final High-School year. I would have thought girls her age would be over this…rubbish. She’ll be joining you at University next year, well that’s if she gets her act together and stops fretting over the nonsense stupid girls write on Tweeter or whatever-it-is. Would you talk to her? Please?”

I moaned. “What can I do? I’m no expert. It’s girl stuff.”

Mother clearly was very concerned. “Just try. Try anything. Sophie won’t talk to me. You’re only a year older than her. You might get through. I’ve got to go; an appointment with one of her teachers to see if I can get to the bottom of it. So while I’m gone try to snap her out of it. She’s very fond of you, you know.”

I heard mother drive away, so called softly “Sophie…are you…sick or something?”

“Get lost!” came from inside the sheet/tent.

This wasn’t going to be easy. I decided on what, in hindsight was a pretty stupid plan of action. First my strategy backfired painfully, then it actually worked, and finally it had a very happy ending.

The essence of my plan was that if Sophie got angry she might, in Mother’s words ‘snap out of it’.

So, I went over to her bedside and started shaking and pushing her and lightly slapping at her legs.

I jeered at her. “Wake up to yourself you stupid bitch!” Shake shake “Come on! Enough of this bullshit! Those fuckin’ mean girls aren’t worth a pinch of shit! Push shove. Why do you care what they think?

“Don’t do that Simon. Leave me alone!” Sophie sobbed.

My plan wasn’t working. Did I change tactics? No.

“You’re a fuckin’ idiot!” Slap slap. “Get angry! Fight! Don’t take that crap lying down!” More slap slap. Harder. “You’re as weak as piss!”

“Stop it you bastard!” She was getting angry. At me. “Do that again and I’ll kill you!”

“I’m not stopping until you come to your senses!” I was positively shouting at her. “Mother says I’ve gotta sort this out.” Harder push. “You need to have a go at them, scare them off.” I guessed where her bottom was and gave it a brisk smack. “Hiding in bed is for losers! You’re a fuckin’ loser!” Smack smack.

I grabbed the pink frilly sheet and pulled hard, dragged it right off the bed and tossed it aside. Sophie was in her usual night attire, a long tee-shirt-nightie. This one pink to match her sheets. Her face was pink too. With rage. She swung a vicious open handed slap at my face. It connected with a mighty crack that rang in my head like a thunderclap. The shock, the pain, stunned me. Tears blinded my eyes, but I managed somehow to grab her wrists to prevent her from slapping me again. It didn’t help much. Sophie was fighting like a cornered animal. She bucked her lower body and lashed out with one foot then the other. Her first kick ineffectively glanced off my hip. Her powerful athletic movement caused her night-shirt to hitch up around her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I blinked my tears away, for a better look. I forgot to protect myself as I got a good eyeful gangbang porno of the cute little cleft at the bottom of her belly. That was just before her second, harder kick got me right in the guts. Winded me. In desperation I clung to her wrists and threw my weight on top of her. She bounced and heaved her half-naked body against mine. My cock responded instinctively. The memory of what I had just seen and the feel of her frantic movements under me triggered some primitive responses and soon my hardness was jammed between us. For minutes we wrestled on, Sophie eventually weakening, thank God.

“Can I let you go now?” I asked when her struggles finally subsided.

She nodded. I gingerly eased off her and while I still held her wrists took a good long look at her pussy. It was a tiny smooth slit in her puffy mound; the light dusting of reddish hair didn’t hide a thing. I released her and stood, she moved up the bed, leaned against the headboard and pulled her shirt down so it just covered her. We were both breathing heavily. Me from lust as much as from exertion.

“So,” I said, embarrassed now. She must have felt my erection. Must be able to see it now, tenting my track-pants. Must know I stared at her naked pussy. “If you fought those morons like that they would run a mile. Never bother you again.”

“Alright. Alright.” She said, still angry. “I get what you’re saying. I’ll slap one of them. Hard like I did to you. Frighten shit out of them. How’s that?”

I grinned. “Perfect. You’ll see. It’ll work a treat. They’ll leave you alone. I’m sorry I roughed you up. It was my crazy way of helping.”

Sophie nodded and looked away. “I’m sorry too. I hurt my hand when I hit you. It must’ve hurt you a lot. But you made me so angry.”

“Guess I asked for it.” I shrugged, looked at myself in her dressing-table mirror, and touched the red hand print on my cheek.

She hung her head and blushed. “When you…stared at my…down there, and then when you were on top of me… I was kinda scared you were going to …rape me.”

“Oh no Sophie!” I denied, “I wouldn’t do that. I’d never really hurt you. I love you to bits.”

“Yeah but…” she argued, “I do really know you wouldn’t, but when I felt your big hard thing pressing on me…”

“Sorry. I couldn’t help it.” I rationalized. “You’re my sister, I know, but you’re also a very pretty girl and I’d just seen…what I shouldn’t have seen. Turned me on.”

She looked right into my eyes and grinned. “I know what you mean. I got really turned too. It was like a rape fantasy. Made me wet.” She pressed her hand to her barely-covered pussy, then lowered her gaze to my bulge. “Looks like you’re still turned on.”

I grabbed myself. “Mm, I s’pose I am.”

I reckon we were both thinking the same thing. Wondering where we dared to go with this. We were home alone, in her bedroom, not wearing much, both admitting to being sexually aroused, and both touching our genitals. It was so wrong but felt so good. I moved my hand, a couple of tentative rubs. Sophie did the same. I was trembling with many emotions. Desire. Anxiety. Fear of…what? Of offending my precious sister?…Of being caught doing whatever it was we were doing? Or going to do? My legs felt weak. I sat down on the bed. The two of us rubbed a bit more, each watching intently what the other was doing, out of lustful curiosity czech harem porno and also to be sure we were both participating equally. As Sophie’s rubbing became more vigorous, the hem of her shirt jiggled tantalizingly close to baring her pussy again. I couldn’t take it any longer, so with my free hand I tugged the shirt up a bit, fully exposing her again.

“Simon!” She sounded offended, but made no move to cover herself.

I stood and shoved my pants down to my knees, allowing my cock to swing free. “Only fair.” I said, hoarse voiced.

Inhibitions flew out the window. We each had our eyes on the others’ hands and what those hands were doing. We masturbated with increasing urgency, each enthralled at seeing something neither had ever seen before. Sophie brought her both hands into play, teasing her slit open, until the inner lips blossomed like the petals of some exotic pink orchid. She tickled a fingertip in and out of the darkness of her depths.

I was about to cum. Should I tell her? Yes. “Sis…I’m gonna cum.”

“Wait for me…I’m nearly there…” she croaked, breathless.

I slowed my frantic pace and Sophie increased hers.

“Huh! Huh! Huh!” She grunted explosively, hunching forward, mouth slack, eyes blank and sightless, then she flopped back to recline against the headboard. Her hand languidly titillated her shiny-wet pussy.

The sight, sound and smell of her orgasm overwhelmed me. I roared something unintelligible and spouted a great splodge of hot cum high in the air.

Sophie stared in wonder.

I stopped stroking and a few progressively weaker spurts oozed out. I lay back across the bed, across her legs. My cock still reflexively jerking as it softened on my belly.

“SImon…that was unbelievable…”

“You can say that again,” I panted, “but next time, no face-slapping please.”

Sophie raised an eyebrow. “Next time?”

I mumbled. “Uh, I thought we…might…uh…”

She giggled. “I’m teasing you…of course there’ll be a next time. It was so much more exciting than…flying solo.”

My head lay on her thigh, her sweet little pussy was in full view, very close. She was still petting it lightly. Her fingers glistened with moisture.

I felt desire return, I felt my cock stir. I trailed my fingertips up the inside of her smooth thigh. “Can I touch you?”

She nodded dreamy faced. “Mm mm. But very, very gently, I’m kind of over sensitive at the moment.”

I reached for her and she captured my hand, allowing my fingers the merest touch of her, then when she was certain I wouldn’t be rough, she guided me in the exploration of her inner secrets, her hot, juicy burrow, her hard little nubbin that hid under a tiny pink hood. I stood up and shucked my pants altogether, crossed my arms across my body to grab my tee shirt and flung it off. I climbed onto the bed naked, my cock rampant. Sophie watched me wide-eyed, both of us were excited and nervous. I knelt between her knees, my cock bobbing, and seizing the hem of her nightie I started to pull it further up.

“Simon, we can’t!” She whispered, raising her bottom to help me with undressing her. “We mustn’t.”

“No,” I kissed her ear after I pulled the nightie off over her head, “we mustn’t.”

Her tits were really titties, small and cone shaped, the nipples no bigger than my own. I caressed czech mega swingers porno them with my eager fingertips for a bit before hooking my hands under her knees and pulling her down to a laying flat position, her legs splayed wide apart.

She gave a deep throaty laugh. “You are completely wicked. Guess that means I am too. This is so…forbidden…so not allowed. Brothers and sisters shouldn’t even think about having sex with each other. It’s taboo…totally…and it’s illegal.”

“Want me to stop?” I joked.

She shook her head. “It’s also an absolute turn on.”

“You’re a…virgin…like me…right?” I asked hesitantly.

“I’ve never had intercourse, if that’s what you’re asking!” Sophie sounded a bit indignant.

“So maybe I shouldn’t go… all the way in…just put it in a little bit…I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Simon, I think the hymen/virgin thing is a bit of a myth. You won’t ‘pop my cherry’, you won’t hurt me. You just had two of your very big fingers right in there.” She looked up at me as I loomed above her. “Just do it. Don’t leave me like this. I’m ready. I want you to do it. To do me.” She gave me a wicked grin. “Don’t hold back, but do be…gentle…”

I leaned forward and placed my hands on the bed either side of her chest, and moved my hips to bring my cock close to her pussy.

“You do it.” I said. “You take control…maneuver…me…in.”

Sophie touched my cock for the first time. Sent a shiver through my body. She pushed the loose skin back towards my belly, causing my hard erection to become utterly rigid. She coaxed me forward a bit and nuzzled just my knob inside her cloyingly delicate opening, slowly, slowly encouraging me forward, deeper, further in until there was no more to go. I was in heaven. The tight slippery warmth of her, the thought that I was inside a girl for the first time. Inside my sister.

Sophie was rapturous. “Simon, Simon, this is…wonderful. I feel…so…there are no words for it.”

I stayed deep within her. We gently rocked, our two bodies as one. She sighed, again and again. She kissed my cheek where she had slapped me, whispered “Sorry darling,” then found my lips. We kissed, warm and wet. The taste of her mouth was exquisite. After many such kisses over a long dream-like interlude, I felt, that is my cock felt, her insides contracting softly, and tears of joy welled in her eyes. My own orgasm soon followed and was similarly gentle. Semen flowed out of my body and into hers in a series of mild pulses. We rolled onto our sides, our genitals still securely connected, and lay snuggled together for a long time. My cock finally deflated and slipped out of my lover, my sister. Spent ejaculate dribbled from her onto my thigh, still warm from the very depths of her being.

We heard a car in the driveway.

“Mother!” We mouthed in unison, in terror. I grabbed my clothes and dashed across the passage to my own room.

Sophie hissed, “Showering,” and ran naked down the same passageway to the bathroom.

Mother brought pizza home with her and we ate in front of the TV. We all three chatted and ridiculed the silly program we were watching. Sophie and I stole sneaky glances at each other, and shared secret smiles. Afterwards I went to my room to study.

Mother came to stand in the doorway. “I’m really pleased Simon. What did you do to cheer Sophie up so completely?”

“Yeah..well…er…um…I didn’t do much. To be honest we got into a bit of an argument about her problems. She got angry, shouted. That is, we both did, then we got over it…made up. We’re good now.”

“Well thank you anyway. Keep on doing whatever it was that you did.”

“I plan to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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