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Kelly and her boyfriend Thomas were on a date to the movie. They weren’t watching the movie because they were too busy making out. The two lover birds were lost to the world around them as their tongue search each others mouth as they kissed in a hot embrace. Thomas reaching under Kelly’s shirt to play with her small but firm tits. Thomas was happy to find that Kelly had decided not to wear a bra. With Thomas’s tongue in her mouth and fingers pinching her nipples Kelly’s pussy getting very wet.

They had been dating for what seemed like forever to Kelly. They were high school sweet hearts and they were both going to the same college after high school. This heavy petting was as far as Kelly had every let Thomas get, she had wanted to save her virginity for her wedding night but now she wanted more. She knew why she had been think of sex more and more, it was her twin sister Nikki’s fault. She just could stop talking about sex. Nikki had lost her virginity the summer before they had begin their senior year in high school, now she couldn’t get enough. Plus she had to tell Kelly about she every sexual encounter. It was driving Kelly crazy, and making her hornier and hornier with every story.

Kelly grabbed Thomas’s hand and move it down over her stomach and then under her mini skirt. That was all Thomas need. Thomas could fell Kelly shake slightly as he made his way up to crotch. This caused Kelly to moan loudly into Thomas’s mouth and spread her legs wider. Kelly put her hand into Thomas’s lap and felt the lump of his cock and she started squeezing it.

Thomas broke their kiss said “lets go to my house my parents aren’t home and we can get more comfortable.” Kelly knew she should say no but she was tired of being “the Good girl” she wanted to have fun and she wanted to see what sex felt like. The drive to Thomas’s house was quick They were barely inside when Thomas started kissing her again and started lifting her shirt up.

He got her shirt off and Thomas dropped his head down and took her right nipple into his mouth and started sucking it and flicking it with his tongue. This caused Kelly to moan and she said “Oh…, Thomas that feels so… good. “

He pulled her skirt off leaving her standing there with just a pair of bikini panties on. Thomas dropped to his knees and started to pull her panties down very slowly. He got them down and there right in front of his face was the most beautiful sight he had seen in his life. Kelly’s bush was thick, Thomas wondered for a second if Kelly had ever trimmed her pussy? Kelly’s thick bush excited him, the only other bush this thick he had ever seen was his own mother, the time or two he had seen her get out of the shower. Thomas didn’t think it strange to be think xvideos porno of his mother naked, he had masturbated to that thought dozens of times. Thomas leaned in stuck his tongue out and started licking her slit.

This wasn’t his first taste of pussy but his first taste of Kelly. Kelly moaned and her knees started to buckle so she sat down on the couch and spread her legs wider so he could get his tongue deeper into her hole. Kelly had never felt anything like this before she had been masturbating for years but this felt a thousand times better.

Thomas was licking deep in her hole and loving the taste of her juices which were flowing like water. He licked the length of her slit and then he hit her clit

Kelly moaned “oh.. Thomas keep licking… there…there. “

Thomas concentrated on her clit and slowly inched a finger in her pussy and started fucking her with it. Kelly’s hips were bucking wildly and she could feel herself getting ready to cum.

She said “Oh… Thomas, lick…it, lick my pussy. Suck my…my clit. I’m going to cum…cum all over your…face.” She let out a loud squeal and her hips bucked up as her orgasm hit her. Kelly began to squirt, Thomas just open his mouth let his girlfriend squirt warm pussy juice into his mouth, shallow it as fast as he could.

Thomas crawled up next to Kelly and kissed her she could taste herself on his tongue and she liked it. Then Kelly started taking Thomas’s clothes off. she undid his jeans and pulled them and his underwear off. She reached out and grabbed his cock. She had never seen one before and she was excited to have a cock in her hand. It was hard and hot, the head was a deep purple, Kelly didn’t know how big one was supposed to be but she was happy with Thomas’s size.

Thomas reached down and put his hand on Kelly’s and started moving it up and down. He was moaning and saying “I’ve dreamed of you stoking my… cock. Oh…baby… Kelly that feels so… good. Please… Kelly suck it.. Suck my cock I want to feel your lips around it. Please. “

Kelly leaned over and stuck her tongue out and licked the head. She was nervous, Nikki had told her time and again how she didn’t like to gave head, the taste, and the smell. This sent a shiver down Thomas’s back and he moaned “Kelly… yes… lick my dick. Open your lips and slide them down over the head. That… feels great.”

Kelly decide that she had to try it to make Thomas happy at else once. Kelly saw a drop of pre-cum at the slit and licked it off. She thought that tastes good, not at all like her sister had describe. She opened her mouth and started sliding Thomas’s cock into her mouth. She could only get about half of it in her mouth before she yerli porno started to gag, but she loved the way it felt and the way it tasted, she felt she was going to totally love sucking cock! Kelly began bobbing her head up and down then she reached down and started rubbing Thomas’s heavy balls.

Thomas could feel his cum starting to rise up his cock and he told Kelly “I’m going to… cum if you …don’t stop… I’m going to fill your mouth with my… cum.”

Kelly knew she had to let her boyfriend cum in her mouth to find out if she could take it. So she took her mouth off his cock long enough to say “Come on Thomas shoot your load in my mouth I… I want to taste it and drink it all.”

That was all Thomas could take and his orgasm hit, cum shoot into Kelly’s waiting open mouth. She did her best to swallow it all but there was too much and it started dripping out of her mouth and running down his cock into his pubic hair. After Thomas finished spurting Kelly close her mouth and swallowed. It was messy but She loved the taste of cum and knew she would have to have more.

Kelly crawled on the couch next to Thomas and began kissing him hard. She was still very horny and said “Thomas… I want to feel you inside me. Please… stick your cock in me and fuck me till I scream.”

Thomas began fingering Kelly’s pussy again and said “I want to fuck you so bad I’m about to die.”

He started to crawl in between her legs when they heard the grandfather clock chime on the half hour. Thomas looked at the clock it was 10:30.He knew Kelly had to be home by 11:00 and it was a 15 minute walk to her house.

He told her “we’ll have to wait because I have to get you home, because your dad said if you were late again you would be grounded for 2 months and I can’t imagine waiting 2 months for another date.”

“You’re… right Thomas but we’ll have to wait till next week because my family is going to my grandmothers in the morning and won’t be back till Sunday night.”

They got up and got dressed as Kelly started to put her panties on Thomas said “let me keep these it will help make the week go faster.”

“Thomas you’re so nasty, let me have my panties.”

He handed them to her and she took them and wiped them along her slit soaking up more of her tasty juices. She handed them to him and said “this should make the week even better.”

Thomas walked her home and all the way there he kept his hand on her beautiful ass rubbing it with every step. They kissed goodnight a few house down from Kelly’s house hiding behind some bushes as their tongue danced in each others mouth Thomas’s hands were all over Kelly’s body. One hand was on a tit, the other under her short skirt squeezing youjizz porno her bare ass.

After their goodnight kiss and grope, Thomas went home cleaned up the living room then went to his room to go to bed. He laid there but couldn’t get Kelly off his mind. He took Kelly’s panties and laid them on his face while he reached down and started stroking his still hard cock. He pictured Kelly in his mind naked, her small, firm tits with the super hard nipples, he remember how she moaned when he bite them and sucked on them. The soft fold of her pussy lips as he spread them open to tongue her wet hole. He had the crotch of Kelly’s panties in his mouth and the taste was close to the real thing and it was driving him closer to orgasm then he reached down with his left hand and started rubbing his balls. He wondered if all girl tasted the same?

Two summer ago when Kelly’s family was on vacation, Thomas had fooled around with Lisa, a beautiful black girl that he and Kelly hung out with. At first he was worried that he lose Kelly over losing his virginity to Lisa, worried Lisa would tell Kelly. But Lisa was cool saying it was only a summer fling and she never told anyone about their affair. So they spent the summer fucking each other brains out, till Kelly’s family returned from her vacation. Thomas could still remember what Lisa’s pussy tasted like so much like Kelly’s tasted tonight. Then Thomas wondered if his mother pussy tasted like Kelly?

Thomas pictured the only three women he had ever seen naked in his mind, Kelly, Lisa, and his mother, Melanie. His horny young mind pictured Lisa and Kelly naked with him kneeing between the two of them finger fucking both their wet pussy, they moaning as he brought them closer to orgasm. When he bends down to sucking on the girls tits. He feels something wet against his asshole and a hand gripping and stroking his cock After a minute or so he hears his mother’s voice from behind, “what do you need those two for when your mommy will be your slut?

Using the middle finger on his left hand, Thomas rubbed across his asshole causing him to shudder and moan. He licked his finger and inserted it into his asshole he moaned out loud. He started fucking himself with his finger while stroking his dick at the same time. Thomas had learned that he liked his ass played with from Lisa. The first time she did it was a little payback for letting Thomas fuck her in the ass.

That was all he could take and cum shot from his cock. The first spurt landed on his chest and then some on his belly. Thomas had a strange urge to taste his cum, he had gotten a small taste when he had kissed Kelly after she had sucked him off, but now he wanted more. He licked his hand clean, it didn’t taste like girls cum. It was different. Thomas rolled over to fall asleep, his thoughts as he fell asleep were of Kelly, hoping for a wet dream. Thomas did have a wet dream but it wasn’t of Kelly, but his own mother, screaming for him to shoot his hot cum into her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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