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“You know… I don’t HAVE to clean the room just because you’re twenty-one now Shannon” Megan snarked.

“You’re right Megan! You DON’T have to clean the room because I’m twenty-one. You DO have to clean the room because we don’t want a hazmat team to show up to our house to take your hoarder ass away to the funny farm” Shannon retorted.

“Phhhtt. Whatever, you think you’re so high and mighty now that you’re considered an adult.”

“Uh… news flash Megan, you’re an adult too. Eighteen is an adult you moron. Besides, aren’t you going to be moving out for college next week? Shouldn’t you be… I dunno… packing or something?” Shannon always had the upper hand when it came to stupid arguments with her younger red-headed sister.

“Yeah, but I obviously can’t take ALL this stuff with me… duh!” Megan could tell this wasn’t going well, but she pushed on anyways.

Shannon was nose-deep in her history book and considered not even acknowledging her sister’s idiotic remark. She ultimately reconsidered. “How bout this Megan. If you don’t clean this room right this fucking minute and get the stench of your dirty clothes into the laundry, I’m going to tell Dad about Mark Stinson and you’re little trip to the clinic.”

Megan gasped in shock. “WHAT!? You better fucking NOT! You bitch!”

Shannon smiled wryly “You heard me. We only have one last weekend cramped up here in this hideously small bedroom and I will NOT spend it wondering whether you rolled in shit or if your clothes just smell like that naturally.”

“AGH! My clothes do NOT smell like shit!” Megan reached down randomly pulling a blouse from the carpet that was her wardrobe. She brought it to her nose obviously thinking that she would prove Shannon wrong and just shut her down. That was until she actually sniffed the garment. A pungent odor filled her nose and her instant reaction was to wince and throw the blouse away from her. The blouse flew through the air towards the door of their tiny attic conversion and stopped seemingly mid-air. But it wasn’t a ghost that stopped the soiled garment.

“OH DEAR GOD!!” a young man’s voice screamed, slightly muffled. “Did you use this to bury Speckles!?” Adam shouted as he attempted to unwrap the blouse from his face.

“No, but I’m pretty sure SOMETHING spackle’d it” Shannon fired.

Megan couldn’t hold back her laughter as she watched her slightly older brother trying to wrestle free of her ready-to-trash laundry. Shannon looked up and started giggling as well.

“AGGH!!” Adam finally wriggled freed, throwing the garment down. “That’s disgusting Megan. I hope they teach you some hygiene in college. I feel sorry for your next roommate.”

“FEEL sorry for her NEXT roommate!??” Shannon yelled with a smile. “What about THIS roommate!??”

By now they were all smiling and laughing. Megan had already begun to gather the first of many piles to take down to the basement. Adam stood in the door in amazement watching Megan do something he had never seen her do… clean. “So, what happened with Mark Stinson and the clinic huh!?” Adam asked teasingly.

Megan stopped and stared up at Adam with her bold blue eyes, her dark auburn locks pouring over her shoulders. The stare and stern face said all that Adam needed to know.

“Or not, who needs to bring up trips to the clinic anyways?” he back-pedaled, slightly stepping back out of the room.

“What’s up little bro?” Shannon smiled as she took in his figure in the doorway. Shannon was the oldest one by a year, but she was easily several years older in maturity level. Seemingly both Adam and Megan were late to that party by quite a bit in comparison. Shannon had always been close to Adam and had always felt rather responsible for him. He was VERY shy around other people and generally had a hard time socially. She had done her best through high school to draw him out of his shell, but had never really succeeded.

“Well…” Adam sheepishly mumbled from just outside the door.

Shannon’s eyes lifted up out of her book, waiting. “Well? What Adam? Speak up bro.”

“Umm… Okay, so you know how I’m 19 now and… Shit… I can’t…” Adam mumbled turning to leave.

“Adam! Come right back here!” Shannon’s voice was stern but tender at the same time. “What do you need sweetie?” she smiled, doing her best to fake patience.

Adam rolled his head back and sighed, reluctantly turning back and walking into the room halfheartedly. “Okay, this is embarrassing though.”

“Can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s up bro” Shannon said as she closed her book, giving Adam her full attention.

“Okay, so I’m 19 and I’ve never…” he paused again.

“Neverrrrr???” Shannon led, her impatience with being constantly interrupted from her history homework was starting to show through.

“Never been drunk” Adam hung his head.

“Ohhh! I thought you were gonna tell me you’re still a virgin or something” Shannon laughed. Megan rounded the corner with another empty laundry basket.

“Adam? stranded teens porno You’re still a virgin!?” Megan exclaimed.

Adam’s face turned a bright shade of red as he stared at the floor.

“No Megs, he hasn’t ever been drunk” Shannon watched her brother’s face as his eyes darted back up at her and Megan. “Buuuuut, you’re not saying no to the virgin thing Adam…”

Adam was stunned into silence. “Adaaaam? Are you still a virgin?” Megan asked again.

Adam plopped down on the bed burying his face in his hands. “I was just asking for some help getting some alcohol” he mumbled into his hands.

“Sooooo… you’re a sober virgin?” Megan asked teasing him further.

“Shit!!” Adam barked suddenly “I didn’t come in here to get made fun of Megan!” his eyes welling up slightly out of frustration. Shannon was shocked by the sudden outburst and glared at Megan.

“Shut the fuck up” she mouthed silently at her sister.

“Adam, there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin at 19. It’s a lot more common than you think” Shannon reassured him.

“Yeah?” he said raising his head up slightly.

“Totally Adam, I was just fuckin with you” Megan said softly.

“But seriously we gotta take care of the drunk thing, that’s totally weird” Shannon giggled with a smile.

Adam returned the smile. “Cool.”

“Adam you’re ridiculously too shy” Megan snarked.

“Better than everyone knowing your name at the clinic” Adam shot back with a laugh.

“WHOAA!! BURN!!” Shannon shouted at Megan “In your FACE!”

Megan promptly picked up another random article of clothing off of the floor and threw it again at Adam’s face. This time however it wasn’t a blouse, rather a skimpy pair of lace panties. The room was pretty much too small for a miss and they wrapped themselves right across Adam’s nose crotch first.

Adam instinctively breathed in and smelled something quite different this time. The odor was still pungent, but in a way that made his nostrils tingle a bit. “Hmmm” he muttered with a puzzled look on his face.

“Oh… My… God… Megan, you just gave him his first smell of dirty pussy, way to go!” Shannon exclaimed.

“It’s not dirty you cunt!” Megan screamed in faux outrage, throwing a pair of jeans at Shannon.

“Smells kinda… musty” Adam said blushing, pulling the garment off of his face.

Shannon burst into laughter at her sister. “BAHAHAH! Musty whore! HAHAHA!” Adam quickly joined in on the laughter. He loved it when Shannon helped him gang up on Megan. She teased him all the time and he wasn’t too great at come-backs usually. Today was his lucky day.


The next afternoon Shannon went on a rather special shopping trip. Having just turned 21, it was the first time she had ever been to the liquor store on her own. She knew where everything was from previous trips with previous boyfriends, but she wasn’t quite sure what to get. Shannon flipped her hair back over her shoulder, the dark straight soft strands flowing down her back, over her light sundress, landing near mid-back. She grabbed the mini cart just inside the door and promptly added two bags of ice.

Shannon was kind of excited about getting her younger brother drunk for the first time, it was quite the honor. She would teach him how to drink just enough to have fun and not get sick, like a responsible older sister. Of course if he ended up getting a bit too tipsy, what was the harm? They would be at home alone while their parents went out. This was gonna be a blast.

‘Well maybe we should just start off with some beer’ she thought as she passed the cooler section. ‘But what if he doesn’t like it?’ she mused passing from the brew to the bottles. ‘Wine might be too strong of a taste’ she strolled further towards the back of the store. ‘Tequila… eww…’ the wheels on the miniature shopping cart squeaked off-rhythm. ‘Vodka… probably too much unless it’s mixed just right’ she pondered. Then she saw it, a grand-daddy sized bottle of Fireball. “Bingo!” she said out loud with a smile.


Ted and Lucy pulled out of the driveway at exactly 6pm. They had a full night of dinner and drinks with the neighbors ahead of them and wasted no time.

Upstairs Shannon peeked out the window at her parent’s SUV as it backed out of the driveway. She didn’t quite know why, but she was absolutely giddy at the prospect of watching her brother get wasted.

“Oh Adam!” she yelled out of her bedroom door into the small hallway that intersected the stairs and his room on the opposite side of the attic. She picked up the small Styrofoam cooler she had picked up on her way out of the liquor store and made her way to the hall closet for a deck of cards.

“Yeah Sis?” Adam retorted from behind his door over the sounds of fast clicking game control buttons and a cacophony of video game soundtrack.

“You ready?” she giggled to herself.

The student sex parties porno gaming audio and clacking halted suddenly just before the door popped open. “Ready for what?” he stuck his head into the hall, curious.

Shannon gave him an evil little grin and started down the stairs. “Come on!”

Adam smiled as he realized what was likely in the cooler. Shannon shuffled down the stairs as graceful as a cat, her pajama bottoms and loose blouse floated silently as she rounded the bottom step into the living room.

Adam followed with excitement bumbling down the stairs with a series of thuds.

Shannon was already pulling down shot glasses from the top cabinet by the time he made it into the kitchen.

“Where’s Megan?” Adam inquired.

“Out with her latest victim I assume. It’s Saturday, her busiest night.” she said chuckling.

Adam chuckled nervously with her. He didn’t fully get the joke, but he was pretty sure she meant Megan was a slut. That was usually the gist.

“Okay!” Shannon said loudly slamming the shot glasses down on the kitchen table. “This is IT little bro!” she said with a delightfully evil grin. “We’re gonna get you drunk the right way for the very first time!” Adam thought Shannon was a little too excited about this and that made him even more nervous than he already was.

“Are… You sure sis? What if Mom and Dad come home?” he stammered.

“Holy Shit Adam, what if they do? We’re all adults at this point. They let Megan get hosed at Thanksgiving last year on table wine. What’s the big deal?” she retorted snarkily.

“Oh… Okay. You’re right” he sighed.

“Shuffle the cards while I get us setup” she said in a bossy tone.

Adam opened the deck of slightly worn playing cards. They were still new enough to snap into place as he reversed the shuffle, but had seen plenty of action over the past couple of years. Shannon popped the cap off of the bottle but fumbled and the cap went rolling across the kitchen. “Whoops!” she said as she poured them each a first shot. “I got it” she said biting her bottom lip slightly as she topped off the first shot glass. Adam couldn’t help but to take in her beauty.

Sometimes he was simply stunned at how gorgeous both of his sisters were. As his eyes followed a stray strand of silky dark hair across her slightly scrunched forehead down to her ever so slightly furrowed petite brow, he felt a tinge of something he couldn’t put his finger on. Her startling blue eyes seemed to glow in the dim light of the kitchen. As his eyes drifted down over her delightfully cute button nose to her full naturally rosy lips, Adam was filled with genuine love for his sister. He was grateful she had been so supportive of him all these years. He couldn’t imagine how he would have ever made it through high-school without her coaching him through every milestone.

As he gazed on her powder-soft skin, she glanced back up at him and their eyes met, her evil little grin coming right back as she topped off the second shot glass. “Excited?” she bubbled, her right eyebrow arching upward.

“Uhh… yeah! Excited!” his nervous response wasn’t necessarily convincing.

Shannon pranced across the expanse of the kitchen to fetch a paper towel. On her way back she swooped down to grab the bottle cap. As she did her loose blouse opened up much wider than she was aware. Having two sisters, Adam had seen a lot of boobs over the years, but as he gazed down her blouse he was caught off guard at how much Shannon had developed in just the past couple of years. It was safe to say that her smooth round orbs were nothing less than a proper pair of knockers.

“Like what ya see there bro?” Adam’s eyes jerked up to her face where he found her staring quite intently back at him with a stern look on her face.

“UH… I… I…” he stumbled. Then she popped back up with a laugh and a smile.

“I’m just fuckin with ya, nothing you haven’t seen before” she stated non-nonchalantly. “Deal em out!”

Adam’s face was flush with embarrassment at being caught as his shaky hands clumsily dealt out seven cards.

“Don’t WORRY, this is gonna be FUN!” Shannon reassured him.

She slid a full shot glass over to Adam, lifting her own. “Cheers!” she chirped.

Adam lifted the shot glass up to his nose for a sniff. The vapors were strong. “Oh Wow! that’s…”

“Don’t leave me hangin bro” Shannon kindly reminded him.

Adam shoved his reservations aside and lifted the glass. “Cheers!” he almost whimpered. With that they both slammed the shots. For a few seconds all Adam could taste was strong peppermint, as if someone had put a huge candy cane into a blender and condensed it into a thick syrup. A few seconds later his throat lit on fire as if napalm were erupting from his stomach.

“WHOA!!” he gasped.

Shannon exhaled a satisfied “Ahhhhhhh” sound… “Delicious Right!?” she said before delivering a small belch.

“It BURNS!!” Adam said in submissive cuckolds a panic.

“Oh My God Bro! Grow a pair already!” she jabbed. She was obviously enjoying this a lot.

“I can’t breathe!!” Adam stuck his tongue out making a throaty grunt sound.

At this point Shannon couldn’t help but to laugh as Adam rushed to the sink and stuck his face under the faucet. Unfortunately for him, the faucet doubled as a sprayer and when he slammed the sink lever up, he took a shot of cold water to his entire face. This was simply too much for Shannon, who at this new development was dancing around the kitchen doubling over with hysterical laughter.

Adam managed to flip the switch on the handle, sending a relieving shot of cold water over his outstretched tongue and down his throat. After a battery of repeated gulps from the kitchen sink he finally made his way back to the table, grabbing a kitchen towel off of the oven handle on his way. Shannon was fit to be tied, tears streaming down her face as she cackled at her brother’s drenched face and shirt.

“OH MY GOD!! THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE!! AHHHHHH!!” she doubled over so hard she ended up just plopping down indian-style on the hard tile kitchen floor, leaning forward, her face in her hands. Adam didn’t miss the opportunity to get another good look down her blouse at her generous chest as he toweled the water off his face.

“HA HA… Very funny” he croaked, still choked up by the vapors emitting from his throat.

His croaking voice sent her into another round of squeeling laughter. She was holding her ribs at this point and just laid back on the floor… “AAHHH, I can’t breathe either!!” she gasped laughing uncontrollably.

Adam was a bit perturbed about being the butt of the joke, but he was also noticing a warm feeling slowly spreading through his abdomen. He sat back down and watched his sister panting on the floor, finally getting control of herself. She finally made her way back to the table, her face almost as soaked as his had been from the tears. She used the back of her hand to wipe her face, still giggling uncontrollably.

“Ready for another?” she buckled again to laughter as she swept the hair from her face, pulling it back into a pony tail. “Pour another, I’ll be right back.” Shannon sauntered across the room with one arm up, holding her ponytail in place. The sight of her neck gave Adam that strange sensation he had noticed earlier. As his eyes outlined the curves of her lower back and its transition into her firm round ass, he noticed the hint of ink on her back as her blouse slightly eclipsed her pantie line.

Adam could hear her laughter echo through the other rooms of the house as she fetched a hair tie. When she came back Adam had poured two more shots and was sitting with a hand of cards and wearing a rather gloomy face. As much as he loved his sister, he was not going to let her get the best of him. He wanted to get drunk and he intended to do just that.

Shannon pressed her lips together hard as she came back into the kitchen, resisting another bout of laughter.

“Okay, let’s do this!” she said loudly, slamming her shot glass back to head off the temptation to laugh again. Adam followed suit paying attention to the icy hot trail of sensation it made on its way to his stomach. He fought back the choking sensation this time and managed to keep his composure.

“SEE!! I KNEW YOU could do it!” Shannon exclaimed.

Adam stayed quiet as they played through their first round of Rummy. Two more shots went down and by the end of the second hand of cards, Adam could feel a merciful sense of numbing all over his body.

“I feel numb Sis!” he observed out loud.

A grin of pure pride lit up her soft face as she looked up from her cards. “Oh yeah!? Me too. Isn’t it great!?” she nearly squeaked. “Now we can REALLY talk.”

Adam was puzzled by this statement. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you feel relaxed right?” she asked turning her eyes back to her cards.

“Yeah, I do actually. Really relaxed.” Adam was realizing how much easier it was to respond to questions, how quickly his responses formed.

“Good, that’s what I mean, you can relax and we can just talk. We don’t have to worry about anything” Shannon laid down a 3-card run and discarded, leaving only one card left in her hand.

“Shit you’re gonna beat me again” he said without thinking or looking up. Shannon noticed a different tone in his voice. All his life Adam had been nothing less than a nervous wreck. From a very young age he was plagued with anxiety over even the smallest things. Kids at school had rumored he was on the spectrum, but she knew better. He was just trapped in his own head and had never figured out a way to get out. She had been similarly anxious as a younger child but had outgrown it in middle school.

Shannon thought back on all the times she had tried to get him to go to parties with her or set him up with dates with her friends. No matter what she had done, he had always crumbled to his anxiety. She felt sorry for him, because in a way, he had missed out on some of his most important years, paralyzed by some unseen force within.

“So… you’re finished with your freshman year at Washington Community and working at Mr. Market now. Any girls you have your eye on?” she queried.

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