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Abigail followed Emilia through a heavy security door and into the long hallway that opened to the offices. During the entire length of the corridor, she kept stealing glances at Emilia’s outfit. After a few quick turns, Emilia stood before a wooden door, knocked twice and opened it when a man’s voice told them to enter.

The morning sun illuminated the spacious office directly, the warm glow shining off the sleek furniture. Twin bookcases filled with volumes on management and psychology lined the right side of the office, while a beautiful soft couch rested on the opposite wall. The sunlight shone directly behind the man as he stood up to greet both women, making him appear almost angelic.

The absurd kitsch of it all forced Abigail to suppress a chuckle.

The man walked around his desk, keeping his back to the sun. “You must be Abigail,” he said as he shook her hand.

“Very nice to finally meet you in person, Roy.” As she shook his hand, his scent tickled her senses… The citrus notes of his cologne were deeply refreshing, and he smelled of crisp summer mornings in the country. Abigail’s present sexual arousal, it seemed, would not have the chance to subside just yet…

“Please have a seat,” he gestured to the chair in front of his desk. Roy walked to the window and unfolded the blinds, dimming the room slightly and allowing Abigail to finally see his features.

Roy had a medium build, a slightly round belly, with strong shoulders and manicured hands. His brown hair was combed back neatly, but seemed ready to rebel into an unruly mess at a moment’s notice. He had a five o’clock shadow, which Abigail was sure was intended to make him look rugged, but only made him look a bit unkempt. His simple but elegant grey tie rested over an ice-coloured striped shirt, which was a tasteful choice in business attire that did not go unappreciated by Abigail.

She sighed as she looked him over. He looks like a pudgy Wolverine in a business suit, she mused. You can’t have it both ways, Roy… you’re either rugged and messy – in which case you belong naked on my plush living room rug – or you’re a proper gentleman in an expensive suit and carefully trimmed fingernails – in which case I belong naked on your desk!

“Emilia, please make sure everything is ready for the small office in the back hall,” he said apparently unaware of Emilia’s unique attire, as he kept his gaze on Abigail.

Emilia nodded, then mouthed “good luck” to Abigail, before she closed the door on her way out.

“So Abigail, how you found the office alright?”

“Yes, thanks. I got here quite early, so…”

“Traffic wasn’t so bad?”

“I managed,” she replied, running through the conventional small talk like the chore that it was.

“Can I offer you some coffee?”

“No thanks,” she smiled. “I feel very alert right now, I don’t think coffee can do me any more good.”

Roy sat down at his chair and opened a file. Abigail recognized her resume in his stack of papers. He took a moment to look everything over. “You were top of your class,” he said in what sounded like less of a question than a declarative statement. It was a negotiation technique Abigail had read about: use ambiguous tones to make the person across from you unable to read your intentions. Abigail was somewhat disappointed by the transparency of it.

“Yes,” she replied, matching his non-committal tone.

Roy studied her for a moment, before he continued. “The position you applied for is to be a sales associate. But when I looked over your CV, I noticed that you have experience organizing events. Have you ever considered a position in marketing?”

Abigail pondered the question. “Of course I’ve considered marketing, but I don’t remember seeing such an opening at Veni.

“Actually we have two positions we are looking to fill, but we are taking our time to select a candidate.” He closed the file and placed his fingers in the “power tepee” position, as if to showcase his authority.

Abigail, of course, found this display of macho corporatist body language to be hilarious. She kept her lips from widening into a full smile.

Roy continued. “You see we are very careful with whom we select for our company. We have extremely low turnover, and try to make sure that everyone who stays here is right for the job.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less…” shrugged Abigail, feigning sympathy. “Who wants to be constantly hiring and training new personnel all the time?”

Roy nodded, as though in complete and sincere agreement. “So if it turns out that you’re better suited to the marketing officer position rather than the sales associate position, would you be willing to consider it?”

Abigail crossed her legs and rested her hands on her knee. “I am open to it, but for today I only prepared for the sales associate position… I mean, I understand the need to be adaptable in an evolving work environment, but part of good adaptability is preparedness.”

The man leaned back on his escort kartal chair, and looked at Abigail carefully. Seconds stretched into what felt like minutes and Abigail began to feel slightly uncomfortable. He’s doing this on purpose, she reminded herself. It’s just a mind game.

“Um… Did you want to ask me any more questions?”

“Of course, let’s get started. Now, this session will be divided into two parts. The first part will be an oral interview…”

Abigail’s face must have looked slightly contorted as she suppressed her laugh. Keep your focus Abi, she thought. He probably just means to ask some verbal questions.

“In the second part,” he continued, his lips suddenly betraying him as they seemed to want to stretch into a smile, “I’ll take you to another office, where you’ll answer a few written questions, to test your technical skills. This is clear?” Again, this was more of a declarative statement than a question.

“Crystal clear… Roy, sir.”

Roy gave a hard stare to the woman before him, recognizing that he was being mocked… And then let out a single inelegant snort of laughter, before shutting his mouth and composing himself.

That’s more like it.

With that, Abigail took a deep breath and began the back and forth of the interview. They touched on monthly salary and bonuses, on sales goals that would need to be met, on criteria for evaluation. Veni Corporation designed and manufactured a variety of electronic hardware and accompanying software, both of which Abigail would need to familiarize herself with. The company also had some strict policies about confidentiality of their patents.

None if this was outside of Abigail’s expectations. As the interview continued on, she and Roy began to feel much more at ease with one another, and they exchanged the occasional joke.

“Well Abby – can I call you Abby?”

“Abigail, actually,” she replied, feeling more in control of the conversation than before, and wanting to keep it that way. “The only people who call me Abby are the ones who’ve seen me naked.”

Roy laughed, then relaxed back on his chair. “I’ll keep that in mind. Alright, then… Abigail. You know, I feel pretty good about things so far. How about if we go to the other office so that you can begin the test?”

“Sounds wonderful.” She stood and followed Roy out the door, through the corridor toward a quieter section of the labyrinth of offices. Both of them wore hard-soled shoes, and they sounded like a trotting horse walking over the hardwood floor.

Every now and again, Abigail could hear cheering coming from elsewhere in the company.

“The sales team can be quite rowdy,” he explained. Our Sales Manager, Priya… she keeps everyone quite energized in her own, unique way.”

“I met Priya. She seems very nice,” revealed Abigail. She let the rest of her very warm impressions of the Sales Manager remain unsaid.

Roy reached an office door and let her in. The room was tiny and the window faced the west side of the building, so the sunlight would only reach this room in the afternoon. A lonely desk sat in the centre of the room, with only a glowing computer monitor keeping it company. As she sat down, she looked to the wall and noticed that it had a window to the adjoining office space.

Roy leaned against the doorway. “You have about sixty minutes to complete the written interview. It should already be open on the computer’s desktop. I’ll come back later and we’ll discuss your results.”

“Thanks, Roy.” Abigail played with the mouse, opened the file, and began reading the questions. Roy closed the door, his footsteps echoed down the hall.

Alone at last, Abigail removed her constricting blazer and breathed more easily, then stood up to stretch her legs. After the arousal she had experienced with Emilia and Priya, she needed to find a way to calm her nerves before she could focus. She paced around the room, rotating her arms and trying to clear her head.

She looked out the window to the cityscape below, admiring the view.

The also walked to the other window – the one that led to the adjoining office – and pressed her fingers through the blinds to bend them apart to peak inside. Not an office, it seemed, but a photocopy room with a large, high and sturdy workstation filled with papers. She released her fingers and the blinds snapped back, concealing the office from view.

Abigail continued her little walk around the room and leaned against the door. Roy’s cologne lingered behind, teasing her senses. Crisp summer mornings… the kind where you have passionate sex with your lover just as you wake up. The man was so goofy in his attempts at playing the role of corporate big boy… But Abigail always had a soft spot for goofy.

Finally, she sat down at the desk and looked at the file on the screen. It contained twelve questions, some of them taking as long as ten minutes to answer, while others could be handled more quickly. She read the first question maltepe escort and started composing her answer, typing and editing and pouring her thoughts onto the page…

The first two questions were simple questions about sales scenarios, which she answered in the first fifteen minutes. The third question was a bit trickier, as it involved a client relations issue involving a dissatisfied customer due to mismanagement from the sales team. Abigail pondered the question and decided that there had to be at least two ways to see this situation resolved…


Abigail froze. Where did that come from?

A few more seconds passed… Silence.

Abigail shook her head and returned to her work. She had by now completed half of the questions, so she read over the next one. Her fingers danced on the keyboard.


Abigail stopped typing. She did not imagine it. The sound was coming from the adjoining room.

She straightened her back and stretched her next, as if to try to listen to what was happening… but then looked down to the screen again. She was only on the fourth answer, and with eight questions to go, she reluctantly she suppressed her curiosity and got back to work.

“Mmmmm… yes…”

Abigail closed her eyes and tried to focus… but the person moaning in the other room made that an difficult proposition. She slowed her breathing, trying her best to remain as still as possible. Quiet enveloped the room, the only sound peaking through was the hum of the computer’s fan. And then, the moans came again.


A woman’s voice… trying to remain quiet, Abigail surmised. She had to see what was happening. Slowly she inched her way out of the chair, trying to avoid its squeaking protests. She removed her shoes and crouched as low as possible, tip-toeing to the window.

“Just like that… yess… mmmmnnff…”

Abigail used two fingers to spread open the blinds just slightly and peek through… and drank in the magnificent sight before her.

On the sturdy workstation, with her skirt pulled high over her waist and her legs spread wide, was a pantie-less (if otherwise fully clothed) Priya. Her right hand propped up her body and kept her balance, while her left hand was grabbing the tuft of dark hair belonging to the man whose head was between her legs.

Small beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, and the blushing redness of her cheeks was apparent despite her makeup.

With the man kneeling on the floor, his head was a perfect height for Priya sitting on the workstation. Both of his hands cradled Priya’s ass, while his thumbs spread her lips apart, giving him easy access to her sex. He kissed and gently sucked on her outer lips, causing Priya to tighten her grip on his hair with each touch.

“Mmmmnnn…!” Priya’s eyes were wide with pleasure and near-frustration. She let go of his hair and put her hand to her mouth to stop her scream. Then she whispered, “Mark, you had better use that fucking tongue of yours now before I lose my mind!”

But Mark had other ideas. He moved his lips down to her inner thigh, and tickled them very gently. Priya was breathing heavily into her hand now, her legs opening and closing around his head, as if at once inviting him and pushing him away. When Mark finally moved his mouth within reach of Priya’s pussy, he warmly breathed upon it, teasing her one last time.

Priya’s held her breath in anticipation.

With that, Mark unleashed his tongue and deeply penetrated her, delighting in the taste of her pussy, before slowly sliding his tongue up to her clit. Priya sent her head back violently as she gasped in ecstasy.

Abigail was transfixed. She forgot to breathe and her stomach was tied. She felt her own hand slide under her skirt and reach her panties. She pulled them down to her ankles, then slid her fingers into her soaking pussy. As she kept one eye on Mark, she tried to mimic the movement of his tongue with her own fingers.

“Ooohhh…!” Priya let out the moan without meaning to, and immediately bit her lip shut. Mark’s tongue pressure began to intensify as he drew deep, long patterns over her pussy.

“Mmmnnn… Hmmmm…!!” She looked down to her partner, her eyes warning him that she might not remain silent for too long. This seemed to encourage him further. His cheeks and chin were glistening wet, and he greedily drank her in.

Abigail began to breathe very heavily as she spied on them. She rested against the floor, where she was still able to see the action from the tiny crack in the blinds. Her other hand, now free, reached into her blouse and through her bra. Once if found her nipple, she began rubbing it as well.

Priya was breathing deeply now, her hands gripping hold of the edge of the table so that she wouldn’t fall. She tried to look at her partner, but mostly kept her eyes closed, taking in the sensation. The heat of his mouth was overwhelming every other thought in her head. Her moans had pendik escort bayan begun to subside and a kind of deep concentration took hold of her.

Mark kept up the rhythm of his tongue, and focused his licking directly over her clit, but he was greedy for more. He freed one of his hands, and crept it up her body, and under her shirt, searching desperately for her breasts.

As her fingers slid up and down her own clit, Abigail had found her own rhythm. She kept looking back at the couple in the other room, not wanting to miss an instant…

Mark clutched his remaining hand around Priya’s ass, squeezing tightly, then releasing it. Priya leaned back against the back wall and gave up any attempt at maintaining her balance. She reached both of her hands to Mark’s full head of hair and grabbed on. With her mouth wide open, she took deep gasping breaths.

Her body then went completely still, as if she hard momentarily completely relaxed. Abigail knew precisely what would happen next… It was the calm before the flood! She masturbated furiously in anticipation of what was about to happen to Priya.

The deep, powerful contraction could be seen in her tummy, as the orgasm took hold. A powerful wave of ecstasy forced Priya to bend forward, as her eyes rolled back. Her legs tightened mercilessly around Mark’s head.

“oh fuck… oh fuck… OH FUCK!! MMMMnnnnnnn… AAAAAHHHhhhh!”

Priya’s body remained bent forward, her thighs shaking violently. Another contraction followed, and her hands took on a mind of their own, desperately grasping at her tits.

Another loud, deep moan, and her legs relaxed apart, all while Mark’s mouth and tongue worked without missing a beat. Just as the wave of pleasure subsided, another one crashed through her body. “AAAHhhh! Oooooooh!!” her careless voice echoed in the office.

Abigail felt her own orgasm swell within her too. By now she was kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples and rubbing herself to satisfaction. Waves of euphoria cascaded throughout her body. She collapsed on her side, completely dizzy.

“Fuck, Mark, fuck! AAaahh… god… mmmmmmm…”

A brief silence fell over the office. For a moment, Abigail was worried if Mark and Priya might have heard her, but they seemed to make no movement in her direction. A moment later, the silence was broken.

“Ahh!! Stop, stop!…” laughed Priya. “Stop, Mark!” she pleaded as another fit of giggles overtook her. “You’ve fulfilled your bargain! You can stop now…! … Haha!… OHHhhhh! MMMmmm!”

Abigail pushed herself up to look again through the blinds. Priya was pushing Mark away from her pussy, but he seemed intent on teasing her some more now that she was over-stimulated. With her body weakened from her climax and her laughing fit, she was having trouble fending him off, but she finally found the strength to jump off the workstation and pull down her skirt.

Even though she had just had a powerfully good time, Abigail was utterly envious that Priya looked much less disheveled as might have been expected. Her clothing was not particularly wrinkled, and she ran her fingers through her hair to put it back in place.

Mark turned to look at his partner, and for the first time Abigail could see him clearly from her hiding spot. He was a gorgeous man, clean-shaven and with a strong jaw line, and olive skin decorated with tattoos over his arms. His full head of wavy black hair practically begged to have fingers run through it. Unlike Priya, however, Mark seemed to have much more evidence of recent sexual activity: his cheeks, lips and chin were completely shiny and soaked in Priya’s nectar. He wiped the wetness away with the back of his hand.

“Well, this was brilliant!” said Priya, clearing her throat. “I’ll be off now, to get ready for my meeting.”

“Aren’t you forgetting something,” asked Mark, coyly.

Priya thought for a moment, then snapped her fingers. “My knickers! Where are they? You took them off me and had them last.”

Mark pulled a pair of black panties from his back pocket held them out in front of her. “You mean these?” Priya reached out for them, but Mark pulled them away. “Actually, what I meant was that you forgot about me.”


“Yeah. I went down on you. I want the same.”

“You owed me a favour, Mark, not the other way around,” she teased. “Maybe I’ll go down on you this afternoon. Now give me back my knickers.” She reached for her panties, when Mark again snatched them away.

Priya gave him a warning look. “I have a client meeting in fifteen minutes. I need my underwear back, Mark.”

Mark remained entirely silent, and simply looked her in the eye. He held back a smile.

“Okay, look, give me back my underwear and I promise I’ll go down on you when we break for lunch. That’s only two hours away… You can hold out for two hours can’t you?”

Mark simply shook his head. “Sorry, I can’t wait that long. Tasting your pussy was just so… fucking delicious… I won’t be able to concentrate! I mean, feel how hard I am!” He took her hand and placed it between his legs, and she saw that, yes, he was as hard as a rock. She could feel the heat of his cock through his pants, and she shuddered involuntarily. Her arousal was heating up again.

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