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I told my next story the Tuesday before February School Vacation, Lexi and I leaving for Florida that Thursday. I actually told two stories that day, the first in her class before lunch and the second in Elle’s class after lunch. Both were well received, the children now anticipating the interactions between Batman, Lexi, myself and the characters from the books that their teachers had just read them. They especially looked forward to finding out which one of them would be the focal point of my story, my asking the two teachers which of her students might need a little, “encouragement.”

It was my understanding that those students did indeed get a boost in self confidence, however short lived, and showed much more interest in their schoolwork, especially reading.

I got a boost in self esteem every time I heard the children laugh, the hero or heroine cry out, “That’s me…! And especially whenever I would get a hug from one of the kids, an unsolicited expression of gratitude for making their day in some way better!

They both encouraged me to become a, “substitute,” teacher, given that I could pretty much make my own schedule. And they double teamed me after the story in Elle’s class, a subject that they’d obviously discussed previously.

Ms. Yelle took the lead, telling me that, “The kids take to you immediately, which is unusual given that the vast majority of elementary school teachers are women. In your case it could be your relationship with your granddaughter, but it goes way beyond that because of the way you relate to them. You’re doing them and yourself a disservice by not taking advantage of this opportunity.” To which Elle added, “And while I agree 100% with what Alyssa (Ms. Yelle) just said, the answer to why you connect so easily with children…, is they can see the child in you right away. They know that you’re getting as much enjoyment out of telling them your stories as they get listening to them.”

A shrug and, “I appreciate the compliment, but I’m afraid that Batman and Alexis would lose something in the translation between 3rd and 12th grades!”

They both laughed, Yelle saying, “You obviously haven’t dealt with 12th graders in a while. You’re giving them way too much credit.” To which Elle added, “So you should never take an assignment in any class past 3rd grade.”

I promise to consider their proposal.

Wednesday, Elle took another day off, this one a, “Mental Health,” day.

I won’t comment!

However, according to her, it was the second time in her nearly fifteen year career that she’d taken a day off for anything other than pregnancy or sickness. The first was the day we’d gone to see the plastic surgeon.

I picked her up and had planned a full day of merriment, an effort on my part to take her mind off her impending surgery and according to her, what was far worse, my twelve day absence. The one positive I could point to was my wife’s change of mind about coming back with Lexi and I. With the still frigid Northeast weather hell on her joints, she decided to invite her older brother and sister-in-law to spend ten days with her while I was gone. With her still in Florida, I had nearly complete freedom to come and go as I pleased.

I would also be back in time to take her to the follow up with the doctor.

Since it was the first time we’d been out together since our date and, “interesting,” experiences at “Katmandu,” and, “Eden Redux,” one of the things I’d arranged was an, “accidental,” rendezvous with Brendan, the young “bouncer” we’d met at “Eden.”

He and I had exchanged emails and I’d found out it was him whom Sherry had been referring when she admitted to, “…, getting a little,” while bartending downstairs at, “Eden.”

“…, that was another reason, aside from my respect for Margaux’s rules, that I didn’t start something with you that night. It would have been disrespectful to Sherry too.”

I agreed, but asked if he would be interested in another shot at Elle? “Where and when?” his only question.

He owned a, one truck, delivery service, mostly, “lost,” luggage returned to customers from the airport. He’d also handled, in-state, pick-up and deliveries of business transfers, one location to another.

“Normally, I’ll know by closing what my next day will look like. If you can give me a 36 hour warning, unless something urgent comes up, I can set up a window where I’d be able to meet you,” he wrote.

When I contacted him on Monday, asking about a chance for a noon to 3:00 PM on Wednesday, he responded with…, “You’ll know by 5:00 PM tomorrow.”

True to his word, his message remained, “Where and when?”

That was something that I’d thought long ataşehir escort bayan and hard about. While it was obvious that she had absolutely no inhibitions about exposing herself in almost any public setting, given her performances at, 2Hot, Seductive Nights, Katmandu and Eden…, how would I get her to agree to a liaison with a man she barely knew or cared about? After all, the circumstances of his interaction with her couldn’t have been more favorable. She was half in the bag to begin with, coming off an experience at Katmandu where she’d been the object of continuous voyeuristic desire and then introduced into an atmosphere at Eden Redux that she’d been preconditioned to believe would be sexually promiscuous. Throw in the dress and her interaction with Keith, Amy and the rest of the partiers…, it was a perfect storm opportunity for Brendan to get lucky!

How do you duplicate such an experience?

You don’t!

So I told him where and when…, and that I was going to put him in the same place at the same time with her…, and let him use his, “wit and charm,” to seduce her.

I made no promises that he would be successful, but as with Matt, I asked that he not let on that we’d communicated and that our meeting would be purely accidental.

Picked her up in the usual place at the usual time, heading for the city and, “Seductive Nights.” I told her I had plans for another night out, once I had returned, but not until after she’d gotten the okay from her plastic surgeon that it was, “medically safe,” for her to resume some of her normal activities. That being the case, I didn’t think that dancing and cavorting with other girls on the dance floor would be considered, “normal,” activities, so I would find something else for us to do, that something needing more, “conservative,” attire.

“Why don’t we just go to the mall?” once I’d finished my discourse.

“I said, “…, more, “conservative…,” I didn’t say, “Pilgrim Clothing R’Us.”

“Okay,” with a smile, “I get it.”

Hue was glad to see us, her first words, “I hope a man comes to the store while you are here. It makes my day better to watch you show off for him.”

I cringed, thinking that greeting would discourage Elle from any further, “showing off!”

Fortunately, it had the opposite effect because now she had Hue, a “co-conspirator,” to share the blame with if she got into trouble.

I told her what I had planned and what I was looking to have Elle model.

They paid no attention to me, Hue grabbing a few things she’d put aside and Elle cruising the aisles in search of, “showing off,” styles.

While no men came into the store, the two girls practiced as if one had! Hue would bring clothes to the dressing room, both those that she’d chosen and also those that Elle picked out. Once that was done, they would both enter the dressing room, Hue leaving to grab some shoes and accessories, leaving both sides of the dressing room curtain slightly open. Elle would then pretend she was unaware of the mistake, undress, try on the garments and so forth.

We all had fun, Hue getting the hang of it and even pulling a, “Kat,” when the fashion challenged Elle put something on backwards. (actually happened!) Hue laughed and went into the dressing room to help straighten things out and in the process of helping, played with…, and it wasn’t accidental, played with Elle’s tits. Pretending to be shocked, Elle looked at her and asked, “How dare you…?” Hue acted just as shocked, answering, “Because you want me to!” I bought the dress and….

…, while Elle had walked in wearing jeans, a sweater and a jacket, she walked out wearing another denim mini skirt, a lightweight hooded, zipper front sweat shirt and me holding the bag with her other new clothes, as well as the old clothes and her jacket.

The sweat shirt was unzipped to between her breasts.

I’d purposely parked across from the construction site again, Elle making no comment upon arrival, probably because there’d been no workers outside. That being the case we just walked directly to the store.

Now finished shopping and standing in front of the store, I asked if she’d rather eat lunch at the Tavern on the corner…, or the Mexican restaurant near our motel?

Knowing what her choice would be, it wasn’t really a choice at all.

Even though there still weren’t any workers on the sidewalk, I walked her on the opposite side of the street anyway. Just as we got to the parking lot entrance, a horn sounded and we turned and found a small box truck stopped in the street. The driver’s side window came down and Brendan’s smiling face called out, “Hey!”

Right place…, escort kadıöy right time!

Elle was grinning from ear to ear, “Hey yourself! What are you doing here?”

That was a good sign!

“Just made a delivery,” he replied, “how about you guys?”

Doing a pirouette, “He just bought me this outfit,” she replied, unzipping the shirt a bit more.

That was an even better sign!

Someone honked behind him, so he pulled over behind the dumpster in front of the hotel. Elle bounced across the street to his window.

“This your truck?”

“Yes…, and my business.”

He explained, which she thought was interesting and then he asked, after watching her shiver, “Aren’t you cold standing out there?

“Yes,” as her lip quivered, “we were just going to lunch…, do you have another delivery?”

I was on the other side of the truck, watching and listening to their exchange.

And I was being ignored.

“No. I do have a pick up this afternoon, but not until after 3:00. Unless I get a call, I’ll just be killing time until then.”

With her teeth chattering, she asked, “Well, why don’t you come to lunch with us? It’s not too far and it’s Mexican and they have the best margaritas.”

He turned his head and looked at me…, and winked.

I told him where we were going, which made him turn to Elle and say, “I know that place and it’s on the way to where I have that pick up. If I’m still invited…,” turning and looking at me, “I’d love to join you.”

“Follow me,” I told him, walking around the truck and escorting Elle to my car. “That was nice of you,” I told her, “I didn’t recognize him at first.”

He followed us to a table for three, a pitcher of Elle’s favorite lunchtime beverage and a combination plate of tacos and fajitas. Since both of us were driving, we let Elle enjoy most of the margaritas.

The table talk was all about him. His business, his job at, “Eden,” and his experiences in the military. Naturally, Elle was impressed, by both the amount of time he’d served, “…, I’d never guess you are that old!” the rank he’d attained, “…, I just stayed in so long they had to promote me,” and the skill and fortitude it took to qualify for, “Marine Force Reconn.”

“Are you married?” she asked, after running out of all the other questions.

“I was,” he answered, “but with Iraq and Afghanistan…, the number of times I was called back, even after I’d fulfilled my deployment…, she’d just had enough. Luckily, we didn’t have any kids, so…, she got the dog and I bought the truck.”


“Nothing steady…, not anything even remotely steady. I work a lot of odd hours, people need their luggage, even if it was lost on the way home. Girls today want you there every minute and I can’t make that kind of commitment.”

He was doing great!

“So…, you’re a young, I think you’re young, a good looking guy…, what do you do…, pick up girls at Eden? They must be falling all over each other to get you to take them out?”

He looked at her…, and smiled. “I sometimes wish that was the case, but did you notice me hitting on any of the girls, or them hitting on me?”

With her sipping on the last of the drink, her eyes getting glassy, she paused, thinking about his question. Then, “No…, I don’t remember you doing any of that…, but I did see you watching me.”

He smiled again, “Margaux’s rule is we can’t fraternize with the customers. But it doesn’t say we can’t look! If twenty years in the Marines taught me anything…, it was the ability to recognize a, “high value target,” and then to observe and report.”

“Who do you report too?” a slight slur to her words.

“My…,” turning to looking at me, he ask in perfect Marine cadence, “Would you have a problem Sir…, with my telling the young lady the truth…, Sir?”

“I would expect nothing less Marine,” I answered.

“Thank you Sir!”

Turning back to Elle, he looked her right in the eye and said, “I report directly to my fantasies, ma’am.”

With that, he excused himself and went to the bathroom.

She was quiet for a moment, then she asked, “I wonder how long it’s been since he’s had sex?”

“Ask him.”

“I couldn’t do that…, it’s private.”

“You’ve asked him just about everything else. But what does it matter?”

Again, she was quiet, looking across the table at me.

Brendan came back, looked at his watch and said, “You guys are great. Thank you so much for inviting me to join you and please…, come back to the club some night because I really enjoy talking to you and…, pardon me if this sounds rude,” to Elle,” but I enjoy looking at you too…, maltepe escort so…, anyway thanks again.”

Well,” I said, “let me pay the check and we’ll walk out with you.”

“Oh, I already got that. It’s the least I could do…, you’ve been so nice.”

I protested and Elle told him how nice that was, but he blew it off as, “…, the best meal I’ve had in forever!”

Once outside, he and I shook hands and I promised that we’d come back to the club…, Elle hanging back, looking at me and then gave him a…, lingering kiss on the lips. His, “Thank you,” was offered with a hand shake, which she held on to for longer than necessary, until he broke it off and walked to his truck.

Elle stood where she was…, and then turned and looked at me.

“Baby, remember…, when you asked me if I ever thought about….”

Brendan started his truck.

She turned and looked at the truck…, then back at me….

He put the truck in reverse and it started to, “beep,” that annoying, “Beep, beep, beep for as long as it was backing up….

And she looked at me again…, and then walked over to the truck and knocked on his window.

He rolled it down and they had a short conversation, with him looking at her…, and then at me and then he said something else to her and now she looked at me…, and then she walked over to me.


“Remember…, you asked me if I ever thought about having sex with someone else?

“Of course I remember.”

“I want to have sex with him.”

It couldn’t have been this easy…, no way!

But I had to play it straight…,

“You sure?”

“I think so…, no…, I mean yes…, I’m sure.”

“What does he say?”

“He wants your permission.”

“I can’t give him permission.”

Had I hit her with a baseball bat…, she couldn’t have looked more stunned!

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not Todd. You are your own woman and you can have sex with whomever you want. While I might feel that thinking and then acting like that can be dangerous for you, I’d only offer you advise if I think that…, that the person you chose might put you in some sort of danger or a compromising situation.”

“What about him?” turning to look at Brendan.

“I think he would be a good choice.”

He already knew my answer, but I wanted him to hear it from her.

He parked the truck in the lot next to the motel, waiting until I returned to my car with the room key. We got the same room we’d had on each of our previous visits and I opened the door, holding it for both of them.

Inside, it suddenly felt very awkward, Elle completely unsure of what to do… Brendan not much better off. I sat down on the edge of the small desk at the end of the bed, the two of them standing together on the side of the bed.

Finally, Elle looked at him and said, “I want you to know that I’ve never done anything like this before in my life…, never!”

“I believe you…, but why me?” an incredulous look on his face…, him knowing that both her statement and his question were true.

Before she could offer an response…, his phone rang.

“Don’t answer it!” she protested.

“My job,” he shrugged.

As they both feared, it was US Air, two set of luggage a day late in arriving, the airline anxious to get property back to their customers.

Between that and…, having to stick to his story about the late afternoon pickup we’d invented to get him into the neighborhood, our plan was busted.

He said a hasty goodbye, she gave him a kiss that offered all kinds of promise, and he left.

We sat looking at each other.

Then we smiled.

Then we broke into a chorus of laughter that lasted five minutes.

Then we made love, but only after I made the observation, “First time I feel like the second team!”

“No regrets?” I asked, as she lay next to me in the bed.

“No…, well maybe.”

“Maybe what?” turning her so we were eye to eye.

“Maybe…, if he could have stayed long enough for me to have felt him…, you know, touched him to see…, he just seems like he’s in really good shape.”

“That’s all you would have needed?”

“No…, of course not. But given the circumstances, it would have been enough for today.

That was it. No guilt…. No remorse…. No second guessing!

Two months short of three years and she was one hundred and eighty degrees different, in almost every way, than she had been the day we met.

Sure I had to take some of the credit, if only for introducing her to herself!

I am positive that had she met anyone that wasn’t Todd…, and married him instead of Todd, she would have been a woman who bore some resemblance to the woman that she was at that moment.

More importantly, to quote Kat, “…, once you learn to use you innocence as a weapon…, other woman won’t stand a chance.”

She’d passed lesson

… and now I had to prove it hadn’t been a fluke.

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