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This is true story about my sister-in-law Tiffany. She is soooo sexy, much hotter than my wife. Everytime I see her, I have to struggle not to stare at her and get a hard-on. She’s tall and slim, classy in the same way as Audrey Hepburn, for whom she was named. Seeing her dressed up for work, her long sexy legs in panty hose always gives me an erection, but seeing her lounge around the couch in her aerobics tights and t-shirt without a bra is even better. Tiffany’s fun loving and jokes around a lot, which is different from my wife, who is more typically Japanese in culture (their family is Japanese American).

At my wedding, Tiffany gave the toast, and she had everybody roaring with laughter. Maybe because Tiffany was the little sister she learned to be such a teaser and joker. A year or so after I married into her family, when Tiffany realized I had the hots for her, she started egging me on. I knew she wasn’t serious, and she kept it as a sort of private joke between the two of us, but after a while I wasn’t so sure there wasn’t something mutual. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, she’s an Oriental hottie I’ve always dreamed about. And Tiffany has a boyfriend who is a great guy. But somehow whenever I was with Tiffany, there was a sexual tension in the air that I couldn’t ignore.

One time, I was at my mother in laws, and Tiffany was doing laundry. I came into the laundry room and was chatting with her, when she suddenly started taking off the clothes she was wearing and adding them into the wash. I was shocked, frozen as she slowly pulled her t-shirt over her head, unclipped her bra, pulled down her shorts, and finally in a slow teasing way, bent over and pulled her panties down her legs, wiggling her butt in my face as she did it. When she was done, she slowly put on her bathrobe, blew me a kiss and went back into the kitchen to chat with her mother, leaving me paralyzed. And with a huge erection.

Another time, I was dropping something off at my mother in laws and discovered that Tiffany was napping in her bedroom. She was alone in the house, and so I stood watching her and slowly massaging my cock through my jeans. She suddenly awoke and before I could pull my hand away, she saw me and asked, “Do you want to jack off while watching me?” I immediately said yes, and she started taking her clothes off while I pulled my cock through the fly of my pants and masturbated. I had my camera phone with me, having planned to take some pictures of her asleep, and so now I got to take shots of her as she took her clothes off for me.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked. I said that she was “so fucking hot” that I was about to come right away just looking at her. She had the most incredibly tight body, and her tits were just amazing–firm and supple. Even though I was three or four feet away from the bed as she stripped, I swear I caught an occasional whiff of the scent of her pussy as she moved. Tiffany said that she couldn’t let me touch her, or else she would feel too guilty about fooling around with her sister’s husband, but that it would be okay if I just looked at her. I was incredibly hard by now, and couldn’t believe how horny she made me. I was tempted to just jump onto the bed and forcibly fuck her, but I didn’t want to spoil our relationship.

She teased me by saying how nice looking my cock was, and that she had always wondered what it looked like. After she pulled her black panties off, she got on her hands and knees and pretended to thrust her ass up and down as if I was fucking her doggy style. “Mmm, I can just imagine what it would be like to have your cock inside me.” Tiffany even reached between her legs and slipped her index finger inside her own cunt, showing me how wet she was by holding ensest porno her finger towards me. This was so hot that I began coming, spraying my sperm five or six feet onto the bed, with one strand hitting her left calf muscle and the rest on the bedspread. “Oh my god, you shoot come like a hose!” I shivered with the last few shudders of my spurting cock.

Suddenly, we heard the garage door opening as her mom came home. As I quickly stuffed my cock back into my pants, Tiffany swiped my sticky come off her calf with her hands. She looked around quickly for something to wipe her hands with, then paused and just cleaned her fingers with her tongue, giving me a quick wink as she did it. My cock twitched with excitement. She smiled at me as she licked her lips. Throwing on her bathrobe, Tiffany walked out of the bedroom in front of me.

I quickly sat on the living room couch and pretended to be watching TV. Later, as Tiffany chatted with her mother, I went back into the bedroom and stuffed her black panties into my pocket. When I got home, I put the panties in an airtight bag and hid them where my wife couldn’t find them, along with some other underwear of other Asian girls I’ve fucked over the years. Since then, I’ve pulled hers out regularly and sniffed the crotch while thinking about Tiffany. There’s still a lingering scent of her cunt soaked into them, and as soon as it hits my nostrils, my cock swells to maximum hardness.

The next week, Tiffany came over for dinner with her boyfriend, and while in my kitchen when my wife’s back was turned, Tiffany handed me an envelope. I quickly walked into my bathroom and opened it. There was a photo and a note. The photo was of Tiffany naked in her mother’s bathroom, legs apart showing me her cunt.

The note said: “Loved the taste of your come on my fingers. I put a little of your sperm inside me after you left that day, and it helped me come three times while Mom was watching tv in the living room. I’d love for you to spray me with your come again sometime soon…” It was signed “Your sis, Tiffany.” I stared at the photo in amazement and jacked off three times in a row just looking at it and the other photos I had of her. The next day at work, I had an idea. I had brought her photos with me to the office that day because I wanted to be able to take a coffee break and jack off to them whenever I got too horny thinking about her.

Well, I decided to follow up on Tiffany’s suggestion for me to spray come on her sometime soon. I waited until nobody was in the photocopy room and made a pile of blown up color photocopies of Tiffany’s picture. Then, later on that night when my wife was in bed, I got our video camera and filmed myself jacking off onto her picture. I put the picture of Tiffany on the kitchen table and filmed myself masturbating. It was tough at first because I had to hold the camera in my right hand while jacking off left handed. I wish the real thing had been there, but even her photo with her fingers shoved obscenely up her snatch were enough to get me off almost immediately. To know that she had taken the photo right after I left that day, and with her mom in the next room, made me incredibly horny.

It wasn’t long before I shot onto the photocopied image of her. I groaned her name as I came, chanting “Tiffany you slut” again and again. Even though I had already come four times that day looking at her pictures, this last orgasm still had quite a bit of come, and I imagined myself being able to actually shoot it onto her real stomach and breasts instead of onto a photo. I made a VHS tape (this was several years ago, before you could burn DVDs at home), put it in a manila envelope and slipped it to her the next time I saw her.

Later fake agent porno that night, she called our house and chatted with my wife for a while. I sat in such nervous anticipation that I could barely think. Tiffany asked to talk with me and after my wife passed me the phone, Tiffany told me she had watched the video over and over again until she was sore from rubbing herself. I told her I was happy to hear that, and that I wish I had been there. My wife just smiled at me, suspecting nothing and most likely happy because I got along with her sister. I felt guilty, because I knew that one of her ex-boyfriends had clashed with Tiffany and the conflict had caused a lot of problems. She had been hoping that I would get along well with Tiff, as she called her, because they had always been close, so sneaking around behind her back seemed horrible. But I just couldn’t help myself.

The next day, a FedEx envelope came to my office and inside was another photo and note. In this photo, Tiffany was in the bathroom in her own apartment, and I gasped when I saw what she was doing this time. Standing over her toilet, the polaroid showed her standing and peeing a long stream downwards. The note said, “You make me so horny I just had to relieve myself. I’m soooo wet for you…” I couldn’t work after seeing such an image. I immediately photocopied the picture and blew it up. Later that night, after my wife had gone to sleep, I snuck downstairs to the kitchen and videotaped myself jacking off onto this new picture.

The idea that I was watching my sister in law urinate, being privy to such a private, intimate act, blew me away. It had taken almost a year of dating before my own wife even let me into the bathroom while she was relieving herself. I had to admit that I associated my wife being so prudish to her being Asian, but to see her sister acting so slutty I was blown away. I fantasized about licking Tiffany clean after she had finished pissing, not stopping with my tongue until she had come again and again.

As I sprayed come onto her picture, I knew that this virtual sex through polaroids and videotapes was exciting for now, but there was no way I could restrain myself forever. Sure enough, after she watched this tape of me coming on her, and after reading my note about how I would lick her clean after she finished pissing, the next note from Tiffany just had an address of an Econolodge motel near where her mother lived, and the name she would be checked in under the next afternoon. I made sure the next morning that I would have the afternoon clear.

When I showed up to the Econo-Lodge, I was almost delirious with excitement. Tiffany was already in the room, waiting for me. We kissed desperately, clawing at each other’s clothes and panting breathlessly. We immediately began fucking, with no foreplay, and Tiffany was so wet her juices literally splashed onto my thighs when I entered her. She came twice before I shot my load inside her, and I was so horny my erection didn’t even soften. I kept fucking her, doggy style this time, with her face smashed into the pillow. The headboard of the bed kept banging into the wall to the rhythm of my thrusts, and we fucked violently until we were both dripping with sweat. Tiffany’s pussy leaked like a fountain. She was so wet that her cunt juices coated her inner thighs all the way to her knees. Every time I pumped my cock into her pussy, a loud liquid slapping sound filled the room.

Tiffany took me into her mouth before I came again, and I slammed hard into her throat, shooting deep into her mouth. After I ate Tiffany to another three orgasms, sucking my own sperm out of her snatch, we fucked once more, slowly this time, face to face and kissing fake cop porno tenderly. When she came, tears started coming out of her eyes. The next day, we had a picnic lunch in a secluded spot I knew from early dates with her sister. This was actually the place where I had sex with my wife for the first time, which made it all the more horrible and perverted, but also incredibly exciting.

After feeding each other some food, Tiffany gave me a blowjob at the same spot where my wife had first sucked me off. I had to admit that Tiffany was better at giving head. She swallowed my cock all the way to the root, so that her nose was nestled in my pubic hair. And instead of using her hand to do most of the jacking off, Tiffany really used her mouth and lips, pumping her head up and down my shaft like the most experienced hooker. I did her doggy style right on the picnic blanket, out in the open so that anyone coming by could have seen us. Such a risk made me almost delirious with desire.

Tiffany was like a drug, I just couldn’t get enough of her. That night, I was afraid that my wife would be able to smell Tiffany’s ripe pussy scent all over me, since I hadn’t been able to take a shower after our picnic. But she seemed clueless. For about six months after that, Tiffany and I had sex regularly at least once or twice a month. I loved taking pictures of her naked, especially when she was sucking my cock. Often, we videotaped the action, and Tiffany kept the whole collection in a strong box at her apartment. I have one tape hidden at my house, of us fucking in her parents’ bed, but I was constantly afraid that my wife was going to accidently find it one day and all hell would break loose.

Maybe that’s why I actually kept it there, to keep the excitement and fear going. One time, when my wife and her mother went to the drug store down the hill, Tiffany and I were left alone in her mom’s living room watching TV. We knew they would only be gone for 15 minutes at the most, but we had to take advantage of the opportunity. She pulled her shorts and panties to the side, I unzipped my fly and she straddled me on the couch and we fucked all the way until we heard the car pull back into the driveway. I had already spent the previous five minutes trying to hold off coming, at one point pinching her ass to stop her from moving because one more slight movement would have taken me over the edge.

When the garage door started to open I couldn’t help groaning as I shot endless streams of come into her cunt. She came for the third time as my cock rammed upwards again and again. I barely had time to shove my still engorged and very slimy cock back into my pants before my wife and mother-in-law came in. As for Tiffany, she had to excuse herself and change into jogging pants about five minutes later because she noticed a wet spot spreading in her crotch as my sperm leaked out into her underwear, soaking through her shorts. She caught my eye and pointed at the stain as she got up, making sure that her sister and mom weren’t looking at the same time.

We met regularly at the same motel, with both of us finding some excuse to come from work so we could fuck. Eventually, though, Tiffany felt so guilty about doing all of this behind her sister’s back that she said we had to stop, but the sex was just so good that we didn’t stop for another two months, when she finally announced that she and her boyfriend were getting engaged. They moved away for his work, and I kept thinking that she had a hand in that because she knew we were never going to stop and we were certain to get caught someday. Maybe it’s because what we were doing was so dangerous and perverted that made us so horny we couldn’t control ourselves. I don’t know. We’ve never fucked again after that, and even though I had hoped we would have a last go in the months before she got married, we never did. I know what we did was sick and unforgivable, but I loved the feeling of slipping into the warm paradise of Tiffany’s wet cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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