Skar and I Ch. 03: Ritual Fuck


Skar pads over to the massage table and bends over, settling his bulk of his torso on it and splaying his ass. Matt moves closer to him, admiring the peaks and valleys of his obscenely muscle back. He is a mountain range of man. Matt moves around the table to stand at Skar’s head, letting his massive, throbbing erection sway in front of his open mouth. He trails his fingers across the basketball-size mass of his shoulder, down the muscled valley to his spine. He lingers there, digging a finger in and shifting his feet slightly so his cock grazes against Skar’s lips. He takes a step back, moving his hand as he goes. His fingers brush their way through the indent between Skar’s lats and pause. He presses his hand into the chorded muscle, adds his second hand to the frey and spreads them out, slowly mapping the full range of Skar’s colossal back while his cockhead teases his hungry mouth. Under his hands the muscle is rigid yet flowing, a living landscape of flexing and contracting, shivering and swelling and bulging.

Matt leans forward, parting Skar’s lips with his bulbous cockhead and trailing precum into his mouth. Skar laps at the precum with his tongue, and Matt allows him one full suck before he pulls himself out and moves to the other end end of the table. Skar is bent over the table, his hairy, tree-trunk legs bent at the knees. Matt squats down and putts a hand around the thick meat of one thigh, presses his face just close enough to feel the tickle of short blond hair. Skar’s legs are like anatomy drawing, every muscle ludicrously emphasised, swollen beyond human proportion. As Skar shift his weight from foot to foot, the muscles of his ass and quads flex and swell, thicken and loosen, bulge and retreat. Matt probes his tongue into the space between two chords of Skar’s quad, pressing it deep and upwards towards the peak of his ass, feeling the giant shiver as he goes.

A step back, a quick breath. Skar’s ass is heaving up and down as he rubs the swaying mass of his mom porn cock into the groove of the massage table. His ass is a twin planets of muscle and fat: gargantuan, hairy. Its bobbing is quickening Matt’s pulse and soon his heart is roaring in his chest, his ears burning with need. He does nothing for a full ten seconds, letting his pulse quicken to a cresecendo. Then he pressed his face deep between his cheeks, wrenching them apart with his own thick hands, and presses his tongue as deeply as it could go. He feels the hard ring of Skar’s anus and teases its perimeter with slow pressure. Skar moans deeply, a sound like rocks shifting before an avalanche. Matt draws his tongue back and presses his lips to the gate, ululating them and teasing with quick tongue-flicks. Without warning, Matt shoots his tongue against the ring, pressing through and opening the hot vent of Skar’s anus. His hands part Skar’s ass farther, and he pushes his head deeper between his thickly muscled cheeks. The tongue explores more and more. At each shot, Skar’s anus parts a bit easier, and Skar gasps a bit deeper.

Matt’s cock is exploding. Each vein is heavy with blood, pressed outwards and pumping with insistence. He can feel its physical weight, bouncing and slapping against the tight muscles of his own thickly-haired quads. Thwack. Thwack. The more he plays with Skar’s ass, the thicker, heavier and bigger his cock seems to get. He feels like it could burst. He glances down at it and it looms read and huge, bigger than he remembers.

He pulls his face out of Skar’s ass and his vision goes white for a second. When it comes back he is pressing his monstrously fat cockhead between Skar’s ass cheeks. His brain had not made that command, but he can’t stop. He presses it, feeling the familiar loops of Skar’s anus put up resistance. But his passage is slick with spit and sweat, and the ring parts and lets first thickly veined inch of Matt’s cock in. Skar trembles, says something mobil porno in low, garbled, syllables that Matt doesn’t understand. Every muscle on his giant body seems flexed. Sweat drops from the mound of his shoulders and runs into a small river in the valley between them.

Press. Another inch. Skar’s ass is hot, too hot. Matt’s cock feels on fire but it is starving and crazed and pressed further. Another inch. Matt’s own hand is around the base of his cock, barely wrapping its circumference. At each pulse of blood he feels his fingers slightly part.

Matt feels his own muscles swell. Like the craziest gym pump he has ever head. Vein’s press themselves to the surface of his skin, mapping every inch of his body in thick lines. He is shining with sweat.

Another inch. And another. He is less than half way in and Skar is heaving at the end of his cock. He is whispering in a language that Matt doesn’t understand, but that his body does. Matt’s hips slam forward, forcing almost every wrist-thick inch of his cock into Skar’s hungry asshole. His cock is squeezed so tight that Matt can feel its thick, pulsing veins against Skar’s insides. Pump. Pump. He His cock veins press against Skar. His hips, working without his permission, retract, rescuing a few inches before slamming deeper against inside Skar. Skar’s mountainous rumble raises several octaves and he groans in wild pleasure.

“YES! YES MATT. Fucking FUCK me.”

Matt is now plowing his massive cock into Skar. The heavy thwacks of his hips against Skar’s ass echo in the room, punctuated by heavy grunts from both man. Skar’s ass raises into the air at every stroke, his massive balls slapping off the massage table. Matt picks up speed, rocketing his cock into Skar with breathless, manic energy. Matt’s heavy balls bounce below him. Another thrust, and Skar takes almost every inch. Matt reaches forward and takes the giant’s hands, pulling their two bodies closer. Thrust, thrust. Slam. xnxx porno Matt’s footlong cock is fully inside him. Matt pumps with wild, crazed lust, feeling Skar’s asshole strain against the pressure. Skar is saying something that Matt can’t hear over grunt and smashing flesh.


Matt halts, leaving eight inches of his cock buried Skar’s tight hole.

“Let me turn around, I need to face you.”

Matt slowly removes his cock, inch by slow inch, from Skar, feeling his ass slightly hold on as he leaves.

Skar stands on shaky feet, towering over Matt once again. He turns and Matt feels he has gotten bigger. Every muscle on his giant, mutant body is engorged with blood, swollen and pressing outward. His veins are bulging with strength. His monstrous cock trails between Skar’s abs as he turns.

“Suck it,” Skar says, and Matt drops to his knees and does.

His mouth can barely open wide enough to allow its engorged head in, but he soon has it coated in spit and a rhytym built up. He drops both of his hands to his own cock and pumps it viciously in a proud two-handed grip as he bobs up and down on Skar’s gianthood. After a minute or so, he can feel Skar’s cock pulsing and contracting, and his low, rumbling groan pick up pace.

“I’m going to give you a present Matt.”

With only that as warning, Skar pulls his cock from Matt’s mouth and sprays him with thick ropes of hot cum. Skar empties stream after stream of his seed over Matt, an impossible amount. Matt feels himself cum in tandem, feels his balls contract and lift as he shoots straight into the air, some landing on Skar’s cock and balls.

Skar’s cum drips from Matt’s face onto his shoulders, and runs in rivulets through the peaks and troughs of Matt’s muscled frame. Both men are gasping deep breaths, and Matt feels Skar’s giant hand on his wet shoulder. Strangely, Skar’s cum isn’t going cold. It stays hot on skin and keeps dripping down his heaving, sweat-soaked body. Skar’s cock, going just slightly limp, flops in front of him. Skar’s cum is still so hot, hotter than the shower he had stepped out of 20 minutes ago. Matt moves his head weakly forward, takes the giant’s cock back into his mouth.

“You’re earning your prize, Matt.”

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