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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 32 My private show

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


32 – My private show

When I woke I had Nicole on one side and Sam’s ass on the other, her hand on my SORE cock. “CAREFUUUULLLL!”

“Sorry Master.” she giggled and began slowly licking me. “Better?”

“Much…where’s the pipsqueak?”

“She hobbled out about an hour ago. And from the grimace I bet she was hoping for warmer weather so she could wear a skirt after last night.” Nicole grinned.

Even as sore as I was I was still enjoying Sam’s attention, and getting a bit hard even if I was tender. “You know, using a rubber for protection takes on a whole different meaning with Gladys.”

Nicole laughed and Sam about choked with me in her mouth, then rolled back laughing with her Mistress.

Maria had breakfast waiting. She knew after last night it wasn’t going to be a cereal morning, so she had eggs and toast and BACON with a half a glass each of juice and her milk for me. She smiled at me when I took a sip of her milk first before starting anything else.

I turned to Nicole, “As good as that was with Gladys, we’re going to have to do something about her. Maybe some plugs or dildos to open her up like you girls do with your ass or something.” Sam and Nicole snickered at that.

We were about done with breakfast when we heard trucks pulling up out front. Martin and the boys were here with the rest of the fence. We all went upstairs to put something on, Sam was wearing the most since she was going back to the airport later. I stopped in the garage for my framing hammer and tool belt and headed out to help the boys…


OH! I get to use one… I guess that’s okay then. Damn these things are NICE!

Between me and one of the boys, we had most of the fence up in the time it took Martin and one of the other boys to assemble and set the gate. I still say we should have made one gate post longer for the sign. Since it was all cedar, we were going to wait until after a family weekend to stain it. Don’t think the moms’ would appreciate stain covered little hands. I even got a thumbs up from the crew on my outdoor bathroom!

Martin said he was going to bring his little grill over to do some stuff up for the family weekend. I asked him if it was going to be big enough for all the people we expected. The boys chuckled and Martin smiled, “It should be. Worst case I can bring the big one over.” For some reason the boys thought that was even funnier.

Well we had been leaving the gate open long enough. I had the codes programmed, so now it was time to work on the light system. It turns out it was much easier than I had thought. Seems the control board was already set up for various sensor and control inputs with a few indicators for each. I remembered the guys saying they were going to be bumping the control board up a step and now I remembered why.

The hardest part was redoing an old bathroom light fixture. I had gotten one that uses the big G40 clear bulbs in a strip from the surplus shop. After painting it black to match the gate and rewiring it to individual bulbs it went pretty well. Screw it to the post and put in some left over Christmas bulbs and that end was set. Some low voltage switches from the auto parts store for the house end and we were all set on that end as well. If I read the instructions correctly, we might even be able to control it from the phone system… if Dean ever finds us one.

Nicole and I were testing it, me at the gate and her at the house standing outside the front door waiving to each other when a car came down the drive in a hurry and skidded to a stop in front of the house. I saw a streak of a woman run in the front door and Nicole double over.

I hurried back to the house to see what was wrong, but slowed down when I heard Nicole laughing. A minute later that streak of a woman came back out a little slower, it was Brittany! “It’s not funny, I HAD TO PEE! Sitting behind a pot hole crew for the last fifteen minutes… AND I HAD TO PEE!”

I held my arms out to her and she ran and jumped on me giving me a nice kiss before standing on her own two feet. “Didn’t we just get rid of you a few days ago?”

She scowled at me, swatted me, then smiled and kissed me again. “Not funny.”

“So how come you’re back so soon? I would have expected at least a week or two to give notice.”

That touched a sore spot. The eyes flared, the face got red, one hand went to her hip and the other came out pointing and wagging. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT bahis firmaları HE DID?”

Hey, I wasn’t the brunt of it, but I wasn’t going to stir the pot. I just shrugged and looked innocent. We’re all innocent until proven guilty, aren’t we girls?

“That asshole manager gave all my hours but one to his girlfriend so he wouldn’t have to actually fire me. And then he had the nerve to ask where the list of custom jewelry customers was.”

“Oh?” I said as noncommittal as possible. Nicole was staying behind her out of venting range…

“They’re not his customers, THEY’RE MINE!” with a ‘humph’ and a crossing her arms under those delicious tits lifting them without even realizing it.

“So what did you do?”

She grinned now, “I told him I’d look for it the next time I had a full shift to work.”

“Did you get it before you left?”

“Nope,” she said with an even bigger grin, “It’s been at the apartment since just after I started working on things there, that’s why he couldn’t find it. I had a call from one of my long time customers just after I made her something at the apartment. She had gotten a call from him and wanted to know how he got her number. He said it wasn’t him, but I had already taken the rolodex before I confronted him so there wasn’t much he could do. His little bitch thought she could take over MY customers.”

“So what are you going to do about all of them with you being out here?”

“Only about thirty percent were local anyway. I called them all and informed them that I was leaving the jewelry kiosk for sanitary reasons and had an offer to move my business out to Vegas. Most of them will still be my customers!”

“Sanitary reasons?”

“Yeah,” she grinned again, “too much bullshit!” it took a second for it to sink in, then we all were laughing.

Once we settled down, we started unloading her four wheeled suitcase. Luckily most of it was in bags because there were just piles in the second bedroom right now.

We chatted with Jean for a few minutes going over what was going on. The bedroom had the floor stripped completely already, and she had recently ripped out the linen closet and the drywall around the window was gone since Jean had just finished re-routing the electrical. A few questions on some of the shower possibilities and she was calling it a day. She’d start on the plumbing stuff Monday after the family weekend. She also mentioned that Dean had a line on a reconditioned phone system so we might be making some progress on that front as well.

Across the way from us the building guys were going to town. They had most of the side bracing on and were setting roof trusses as fast as the loader could lift them up. As long as we didn’t have any bad weather they should have it mostly enclosed by the weekend.

A little while later Justin dropped Sam off, and she was on cloud nine. She came in the door waiving a piece of paper while doing a little victory dance. “I GOT IT, I GOT IT…” the girls all got a quick kiss and I got a real nice one.

Then I reached for the paper, “And what do you have here?”

Sam snatched it away before I could grab it. “I’m official. I got my full twin certification, and as soon as Jason can verify my hours I’ll have my commercial as well.”

“So actually you almost got it…”

“Oooooo… party pooper! We’re stopping on the way back Monday in Des Moines. Grandpa’s going to leave my case of log books and other stuff there at the refueling desk for me to pick up.” Sam then turned, sticking her tongue out at me.

I smiled and pulled her to me for another kiss, this time each of us had our tongues out.

Maria started some hamburgers and then pulled her pumps out while Brittany kept an eye on them. The most fascinating thing about living in this arrangement, is all the girls stripping like it’s the most normal thing in the world. I had my shirt unbuttoned and then just stopped to watch them.

Pulling their tops off or unbuttoning them then rubbing and cupping and lifting their tits like they were glad to be free even though all of them were braless except Maria. Then they shimmy out of their jeans or shorts, accompanied by even more rubbing and pulling and tugging. A nice part of that was the rubbing and pulling at and spreading pussies!

Once again I wasn’t keeping up with watching the show and Brittany came over to help. Taking my shirt off my shoulders while sliding her nipples back and forth in my chest hair. Kissing her way down and unzipping my jeans and sliding them down while licking my hardening cock.

Once I was suitably divested of my clothes she looked up at me. “I’ve been thinking about this for the last four days.” and proceeded to try to shove me down her throat.

“SON OF A BITCH!” I exclaimed pulling back and holding my injured cock.

“What’s wrong?”

The girls were snickering around the island, and Nicole finally answered. “Master is still a bit tender after Gladys last night.”

“GLADYS!.. you mean she’s…” kaçak iddaa Nicole and the girls nodded, and then the hard cock she had been thinking about for the last four days was forgotten about as the girls had to recount my session with Gladys out by the spa. For some reason it takes four times as long to recount it with all the girls chiming in, as it did to actually do it.. Somewhere in there the burgers were finished and Maria finished pumping and we all had supper.

It wasn’t that late, but we all decided to hit the showers and come back down for a relaxing evening. Sam and Maria and I headed for our bathroom, Nicole and Brittany to the front bedroom.

After checking on Maya in her carrier Maria joined us in the shower, Sam already having soaped herself and was starting to use her body on me. Moments later I had two slippery soapy women making a sandwich out of me. Kisses and wiggles from one before being turned to get kisses and wiggles from the other. They both knew I was still sore, so it was more sensual than sexual, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t getting hard.

Hard nipples in my chest and back, a smooth pussy against my ass and my cock slipping between wet and slippery pussy lips. But just because I was sore didn’t mean the girls didn’t have needs. I slid a hand down front and back sliding a finger into each pussy coming to rest on a hard clit.

I heard Sam gasp from behind me, and Maria sigh and open her eyes in front of me. I began circling their clits, pressing back and forth up and down. I felt arms come around me from behind, but they didn’t go between me and Maria. Instead she gripped all the way around and pulled the three of us even closer.

I kept working their clits feeling them push harder up to me when I had the right combination. “Oh this is heavenly, sandwiched between two gorgeous women, hard nipples and wet pussies. My lovely little sex slaves slipping and sliding all over me.”

I felt Maria clench her legs and Sam begin to tremble. “But neither of you is able to cum until told to.” they both sucked in their breaths. “Do you need to cum for me?” I got little whines from both.

“On three…One… Two…Almost there…” groans from the girls, “Three… Come for me.” the last part forced from me as they strangled me between them and screeched in my ears. If it wasn’t for them having a grip on me and each other we would all have been a heap in the bottom of the shower.

Little grunts and moans from women spasming around you is almost enough to set you off…almost. How we managed to keep standing and rinse off without falling over was amazing in itself.

We did manage to rinse and get dried off, even with a few hiccups as the girls were getting a bit aggressive with my still sore cock. They did not feel the need for me to be gentle with them though. Maria was rather enjoying me lifting and pulling and drying her tits. Running the towel up her legs and moving and squeezing her ass to make sure I get every bit of it dry.

Sam? Sam just dried herself except for the ‘important’ part. For that she just pulled my head to her crotch and came all over my tongue, requiring another round of drying…

We came downstairs to an empty living room. For all the extra time we had up there, I was expecting to find Nicole and Brittany impatiently waiting there scowling at us.

We grabbed something to drink and settled down on the big bed leaning against the couch to watch TV. I was just getting into the show when Nicole and Brittany came back down…with a glow about them.

They went around shutting off lights, leaving two end table lamps on. Nicole shut the TV off without asking. I was about to say something when Brittany came up behind her, turned her, and melted into her arms… WOW!

Now every guy has had the fantasy of watching two women, and don’t let any of them tell you otherwise. And I have had a few experiences, most of them pretty recent, where I have been in bed with at least two women and we have shared each other so there was a bit of girl-girl action. But sitting back with a hot naked babe on either side of me while watching them… WOW!

Watching the tenderness of two women literally melt into each other, the soft caresses and butterfly kisses. And the juxtaposition of the two women them selves. My dark chocolate pixie with almost black nipples against a lightly tanned Brittany with pink nipples. Flat chested Nicole and her huge nipples mashed into Brittany’s large chest with nice little eraser head nipples and glittering jewelry.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful display in front of me, my mouth probably hanging open. After what seems like hours of caressing and groping and kissing, Brittany steered Nicole back to the big bed and laid her down.

The girls and I scooted over quickly to make room for them, and Maria took the opportunity to turn around and play with my hard cock, lightly stroking and licking me from the far side of the display.

They paused momentarily to look at kaçak bahis me smiling, but Nicole’s’ smile soon turned to a groan when Brittany began nibbling on her neck and got louder when Brittany planted her palm flat on Nicole’s tit. That was followed by Nicole putting a hand behind Brittany’s neck and the other on her hand pressing her hand even harder to her own tit.

Watching them work Nicole’s tit, white hand sandwiched between chocolate tit and hand. Pink lips nibbling on neck and ear lobe working her way down her neck. Groans and grunts the only sounds coming from them, but the aroma of juicy pussy was thick in the room.

Sam had cuddled into me and turning a bit to watch letting me drape an arm over her shoulder and cup and play with her tit. She had spread her legs enough to let her hand dip into her pussy as we watched.

Maria had shifted a bit more, enjoying sucking and licking my now rock hard cock gently enough most times, but every once in a while trying a bit too hard. Since I had my fingers in her pussy, just a little pinch on her clit reminded her to ease off a bit. This made her smile around my cock and wiggle her pussy against my fingers even more.

With one hand still squeezing and grinding on her little mound, Brittany was now working her way down to that very sensitive tit and nipple. Light little kisses and licks with a bit of a nip every so often like she was heading straight for her nipple, then veering off and around the side. Going around and under coming up through her cleavage and back around the top of her tit staying well clear of her nipple.

As Brittany made her way around her tit again, Nicole was quivering and moaning, then let out a VERY frustrated groan as Brittany kept going down her tummy instead of back to her nipple, having to pull her hand up from Nicole’s keeping it on her tit.

Brittany was smiling as she kissed her way down Nicole’s belly, and grinned as Nicole jumped when she ran her hard nipple between her pussy lips, getting a second jump when she caught the simple ring in her nipple on Nicole’s clit.

Nicole’s head came up to watch Brittany settle between her legs. Brittany made a fake pass at her clit not even coming close, then a second. On the third Nicole screeched and grabbed Brittany’s head and planted it in her own pussy convulsing almost as soon as she touched it.

Brittany was making her own noises while eating her Mistress, then pulling back a bit and grinning at me while Nicole squirted into her. If Maria hadn’t tried to take a bit too much right then I would have been shooting down her throat.

Brittany let Nicole settle down a bit, smiling at us from between those chocolate legs with a cum covered face. She crawled back up, dragging her nipple between Nicole’s pussy lips again, making Nicole draw a deep hard breath, before they settled down on Nicole like they had been standing earlier.

Brittany was laying between Nicole’s spread legs, pussy to pussy, tit to tit, mouth to mouth. Brittany gave her a quick kiss, then pulled up until she was just pussy to pussy, nothing else touching between them and began something I have never seen outside a porn movie.

Nicole lifted her knees high and wide as Brittany began sliding her pussy against Nicole’s. Up and down, up and down, fucking Nicole’s pussy with her own. Clit to clit, lips between lips, shifting and twisting to get the right angle. Both of them were moaning and groaning, areola crinkling and nipples getting even harder if that were possible.

They were getting close and Brittany was having trouble staying up off Nicole, when Nicole hollered, “OH FUCK MEEEEEEE.”

Nicole started squirting from between Brittany’s legs, Brittany collapsed on Nicole but still humping her pussy, then there was more squirting… from Brittany!

They were setting each other off and that was it. “OH FUCKKKK!”, I yelled and began cumming in Maria’s mouth as I worked her clit with all the strength I could muster and squeezed Sam’s tit in the other hand. We were a mass of orgasming bodies, each spasm and groan setting someone else off again.

Sam trembling against me with her fingers in her pussy and Maria milking my cock. Sam was flowing all over my hand in her pussy like she had never done before. All while we watched Brittany and Nicole slowly coming down from their mutual pleasure. Maria was still spasming with my fingers on her clit as she rolled back off me.

For a few minutes there was nothing but the sounds of us trying to catch our breaths; unless you count the moan from Nicole or Brittany as Brittany rolled off her. AND THE AROMA! Four women orgasming does something to the air. I could almost stick my tongue out and taste them, it was soo thick.

Maria rolled up on one elbow to give me a kiss, then looked down at the sheets and made a noise. “I just put clean sheets on this morning from Sam, and now all three of you…”

I smiled and put a hand behind her neck to cut her off with a kiss. Then let her back and looked her in the eye. “Speak for yourself little one.” she looked at me like ‘what was I talking about’ so I released her and pointed down between her legs at a small spray pattern. Maria had joined the club!

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