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She set out to play seriously this time. The girl knew she had a need, a very strong need. Her body was screaming for the attention it so richly deserved. Her breasts ached with desire the nipples standing erect in excited anticipation. She removed her clothing one item at a time stripping slowly and sensually in front of the large gold coloured mirror standing on the oak dresser by the foot of her soft king sized bed.

Her heavy breasts swung freely as she removed the black lace wisp of a bra and she caressed the full breasts slowly and sensually then lovingly attached the longish dangling gold coloured nipple clamps. She adjusted the clamps to the way she liked them; tight and pinching but not so painful she couldn’t withstand it easily. She swayed her body just the slightest bit in order to watch them swing back and forth from her protruding deep pink nipples. She loved her breasts they were so beautiful, the skin so smooth the nipples so large, dark and erect.

Her hands slid further down toward where her femaleness began to round up into a soft hairless mound. She stroked casino şirketleri slowly and softly, shivering at the smoothness of it, wondering in its silken simplicity. She had just stepped out of the bath and had finished her daily ritual of shaving and rubbing lotion into her supple white skin. She loved the feeling of herself when she was freshly shaven and clean. Her pussy was feeling tingly and warm and she had not even begun to touch herself. Sliding a long slender red painted fingertip down the cleft she found her swollen female centre and rubbed it lightly. She ran the fingertip over and over again so lightly as to tease.

When she was feeling fully aroused she walked over to the small brass bound trunk where she kept her toys, kneeling down gracefully she opened the clasps and lifted up the lid. The girl pawed her way through the confusion and tumble trying to find just the right toys for the play scenario she had in mind for today. Mmmm she smiled to herself withdrawing a large beautiful, but not huge, heavy latex rubber g spot dildo; she dug a little deeper and came casino firmaları up with a long slim purple vibrating anal intruder with a bulbous head. She smiled widely when she found next a hand held multi-speed vibrator. Still smiling she walked back toward her bed shed prepared a place in front of the large mirror on her dresser at the foot of the bed by lying a soft fluffy large bath towel across the bed

She lightly lubricated the slim line dildo and bending over, she slowly worked it into her puckered tight hole twisting it slightly until a good couple of inches were inside her backdoor then she turned it on, the buzzing was good and was felt high up into her bowels. She simply lay enjoying it for a few moments, letting the momentum build. She then reached for the big rubber dildo, the girl was so roused, almost helpless in desire, by now that she there was no need to lubricate the rubber cock or her pussy and she slid it right in. She drove it in and out, slowly, deeply; imagining she was bound and helpless and her lover was shoving the toy in and out of her sopping wet bald güvenilir casino cunt.

She felt she was getting closer to her climax and so lay back gently on the bed grinding her hips desperately driving the anal vibrator in and out of her darkest passage. She put her headphones over her ears and turned the disk-man on to the highest volume. She could hear nothing but her music. She closed her eyes to simulate a blindfold, she found herself totally out of touch with every thing but her body and the sexual bombard it was undergoing. She placed the vibrator firmly on her swollen clit. She could feel the sensations build. She dreamt of a phantom lover all over her and he was taking pictures of her while she lay bound helpless and in the throws of orgasm.

And with that thought going through her mind, it happened. The waves of pleasure began at her feet and she could feel it move up and enveloping her in ecstasy. She began to buck wildly. Moaning loudly, biting her lip to stay silent she exploded into full blown orgasm, her body spasming on the bed as shock after shock after shock hit her whole being. Then she lay still, chest heaving, vibrators still buzzing, music still playing.

She felt her head phones being lifted off and a soft deep voice whispered in her ear.

“Lovely show my pet, Master is pleased!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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