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Scott sat in his office, forcing himself to concentrate on his computer screen. It was not an easy task, considering the distraction. For the second day in a row, the company president’s daughter was hanging out at the office. Technically she was an employee, and had some obscure title that gave her a six figure salary, but in reality she came and went as she pleased and had no responsibilities with the company. Brittany was a nice girl though, if a little spoiled, and definitely nice to look at. She had long blonde hair and the lithe, slender body of a runner; long muscular legs, pert little ass, little tits, barely a handful. She had just turned 21 a few weeks ago, and had spent a week in the Caribbean, and had the golden brown skin to prove it. She was currently strolling around the office in a skimpy black bikini and a Santa hat.

Scott shook his head and tried pull his eyes away again. “Good lord.” He mumbled to himself. He wondered why she was even here today. It was Christmas Eve, and only a small handful of people were in the office anyway. Her father was not one of them.

With considerable effort, he was able to tune her out and engrossed himself in his assignment. He wanted to finish it before he left today. Some time later a knock on his office door broke his concentration, and Scott looked up to see Jane, the accountant, standing in his doorway.

“I’m outta here.” She proclaimed happily. “You should be too.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m almost done. Have a merry Christmas.” Scott replied.

“You too. Have fun babysitting.” She snickered, nodding in the direction of the break room. Scott could here Brittany in there, gossiping on her cell phone.

“Yeah, I’ll try.” He said sarcastically.

Twenty minutes later, Scott was shutting down his computer, getting ready to leave for the long holiday. He wandered around the office to see if anyone else was left, but everyone had already gone home. He checked the break room for Brittany next. Finding no one, he made his way to one final office: Franks.

The office was a glass corner overlooking the city from fifty stories up. With no blinds or shades, the seamless wall gave a breathtaking view of the park, the river and the opposing glass sister of the tower they were in. Brittany was sitting in her father’s office, bare feet propped up on his Brazilian Rosewood desk, texting on her iPhone. She looked up and smiled when Scott stepped into the doorway.

“Hey, what’s up?” She asked cheerfully.

“Not much.” He answered. “Just getting ready to leave, we’re the last one’s here.”

“Ooo, all alone with the bosses daughter huh?” She cooed. Scott’s face flushed red. That was another thing about her; Brittany loved to flirt.

“Do you have your key to lock up when you leave?” He asked, trying to change to subject.

“Sure do.” She answered. Brittany leaned back in her father’s plush leather chair, extending her arms above her head in a long stretch that accentuated her flat tummy. Her small breasts pushed against the fabric of her black bikini top. When Scott looked back to her face she was smiling wryly. She had obviously caught him checking her out.

“What do you think my daddy would say if he knew you were standing in his office, ogling his innocent little girl?” She was leaning forward now, hands clasped, elbows on the polished wood desk, staring at him with a serious look on her face. The pose squeezed her tits together, creating a small valley of cleavage that immediately drew Scott’s eyes southward. She glanced down, seemingly noting what Scott was looking at, and then raised her gaze back to his face. Scott czech super models porno/ tore his eyes away from her chest with an effort, only to find her amazing green eyes peering at him critically. “Uh huh. See, you can’t keep your eyes off of me. I think my father would want to have a talk with you. Sit.” She said, motioning to one of the chairs facing the desk. After a moment of hesitation, he took a seat. As he sat, Brittany stood and began to pace around the office, miming her father with eerie precision.

“What are your intentions with my daughter Douglas?” She boomed in a put-on baritone, using his last name just like her father.

“What do you mean sir?” He was trying not to laugh now.

“You want to fuck her don’t you?” She snapped. She was back behind the desk now, palms splayed on the top, leaning toward him. “You want to de-flower my innocent little girl with your filthy cock!”


“Shut up when I’m yelling at you. I know what men like you want to do to my precious daughter. I can see it in your eyes.” She was stalking around the desk now. She sat on the edge of the desk in front of Scott with her legs crossed tightly, leaning back on her hands. “I can also see it in your crotch.” She said in a husky whisper, dropping the false baritone.

My god, She thought. look at that bulge. He must be huge.

Scott stared into her face, looking bewildered. She smiled at him and reached out with her foot to massage the growing lump in his twill dress pants.

“You do want to fuck me don’t you Scott?” She whispered. She uncrossed and spread her legs, running her hands up her inner thighs. “You want to put that big dick in here.” She said, patting the fabric of her bikini bottom.

Scott was speechless; all he could manage was a weak nod. That was all she needed it seemed. Before he could protest her legs were wrapping around his head, pulling his face to her crotch. The coco butter smell of her sun tan lotion was underscored by a sweet, musky scent emanating from her center. The odor was intoxicating. He let his hands slide up her slender legs, feeling the toned muscles beneath the skin, to finally cup her ass in his trembling hands. It was as soft and tight as he’d imagined. He nuzzled his face into the wet, stretchy fabric at her crotch, reveling in the scent and warmth. A moan drifted down from above him, and then Brittany’s hands were there: one on the back of his head, the other yanking her bikini bottom to the side to reveal the most beautiful pussy he’d ever laid eyes on. Plump, tanned skin without a trace of a tan line surrounded the light pink bud of her clit poking out from between her lips. The skin was perfectly smooth and hairless, like hair had never grown there before. Scott slipped his tongue out and painted her slit from back to front in one big, wet swipe. He felt Brittany shiver and catch her breath. He continued to knead the tight meat of her ass cheeks while he went to work with his tongue. He slowly parted her lips with the tip, pushing as deep inside of her as he could, scooping up a tongue full of her sticky sweet nectar.

The feel of his tongue on her, in her, drove Brittany wild. Her left hand was behind her on the desk, supporting her, while her right hand was buried in Scott’s curly black hair. She thrust her hips forward to meet his advancing tongue. He was exploring every crevice and fold of her womanhood but one; her throbbing clit. Every time his tongue got close, it would veer the other way, teasing her to the brink of screaming. Just as she was about to beg him to lick it, Scott’s mouth found czech tax porno her swollen bud and engulfed it. He sucked hard once, and then Brittany was over the edge: her legs clamped around his neck, her body went rigid, she screamed his name over and over as her pussy flooded his mouth with her cum and she fell through the exquisite throes of ecstasy.

Scott greedily gulped the flood of wetness from Brittany’s convulsing pussy until the spasms began to die away. He pulled his head back and looked up into her half lidded eyes. They stared at each other for a long moment. She smiled a weak smile at him. He was about to say something when she violently shoved him back in his chair. She nearly leapt from the desk into his lap and smashed her lips to his. Her tongue invaded his mouth like an advancing army. He could feel the wet heat from her pussy pressing firmly against the hard bulge in his pants.

The taste of her own pussy on Scott’s lips was like wine to Brittany. Like the worlds most potent aphrodisiac, it drove her wild. After a moment of shock, he began to kiss her back. Their tongues furiously fought for space, slipping and sliding in and out of each other’s mouths. Scott deftly untied her bikini top and tossed it to the floor. She leaned back in his arms, letting him admire the soft swell of her tits. He pulled her forward and took one swollen nipple into his mouth and began to suck. His hands were still at work, now freeing the knots at each side of her bottoms, then tugging them free. Her naked body shivered in his lap as he fingers sought out and found her sensitive clit and pinched it softly. He switched his attention to her other nipple as he began to fumble with his belt. After a moment of struggle, Brittany pushed him away and took over, quickly loosening his belt and unbuttoning his pants. She slipped her hands inside with a mix of excitement and trepidation: she could feel how big and hard he was though his pants. Although most thought of her as a bit of a slut, she had never had anything larger and her two fingers inside of her pussy. At twenty-one years old, Brittany was still a virgin. Her fingers found the hard length of Scott’s cock and she wrapped them around the shaft, pulling him free. She marveled at the size of him. Her fingers barely touched around his girth, and he was easily eight inches long. He let her hold him for a moment, before pulling her down to him and pressing his lips to hers again. As they kissed he grabbed his cock and positioned it at her slick opening. The swollen head of his cock slowly parted her lips and then he was pushing into her. The pain was instant and intense, but very short lived. Her tight tunnel was soaked from her previous orgasm and Scott was pushing into her ever so slowly, letting her adjust.

The moment when his head was fully inside of Brittany’s pussy was like nothing he’d ever felt before. One second her lips were straining to stretch around him, and the next they were popping closed around his shaft, almost audibly, and gripping him tightly. He heard her gasp and he started to slide into her, and slowed his advance to a crawl. Not that he was speeding along before; although she was very wet, Brittany’s pussy was extremely tight. It was like trying to shove your hand into a glove a size or two too small. He continued to push into her though, slowly feeding every inch of his cock to her tight tunnel. Finally, after an eternity, he felt her ass resting on his balls. Brittany looked down at him in bewilderment, and Scott realized for the first time that he was taking her virginity. The thought of fucking his boss’s daughter, defloration porno in his office no less, of taking her most precious gift on his huge, expensive desk, sent a surge of blood into Scott’s cock, making it harder than it already was.

Brittany felt full. Like a train had somehow been implanted inside her body. After the initial pain of his entry, the feeling of him sliding into her overwhelmed her senses. By the time he was fully embedded inside she had had another, small orgasm that went unnoticed by Scott. Now she sat, impaled on his lap, staring into his blue eyes and letting her body adjust to this new intruder. After a few moments she began to slowly rock back and forth, not really riding him just rubbing her clit on the short stubble of his pubic hair. His hands roamed freely over her body; squeezing her ass, cupping her breasts, pinching and rolling her hard little nipples. She slowly increased her pace, and began riding his cock as her tunnel grew more accustomed to his size. Before long she was lifting herself up, letting more and more of him slide free before plunging back down to the hilt.

Brittany was really rocking now, lifting up as high as she could and slamming back down onto his cock. Scott stared into her eyes as she worked him. On the next down stroke he held her there, wrapping his arms around her tiny frame. He stood up with her in his arms and laid her flat on her daddy’s desk. She wrapped her legs instantly around Scott’s waist, and grabbed the far edge of the desk. He began to fuck her in long, slow strokes; pulling out all the way to the tip and then filling her again with every available inch. Brittany closed her eyes and let Scott have his way with her.

His big cock slid in and out of her in even strokes, each one driving her closer and closer to a third orgasm. Scott was picking up his pace now, thrusting into her faster and faster. His heavy balls were slapping against the soft skin of her ass hanging over her the edge of her father’s desk. All at once her body tightened. Her pussy clamped down on Scott’s shaft and waves of ecstasy crashed through Brittany’s body.

“Oh God yes!” She screamed. “Fuck me Scott! Fuck me on my daddy’s desk! Make me your slut! Ooohh fuuuuck!” He kept pumping into her, furiously now, until she couldn’t scream anymore. Suddenly, she was empty. Scott was stepping back from her as his hand slid up and down his thick shaft. Brittany quickly slid to her knees in front if him and swallowed the head of his dick just in time to catch the first huge wad of cum as it exploded from the tip. The first shot hit the back of her throat; she could feel it sliding down toward her stomach. Then wad after wad began to fill her mouth. Scott emptied his balls into her hungry mouth until it was full and overflowing. She let his spent member fall from her lips and sat back on her haunches, smiling up at him. A thick river of cum ran from the corner of her mouth, down her chin and was dripping on her left breast. She swallowed the massive load on two huge gulps, and then scooped up the dripping stream, stuffing it into her mouth and licking her fingers.

“Mmmm.” She moaned. “That tasted so good.”

Scott collapsed into the chair with a sigh of exhaustion. Brittany crawled naked into his lap and snuggled her face into the hollow of his neck, wrapping her arms around him. They drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

When Scott awoke, reddish orange sunlight was drifting in through the glass wall of the office. Brittany was gone, but there was a crisp white sheet of paper lying on the desk in stark contrast to the dark reddish wood. He leaned forward and snagged the paper to examine it. On the back side was a color copy of Brittany’s pussy, spread open and squished against the glass of the copier. Across the bottom of the picture she had scrawled her phone number and a short message:

Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas bonus, I sure did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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