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Chapter Three: Public fun with Sister

Sis decided she wanted to go to Sonics for supper. I pulled on my shorts as Amy slipped a sundress over her head. She didn’t have panties on. Sis put her mini skirt and halter top back on as well. At Sonics, after we had placed our order, Sis asked Amy when the last time she had fun with her mother was.

“Last night.” Amy replied. “Mom licked me until I got my orgasm, then I watched her play with a dildo until she got her orgasm and we went to bed.” I slid my hand into my shorts as the attractive waitress skated to the car with our food. She winked at me as I pulled my hand out of my shorts to take my coke from her. As we ate, Amy began to describe watching her mom having sex with her boyfriend the previous week.

“Yeah. Jeff took me and mom out to Shoney’s, and then after we got back home, Mom wanted me to go to bed, I did, but I wasn’t sleepy. I didn’t hear Jeff leave. They were laughing about something, so I went to see what was going on. He had his hands inside of Mom’s shirt, playing with her titties. After a while, Mom pulled her shirt off, and Jeff took her bra off. He sucked her titties for a while, and then he pulled Mom’s pants down and stuck his fingers into her pussy. He made Mom sit down and he licked her pussy. After Mom came, she opened Jeff’s pants and started sucking on his cock. It was so big!”

The waitress skated back to the car to see if we need anything else. I had my hand in my shorts again, and didn’t pull it out that time. The girl smiled at me as she left. I wondered if I saw her nipples poking out in her shirt.

“Did they do anything else? Asked Sis. I leaned back and fondled my growing penis, remembering that it had been inside Amy and was sucked off twice earlier in the day. I had attempted to jerk it off several times before, but it became chaffed and sore after two times. I had tried again for the third time a couple of weeks ago with the same results back when Mom wasn’t at home that day and I roamed the house naked.

Amy drank her coke, then continued: “He made Mom sit on his cock and bounce on his lap, like I did to David, until she got up with his cum running out her pussy. They kissed for a while, and then he dressed and left. Mom was still naked, and his cum was going down her legs when she came down the hall. I jumped in bed and pretended to be asleep when Mom looked in my room.”

The waitress skated back to the car, after I had pulled my penis out a little, to collect our trash. She saw what I had done, licked her lips and winked at me.

It was dark when Sis stopped at a roadside park, but there was enough light to play by, so we went for the swings. Sis pushed Amy and I on the swings until I tired of the swing and jumped off at the height of its momentum and sailed through the air briefly to Amy’s delight. Sis caught my swing and began to swing herself. I watched them for a few moments as the air pushed their clothing up showing their bare pussies. Amy stopped swinging and ran for the slide as I spun on the merry-go-round. Her sundress was hindering her slides, so she pulled it off and slid down naked. I had spinning glimpses of Amy’s naked slides and Sis’s up-skirts. Sis’s halter became untied, and she pulled it off. On my next revolution I saw that she was topless. Her nipples were bobbing up and down from the momentum of the swing.

I stopped pushing the merry-go-round and let it spin down to a slow stop. Amy came to the merry-go-round and wanted to ride. So I spun her around for a while, then jumped on it and pulled Amy to the center, and had her to sit on my penis as I laid there luxuriating in the feel of her tight pussy sliding up and down the shaft of my penis until I came. The merry-go-round had slowed its revolutions again, as Amy got up with my cum dripping from her pussy onto the merry-go-round.

Sis had stopped swinging and was sitting there peeing into the sand. Amy saw what Sis was doing, and wanted to try peeing standing, so Sis stood behind her and reached down to Amy’s pussy and showed her where to spread and hold the lips of her pussy so the pee came out instead of running tecavüz porno down her legs. Amy was more successful that time.

I felt I had to do a little more than pee, so I went to the edge of the play ground, and released my bowels as Sis saw what I was doing and brought some napkins. After I cleaned up, Sis wanted to go get some ice cream. She told Amy and me that we don’t have to dress, as it were completely dark then, just get into the car. Sis re-tied her halter, but left her skirt off, and drove to an ice cream store’s drive thru. She told us not to show ourselves after she ordered.

We went to the window, and the cashier leaned out to give Sis her change, and noticed that Sis was bottomless. A few moments later the cashier returned with the ice cream without her t-shirt and asked Sis to wait until the end of her shift, and give her a ride home, and they’ll have fun together! I noticed the cashier’s nipples were tenting her bra. Sis laughed and told her maybe the next time.

Amy and I finished our ice cream and I had Amy to lie down in the seat while I crouched on the floor of the car and began to explore Amy’s pussy again with my fingers and tongue. Amy enjoyed the chilly sensation of my tongue on her clit, and I liked the feel of her pussy warming my tongue up.

From the vibrations of the car and my tongue motions, as I tasted the remnants of my earlier cum and her tangy pussy juices, it was not long until Amy began to cum into my mouth while she giggled in delight from the waves of euphoria washing over her nude body, fanned by the nighttime air rushing over our skin.

Sis watched us with a smile in her rearview mirror, as she drove bare breasted, for she had pulled her shirt off at a traffic light a while back. She was fingering her pussy and close to cumming when she pulled the car over to the side of the highway and came around to the back. “Lick me off.” Sis begged me.

I clambered out as Sis laid herself across the hood of the car, and I began to eat her warm, moist, ice cream coated pussy until she came with a scream of delight as a couple of cars whizzed by. My penis was throbbing, and dripping precum heavily as we got back into the convertible. I asked Amy if she wanted to lick the cream from it, and she grasped my swollen penis eagerly and sucked it vigorously as I stroked her hair from her head.

My excitement has been building for a while, so it did not take long to cum into Amy’s mouth. This time she didn’t let go of me, and hung on until my penis finished it’s spasms within her mouth. She then rose up and swallowed the cum and wiped her lips and chin with the back of her hand, as Sis pulled the car into the driveway of her home.

We had brunch the next morning after sleeping together naked in Sis’s bed. The phone rang. Sis went for it as I watched her butt cheeks working with her shapely thighs. Amy was drinking deeply from her glass of orange juice as I checked out her titties again. Her areolas were quite large and puffy in comparison to the rest of her breast. My penis stirred as I recalled the events we had the night before.

Sis returned. “That was Auntie Jen. She’s leaving mom’s house now and will be here in a little while to pick Amy up.”

Amy and I were downcast, as we realized our fun together would soon end. “We’ll get back together again very soon and have more fun.” Sis tried to cheer us up.

After we had cleared the table, Amy and I sat cross legged on the floor playing Skip Bo. I could see into Amy’s pussy as it opened due to the position she was sitting, and I recalled seeing my cum oozing from it as we had sex on the playground merry-go-round the night before. We had left the park without cleaning up our bodily evidence, knowing it would dry by morning.

I imagined the other kids and their parents playing about unawares that someone were naked and having sex the night before on the equipment! Amy won the game, and I wanted a last lick at her pussy, as I didn’t know when, if ever, I would get to do that again.

Amy laid down on the floor and I crawled over her until my head was over her pussy and teen porno my penis was over her face. I began to lick into her soft pussy, stirring up her juices once again, as she had bathed my cum off before breakfast.

Amy slid my erect penis into her mouth, and gripped my butt as I probed deeper into her pussy with my tongue. Shortly afterwards I had her cumming as I released my hot cum into her mouth. She let my penis go and it spewed the rest onto her titties, as I lapped up her pussy’s juice.

Sis had sat on the sofa and watched us, fingering her own pussy until we finished. “Okay,” she said.” It’s time to wipe up and get dressed, as Auntie will be here any moment.”

Amy and Sis went to the bathroom as I pulled on my shorts. I heard the car, and went to let Aunt Jen in. She wasn’t dressed much herself as I realized and became a bit self conscious.

Aunt Jen had on a pair of cut-off shorts really high, which showed the lower portion of her buttocks, and not much between her legs over her pussy. It was plain that her pussy was shaven. Her bikini bra just covered her nipples, but her large areolas were showing around the fabric. Amy ran to greet her mom. She had dressed in the sundress that she wore the evening before, while Sis had her mini skirt and t-shirt on.

“Jill and I had a great time.” smiled Aunt Jen. “We plan to get together again next weekend.” She turned to me. “I think your mom will have some surprises for you when you get back home.” She was perching herself on the arm of the sofa, and the seam of her shorts rested between her shaved pussy lips.

“Okay.” I said, hoping my growing penis wasn’t bulging in my shorts too much for Aunt Jen to see.

Amy had collected her overnight bag and was leaning over her mom’s leg, her sundress had rode up showing her bare butt as Aunt Jen patted her on it, then rested her hand over the exposed cheeks. She worked two of her fingers between the cheeks, and stroked the lips of Amy’s pussy gently. Then she pulled her hand away and winked at me.

After they had left, Sis excused herself to go to her room and check her emails, so I surfed the channels on TV for a while. Sis came back. “Mom wrote that you can come home this evening, so we’ll go. We’ll stop by that store and see if that girl is there tonight and play with her.” She smiled.

We left after having a long round of sex with each other that afternoon. I had given Sis several orgasms and she made me cum three times as well, both in her mouth and pussy. We left her home in the growing darkness of the night, and rode in silence.

I played back in my mind scenes of mom’s dripping pussy at home, to the first time I had Amy’s pussy, as well as the first time Sis and I did it nearly a month ago at her friend’s pool. I had my hand inside my shorts feeling the precum ooze from my penis when we pulled into the store. I noticed the girl was there and told Sis as she selected a gas pump.

Sis tossed me her purse and had me to go in and pay for the gas. The girl recognized me and smiled as she took the money. “Been having a good time?” she asked.

“Yes.” I answered, noticing her titties with their nipple becoming erect within its thin bra.

“Man, you’re so lucky,” she said as Sis walked in the store.

Sis went to the back to select a coke, and I followed her. As she bent down to get a bottle, her mini skirt rode up revealing a bare butt. I couldn’t resist running my hand over her butt, and on between her legs and pushed my finger into her pussy. She stayed like that for a moment as I felt the wetness form within. Sis stood back up as the girl went around the counter and locked the store’s door. “I’m going to take a break with y’all.” she announced.

Sis smiled. “All right.”

The girl invited us to the deli counter to get a hot dog, and as she served us, she pulled her t-shirt off. Her nipples were really standing through her bra. “You know, the last time you guys were here,” she said, “after I caught ya’ll in the bathroom, I diddled myself and came like I had never came before. I never thought I’d see anything like that here.” travesti porno

Sis told her of the times she and her husband played in stores and restaurants on his delivery runs as the girl’s eyes widened. As we sat at the booth, I eyed both Sis’ and the girl’s titties, and nipples. Sis noticed, and pulled her bra down.

The girl hesitated for a moment, and then unfastened her bra as well. Her titties were fuller than my Sis, while her areolas were pinker in color, and smaller. My penis was straining within its shorts, and I reached down to shift it into a better position. “You can pull it off.” The girl begged.

I stood and pulled my shorts down, letting my penis pop out. Both girls smiled at the quivering drop of precum glistening on the already shiny head of my penis. The girl asked me if I ever had a blowjob before. “Sure,” I said. “A lot of times.”

“May I try it?” she begged. I glanced at Sis and she shrugged, and ate another bite of her hot dog.

The girl eagerly grasped my penis and slowly brought it to her mouth, and licked the precum drop off, then sucked the head between her lips, flicking her tongue over its tip. Soon she was sucking deeply, and grasping my butt with both hands.

I felt her titties brush against the front of my thighs occasionally as she devoured my penis. I began to cum into her mouth as Sis got up and went to the bathroom. After my penis settled down and began to relax, the girl released me. She looked up at me and smiled. “Thanks. It’s been a while since I’ve had one.”

“Sure, no problem.” I said as the girl rose to her feet, her titties heaving slightly from the effort.

Sis came from the bathroom nude, carrying her clothes. She came to the table and laid on it. “Let’s fuck, Dave.” Her pussy was at the right height so I popped my penis into her and began to thrust myself in and out of her well juicy pussy as the girl looked on, unfastening her pants. I watched her pants and panties slide down, revealing a neatly trimmed blond haired pussy. My penis grew hotter, as I thrusted a bit more vigorously.

The girl climbed up onto the table and straddled over Sis’s head, giving her an excellent view of her crotch, then at Sis’s invitation, she lowered herself into a squatting position over Sis’s face and Sis began to eat her pussy as I looked again at the pair of titties before me, with its nipples firmly erect. As I had had several cums throughout the day, I lasted a while inside Sis’s pussy before I came again. The girl also was cumming as well, as we filled Sis with our orgasmic juices.

I pulled out, and cum oozed out of Sis’s pussy as the girl also raised herself from Sis’s face. I helped Sis up. “Woo, first time I really got it like that.” Sis grinned, as my cum still dribbled out of her pussy. The girl saw it and asked could she lick it off.

“Sure.” okayed Sis, as she leaned against the table and the girl crouched at her pussy and began to suck my cum out. I fixed myself another hot dog and ate while I watched Sis cum into the girl’s mouth, mixing my cum with her juices. I recalled the sweet tangy taste of our cum mixed together as I had ate it earlier from her pussy as well. We began to dress, as a customer drove to the gas pumps.

The girl pulled her shirt over her bare titties and ran bottomless to the pump register and activated it for the customer, as Sis and I finished our dressing. The girl came back for her pants, and I noticed she left her bra and panties on the bench as she went back to man the register.

We took our leave after the customer paid for her gas. She had on a torn t-shirt which revealed her titties, and not quite covering her naked bottom. The man was sitting in their car with no shirt on. We wondered if he had pants on.

Knowing the cashier was watching, I pulled my shorts off as I got into the car. Sis smilingly patted my leg and fondled my penis as she drove me home.

Mom was waiting up when we got there. I smelled a musky odor as I carried my overnight bag in, and sat on the sofa. I had a flashback to the view on mom riding the guy’s penis where I was sitting. The musky odor was also more noticeable there.

As usual, Mom didn’t have anything on under the night gown she was wearing. Sis decided to spend the night there as it was late and go home the next morning for her husband is supposed to come back from his long haul run later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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