Smelly Jade

Female Pov

She called herself Jade but I think her real name was Janet. I was talking with her on a chat line one night and she invited me around her house for some fun. I knew she was a bit slow but she was fairly local and she said she wanted to show me how she squirted, so I paid her a visit.

She was about 40, ugly as sin, with a big fat smooth belly, tits and thighs, but with a quite small arse. As she opened the door wearing just a well-worn nightie, I was hit with a strong smell of piss. She invited me upstairs and as we went up I groped between her legs and found just a bare cunt. As I slipped a finger into her she spread her legs a little wider and I was rewarded with an even stronger pissy smell.

In her bedroom, we both stripped naked and straightaway she wanted to show me she could make herself squirt by rubbing her clit furiously. After only a few seconds, a strong spurt of piss arced out of her pussy at which she said “I love to squirt”. I didn’t want to spoil the mood by telling her that she was just pissing herself but at least I knew now why she stunk so much.

I tuzla escort went down on her and started to lick her cunt clean. While my tongue was inside her, I started to rub my nose between her cheeks to get a sniff of her arse. I soon discovered that her arse was filthy; stinky, and covered in shit. Some of the shit was caked on, ingrained almost, but she was also slimy too. I told her I liked her dirty bum and she got a little embarrassed, telling me she couldn’t wipe herself properly because she was so fat that it was really difficult to reach between her cheeks.

I told her that, if she’d get on her hands and knees, I’d clean her arse for her with my tongue. I must have spent 20 minutes licking her bum clean, inside and out, stopping only because I needed a piss. When I stopped licking her, her arse was spotless without a speck of shit to be seen anywhere.

She wasn’t too happy when I told her I was going to piss up her bum as she’d never experienced this before. I thumbed my cock into her arsehole and let my piss fill her up. I was just finishing göztepe escort when she said it was hurting her because she was too full. I slipped out of her and she emptied her bowels forcefully all over my thighs. There was all of my piss, but mixed in with it was a load of her shit.

She turned around and there was shock on her face at the sight of all the mess we’d made. I had lumps of her shit all over my stomach, thighs, and genitals. I told her she was a filthy cunt and that she would have to clean me up. She was going to get some toilet roll but I told her that she should use her tongue and that when I was clean I’d give her my cock and cum.

She picked up the big lumps of shit off of my body with her hands and I told her to put them in her mouth. She gagged as the first turd passed her lips, I told her to take her time and that the gagging would pass. After a few seconds she put a second turd into her mouth, then another and another until all of the big lumps of shit from the bed and my body were filling her mouth. I leaned close to her and whispered üsküdar escort into her ear, “Chew all of that shit up, then swallow it. Be careful because if you puke it up you’ll have to put it back into your mouth and it’ll taste even nastier”. I’m not going to fuck you until you’ve eaten every bit. She started to chew, and swallowed a little. She very nearly puked but managed to control her vomit and gag reflexes. It only took a minute or so and she said she’d finished. I said “show me!” and she opened her mouth showing me her shit-stained tongue and teeth. I told her she was a good girl to eat my shit but now she must finish cleaning me up. She licked my stomach, thighs, and cock and balls clean of my piss and the remnants of her shit. She was now going about her cleaning duties quite enthusiastically; consuming the piss and shit quite happily.

By now I was on the verge of cumming so I gave her the choice of where she wanted it (always the gent!). She wanted it up her cunt so I obliged although I only lasted a minute or so.

As soon as I had shot my load I wanted to get out as I was ashamed at how depraved I had been in living out my filthiest fantasies with this slut. She told me she loved me and wanted me, and if I came back she’d be even dirtier with me.

Two days later I was back and hungry for more filth…

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