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After waking from my much needed nap, I stood. Much to my surprise, a felt a gush from my cunt as copious amounts of semen poured out of me.

“That horny bastard!” I thought. “He took advantage of me while I was sleeping!”

I’ve only known you for a short time. So you don’t know how I can be a prima donna. I suspect you won’t believe me considering how easy it was for you to have your way with me. Even so, I expect certain considerations. Your impertinence and lax manner, even though only exhibited on a few occasions, has alerted me to the fact that you needed a little special training. I called the following event “attitude adjustment.”

I quickly find you in the bedroom. You are now the one sleeping peacefully with a big smile on your face.

I act quickly and find some old clothesline in the kitchen. I run back to the bedroom and start to tie you. You instantly wake as I stretch out your arms and legs. Of course, this excited you–you are so darn horny all the time.

You are tied face up with your clothes on, wrists pulled together over your head and tied to the headboard. Your ankles I spread wide and strung to the bed’s legs with longer cords.

During all of this, you tried to engage me in conversation but I was silent and determined. You were fully clothed.

Once I am sure that you can’t get loose and that you don’t have a hardon, I slapped your face hard and told you to keep quiet.

I undid your belt, unzipped you, and pull your waistband below your groin. That’s the only exposure you will have for awhile. I told you that if you develop a hard-on, your jockeys will remain in place as a reminder for you to control yourself.

I hiss, “In case I forgot to warn you, I really don’t want to hear a word from you until I give you permission to speak.”

Of course, I stripped down to my bra and panties, taking all the time I desired. You watched my slow striptease, licking your lips. I gave you a swift sweet kiss before I started the torment.

Some men like to talk to me about my panties. I wanted to measure your reaction as I straddle your neck and dangled the lacy crotch of them over your face. You got a close up view. I suspended myself over your face and started myself getting wet by sliding my hand into my panties, pleasuring myself, oblivious to you until some wetness starts. You watched my fingers moving around and began to struggle.

Once there was some nice dampness, I removed my panties and got down to really getting myself off. I’ve allowed you to fuck my mouth but what I’ve never told you is that I wanted to be fucked by your face!

I noticed your beard has grown for a day or two and that excited me. I tested your readiness by wiping my newly wet cunt bahis firmaları lips across your lips–wetting your whistle for what is to come. You licked them and smacked them together.

About this time I got serious about frigging myself off. That is, as long as you don’t get too eager and try to tongue me or grope me with your lips. You had to wait for my word or else you would not get that attention you desperately crave.

I lowered my hips so that my clit touched the tip of your nose, just gently rocking there until I barely started to quiver. I told you, “You’d better not say a word. In case you are so impelled, I will take my panties and stuff them into your mouth until I am certain that you will practice some self control!”

Sometimes I can make myself cum in two minutes but I planned on taking my time with this experiment. The point of your nose was nice but I wanted to rub my gash and clit over your rough chin until my juices start to really flow. I could see by your eyes that you wanted more but looking over my shoulder it appeared that your cock wasn’t the way I liked it quite yet.

In response to your desperate, “Please!” I take a quick break to whip off my panties. Stuffing them deep into your mouth, I tell you, “Taste my panties, wet, sweaty and stained with your semen, you bastard!”

Now my bottom half was completely bare and I felt so ready to take my pleasure on your face. I was losing myself about then. My hips started gyrating instinctively… mopping my cunt all over your face.

But, my hot pussy wanted something else. I removed my bra quickly and play with my nipples, pulling them hard and away from my chest.

My cunt was really flowing now, dripping wetness rolls past your mouth and down your chin. Before I remove my panties from your mouth, I grab your hair moving your head back and look into your eyes. “Yes, you can tongue me, my sweet, but don’t say a word or you will forfeit that which you want so much.” You nod like a puppet.

Soon you disobey, by pleading, “Please, let me…” I shut you up by sitting squarely over your face…muzzling you with my crotch, almost smothering you!

“John, you may lick my pussy now,” I said–but I was teasing you because I rose off a little. I want your tongue to reach for a taste and it did, jutting upwards. “Suck my juices,” I ordered you.

After allowing you to lash my slit with you tongue, I demanded a tongue fuck and you were so desperate for me to come, hoping I would get to your cock, that you complied like a mad man. Like your cock, your tongue was thick and fast.

I was now riding your tongue and it was so much fun! I looked down and saw my juices flowing all over your face and the sight made me so hot I almost kaçak iddaa came right there.

Once again, my lower body took over and I was sliding my cunt all over your now slippery face. I moved off your tongue and started banging my clit against your chin, scraping my tender pinkness against the bristles.

I wanted total pleasure and vengeance from the man who practically raped me while I slept innocently! I started pulling my nipples hard and away, like you did to me.

Your eyes were begging and I asked, “What?” Your desperate reply is two words, “Fuck me,” but they are muffled by my groin. I laughed until I looked back again at your aching groin and I loved what I saw:

Your beautiful cock was beet red, swollen. Just my looking down at you there made your hips start to pump. I reluctantly decided to take pity on you but I was a little too wet with my juices and your saliva.

“Lick me clean, you horny bastard,” I ordered you. I wanted you to wash my crack with your tongue! I turned myself around and raised my rear so you can see how nasty wet I was. You lifted your head eagerly and began to lap me up.

I could feel you doing a good job so I decided to reward you by bending down over your body and lowering my head towards your groin. I slid my tongue down your belly slowly and the closer I got to your nightstick, the quicker you licked and sucked my juices. I reached under you and grabbed your ass cheeks to pull me closer.

Your raspy tongue was lapping up all my delicious syrup. The training was working.

I reciprocated by licking your cock like it was an all day sucker. You were whining with pleasure from this long awaited attention. As I lowered my hot mouth over your cock your whole body started to quiver. My lips almost reached your gray hairy balls and you felt my gagging reflex on your cock.

Your excitement was so obvious as your tongue eagerly found my clit and moved it between your lips. The tides were turning and your exploring tongue prompted me to blow you like a tenured whore. I did my best to vacuum suck you and bounced my head down on you. I could taste the pre-cum already tickling my throat.

You lost yourself in your work and I was shocked by the feel of your tongue against my tight rosebud. You probed it with the tip of your tongue sending a wild shock through my lower half.

I was torn between remaining in this wild 69 position or getting really fucked. The choice was mine but my pussy’s addiction to your cock is hard to deny.

I got up and roughly pushed your pants and jockeys out of the way, down to your knees. Your legs were spread too wide to get them to your ankles.

You started fighting your restraints, you wanted freedom to take your pleasure. kaçak bahis However, the show still belonged to me and soon I was sitting on your hard cock.

Your total obedience was impossible at this point. “Ride me, bitch!” you roared. Your hips were swaying, your ass cheeks squeezed your groin upward. I too could not control this aching pleasure anymore. Yet, I had to slap your face one more time because of your afternoon insolence. Your eyes teared but you whispered, “Hit me again!”

I had better things to do! My cunt was jumping up and down on your rod hard and fast. Stretched wide by the massive thickness of your extraordinary tool, I was totally filled. It only takes about 15 strokes and then I am bursting with orgasmic heat. I threw my head and body backwards to get more leverage and to make me tighter. You are so thick that my clit was getting a lot of action and my climax started and made me ride you even harder, out of control. I pressed down–the whole weight of my body on your groin.

My moans became animal-like and I continued to ride you through my orgasms. My cunt was squirting a squeeze bottle full of honey. My pulsating lips and pounding hole took over your cock. I paused and thought of one more humiliation. I raised my hips so you could see between my legs and pissed a quick stream onto your groin.

As the warm liquid wetted your hairy balls, I saw the hardest, most straining cock I’ve ever seen in my life. I jumped back on your dick and rode it through another quick orgasm. You are such a pervert that this rude treatment really set you off–pumping your hips up into me, you started cumming, shooting your hot load into the deepest part of me. Your cries filled the room and you were panting like a dog in summer. I thought you were having a heart attack!

I pulled off you and saw that thick white jism was still spurting over the head of your cock. I lapped it away for you and you thought I was finished, but I was not.

I then took my thumb and rubbed your piss slit and your cockhead hard, causing you to cum painfully again. “No More! Please!” you yell and pulled hard against your binds.

You were begging me to stop and that made me rub your fat red, dick fist even harder. It was like a clit! Your body became a mass of jerking spasms–you couldn’t take it and your groans turned into manly screams. You tried to tell me something but your garbled words didn’t make sense. I continued to milk your cockhead with my thumb until you fell back totally drained.

My last cruelty was to get up and tell you I might be back. I leave you bound, your face still slimy from my juices, slam a door, and start my car. Your panic subsided as you replayed in your mind what happened and awaited my return. However, as it got later, you feared your wife would wonder where you are! Maybe I will you leave you there until I am certain you have changed your ways. Lucky for you, I need cleaned up again!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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