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> I wince at the flare of sparkling light splaying across my bedroom wall. Now I’m sitting in the dark, hoping my computer wasn’t fried by a possible power surge.

I make my way to peer out my bedroom window. Yes, sure enough; the power-line has been pulled down to its side, weighed down by ice during what I believe is the worst ice storm I’ve seen in years.

“Oh great,” I mumble. “No more furnace heating the place.” I put my parka on over my housecoat and pajamas, find my fuzzy slippers, and head off to the garage for firewood. “I sure hope the chimney isn’t frosted shut, ’cause if is, I__” My cellphone rings, interrupting my train of thought; I answer it.


“Hi Frank, how’s things at home?” It’s the wife.

“Not too good. Power’s out and the roads are closed,” I reply.

“Same here, dear. I guess I’m stuck at Jen’s for the duration.” Right, she had to go to her friend’s place despite the weather warning. Oh brother.

“Keep warm babe,” she adds.

“Yeah, okay. Does Jen have a…” She hung up on me. Also, I’m sure I heard giggling in the background. Damn lush, that Jen. My wife, alone with her weirdest single friend; my mind boggles at the possibilities. Oh well, it’s Frank against the world: I’m off to get wood.

I feel my way around to the front of the car to my woodpile. I’ve gathered a good armload when I freeze: There’s light spilling under the interior door. “Holy crap, the house is on fire!” My heart pounds in my chest.

“Hi Frank.” It’s my daughter in law, Lisa. She’s holding her cell phone in front of her in flashlight mode. Clever girl, that Lisa.

“Whew, I thought I was in big trouble. What are you doing home?” She’s been hanging around here a lot lately, for fear of getting stranded outside, in winter, while pregnant.

“Well, Gene left me at home. He’s drinking with his buddies tonight.”

“Like mother like son I guess,” I say to myself.

She’s not just a clever girl; she’s super hot. Getting her pregnant was the smartest thing that Gene ever did, and likely the only thing too, that dumb ass. I hope the kid gets her brains, as well as her looks. She has that winning combination; Gene does not.

“Would you mind setting a fire in my basement, Frank?” she purrs.

“Would I ever,” I chuckle under my breath. My forty year old cock fills out nicely merely by hearing her voice, especially since she’s started to ‘show’. I’ve been fascinated by her modest breasts growing so ripe and full.

“What?” giggles Lisa.

“Oh, nothing. I’d be glad to help.” She lights my way back inside and down to her basement. I love her scent: so young, so fresh. My heart races in her presence.

We get the kerosene lamp set up, bolstering the feeble light of her scented candles flickering in the basement living room. Together, we light the fire.

“So, what now?” she asks, beaming with mischief. Is she kidding? If I didn’t know better, I could swear she’s flirting. Surely not; I’m twice her age.

“Aw, I suppose it’s an early bedtime for this old fart tonight,” I confess. Although I could swear her eyes twinkled at the mention of ‘bed’, that is really what I want right now. The sooner I’m alone, the sooner I can stroke it while imaging her sitting on my face. Good god, I’d do her right.

“That’s female agent porno crazy. C’mon and play chess with me. And I don’t think you’re old or a fart,” she laughs. I stop to consider her offer, as I haven’t had a game in years. I tried to teach my wife to play once. If I ever sit across from someone asking, “Does the horsey jump in an L shape,” again, I’m going to lose it. Not to worry: I’ve heard she’s good at the game. Very good.

“Okay, you’re on.” We set up to play.

I’m oddly at ease in Lisa’s company as we sit bathed in the elemental firelight. I blame the distraction of her sultry blue eyes and her silky cleavage for my sudden demise on the chess board. “Haha! Got your king, Frank!” she cheers. “Play again?”

“Sure, it’s not like I can go out for smokes or anything.” I’m feeling shy after her defeat of me.

“You want to make it ‘interesting’, Franky?” I gulp, hating being called that. I ignore it, wondering what she has in mind.

“Like for money, Lisa?”

“No, not for money. I mean really interesting.” She slides her chair away from the table. The lower half of her robe falls open. I flinch as she crosses her long, stocking clad legs, looking over her sexy glasses at me. She’s rubbing the sides of her thick, strong thighs while smiling and nodding. I can’t believe this is happening; my scalp swirls with exquisite tensions. I lean in.

“It’s something I made up to get Gene to play,” she informs me, matter-of-factly. I love her sexy librarian vibe, I really do. I lean back, feigning a lack of interest in her gorgeous leg show.

She slides her chair back to the table, listing the game rules. “It’s simple. A pawn capture equals a kiss. A knight equals a nipple sucking. A bishop is good for ten seconds of masturbation. A rook means ten seconds of oral.”

“What about a queen then?” I cough, blushing while my cock tents in my boxers.

“Same as a checkmate: an ass slamming, as in anal invasion!” she laughs, slapping the table. I’m thinking of leaving, but I have to know.

“An ass slamming? But what if I win?” I ask hoarsely.

“You’ll see!” she glowers, a devilish smile crossing her face. I swallow. She definitely has me curious. Maybe I’ll see how this plays out; I can always quit if things get too weird for me.

“I’m in,” I state boldly. A wave of regret follows my words.

“Oh. Well okay.” She looks on, flushed and disappointed, thinking I’d wimp out, probably. I love chess too much to turn down a game.

She plays the English opening; I capture her pawn, compromising my middle board position. I take the piece smugly from the board, forgetting this is no ordinary game. Lisa smiles, circling her lips with her pretty pink tongue, and stands, leaning in for a kiss.

I start to my feet, planning to escape only to have her hot, hungry mouth cover mine. Her lips are so full, so tender, I give in to her will. She ends our kiss with a loud smack, pulling her lips from mine. “There! Happy now?” she asks, pouting in mock defeat.

I am very happy, nodding and blinking like a goofy school kid. I recall that I’m more or less happily married as Lisa examines the board, fingering her rook. I compose an excuse to leave.

“Listen, Lisa. You’re very nice, but female fake taxi porno I have to go now.”

“No, you have to play now. I hear you and Heather upstairs you know. You have a lot of, shall we say, ‘energy’ in bed, don’t you? Your son just smokes dope all the time; he’s nothing in bed.” She looks hurt by my reluctance.

“I can’t cheat on my wife.” There, I’ve said it. Enough of her teasing; this is my life we’re playing with.

She stares, sulking and pensive; I’m unable to move. Grabbing her rook, she strides over to slip it into my pocket. “Oh, oh. Looks like you’ve got my rook. Time for oral,” breathes Lisa in my ear. Oh no, I can’t.

“Lisa! Stop it!” I object. She knees my legs apart to access to my clothed, upright staff. She sinks down between my legs to part the fly of my boxers with both hands, releasing my wet tipped, throbbing erection. I look away, pushing wretchedly against her forehead.

She moans as I falter, allowing her to suck my cock into her hot, sex starved, mouth. I feel the vibration of her counting aloud as she bobs her head over my cock, squishing her nose into my pubic hair with every plunge.

I grit my teeth, regretting her every sinful suck of me. Lisa tears her lips from my aching man meat noisily on reaching her ten second count. I’m left hard up and breathless. Ten more seconds would have finished me off into her young mouth.

What have I done? This is a violation of Heather, my dear wife.

“There, now you’re all mine,” she says, drawing her rook from my pocket. Lisa returns to her chair and replaces the game piece. “What’s the matter?”

I’m rocking in my chair, my hands around my ears. “Heather,” I manage.

“Pfft! Heather. Did you know she’s at a stag-ette party in Maine. She’s got some stripper’s balls in her mouth by now.”


“No, look!” she snorts, sliding her cell phone over to me. I can’t believe it; Heather, indeed, does have a mouthful of strange cock, on Instagram, no less. I feel sick. That woman does get like that when she drinks, obviously. Well, so much for her; two can play at that game.

I sit boldly through our game, playing strictly by Lisa’s rules. By the endgame my fingers are coated with her pussy juices, as is my mouth. Her hands and lips glisten with my pre-come. Our nipples are erect and freshly sucked. Our lips are swollen from kissing. What a game we play.

Only our kings and queens remain. The same board position repeats three times, making a for a legal draw. I look up, weary and horny, asking, “What now?” She responds by snatching up my king and rushing to her bedside, retrieving a locked toolbox from under her dresser. I look on with heated interest.

Lisa clunks the toolbox down to the table between us. On it’s unlocking, I discover it to be a her toy-box. She withdraws a giant, gleaming black strap-on phallus, complete with studded leather harness. I shudder at it’s length and girth.

“Okay, a deal’s a deal big boy!” She waves the permanently erect cock past my blushing face. “Prepare for an ass slamming,” she hisses, while filling the contraption’s bulb with lube. I stoke my cock in anticipation of my turn yet to come, remembering the game ended in a draw. We both won, in that neither glory hole secrets porno lost. Oh well, fair is fair.

“Assume the position, Frank!” she whispers. I turn my back to her while disrobing, glimpsing over my shoulder at her buckling the unit to her hips. Good lord, how sexy she is. I get down on all fours, my cock bouncing, awaiting her squirting ram rod’s assault. I don’t wait long.

She kneels behind me with her big, black thing jutting out, raring to fuck. I tremble at it’s smooth coolness encircling my puckered asshole, opening me, lubricating me, teasing me to readiness.

“Hey loser, you ready for my cock?” she sings. I cringe at her domineering words. At my first nod, Lisa slams her entire prick into my shocked asshole. I buck back against her taut, milky thighs by reflex, feeling beautifully full but humiliated beyond belief.

She grabs my hips, grunting with her every thrust, pistoning deeply into my tight hole. “Take it! Take it up your man-pussy!” she sneers, sweaty and delirious as she ass fucks me. Stopping short on finding my erection has wilted, she asks, “What’s with this?” She slaps my dangling cock and balls. I say nothing, trembling before her, wanting her cock back in me.

“Here, maybe your little girl can help.” Lisa rotaes my package in her hands, maneuvering my slick glans to cover my gaping man hole. My eyes widen as she shoves my cock head into my hole with the end of her latex cum stick. “Ah! You love fucking yourself, don’t you, Franky?” She shoves into me a few more times with our cock heads both fucking my asshole. A few more seconds would have me coming up my own ass; I can’t let her continue.

“Enough!” I roar, “Now is daddy’s turn!” I rise to stand shakily. I don’t like being called Franky. She drops to her knees, stunned by my outburst, her smile fading.

“Well whatcha gonna do, loser?” Brave words from a scared girl.

“It’s my turn.”

“No, you lost, loser,” she insists.

“A draw means we both won,” I reply, brandishing my now solid fuck rod.

Without another word, she unfastens her cock belt and kicks it under the table. Lisa nods a shy ‘yes’ and sticks her ass in the air, spreading her big, pillowy buttocks in a challenge to my manhood. I answer her gambit.

I send two pre-come dripping fingers into her convulsing arsehole, drawing sighs of her breathless appreciation. “Is that all you got, Mr. Chessman?” she chides.

“Make room for daddy!” I drive my solid mushroom head deep into her insolent forbidden passage, reaching down to caress her hot, pregnant belly.

“There,” I grunt, “How does that feel? You like it?”

Her fingers fly across her long, wet clitty as I holler, “I’m not stopping ’til I come up your hussy ass! Oh! I’m fucking you good!”

“Oh fuck! Oh Frank! Do it! Come up your daughter’s ass!” Lisa clenches around my prick’s base as she orgasms hard. As she throws her head back in lustful abandon, her fleshy ass cheeks judder against me.

“Ugh! Lisa! Take it!” I cry, trailing off, sending raging white torrents flooding her depths. I slump onto her. With my cock still up in her, we tip over sideways to recover.

I stroke her blonde tresses, inhaling her lusty, girlish scent, asking sleepily, “Are you okay?”

“I feel fucking wonderful, Mr. Chessman.”


Lisa and Gene moved to the West coast the following week. I didn’t know about their plans, but I guess it’s all for the best. Every Xmas she sends us a card with a hand drawn chess man on it. My wife doesn’t get it.

And yes, her baby is smart and pretty, just like Lisa, thank goodness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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