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This is a true story that happened when my mom was having problems with her husband at the time. Well to start off. We had went to my aunt and uncles to spend the night when my stepdad was drinking and mom didn’t want to be around him. So I was to stay there with my cousin while my mom and aunt went out and got wasted.

When they got back she was pretty smashed from the liquor. I could tell because the way she fell right to sleep. She never wore anything but panties and underwear to sleep in. So I was lying there horny from being a teenager in general. She got to sleep and rolled over on her back. I started rubbing lightly on her leg around her mound. I had always loved looking at my mom while she was nude she was over weight. But I liked to look at her mound and wonder what that marks head bobbers porno fat and succulent thing felt like never knowing I would ever get the chance to touch it.

Anyway I was rubbing on her mound through her panties very lightly touching careful not to wake her. Then I got the courage up to stick a finger in and discover her crack. I found her pussy right off and was amazed at how wet she was. I wondered where her clit was because I had never touched a woman in such a way before. I just started rubbing and found her clit because she started jumping and moaning in her sleep. She put her hand down there and I quickly pulled my hand away.

Not knowing what was coming next I played like I was asleep. I laid there for massage porno what seemed like forever. Finally I rolled over and found her asleep again. I maneuvered my hand back to its position in her panties and started rubbing I guess she got really horny this time because she pulled her shirt up and her tit was out she was pinching her nipple and believe me she has really big tits. I think I remember looking in one of her bras afterward it was a 42 DD but any way I took this as an invitation and I started rubbing it and finally put my mouth to it and started sucking the nipple.

Man it tasted great I wish I could have done it all night and the next day. I remember her putting her hand down there again and I quickly moved mine again but I kept on sucking meet-suck and fuck porno her tit. She kept on jerking and moaning and so I put my hand back on her panties to see if I could feel her doing anything and sure enough, she was doing something she was rubbing her clit herself.

So I put my hand back under her panties. I proceeded to rub with her and pretty soon she was bucking on the bed. She put her hand down and I kept rubbing then I quit for a second. She went to put her hand down there and I caught it with mine and guided it to my dick. She just started to rub and feel of it like it was a new play toy to her. I let her play with me while I put my hand back on her pussy. She jerked my prick while I was plying with her and right as I started to come she had another orgasm.

The next morning I woke up remembering to go to the bathroom to smell my finger to see what a pussy smelled like and to see if it was all a dream. I can tell you right now it wasn’t a dream, but that is the only time I got to feel my mother again a real disappointment to me but at least I got that chance to bond with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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