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I was a sound sleep, and for some reason I started to slowly surface to consciousness. There was a presence in the bed with me and as I drew in a deep breath thru my nose I could smell him, a man. A delicious smell of man. I reached out in my half asleep state and touched him, felt the hair on a muscled chest and slowly let my hand wander down to the waistband of his briefs, then inside and I gripped a hardening cock. Oh how wonderful it felt in my hand as I slowly stroked it to its full length. The urges kept me moving even though I was not fully awake and I bent my head down and inhaled the musky manliness of his package. Then before I even realized what I was doing I opened my mouth and took him inside and sucked him as I slid him into my throat.

But that would not last as I could feel my pussy leaking out onto the bed. Just a few strokes in my throat and out again then I was straddling him and felling his length and girth slide into me. I rode him, not hard but firmly. He was big. Not huge but bigger than what I was used to and it took little time till my first orgasm took me. Then another a minute later and finally I felt him pulse inside me and my womb was coating with his semen, his sperm swimming in me and the warmth permeating my inside. I slid off of him and cuddled up next to him and fell back to sleep. My last thought was that it was a pleasant dream.

I woke slowly, as I usually did. Not a morning person , is an understatement. But as my thoughts started to congeal I could feel it, nestled between my ass cheeks. A comfortable, hardness. A familiar hardness. I flexed my ass muscles and made sure of what I felt then started to slowly grind myself back into it and up and down ever so lightly. Oh God it was a cock, a nicely sized one at that. My body quickly reacted and I began to leak copious amounts of juice from my pussy. I wanted this badly. My hand slid down between my legs, as I slid my body upwards until I could reach between my legs and grasp it to guide it to my hole. My right leg bent at the knee to spread my legs apart and make room for him as I stuffed the head into my entrance and pushed down. He slid into me and it was glorious. I moved myself back and forth slowly fucking myself on him until he took over and began to push into me and then draw himself out. Each push went deeper until he started to hit my G-Spot with his thrusts, with that I could feel the pressure building in me. The tingling in my pussy radiating out through my pelvis and up to my teats then my whole body felt the wash of an orgasm, and he was pushing harder and faster, sending another washing over me.

“Oh my God, he’s good” I thought as the third crashed into me. Then thoughts fled me as I went into continuous orgasm, my mind numb, only feeling the pleasure in my pussy. Then I felt it again the hot seed spilling from him and filling me, the warmth spreading through me.

As I come down off my sexual high I lay in his arms and the thought came unbidden to me. “Damn my brother is a good Fuck”. My eyes flew open and I gasped a breath as I realized the enormity of what had just happened. Not just now but during the night too. I had fucked my own brother, twice. Not just that but he came inside me, Twice. I had been off the pill for almost three months. It was possible that I was pregnant already, by my own brother!

You may wonder how I ended up in this situation, in bed with my brother and possiblely knocked up. It was my dad’s fault. I was happy in Philadelphia finishing my second year at U of P and had lined up a job at the Jersey shore for the summer. But nooo, my Dad insisted I return home to Oregon for the summer, insisted he had a surprise for me. Since he was footing the bill for my education I felt obligated to be a dutiful daughter and return home for the summer. Well he deserved the consideration. He had raised my brother and I for the last 8 years alone after Mom died. Everything he did was for us. He never dated or did anything for himself. Each year I aged I realized more and more how much he devoted himself to us. Now I was 20 and attending college on the other side of the county. I knew he missed me and I missed him, but I was determined to start my life. But I looked at it from his side. His little girl was grown up and now his son was going to be starting college, again on the other side of the country. Brett had gotten a full ride scholarship to Temple University, also in Philadelphia, so both of his kids would be 3000 miles away from him starting in September. I could see is point. He wanted to spend one last summer with his family. So I smiled and said “Yes Daddy” threw my plans out the window and got on the plane. Besides I had only been home once in the two years I had been gone, that was the first Christmas break. Last summer I took extra classes because of a double major and this past Christmas a friend, a girl from Germany had invited me to go home with her. My dad was disappointed but admitted that it was an amazing opportunity. teen porno Since we would be flying in her Uncles corporate jet and staying with her family there was no expense, except for thank you gifts for her family. So I was due for a trip home.

When I last was there my brother was still a skinny 5’8″ 140lb nerd and my Dad was still Dad, not bothering with a social life just taking care of Brett and I.

Well it turned out the surprise was he was getting married. I knew he was seeing someone. My brother had told me but neither of us thought it was serious. Well surprise, surprise, surprise. I arrived June 10th and on June 25th he got married. I had no time to prepare for this either physically or emotionally. I did not even have a chance to get to know my new stepmother, which was a problem, for me. She was only 9 years older than me, 29 to Dad’s 46. I did not like her from the start, I smelled gold digger and my protective instincts were on full. But I kept my mouth shut, she seemed to make Daddy happy and that was what mattered. My brother had a little more time to get to know her but did not have the inclination. I guess he figured he’d be gone in a few months anyway, and it wasn’t any of his business. For Brett’s part he grew up. In less than 2 years he went from 5’8″ 140lb nerd to 6’1′ 190lb hunk. He still was a nerd but a damn fine looking one. I had missed a lot.

We had the wedding and a small reception and spent the next 6 weeks pretending to be a family. She tried to make friends with me, but I wasn’t interested. I didn’t take her long to get the message and we just avoided each other after a while. I did enjoy the time with Dad it was good to see him and I was kinda happy that he was happy, if only the woman had been a little older I might have been less hostile.

I figured in 6 weeks or so I would be back on the plane to Philly, with my brother. He would be just across town, which would be nice. Dad popped that dream bubble too. He got the bright idea to make it a road trip and a family bonding time. No plane ride for me. Load all my brothers junk and my suitcases into the SUV and the four of us were driving cross country. Oh and we were going to play tourist on the way so a 4 or 5 day trip, one way, was going to be nearly two weeks.

We were about 5 days out, stopping at all the big National parks and tourist attractions. It was not as bad as I feared. I did get a chance to talk to Dad about his new wife. He noticed we weren’t getting along and brought it up. I told him what I was worried about and he laughed and confided in me that he had a pre-nup with her. So I didn’t have to worry. Well it did put my mind at ease and I did try to make peace with her and be nice and she tried to reciprocate but the damage was done. We would never be friends but we tolerated each other and stopped the sniping and backbiting. Dad was happy.

Anyway, we were between Vegas and Denver and stopped at a motel for the night. We got the last two rooms. One for Dad and her majesty and one for Brett and I. Problem, both rooms had a single King sized bed. No doubles, we had to share. Well what the hell it was big enough that there was plenty of room. At least I thought there was plenty of room until I found out that my nerdy brother had sprouted into a full grown hunk, and my always active libido took over without my realizing it.

It was his scent that got me. I always let my nose find the guys. The good ones always smell delicious to me and I can’t resist them. I don’t know whether it is the testosterone or pheromones or what but the good ones just smell like a guy should, and I can’t resist it. I melt and just need to suck their cock or fuck them silly or both.

Now I am lying in bed, freshly and properly fucked by my brother. Funny thing is other that the surprise I don’t feel bad about it. I realize I feel safe and warm and content. We are lying like spoons with his head over my shoulder gently kissing my neck and getting my juices flowing all over again. Then I hear him, “I have wanted to do that for years, Sis. I did not know you felt the same way. You are wonderful and I love you.”

Instead of being revolted and jumping out of his arms, I snuggle back closer to him and I realize that the warm glow I feel is because of his words. My God I love my brother and not like I am supposed to. But like I am not supposed to. My Pussy is leaking more juice and I want to have him inside me again. I turn over and face him and bring my lips to his and kiss him. My tongue slides out and pushes against his lips to gain entrance to his mouth and he opens it for me. My hand slides from his shoulder down across his muscled chest, down to his groin and I take his half hard cock into my hand and squeeze and stroke it. I can feel him growing in my hand already and I slide my body down and take him in my mouth just like I did last night in my “Dream” sucking and swallowing his length bringing him back to full hardness.

That is what travesti pornp I want, I want him hard and inside me. Once again I straddle him and this time I can see his face and his chest as I lower myself onto his cock. I fell every bit of his 7 ½ inches as it slowly parts my lips and slides into my slippery hole into the mixture of my secretions and his cum. I lower myself all the way, I can feel him pushing against my cervix and it is glorious. I have the entire thing in me and I begin to rock back and forth. His eyes are open and staring at me. He is drinking in the sight of my face and my nice perky B cup teats.

I watch his eyes as he watches me and I look at him and say,”I love you Brett. Give me your seed I want to feel you cum inside me again.”

He pulls me down to him just far enough to get his mouth on my teat. He sucks it into his warm mouth and swirls his tongue around my nipple. It sends an electric shock through me. “Don’t stop, ever.” is all I can say. I can feel another orgasm building and I rock harder on his magnificent cock until it overtakes me and this time I squirt. I soak his cock and balls and some sprays out onto his stomach and I am in heaven because I can feel another building and another after that. I have never had anyone make me cum so hard and so often. I don’t know how long I rode him or how many times I came but after a while I felt his cock swell and him humping back at me and I knew he was close. I clenched my muscles to grab his cock in my vagina and squeezed. He came in me once again, not as much as before but enough.

I collapsed on top of him and laid there while his slowly shrinking cock slipped from me. I laid there for a long time feeling safe and warm and loved while our combined juices leaked out of me onto my brother, pooling on the sheets beneath us.

Glancing at the clock I see that it is almost 6AM. I knew I should get up. Dad said he wanted to be on the road again at 7AM. But I am so content and comfortable I fall asleep again.

I am woken by the incessant buzzing of my phone. I crawl over my brothers warn and naked body and grab it from the nightstand. The time display say’s 6:58. “Shit.” I exclaim, “Dad is going to be upset. He wanted to be on the road. Com on Brett get up and get moving.” I give Brett a shove and answer the phone.

“Morning Daddy!. We overslept but we are moving now. Give us 5 minutes and we’ll be down.” I tell him.

“Okay, princess. Hurry up.” He answers as I hang up. No time for a shower or much of anything. I rush into the Bathroom and stand there while Brett finishes peeing. A little weird, standing here naked while my brother empties his bladder. But after last night and this morning, modesty is really not an issue. He finishes and I sit down to empty my own bladder before he even leaves the room. “Hurry up brush your teeth while I pee. Dad is waiting.” I can tell by the look in his eyes that he is a little freaked out about me peeing while he is in the room, tough shit. We don’t have time for niceties.

We each finish our business and quickly brush our teeth and run a comb thru our hair. Then out to the room and throw some clothes on. I grab the first thing I see. The same shorts and tank top I had on yesterday. They are reasonably clean so I pull them on, no time for a bra or underwear. Brett does the same. Same clothes as yesterday for him too. We both quickly shove stuff into our bags and start closing them when in walks Meredith, without knocking.

“Come on guys your dad wants to get moving” She is in her pushy step-mom mood. She takes two steps into the room and stops. She sniffs the air and stops. Her eyes shoot to me as I grab my bag and head for the door. Brett is in front of me and past her, and then I am standing there in front of her. I know what she smells. She smells SEX.

“Come on Meredith Dads waiting.” I chime as I push past her. I am out the door heading across the parking lot but I still can hear her.

“Casey?” She hisses.

I ignore her, pretend I can’t hear her and keep on for the SUV. The back is open and I stuff my bag in on top of Brett’s and close the door. I am in the back seat, behind Dad before she is even out of our room.

Dad leans out the door, “Come on Meredith, your holding up the train!” he shouts.

She scuttles across the parking lot and into the front passenger seat. She buckles herself in and turns to stare at me. I ignore her and look out the window, Dad puts it in gear and we are off. Dad glances over at her, “Meredith, the GPS.” It’s his reminder to her that she is the navigator and has to input our destination. Then to all of us he say’s, “7:03, only three minutes behind schedule. Not too bad. But try to be more prompt in the future.”

Brett and I mumble our apologies. Now if Dad follows the same pattern he has for this trip, we will drive for about an hour, and then stop for Breakfast, coffee and to empty our bladders. I look over at Brett as we all settle tricky masseur in for the drive. I reach out my hand and take his into it for a quick squeeze and a smile. He smiles back at me and grips my hand. That warm glow and tingle spreads from my between my legs again. I let go of him reluctantly, would not do to have either Dad or Meredith notice us holding hands, that’s not something we would normally do. Nor do I want my pussy to start leaking juice again. That would give Meredith something else to smell. It appears the woman has a nose as sensitive as my own. Bad enough Brett and I are coated in each other’s cum and did not have time for a shower. I am certain she is getting a nose full in the closed car with the AC running.

It’s almost 8:30 before Dad gets off the interstate for Breakfast. We stop at a small diner and get a table. The waitress is there immediately and we give our orders, Dad and Mommy Dearest excuse themselves and head for the bathrooms. It’s a small diner so the facilities are single occupancy. No room for all of us. Once they leave I remind Brett to wipe himself down with wet paper towels once he gets into the bathroom, letting him know Meredith is suspicious due to the smell. He sniffs, “I don’t smell anything.” He answers. Men!

The rest of the day passes in boredom. It’s about 9 hours to Denver and we all pass it dosing off and taking turns driving. We pull into Denver late in the afternoon and check into our hotel for the night. Dinner in the hotel restaurant, I comment how tired I am and head for our room to make an early nigh of it. Dad jokes that at least I won’t have to share my bed tonight and I chuckle and throw a dig at Brett., “At least no one is going to be rolling over and kicking me tonight.”

Brett goes off to the Hotel game room to kill some time before coming up. This was our prearranged schedule to keep suspicions at bay. He knows to give me 45 minutes, at least. Once in the room I strip out of my dirty clothes and spend a long time in the shower. It feels so good to be clean. I rub myself in anticipation of getting my brother in bed with me. Getting out of the shower I dry off and crawl into bed, naked. I pull the sheet up to my waist, put the TV on and wait. It’s not too long before I hear the lock on the door activate and Brett walks in. he ogles my exposed teats and starts for me. “Shower!” I demand. I want to have him so bad but I want him clean even worse. Two days in the car with the sex this morning he badly needs it.

Brett is a good sport about it and he takes a quick shower. While he’s in there I get up and muss up the other bed to make it look slept in, before returning to my previous position. It’s only a matter of minutes before Brett is out of the shower and again heading directly for me. “Lock the door.” I order. “Don’t need Meredith walking in on us” He walks his naked form over and throws the lock then turns to me.

“Anything else?” He asks

“Yes, come here and fuck me.” I demand. He smiles as he takes me into his arms and kisses me.

“What I really would like, Sis is to eat your Pussy. May I?”

“You never have to ask permission for that. Anytime you want, you are more than welcome to do that.”

A huge grin crosses his face as he leans down and kisses each of my nipples before moving to my stomach and then lower. He plants gentle kisses on my bald mound then on my labia before he runs his tongue slowly up my slit from top to bottom, gently touching on my clit. I melt into the sheets. Whatever he does to me has the same effect. I belong to him, will do anything he wants, whatever pleases him. He continues to lick me, from my hole to my clit and I am wet. I can feel my pussy dripping and him lapping up my juices. My orgasm is building, slowly building and the rhythm he has established just helps it along.

He looks up at me over my mound I can see his eyes as he draws back from me for a bit. “Will you squirt for me again, Sis” He asks.

“Oh, god, I will try, just don’t stop, please don’t stop”

He returns to licking me and the pressure continues to build. I hold off my orgasm, trying to make it more intense. I want to squirt for him, but it is not something I can control. When it happens it just sort of happens. But I need to do this for him and I concentrate on my pussy and the sensations coming from it. On the building pressure and holding it back until I can’t any longer and I tense up my whole body and explode. I grab his head and push it deeper into my cunt just as I squirt again all over his face and into his waiting mouth. I can feel him swallowing it by the mouthful until it stops and turns to a slow trickle. His face rises over my mound like the sun rising and there is a huge grin on his face. “I guess you like that?” He asks

“No Shit Bro. I want to know who taught you to eat pussy so I can thank her” I answer.

I see him blush and look down “Nobody taught me. I just kinda did what I thought you would like.”

“You mean to tell me that you never ate pussy before tonight? What about Fucking. You’re pretty Dam good at that too.”

His blush deepened and he didn’t answer. I took his head in my hands and drew him up to me. “What’s wrong Bro?’ I ask

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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