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Well Diary, who would have thought that I would get to have this much fun with my brother? It wasn’t quite as simple as perhaps I’d thought it would be after I let Grant know that I was knowingly fucking him.

That’s right Diary, a girlfriend. I mean seriously? What the hell was he thinking? He had his sister at home doing what ever the fuck he wanted. I sucked his cock, I fucked him, and I took his gorgeous cock in my bum. What did he need a girlfriend for?

I nearly cried. It was ok for him, but I was the one suddenly left without anyone to have fun with. I had told him that I’d stop though. Back when we started knowingly having incestuous sex together, I’d told him that at any point that either of us wanted to stop, that’s what would happen. I didn’t want to stop, but I wanted to lose his trust even less, so I stopped. Well, I kind of stopped.

What I stopped was fucking him. What I didn’t stop was teasing him. He wanted me to, but I wanted the outlet. I simply couldn’t let go from a happy over-sexed state of living to nothing. It killed me. So I walked around the house in my underwear. Well, mostly I did that. Often I wore less. Grant still got hard when I put myself on display and if I couldn’t initiate sex, at least I could enjoy making him hard.

There was the sleep walking of course. I had no control over that. The problem was though that Grant had decided that he needed to be monogamous with this girl friend of his. That meant that rather than take advantage of me when I appeared in his room, he would simply move to my room and let me sleep. Of course if he did any different to that, had no idea.

I needed to meet her. I had to know who the girl was that had taken my brother from me.

‘Grant, why don’t you bring this mystery girlfriend over?” I asked him over dinner.

‘Well its not that I choose not to, it’s just never happened that the timing is right for her to come here.’

‘Are you worried what I might do?’

He looked at me, his eyes travelling up and down my body. We were sitting at the table eating, but all I was wearing was a pair of green cotton panties with happy little smiley faces on them.

‘Well, I have started to wonder if you actually still own any clothes.’

I sighed.

‘Would you like me to start wearing clothes again Grant?’

‘To be honest, yes. It’s kind of weird. It’s not that I don’t like seeing you naked. You’re fucking perfect, but it’s kind of reached a point where you seem to be doing it just to try and get me to fuck you again and not for any other reason.’

I studied his face. I think my little brother was growing up. It sucked. With a sigh, I stood up and left the table. I went to my bedroom, grabbed a pair of leggings and a t-shirt and pulled them on. I gave my nipples a good hard tweak before I returned though. I wasn’t giving up entirely.

‘Better?’ I asked, returning. I smiled when his gaze struggled to meet my eyes. I knew I still looked hot.

‘Maybe not,’ he laughed. ‘Maybe you’re just too fucking sexy regardless of what you wear. Have you got a sack?’

I laughed at him, appreciating the compliment.

‘If I promise to be good, will you bring your girlfriend over for dinner?’

‘Yeah, I guess I should. She knows that I only live with my sister and she has asked whether if she came to visit whether she could stay the night. She’s a local and still lives at home, so the idea of having the freedom to do what she wants is pretty appealing.’

‘Excellent,’ I said to him. ‘I’m really looking forward to meeting her.’

I had to wait a week before it happened. He finally called me at work to ask if I could cook something nice for dinner. I teased him about showing off his own culinary skills, but he seemed to think that he’d be too nervous and that he might fuck it up.

‘I’m sure she’d forgive you.’

‘Yeah, but I can’t stop thinking about whether you’re going to like her or whether she will like you that I don’t think there’s much chance of me cooking something good.’

‘You’re kidding! What is there to be nervous about with her meeting me? I’m just your sister.’

‘You’re not just my sister. You’re the hottest girl I know and the best fuck I’ve ever had. I know you’ll be comparing her to you, I can’t help but do it myself. I mean, I’m not completely stupid, I know that you didn’t really want me to stop fucking you.’

‘Wow Grant, are you sure you’re a real 18 year old? You’re sounding a bit deep and meaningful for my liking.’ He laughed and I agreed to cook for them both. He made me promise not to dress too provocatively too. Nothing like being issued with a challenge!

I went through my wardrobe and wondered what the hell I could wear that Grant wouldn’t get upset with. I settle for a t-shirt and jeans. Mind you, I picked the jeans that hugged my slim curves the best and I wore a push up bra beneath the skin-tight t-shirt. I pulled my hair up into a simply ponytail. I completed my look with knee-high leather boots. If I was over-sexed, that would have to be Grant’s problem.

I türbanlı porno set about preparing dinner, music blasting through the house and a lovely bottle of Shiraz keeping me company as I cooked.

‘Nikki!’ I finally heard Grant call out over the music as he entered the apartment. I put down the wine and the tea towel that I’d had in my hands and went to greet Grant and his girlfriend, surprised by the sudden nerves that alighted in my stomach.

Grant introduced me to Amy and after a perfunctory welcoming kiss on the cheek; I motioned for them to come inside, offering to share my mostly depleted bottle of wine. We both took advantage of the initial introduction to study each other, sizing one another up.

Amy was pretty; there was no denying it.

Her gorgeous thick hair was a deep almost rosy auburn. Chestnut maybe, I thought to myself even as my eyes wandered to take in the rest of her. She had a lovely face. Even her initial nervous smile lit it up and her brown eyes appeared full of life. She had lovely full lips and a delicate nose that turned up just ever so slightly at the end.

I felt a pang of jealousy when I eyed her chest. She was wearing a long-sleeved tee that was as fitted as my short-sleeved one. She may have been wearing a size-enhancing bra like I was, but even if she was she’d likely be a C cup. If she wasn’t she’d be a D. It made me suddenly very conscious of my tiny little A cups.

She was wearing a short tartan skirt over a lovely pair of thick charcoal coloured leggings that disappeared into a pair of knee-high black leather boots. I couldn’t find fault with that choice! She wasn’t as skinny as me, but her curves were perfect. She wasn’t over-weight, just beautifully proportioned. If she hadn’t arrived as Grant’s girlfriend I would have been tempted to have some fun myself.

Both Grant and Amy accepted my offer for wine and we took seats in the living area and chatted while dinner finished off in the oven.

I wanted to hate Amy. She’d stolen my brother and lover from me. She monopolised his time and took him away. She was the enemy.

Only she was lovely. She was down to earth, friendly, funny and sexy. She was everything I would ever have wished for had I been the one to chose a woman for my little brother.

I was jealous.

By the time dinner was done, a second bottle of wine had also met its demise. As we took seats in the living room again, I unscrewed the cap on a third bottle and poured more wine. There was no way that anyone would be driving Amy home again.

‘So Grant, I have to ask … have you warned Amy about my, er, condition?’

Amy sat forward, suddenly interested and I knew instantly that he hadn’t.

‘Condition?’ she prompted.

‘It’s nothing particularly serious,’ I said to reassure her, ‘its more embarrassing for me than anything really, but if you’re going to stay the night you should know.’

Amy actually blushed when I mentioned her staying the night.

‘I sleep walk,’ I explained to her. The relief on Grant’s face was almost comical. As I’d talked he’d appeared more and more nervous. He must have been worried that I’d give something away about our relationship or something. As if I’d be that mean!

‘Oh!’ Amy responded with surprise.

‘I only mention it in case you hear me in the middle of the night and wonder what’s going on,’ I explained. ‘I mean, occasionally I do something really weird like try to make sandwiches. It’s really bizarre, but Grant is good enough to check up on me and make sure that I don’t do anything dangerous.’

‘Aww, that’s so sweet of you,’ Amy said, leaning into him against the couch, snuggling into him. It was a little hard to watch without thinking about what we’d done on the couch together.

Amy asked some fairly typical questions about the weirdest things that I’d done while I was asleep and to Grant’s relief we kept to the genuinely weird, but not sexual in our explanations. We all had a good laugh and finished off the wine.

Eventually I had to head off to bed. I gave them both hugs, all too conscious of the delightful feeling of Amy’s breasts being crushed against my chest when I held her briefly.

‘It’s been lovely to meet you Amy, even if you are too good for my little brother.’ She had a good laugh, her face alive with the amazing smile that went with it. I wandered into my, bedroom where I had a little cry. She was perfect. I’d lost my brother.

It took me a long time to find sleep that night. I’d started the night hoping that I’d find her to be the sort of person that I would be happy to work against, to destroy their relationship. It was completely the opposite. I found myself genuinely happy for both of them and jealous to the last fibre of my being.

Then they started fucking. It was quiet at first, but the walls are thing. I think I’d taught my brother too much in the time that we’d been intimate, because it went on for a long time. The noise that came to me told me that both of them were having an awesome türk porno time too. It wasn’t a simple ‘Wham, bam thank you Ma’am.’ It was long. It went from quiet to loud, from subdued to passionate. It was two people in love having meaningful sex. It was also two people giving their all to a joyous experience. At one point I started masturbating, picturing myself watching, joining in, but I couldn’t do it. I had to stop.

Eventually sleep claimed me.

I dressed conservatively for breakfast. It was Saturday morning. Grant and I had a ritual for Saturdays. It was egg day. Bacon and eggs, omelettes, egg’s Benedict; every Saturday we had a cooked breakfast together. I didn’t want to lose that too. I sat drinking my coffee, waiting for signs of life.

Eventually I heard them. Like little pinches of salt in my wounds, the sound of them fucking again came to me in the kitchen. I started cooking just to mask the sound. The sizzling bacon did the trick. Apparently the smell did it’s bit too because not too long after I started cooking the pair of them emerged, tousle haired but flushed with pleasure.

I sighed as Amy walked out. She was wearing one of Grant’s t-shirts and not much else. Not only that, but her unfettered breasts swung heavily beneath it. D cups for sure, I thought to myself. Her nipples were evident against the soft cloth of the t-shirt and her legs beautifully sculpted. Again, they weren’t as skinny as mine, but they suited her perfectly. I’d happily lose myself between them.

‘How do you like your eggs Amy?’ I asked, resisting the urge to add ‘hopefully not fertilized.’

‘All runny and gooey thanks,’ she said with a smile. I cracked a couple of eggs into the pan alongside some bacon and made myself busy. I found myself not quite sure where to start with conversation. I didn’t want to ask how they slept. I wanted to ask if the sex was better with her than me. I didn’t.

Thankfully Grant and Amy took up the slack and soon we were sitting around the little table eating breakfast. I wanted to crawl under the table and suck Grant’s cock. I was so fucking frustrated.

‘So you two have any plans for the day?’ I asked as I cleared the table.

‘We thought we might go see a movie. Want to come along?” Amy answered.

I was surprised both at being asked and at the fact that Amy seemed to be genuine in her offer.

‘It’s ok, third wheel and all that,’ I replied.

We left it at that. Amy and Grant took care of the dishes and I grabbed the bathroom. Once I was done, they took it over. They were in there a lot longer than me and pangs of jealousy seized me again. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to take it.

The couple of weeks following were better and worse. Amy spent a lot more time at our house and we got along wonderfully. She was almost like a long lost sister to me. We had heaps in common and I loved it when Grant had her over. Grant was really happy too, but my sex life had ended. It sucked. By the end of the second week I hooked up with a guy for a disappointing and not worth talking about one-night-stand. It made me cautious about rushing back out there.

It was also in the second week that Amy had her first exposure to my sleepwalking. It was innocent, but it set the stage for what was to come next. I had gone into the kitchen and poured myself a drink; only I hadn’t used a glass. Grant and Amy both came out and found me with juice all over the floor. They were good enough to steer me back to bed and clean up after me.

When they told me about it the next day there was only a very small thing that stayed with me. I had been wearing my pyjamas. It gave me an idea.

From that night forward I started to sleep naked.

In the third week after Amy’s first visit it paid off.

I sleep walked into the living room and turned the TV on. The noise of the programme woke Grant and Amy. I pieced together what happened from conversations with Grant and Amy much later, when things had completely changed for us all.

‘Um is it normal for your sister to watch TV in the middle of the night?’ Amy had asked him when they realised what the noise was.

‘Only when she’s sleepwalking,’ Grant sighed. ‘I’d better get her back to bed.’

‘I’ll come with you. I want to see it. I still can’t believe she just poured juice without a glass in her sleep! I want to see what she looks like in front of the telly.’

They left Grant’s room and came out to find me. I was on the couch, completely naked.

‘Holy shit!’ Amy laughed when she saw me sitting there. She offered to take care of me given my state of undress. Grant told me that he was torn between letting her and insisting that he’d do it himself.

He decided to let her do it. He was really embarrassed, but on top of that had found his cock swelling. He tells me that he desperately tried to hide it but that Amy had sprung him


‘You’re getting a boner?!’ Amy half accused, half asked of him. ‘That’s your sister!’

‘Well yeah, but she’s naked, I can’t help türkçe alt yazı porno it if the sight of tits makes my cock swell.’

‘Wow, that’s a bit freaky,’ Amy laughed, trying to get me to stand up. She couldn’t manage and had to ask Grant to help her. The two of them managed to get me standing and then Amy steered me back to my bed, tucking me in. She headed back to Grant’s room.

Apparently they slept for some time, but Amy woke in the middle of the night. She lay awake, thinking. All sorts of things went through her mind. In the end she quietly woke Grant. She was surprised where her thoughts had taken her and she didn’t want to wait for morning to explore where she was at.

‘So is that the first time you’ve seen her naked?’ she asked him as she snuggled up against him.

He hesitated before admitting that it wasn’t. He didn’t scratch the surface of the full enormity of my sleepwalking and where it had led us. He told her that he’d found me like that before, on the couch or in the kitchen.

‘And do you always get so hard when you find her like that?’ Amy asked, stroking his cock beneath the covers.

Grant hesitated, wondering just how much to reveal.

‘Yes,’ he finally admitted. ‘You have to realise that growing up, Nikki has always been one of the hottest girls around. I went through puberty wondering what she would look like naked. Hell, I even tried to spy on her to find out. I never did though, so when I found her naked for the first time … Bam! Instant boner. I certainly didn’t have a hot chick to get into bed with afterward.’

Grant groaned as Amy’s grip on his cock tightened.

‘Did you masturbate?’ she probed. ‘I bet you did, I bet you came back in here and wanked yourself silly. A dirty little brother with dirty little day dreams of his sister.’

Grant tells me that he was getting really uncomfortable with Amy’s questions. They were getting way too close to reality for him. And yet he was rock hard because as uncomfortable as he was, Amy was still stroking him. He didn’t know whether to keep going or ask her to stop. She slithered under the covers and engulfed his cock in her mouth, sparing him from further tricky questions. Grant lost himself in the pleasure of Amy’s skilled mouth. He found himself thinking about Amy’s reaction. He was surprised. He’d not had a chance to think about what he should have expected, but decided that a masterful head-job was about as unlikely as anything that he would have thought of. He was close to cumming when she stopped.

He sighed with disappointment, but it was only moments until Amy had climbed on top of him and mounted his cock. Grant reached up for her tits, playing with them, feeling their heavy weight, a significant contrast to his memory of handling my small tits.

‘Are you thinking about her?’ Amy asked, grinding herself down on his erection.

‘What?’ he asked, stunned.

‘Are you thinking about Nikki, about what she looked like naked? Are you imagining what it would be like to have your sister riding your cock instead of me?’

‘No,’ Grant replied, surprised. It was only a little lie.

‘She’s sexy,’ Amy told him. ‘I mean, that’s no shock. I thought she was sexy the first time I met her, but seeing her naked … if I had a cock I’d get a boner too.’

Grant wasn’t sure what to say. They’d only been dating for a couple of months and suddenly he was being presented with a side of his girlfriend that he would never have thought possible. And she was fucking him while he discovered it.

‘Tell me Grant, have you ever touched her sexy little tits?’

‘No, Grant lied.’ Amy smiled in the dark of the room. She let it go. She told me later that she’d felt me up when she’d put me to bed. She didn’t entirely believe Grant, but if he wasn’t prepared to tell her, she wasn’t about to freak him out by admitting she’d touched me. She’d been curious about whether I would wake up if she did it and so had gently caressed my breast.

She fucked him to orgasm before they both fell asleep together again.

I woke up in bed none the wiser.

It was only three days later that I sleep walked again. Fortunately Amy was once again spending the night. They found me on the couch again. Naked. Sleeping without clothes was certainly working for me.

‘Touch her Grant,’ Amy prompted him when they found me.

‘What?’ he asked in stunned surprise.

‘I want to see you touch your sister’s tit.’


Amy moved to sit on one side of me. She put her hand on my breast, cupping it gently.

‘Like this,’ she grinned at him. ‘Sit on the other side for me.’

‘You know how wrong this is, getting me to touch my sleepwalking sister?’

‘Its how wrong it is that makes it so fucking hot.’

Grant sat down and reached out to cup my tit. They sat there, either side of me with a breast in a hand each. Grant let Amy take the lead and soon she was starting to experiment with how hard she could tweak my nipple, making Grant copy her. After a couple of minutes, Amy stopped but had Grant stay there. She moved around and knelt in front of him, tugging at the boxers he’d thrown on when he’d left the bedroom. She had them off in short order and seized his rock hard cock in her hand. She pulled it forward and sucked him.

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