School Girl Gets Punished


I was a student at an all girl boarding school and I was in my last year at the school. I was 18 and no longer a virgin. It was taken by the head master of the academy, head master Anton.

It happened one day after I was taken to his office for the 20th time that month. I was what all my teachers called a trouble maker, a rebel. This last time I “accidentally” blew-up our science lab, which unfortunately resulted in me being taken to the head masters to be expelled or so I thought. What he had in mine was to teach me a lesson I would never forget.

He was one of two males in the whole school, and almost every female lusted over him. He was tall, about 6 foot 1 and had broad shoulders, muscled arms, with a tapered waist. He had shoulder length black hair, and dark brooding eyes. Though he mostly wore his robes for his office, there were a few times that us girls saw him working out in our school gym wearing shorts and a t-shirt. His legs wore heavily muscled and many a girl would look at him, probably fantasizing about him.

I strode into his office all smug and arrogant, knowing that he could only expel, not like he could spank me or anything. I flounced down on the only available chair. It was one of those Queen Ann chairs, probably an antique. Who cares? As far as I knew, this was it and I was definitely ready to be done with school.

My parents, once they had me, ignored me, and only remembered me on my birthdays. They traveled around the world and would send me some petty trinkets, as if that would make up for their indifference to me. I have been shuffled from boarding school to boarding school, five in the past six years, and I knew this was going to be my last one. I was done after this.

Apparently head master Anton had other ideas. He was sitting behind his massive desk, reading some papers, ignoring me. I cleared my throat and still he ignored me. So I put my feet up on his desk , crossed at the ankles, to grab his attention.

Now as I said, I am at an all girl boarding school so I had on a uniform that left little to the imagination. My blue and green plaid skirt was short, just above my thighs. My white, short sleeved polo shirt was tight across my breast accentuating the deep cleavage and my huge nipples. Ever since I hit puberty, I have always known how to use my body to get my way, whether it be towards Escort Pendik a male or female. So I knew all I needed to do to get headmaster Anton’s attention was to flash him a bit.

Finally he put down his papers and looked at my feet. Smiling I put them down and sat with my head down to await my expelling.

From the corner of my eye, I could see him as he continued to look at me, not smiling and it started to make me slightly uncomfortable. I usually like to be the center of attention, but the way he was staring at me was making me squirm in my seat, which in turn made my pussy lips rub together. With his gaze alone, he was beginning to make me wet and all together excited.

He put his hands, palm down on the desk, and I noticed for the first time how big his hands really were. They had a sprinkling of hair on the knuckles and looked as if he could lift the whole damn desk. He pushed on the desk and stood up and what I first noticed about him was that he had his robe opened and was completely naked underneath.

To say I was shocked was a serious understatement. His cock was at rest, but even so he was huge. And clean-shaven. He came over to where I was sitting, and put his hand on my hair, smoothing it back away from my face. He bent lower towards me, his cock close to my mouth, and whispered in my ear that my punishment was about to begin.

I was so stunned and taken aback that I could only gape at him. This was not what I expected at all!

He straightened up, grabbed my hands, and pulled me up towards him, putting my arms behind my back. I could feel his cock in my stomach and I noticed that it wasn’t as soft as it was before. It was stiff and rigid. I started to tremble a bit. This was way out of left field. I started to speak, but he put his lips on mine to quiet me. He raised up a bit.

“Take off your clothes.”

He didn’t sound like head master Anton. No, his voice was deep, deeper than I had ever heard, and it touched me deep inside, in places that no sound should ever penetrate. It was like a sound vibrator, tingling its way in.

I just stood there at first a little scared and excited. He let go of my arms and walked around me, not saying anything else, but watching me with his commanding eyes. It was as if I had no power over my thoughts or actions.

I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it on the floor. I slid my skirt off next and kicked it to the side. All I had on was my knee high socks, tennis shoes, panties and bra. I just stood there, with my arms hugged around me, gazing at him, not sure of what was coming next but getting more and more excited.

“Good, you are learning to listen with out question. I will punish you because you have been very bad, and if you follow what I am about to do to you without any further incidents, then I will reward you well. I am about to show you who is in charge.”

And with that, he shoved everything to the floor, and turned to pull me towards it. He turned me around until I was facing the desk, and pushed me forward until I was laying face down on my stomach, with my legs spread wide.

He walked around the other side of the desk and placed my hands above my head to grab hold of the other side of the desk. I allowed this because one, I was scared and two, I was very excited by the prospect of what was to come.

He came up behind me and caressed my legs and ass. He had taken off his robe while I was getting situated on his desk. I could feel his hairy legs rubbing against mine and I shivered. He cupped my panty covered pussy, feeling how wet I was. He leaned down and told me that this was going to probably hurt. And with those words, he stood backup and began to spank my panty covered ass.

It did hurt. A lot. I tried to be quiet but his big hands were hitting me rapidly, making me scream, yell, and squirm. After about five minutes of this, my ass started to get warm, and the spanking wasn’t hurting so much anymore.

In fact, it was starting to make me get wetter. I was burning and aroused beyond anything I had ever felt before, and while I had never had sex before, I did masturbate and I knew my way around my pussy.

Head master Anton, after spanking me into submission, asked me if I was ok. All I could do was nod, because I was incapable of forming words. He started to pull my panties down, and as he was doing this, he told me that he was going to reward me as the only way I deserved. After my panties were off, he unhooked my bra and threw it by my panties.

He crouched down behind me, and before I could think of what he planned next he blew upon my sopping wet pussy. I jumped because I was not expecting that. He started to lick and kiss my pussy, licking up my juices as they flowed out of me onto his desk. He stuck his amazingly long tongue inside me, probing me, making me feel so damn good. He did this for awhile but never really getting to my clit. I was losing my mind. I was so close to having a mind blowing orgasm but he would not give it to me.

He raised his head and I felt devastated. This was my punishment, to be so turned on and to not have any pleasure. But he was not done with me yet. He told me to turn over and to sit up. He had another reward to give me. I thought this is it. He is going to fuck me! But what he wanted was something else. Something I would never think to do.

“I want you to get on your knees in front of me. I am about to show you one way to please me”.

I did as he asked and he put his rock solid cock in my mouth. He eased it in a little bit at a time until he touched the back of my throat. I gagged a bit but I was getting excited all over again. He pulled back and then pushed forward again.

I finally figured out the routine and started to get into it. I sucked on his luscious cock until my cheeks hurt but I still kept on going. I somehow knew that I was not supposed to use my teeth.

By this time I was so hot and horny and wet that I thought I was going to die from over stimulation. He finally stopped me from sucking on him by touching my head. He slid his cock out, while I looked up at him, my lips swollen and wet. He raised me up yet again.

“I want you to lay back down again on my desk, but this time on your back, with your legs spread and raised”.

After positioning myself as he suggested, he grabbed his cock and directed it toward my raging pussy. I was so slippery and wet, that he slid right in, right up to my virgin barrier. I knew it was going to hurt, but I was past the point of caring. He stopped for a minute and told me this was so I could get used to him.

Then he pulled back and rammed into me so hard that I think I passed out for a few seconds. When I focused on him again, his cock was in me, all the way in and I was no longer in pain. He then proceeded to pull out and push his way back in until I screamed my orgasm. He continued fucking me until I came six more times, before he finally came. He pulled his cock out and shot his load all over me.

Ever since then, I have been on my best behavior. Only when I feel the need to get “punished”, do I go directly to headmaster Anton’s office.

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