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I stirred out of my sleep with an odd sensation of being somewhere unfamiliar. As I slowly looked around the room seeing photos of girls laughing and a shelf full of swimming trophies things started to come back into focus. Then suddenly it all hit me again. I was in my sister Ashley’s room and I then realized I was naked. All I could think was “did that really happen?” It all seemed like such a wonderful dream. Had I really just had amazing sex with my own sister?

It was all coming back to me now and I still couldn’t fully believe it but as I looked around the room it was pretty hard to ignore the evidence. There lying on the floor were my shorts, shirt, and boxers. Lying close to them were my sister’s sexy little pink panties and the tank top she had on when I first saw her in the kitchen this morning. It took me a second to remember where Ashley was then it came back to me that she was out with her friend Michelle. Ashley spends a lot of time with Michelle so this was nothing out of the ordinary and she normally got home about 6 from these trips. I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was almost 5 now and I figured I should get dressed in case Michelle came home with Ashley.

Slowly I started to sit up and as I did that I became aware of how hard I was again from thinking about everything that happened this morning. I slid my hand along it finding it somewhat sticky from Ashley’s pussy juices and my cum. That brought another smile to my face as I resisted playing with it figuring I might need to save up my cum for later. I also came to the realization that I was real hungry since Ashley had interrupted me making my breakfast. So I pulled on my shorts and walked to the kitchen figuring I would take a shower after I had something to eat.

The first thing I did in the kitchen was go to the cupboard with the glasses. The second I opened the door I stopped stunned. There hanging from one of the shelves was some of the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen in my life. My eyes slowly slid along the material taking in the sheer baby blue babydoll nighty and matching blue thong. I was so amazed by the babydoll hanging there that I nearly missed the note hanging off of it. I pulled off the note and read it aloud to myself. The note said:

“Hey Brad I had a lot of fun this morning. I’ll be home about 6:30 I’m going to get a wax before I come home so I am nice and smooth for you. Oh yeah and you get to see me in this tonight. Then you get to take it off your little sister and do all kind of dirty things to her. Hope you like it. Love Ashley”

I reread that note probably 5 times, I was in complete disbelief. I took the babydoll nightie off the shelf and held it in my hands. Running the smooth material through my fingers I tried imagining Ashley in it and if my cock hadn’t already been rock hard it would have been now from the mental image I was getting. I then pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It hurt so I figured I wasn’t and this was all really happening but I still wasn’t sure this was all so amazing.

I set the babydoll down on the kitchen table and grabbed a glass from the cupboard. I kept glancing over at it wanting to make sure it didn’t disappear like some illusion. I walked over to the fridge and opened the door and got yet another surprise. There in the fridge was another hanger with a little green lace bra and matching thong panties. Hanging on these was another note that said “and these are for tomorrow” I just laughed as I pulled them out of the fridge and put them next to the babydoll. I was in complete disbelief. Just this morning I had been fantasizing about my sister thinking that I would never act on those fantasies and now I was finding out that I wasn’t the only one having those thoughts. Ashley’s little surprises were way to well planned to be spur of the moment thoughts which made me wonder how long she had been planning this. I made a mental note to ask her tonight.

I stared at all of the sexy lingerie laying on the kitchen table for several minutes then glanced up at the clock seeing that it was already 5:15. I quickly turned around and grabbed some lunch meat and threw together a sandwich. I literally inhaled the sandwich and was quickly on my way to my bedroom to take a shower. I wanted to take a nice long shower in order to hopefully calm myself down a little before Ashley got home otherwise I might just explode in my pants with what she was going to wear.

I got to my bedroom and dropped my shorts to the floor my raging hard on sticking straight out. I looked down at it and kind of smiled thinking to myself that Ashley has no idea what kind of effect she has on me. I walked over to the bathroom connected to my bedroom and jumped into the shower. The hot water splashing over my body felt amazing. I just leaned myself against the wall and let the water run over me for about 5 minutes. It felt so good to just relax back, images of my sister flashing through my mind. I thought about her amazing body, those long legs, tight tricky masseur porno firm ass, flat toned abs, firm beautiful breasts and that beautiful face. I shook my head thinking that those kinds of thoughts were definitely not going to help calm me down.

I grabbed the liquid soap and just got lost in my own thoughts. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even hear the front door open and shut or realize that I had been in the shower for almost half an hour. By the time I looked at a clock it was 6:05. I jumped a little and dried myself off quick. I stepped into my bedroom and saw another note on my door. It was Ashley’s handwriting again and said “Brad, go to mom and dad’s room and take a seat on the end of the bed. I’ll be there soon.” I didn’t even know what to say. I just stared at the note. I had always thought of having sex on my parent’s bed but to do it with my sister was such an amazing idea. I was rock hard once again and thought to myself I should probably just get used to that since I was pretty sure I was going to be hard most of the week.

Then I realized I had a dilemma though. This was an odd situation I didn’t know what to wear at all. I opened my closet and started to dig around and pulled out a nice pair of jeans and a button down shirt, after some serious thought I also pulled out a pair of boxers. I don’t know why but I was kind of nervous. I had no clue how to act in this situation. I wasn’t even leaving the house but I also wanted to look nice. Plus the jeans would help to hold down my hard on a bit I hoped. I quickly got dressed and looked in the mirror and just kind of shook my head still in disbelief. I looked at Ashley’s note one last time and then headed down the hall to my parents room.

The door to the bedroom was closed and I took a deep breath before opening it. When I did open the door things seems very dimly lit. That was due to the fact that they only light was coming from several candles lit around the room. It gave a nice soft glow through the room. Other than the candles nothing looked really out of the ordinary in the room. I took a seat on the edge of my parents king sized bed and looked around wondering how long I would have to wait.

I just tried to keep my mind off of waiting and looked around the room. My eyes fell on a picture of my mom, Julie, and my dad, Chris, in Cancun a few years ago. My father was an athletic guy and people always tell me I look like him. He was a college soccer player and has stayed in shape. No one was surprised that he married a woman as attractive as my mom but he still always says he got lucky to get her.

Then my eyes moved over to the beautiful woman hanging on my dad. I think for the first time I took a real look at my mom. I had always had friends tell me she was hot but I never thought so. I grabbed the picture off the dresser and held it closer looking at my mom in a red bikini. She looked incredible I realized. Her face looked like an older version of Ashley’s but still held a youthful quality to it making her look at least 5 years younger than she actually is. My eyes slid down the rest of her body and it was like I was seeing her for the first time. My mom was hot. Her breasts were a little bigger than Ashley’s but still looked firm and her stomach was flat. She was a little taller than Ashley too and had nice long legs to accent the whole package. I just shook my head not believing that I was thinking any of this but at the same time I wasn’t surprised after what had already happened today. As I thought about today I realized it had been a while since I had come in here and I was starting to wonder if Ashley had changed her mind.

I didn’t have to wait much longer though before I heard a series of clicks on the hard wood floor that led to the bedroom. It was a very unmistakable sound of someone in heels walking down the hall. Click. Click. Click. Over and over I heard the heels click on the wood. Each time I felt my cock jerk a little in my jeans and they got tighter each time that happened. My anticipation and nervousness just rose and rose at the same rate as my cock hardened. The sound got closer and closer with each step until I heard them stop right before I could see anyone in the door way. The next thing I heard was “Brad cover your eyes please.” I was in no way going to chance it so I did exactly as she asked and covered my eyes. I heard her come walking across the room the suspense almost causing my heart to beat out of my chest and my cock was threatening to rip out of my jeans at the same time. Suddenly the sound of her walking stopped and she said softly “ok open your eyes now.” My eyes flew open and the second they focused my jaw dropped.

There standing in front of me was Ashley in the babydoll that was hanging in the cupboard earlier today. I had been looking down at first so the first thing I saw was the pair of red three inch heels my sister had put on and then my eyes slowly slid up her smooth long legs. My eyes türbanlı porno slowly slid along her soft thighs until they fell onto the crotch of the little blue panties and somewhat to my surprise there was a small wet spot on them already. I quickly thought to myself that I’m apparently not the only one in the family that has been turned on all day.

Slowly my eyes slid farther up my sister’s sexy body. The next thing to meet my eyes was her smooth flat stomach as the soft material of the babydoll opened teasingly exposing her smooth abs that had been toned by lap after lap in the pool. My eyes kept moving up her body taking in every tanned inch of her skin just inviting me to kiss it and feel it against my body. Slowly the soft material of the nightie started to reappear as it cupped around Ashley’s firm breasts. I took in every inch of them as the material cupped them and pushed them up together. The material only covered half of her smooth breasts and I just sat there slowly watching her chest heave up and down as she breathed. I finally tore my eyes away from her chest and looked up into her eyes. Ashley just smiled down at me and asked “do you like it?”

I laughed lightly and said “dear god Ashley you look amazing”

She just let out a cute little giggle and stood there with her hands on her hips and said “good and I hope you enjoy taking it off of me too.” Ashley gave me a little devilish smile and slowly turned around and sat down in my lap grinding her cute little ass into the large bulge in my jeans. “mmmm it looks like my big bro has a present for me” She continued to grind herself into me which brought a moan from deep in my throat. My cock pressed hard against my jeans as it throbbed wanting to escape its tight confines. I wrapped my hands around Ashley’s waist and slowly slid them up over her soft skin. My fingers tingled as they slid over her smooth skin then the soft material of the sexy little piece of lingerie. Finally my hands rested on her firm breasts as I slowly started to massage them causing little moans to escape Ashley’s mouth and for her to grind down even harder onto me. “ohhh your hands feel so good on your sister’s nice breasts Brad”

I was in complete ecstasy as Ashley kept grinding her firm little ass down onto my rock hard cock. I squeezed her breasts in my hands feeling how amazingly firm they were. At the same time that I squeezed my hands I moved my index fingers slowly back and forth over her hard nipples as they poked out through the thin material that covered her breasts. I lowered my lips slowly and pressed them firmly to her neck. I kissed my way along her neck all the way up to her ear. I nibbled on her ear lobe lightly and whispered in her ear “I can’t wait to fuck you”

Ashley moaned out even louder and in reply grinded down onto my cock even harder. She lifted up and turned around smiling at me. She took my hands in hers and just looked down at me for a moment then leaned over and whispered in my ear “and you’re going to get to fuck me all night”

Those words bounced all through my head as I tried to really understand what she just said. I still couldn’t believe it but the way my cock was throbbing in my jeans it was definitely ready. Ashley glanced down and ran her hand slowly over the bulge in my jeans and said “we better get this thing out of here before you actually break your jeans” Then with a little giggle she slid her hand a little higher and skillfully undid the button and started to pull down the zipper of my jeans. It didn’t take too much pulling on the zipper before the mere strength of my hard on pushed the zipper the rest of the way down. Before I even knew what was happening I felt Ashley’s hand sliding inside my boxers and wrapping around my hard cock. All I could do was moan out as she slowly slide her hand along my length before pulling me out “mmmm bro is this all for me?”

I just nodded and said “uhuh it’s all yours.” That was all I could get out before Ashley’s hand tightened even more around my cock and I just tipped my head back and moaned.

At the same time Ashley leaned over and kissed me and whispered against my lips “good because I can’t wait to feel it inside me again” She pressed her lips tight against mine and I couldn’t help but kiss her back just as firmly. My hands slid around her sexy body as one hand slid up to the back of her neck and held her face tight to mine and the other slid down and cupped her ass. I squeezed that firm little bottom and just enjoyed the feeling of the bare skin on my palm. My other hand slowly slid through her soft blond hair as we kissed long and hard our tongues sliding against each other.

The whole time we kissed Ashley kept sliding her hand up and down my hard length. I also worked to kick my jeans off and eventually got them all the way off and kicked them across the room. Ashley broke the kiss and smiled at me. “Now Brad, that shirt looks great on you but I think you need to take it off now, I’m going to take these türk porno boxers off and I think I will be down there for a while.” She gave me her cutest most innocent smile and slid down to her knees. As she slid down she hooked her fingers into my boxers and pulled them down. My rock hard cock quickly popped out and stuck straight up in the air. I obediently unbuttoned my shirt and threw it over by my jeans as my boxers flew in the same direction. I just sat there and looked down at Ashley as she softly pressed her lips to my cock head then slowly spread her lips out around my cock and started to slide me past her lips. As she dragged her lips across my length I just let out a long moan that never seemed to end until I felt Ashley’s lips stop about half way down my cock. She stared up at me and my eyes locked with hers. I could feel Ashley’s tongue sliding around the bottom of my cock running along the vein licking the length before flicking it over the bottom of my cock head. It was all such a mind blowing experience and I just sat there watching and enjoying it.

I sat there watching Ashley start to slide her lips up and down the length of my cock. Each time she pushed down she slid her lips farther and farther down my cock until I felt it push against the back of her throat. She looked up at me and smiled around my cock then puller her lips back till only the head of my cock has between her lips then slid those soft lips back down till my cock head hit her throat for a second time. Then I felt her take a long swallow and loosen up her throat as she pushed her lips farther forward. I let out a long deep moan and tipped my head back as I felt my cock slide down my own sister’s throat. She just held my cock down her throat as it squeezed around my length. The sensation of her swallowing around me over and over moved all the way up my body. It all felt so amazing that I knew I wouldn’t be lasting much longer. “oohhh god Amber I’m going to cum”

All I could hear was a mumbled series of noises coming from around my cock. Then Ashley pulled her lips back all the way off my cock leaving it hanging there her saliva all over it. I smiled at her and said “what was that I couldn’t understand you.”

Ashley giggled and said “oh sorry I should really listen to mom and not talk with my mouth full, and it was definitely full. ” She gave me a little wink and kissed the head of my cock. “Now give your little sister the snack she has earned.”

All I could do at that point was laugh but that reaction was quickly changed to a moan as Ashley slid her lips quickly back over my cock and started to pump her lips back and forth quickly over my cock. If this sensation wasn’t enough she slid her small soft hand up and wrapped it around the base of my cock and started to pump it. It was all too much for me and I let out a long loud groan as my cock exploded. More and more cum shot out the end of my cock. It splashed against the back of Ashley’s throat as I kept cumming and cumming. She swallowed it as fast as she could but it eventually became too much and some slid out the corners of her mouth. I finally stopped cumming and Ashley pulled her lips back and smiled up at me. “mmmm thanks Brad that was very tasty.” She quickly flicked out her tongue first taking the last drop of cum off of my cock head and then licked the bits off of her lips that had escaped her mouth. I couldn’t do anything but smile at her and say “wow that felt incredible.”

Ashley just gave me that playfull smile that I had always liked and stood up. She slowly ran her hands up her body all the way up and cupping her breasts as she stood in front of me. So now big brother I have to ask “are you going to fuck your sister like she wants it?”

I smiled and shook my head in disbelief “Ashley I will fuck you anyway you want me to fuck you.”

An even bigger smile crossed her face as she leaned down and whispered “I want you to fuck you just like you have always fantasized about when you are playing with that big cock at night”

I didn’t even get a chance to reply to that as she lowered her hips down into me and kissed my hard and passionately. My arms instantly wrapped tight around her and my tongue began to dance with hers. The entire time she grinded down onto me the soft smooth material of the lingerie rubbing against my still rock hard cock.

Then just as quickly she lifted herself up off of my body and stood over me again. “Now no touching Brad.”

I just nodded knowing full well I was under her spell now and that I couldn’t disagree. She gave me another cute and somewhat innocent smile as she slid her hands up her body and pushed the straps of her little top off of her shoulder s and slowly started to lift it off of her body. I just watched completely stunned by the seductress standing in front of me. She held out the little top and then dropped it right onto my crotch the soft material cascading over my hard cock sending tingles through my whole body and causing me to let out a long light moan.

Ashley stood over me with her hand on her hips and a big smile on her face “does my big bro like how his little sister’s lingerie feels on his big… Hard…. Cock?” Every word was stressed as it came out of her mouth and the word cock just kind of hung in the air between us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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