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Cum On

“Hello Christina.”

“Phil, how are you?” The pretty blonde asked down the phone to her sister Phillipa, who lives in Canada.

They chatted away bringing each other up to speed with family gossip until Phillipa said.

“I’ve got a favour to ask?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well Glenn’s coming to London for one semester as part of his degree course and I wondered if he could stay with you. It’s only for six weeks or so?”

“Of course he can, he’ll be most welcome but you know that it’s just Jack and me so it’ll be pretty boring for him.”

“He’s there to work hon not have fun,” Phillipa laughed.

“When’s he arrive?”

“Actually it’s all rather sudden and he’ll be there in two weeks.

“He’s at uni? I would never have thought he was old enough,” Jack said when Christina told him that their nephew would be staying with us for a while.

“He was twenty earlier this year, don’t you remember?”

She had not seen Glenn for five years so in her mind, as she waited at Heathrow for him to clear customs, it was a young boy that would emerge through the glass sliding doors. Chrissy knew he wouldn’t look as she recalled him, but was absolutely amazed to see the tall, blonde haired, ruggedly handsome young man walking towards her smiling.

“Hi there how are you?” He asked with the typical North American confidence bending down and pecking her on the cheek. “Thanks for coming out to get me.”

In the BMW X5 on the way home they chatted easily with Glenn explaining more about the reasons he was here and telling her about his family back in Toronto.

Christina never found meeting strangers that easy and although he was her nephew she did not really know him having only ever met him on two occasions. Certainly not as the man he now was as opposed to the boy of who she had some recollection. Despite that the conversation flowed easily and she found little difficulty in chatting to him and getting to know and like him.

Grant settled into the household very well during the first week. He was intelligent, polite and considerate always willing to help with setting and clearing the table, making his own bed and keeping his room spotlessly clean and impeccably tidy; Phillipa and her Canadian husband had clearly done a good job bringing him up, both Jack and Chrissy thought. He was interested in everything that was going on and asked lots of questions about London and life in the UK and also about and his aunt and uncles lifestyle. Not prying or nosy questions, but ones that created conversations and enabled her and to a lesser extent, Jack get to know each other.

Glenn did not start the course until four days after he arrived so Christina showed him some of the sights of London and the two of them had a tiring but thoroughly enjoyable couple of days sightseeing. They developed an easy-going relationship. They had similar senses of humour and it was not long before he was gently taking the micky out of her and making little jokes about her. Things like intentionally calling her auntie when others could hear.

“Don’t do that,” she asked the first time he said it putting on a jokingly stern voice. “It makes me feel old.”

“Well if I don’t they might think I’m your toyboy,” he joked back.

The auntie and toyboy theme became their in joke and cropped up quite regularly over the two days sightseeing. Although she felt relaxed with him, at times she felt a little uncomfortable when out with him. Particularly in restaurants or when they had a drink in a bar or pub. She felt that others would be looking at them us and thinking that Glenn really was her toyboy and this made her feel embarrassed. It also made her feel rather guilty, but she could not put her finger on the reason for that.

The truth of the matter was that as Glenn looked older than his twenty years and could quite easily be taken for twenty five or so, and she looked younger than her, approaching, forty years, at a quick glance anyone could have easily taken them to be a couple. And a fine and handsome couple at that. He was tall and ruggedly handsome with nice hair and a great physique. Christina was slim and beautiful with straight, blonde shoulder-length hair. She had a slim, but rounded figure great legs and a fantastic arse.

“He seems to be a really nice lad,” Jack said as they finished dinner at nine thirty a few evenings later. Glenn had eaten with them but had excused himself to go to bed early.

“Big day tomorrow, start of my course and I had better be really up for it,” he had said giving Chrissy a peck on the cheek and shaking hands with Jack as had become the custom.

“Yes he is very nice and intelligent and so considerate as well,” Christina replied as she cleared away the dishes.

As Jack looked over some work papers Chrissy watched a TV for a while and then logged on to her laptop. She checked her business e-mail account and then making sure she would hear if Jack came out of the kitchen opened up the one she used for her chat room contacts. There were several new mails that she flicked rip her up porno through noting the usual sexy and rather crude manner of writing and then she opened up the one she had been hoping for from Iloveolderwomen2000. It was the young guy that she had been chatting to recently and with whom she had masturbated several times. He wrote well and expressed himself clearly. Unlike many with who she had corresponded he had the knack of being graphic and open with his writing producing a highly erotic narrative yet not sounding crude or too basic.

The mail from Goff was exciting her. Reading him describe what he had done as they had chatted was arousing her. But then any woman who had become a chat room aficionado as she had could not fail to be aroused when she read passages such as:

“I was naked and rigidly hard at the mere thought of you caressing those beautiful little breasts that I’ve only seen in that topless bathing photo Christina. I was stunningly hard. Almost frighteningly hard. For that’s what you did to me. What you did by telling me I had aroused you, by explaining that you were getting warm and tingly. The mere thought Christina of me being able to make you feel like that so got to me. You know because I told you that it got to me so much I had to touch that hardness you’d created. Touch it, feel it and bare it. But as I bared it for me and for you my lovely I knew that I would have to be naked. Completely nude as I would be were I with you. And that’s how I was even before I mentioned it , I hope you understand Christina that as we simply discussed how I’ve always been attracted to older women that I was sitting before my PC naked and so strainingly hard for you.”


“Oh Christina the feel of myself in my hand as you told me to imagine that was your pussy. Your wet pussy you said. Your wet and throbbing pussy. Yes the feel was sublime. Outstanding. It was as if my hand was your pussy and my fingers your lips that were gripping me. Yes the palm of my hand that I was thrusting into became your cunt Christina and I was fucking your cunt.”


“And when you told me that your blouse was undone, that your nipples were hard and you were pinching them imagining it was my teeth I thought I would explode. As you described the way you stroked your breasts and slid your fingers down your tight jeans. As you told me that those pants were being pushed down. As you said your pale blue, lacy panties were down your thighs. As you told me all that Christina and as you described how you were starting to cum I did explode. I exploded with such a force. So powerful an ejaculation. In my mind my sexy darling I was cumming in you. It wasn’t my hand pumping my cock but you Christina. Yes as I came so strongly Christina I was shooting the spunk from my cock right up your hot, wet, ready cunt.”

Reading those words from the young man she had cybered with aroused Christina. Her frustration hit her, it began to boil up.

“I’m going up Jack,” she said poking her head into the kitchen. “Will you be long?”

“No I shouldn’t be, just ten minutes or so.”

Christina went upstairs and Jack finished reading the attachment to the offer document that he would be negotiating tomorrow. He switched off the lights and wearily climbed the stairs that he had descended at five thirty this morning. His wife was already in bed. The room was lit only by the low wattage bulb in his bedside table lamp and from the light that came in from the streetlamps. Jack quietly undressed.

“It’s ok darling there’s no need to be quiet I’m not asleep,” he heard her say as she lay naked in the bed. Jack slipped into bed and she cuddled up to him. There was little response. He didn’t reach out for her or respond at all like he always used to do. He didn’t turn towards her or cup her breast as he used to. She pressed myself against him as she had more frequently had to do recently to get him going. She put her hand on his chest and started running it downwards.

“Christina, I’m sorry, I’m beat,” Jack said. “I was up at five this morning and I’ve got to be up at five tomorrow. Night love.”

That really pissed her off. She threw the bedclothes back and jumped out. “Fuck you Jack and fuck your fucking job,” she said.

“Oh come on Christina, don’t be like that,” he replied sitting up and looking at her. He would have seen that she was wearing a black lacy thong. It was a particularly sexy one that she sometimes wore in bed knowing that it turns him on, something that he needs more help with lately.

“Don’t be like that? She shouted back at him. “I’ll be like I want to be. You never feel like it, you’re always too fucking tired or too fucking busy.”

“Please Christina,” he replied with his infuriating measured way of arguing. “You have to understand, I’m in the middle of one of the biggest deals we’ve ever done and tomorrow there’s a crucial meeting.”

“There always seems to be,” she snorted walking to the closet and pulling out a silk robe.

Despite the tiredness and the importance of the meeting the rus porno next day the sight of his wife’s bum in the black thong did start to stir him. As she walked across the large room her cheeks wobbled deliciously, their white roundness being erotically emphasised by the slither of black lace sliding between them and vanishing through the tops of her shapely legs. He weighed the situation up in his mind. He knew that if they started making love it would go on for some time and that he’d be hellishly tired the next day. On the other hand his business brain reasoned they had not made love for some times and that wasn’t fair. He rationalised that it was either take a risk with the deal or upset his wife. He thought for a moment and then leaned over and turned out the light.

Christina went to her study. She was shaking partly with the fury she felt for Jack, partly from the cruel rejection and partly from the sheer arousal she still felt. She logged on. Checked her business e-mails and then her other ones. Nothing. The house was quiet. Jack was not coming after her she realised becoming even madder at him. She could see he had turned the light off. She logged onto messenger in invisible mode. There were several names lit up indicating they were online.

“Hi Goff,” she typed.

“Oh God Christina I’m so pleased you’re there, How are you?”

“Like shit actually.”


“Long story.”

“Husband trouble?”


“Hmmmm he’s such a stupid prick you know if you don’t mind me saying.”

“That’s ok, I agree lol.”

“So bloody daft to not make love to you properly so that I can electronically.”

“Can you Goff?”

“Yes Christina if you want me to. Do you?”

“You want me to be honest Goff?”

“Of course I do.”

“OK. Right at this moment I want nothing more in the world than to be fucked. Is that honest enough for you?”

“Perfectly, love, what are you wearing?” He asked as his totally naked form came upon her screen.

As usual seeing his gorgeously, youthful tanned and toned body and his delicious, mouthwateringly hard cock made her shudder with desire and expectation.

It didn’t take long. But then it rarely did on here nowadays. The robe came open but wasn’t removed just in case Jack came down. She didn’t even take the thong off, there was no need. But her hands were not at all restricted and almost greedily she followed Goff’s directives.

“Cup those lovely, little tits for me Christina.”

“Squeeze them and roll them together.”

“Pinch your nipples, pull them and twist them just as I would with my teeth if I was there.”

“Slide one hand over your panties. Are they wet Christina?”

“Yes very.”

“Rub yourself there for me. Rub yourself right on that lovely clit that one day I want to chew for you.”

“OK Christina, now inside those lovely little black panties. Slip your hand in for me and imagine it’s my cock in there with you.”

“Now one hand on your tits Christina and the other on your cunt make yourself cum as I do.”

“Yes Goff make me cum, please make me cum,” Chrissy moaned as she watched him pump himself faster and faster.

The feelings welled up more and more and as she watched him throw his head back and with one final thrust spurt his seed all over his flat belly she came. Heavily and strongly.

As the final waves of the self-induced orgasm washed over her, she clicked the mouse button and her PC screen went blank.


“Was there a problem last night Christina?” Glenn politely enquired when he got back from college the next day. “I heard some shouting and you going downstairs.”

“Oh just Jack and me having our regular row.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Married couples do you know.”

“Yeah mum and dad really get going now and then but they make up quickly. We can hear that.”


He looked at her smiling as he raised his eyebrows and said. “By the bed creaking.”

Christina laughed. “Well I doubt you’ll hear our bed doing that.”

Just then there was a ring on the bell and a dozen red roses arrived. “The note said “Check yr e-mails.” For one awfully scary moment Christina thought that somehow Goff or one of her other web admirers had found her address. Realising with relief that was impossible she opened up her business mail and there was one from Jack.

“Darling. Again I am so, so sorry. Keep Friday night free for dinner a deux at the Ivy.” She wasn’t that impressed, but at least he had tried she thought. And dinner at the Ivy the most prestigious and booked up restaurant in London was some achievement.

The feeling as Jack’s penis sunk into her that night was almost as if she was having sex for the first time. As he turned her onto her side and pressed his erection against her she had quickly thought. “When was the last time?” It’s over six weeks she realised as the delicious feelings of being filled swept over her. His hands were squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, his mouth was nuzzling her neck and his cock was sert porno now pounding in and out of her as they both moved towards their climaxes.

It was the third time he had made her cum. The first was with his fingers after he had coaxed her into kissing and cuddling him. The second was with his mouth as he knelt beside her sucking and licking her pussy. That was so wet and throbbing that it needed only the slightest amount of licking for her to start all over again. That night, unlike the previous one she did not sleep in the spare room.

“It’s just totally unavoidable I’m afraid.” Jack said to her over the phone at around three on the Friday afternoon. “Take Glenn it’ll be an insight to a side of London few see.” He suggested.

Christina was mad but could understand for in the heady world of corporate finance the clients and the deal was everything. The thinking was you get paid so much that you have to accept the inconvenience.

“Wow,” Glenn said when Christina called him on his mobile and told him.

Although she’d felt a little embarrassed at the thought of going to a restaurant like the Ivy with a man that everyone might think was her toyboy the idea of an evening out at a top place like the Ivy chatting to her nephew was appealing so she spent the rest of the late afternoon and evening getting ready.

“Wow,” was the term that Glenn again used when Christina came downstairs to join him for a drink before the cab picked them up at 7.30 for the twenty minutes or so drive to the West End.

“You look fantastic, an absolute knock out,” he gushed as his eyes roamed over her making Christina feel a little uncomfortable but at the same time pleased that she was still able to impress a young man. She was wearing a simple black, sheath dress. It was tight all over and the thin, silky material moulded itself to her body accentuating her curves and her figure. It was high at the neck and the skirt ended a couple of inches above her knees. She was wearing black hold-ups and high heels. Her blonde hair tumbled onto her shoulders and having just been blow dried was nicely puffed and full. She felt good and Glenn’s remarks confirmed that to her.

She need no’t have worried about being an older woman with a younger man for there were several couples like that in the Ivy. In fact hardly any of the pairings seemed to of the same age for there were numerous older guys with young women as well. They had a superb meal, drank two bottles of wine, looked around at the mix of minor celebrities, a couple of soap stars and one film star and had a thoroughly good time. As they left they had to fight their way through the paparazzi, who always guard the restaurant in search of photos of stars, and just in case she and Glenn were famous they snapped away at them. As they did Glenn slid his arm round Christina’s waist and they posed just as if they were a famous couple.

Laughing they climbed into the waiting taxi they’d ordered.

“You silly bugger.” Christina said, “Posing us like that?”

“Just a laugh Auntie,” he replied slurring a little.

“It was fun though wasn’t it?” Christina responded looking up at her nephew who was sitting in the middle of the seat, his leg pressed against hers thus pushing her into the corner of the cab. His arm was draped along the back of the seat.

“Yes it was and the whole evening’s been fabulous.” He said looking right into Christina’s eyes. “Have you enjoyed it Christina?”

“Yes, yes I have very much.” She replied.

Their gazes were not locked but as they looked away so soon their eyes met again.

Christina could feel an intimacy and closeness in the atmosphere. She felt an attraction to him that clearly she shouldn’t. It felt as though they were on a date and that they really were partners. ‘I must nott think like this,’ she told herself. ‘It’s wrong Not only am I having such thoughts about someone that isn’t Jack but it’s my sister’s boy for Christ’s sake. In any case he’s probably feeling nothing at all.’

But he was. And he showed that he was.

Christina had not noticed that he had moved his arm that was draped along the back of the seat so that his hand was dangling downward, his fingers just touching her shoulder. She had not really thought that much about their legs being pressed together or of his body squashing her into the corner of the cab’s seat. But as they looked at each other all of those things suddenly struck her. Their significance registered with her. To her they did not, now, look like unrelated incidents brought about by the make believe famous couple game they had played outside the restaurant. No, to her they now looked as if they were all part of a pattern that she somehow must have made happen, for it couldn’t be him, could it?

Then she felt Glenn’s hand on her shoulder. It was just touching it or brushing against it. Her body stiffened. She didn’t know whether that was with fear or excitement concern or pleasant anticipation. She turned and looked at him as the pressure on her shoulder pushed her round a little. His hand slid down her back and rested between her shoulder-blades. They looked at each other. They stared into each other’s eyes as that hand applied more pressure to her back. It was pulling her, moving her body towards him and with it her face towards his.

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