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We gathered around the huge table for a formal dinner catered by a local steak house. We had all the fixings including German potatoes, creamed spinach, steak fries, asparagus, potatoes au gratin, peas, wedge Caesar salads, and every awesome cut of steak you can imagine! It’s not like we all didn’t pay for this, but so far it’s been totally beyond what I expected. I had never felt so indulged before! We lavished in our meals and beverages over candlelight as we took in the conversations. We made sure to sit next to one another so we could whisper commands back and forth.

“I want you to fuck me” I whispered.

He sat stunned then finally stammered, leaning into me a bit “Are you for real?!”

“Yes. But right now I want you to meow like a cat!”

He placed his napkin up to his mouth as he meowed.

“What was that? We could barely hear you.”

He chuckled and gave me an ‘ok so it’s like that face’ and said without shame, “I said meow!”

Everyone looked a bit puzzled but just shrugged it off.

“Now it’s your turn. Bark like a dog.”

I was being asked a question and before I answered it I threw in a happy “ruff” like a small dog would do. I don’t think anyone even noticed! Looking back at him when I was done my eyes said “ha, take that! I then leaned into him again and told him to quack like a duck twice.

He thought he was slick as he got up to get a beer while saying ‘quack quack’ on the way to the fridge. Nicely played sir! We went back and forth with animal noises for a bit when I decided to turn it up a notch near dessert. I leaned in again and told him to pound his chest like a gorilla mid-sentence to the next question he gets. Now his wife started to realize something was going on, but being the cool cat she is, she just let it be. Someone asked him if he thought the new traffic pattern off the local highway was more useful or just a hassle. And boy did he answer while thumping his chest. I just had to laugh and nearly choked on my wine doing so. Everyone busted out laughing on that one! Finally, the jig was up and we went back to normal conversation and laughs. After our dessert of sorbet and chocolate, a few of us wanted to play another joiner game- and my fave- Scattergories. I jumped at the chance to wipe out the competition. Some wanted teams but I said no way to that- this is an individual sport as we’ve done enough together. Wifey knows how competitive I can be so she happily took the position of timekeeper. One of the couples went for a nighttime stroll while everyone else played. We had five rounds of which I won three. I was very proud of myself. By this time, the strolling couple still hadn’t returned when firefighter guy went to look around just to be sure they were okay. As he returned smirking, we figured out they were more than alright. I just didn’t want the night to end, so I asked if anyone would be joining me for some stargazing. All passed except for him. I play guilted wifey a bit and told her she owed me for bailing. But she knew I was in good hands.

“Be careful out there babe. Take a stick or something with you.”

“What, to fight off the fireflies?” he chimed.

“Yeah those too! Don’t bring her back with a bunch of bites and stuff- I have to look at that!”

I piped up, “well on that note, good night to you my dear lady!” Kissing her on the lips I sent her off to bed. His wife decided to clean up a bit then curl up with her latest read, as she loved murder-mysteries.

“Don’t stay out too late guys” she warned. “We have a busy day tomorrow too.”

We walked out a bit from the ranch to get on some level area with our blankets and nightcaps in tow. It only took a few minutes to find the perfect spot right under the Big Dipper. We sat down, Indian-style, toasted to good times and even better company, and downed our shots of Patron. Now I know the old adage ‘tequila gets you pregnant’ but we were really just enjoying one another as friends. We lay down and actually didn’t talk a whole lot. We just watched the night sky above us. At one point, we held hands for a bit after he rolled onto his side to kiss me. It was really sweet. But the night air began to chill a bit too much for my liking so we decided to head back to the house. Walking back, he stopped me mid-stride, grabbed me by the neck, and planted a big smooch on me, which got me wet. We were far enough away that no one could make us out if they tried, but güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I was still a bit cautious.

“I need to fuck you” he said breathlessly after our passionate kiss, holding my face in his hands.

I searched his eyes for any chance the liquor was talking but to no avail. “When? How?”

“Tomorrow after the spa trip. The wives will be wiped from all the massages and wine so we can go for another hike.”

“I think that’d be too obvious. How about we just play it by ear and see what happens, ok?”

He looked at me like a kid being denied candy. “I NEED TO FUCK YOU.” He kissed me again, with a bit more force.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it happen, ok psycho?!”

He laughed as he stepped out of the moment and imagined how crazed he must have looked as he chuckled only slightly to himself. “Okay” tilting his head to the side with slight disbelief.

We continued on to the house and realize we’d only been gone for about 45 minutes. It felt like so much longer. I wished it could have been longer. We parted ways to our respective rooms until the morning. Since it was spa day, I wanted to make sure I was centered despite last night’s events. I decided to do some yoga on the back deck by the pool just after sunrise, along with some deep breathing exercises. The air around me was still and the house was quiet. All I could hear were the trees rustling in the slight summer wind, birds overhead, and the nearby creek bed babbling away. It was so peaceful. I was able to let my mind and body go for those moments and focus on what I really needed to get out of this trip. Of course, relaxation, but ultimately peace and solace from the mundane. Although what we were doing wasn’t right, it felt right to us. I decided that no matter the turnout, it was worth it. He invigorated me, giving me something to think about and know that was only ours and no one else’s. There’s something to be said for the way keeping secrets makes one feel. Sure, you may feel guilty or bad, but ultimately, you have this thing that no one knows about you and it spurs you on- for better or worse. I lay into my final stretch and held position with forehead to the mat, legs splayed in an outwards V and hands at my sides.

“Nice view.”

I slowly returned to center as he appeared in front of me, in trunks. I tilted one eyebrow up and pursed my lips, “Swimming? Really?”

“Why not” he laughed, as he dove in and splashed me a bit. I watched him do a few laps when his wife came out and joined me.

“Hey girlie! Look at you getting some yoga in without me. I’m shocked!”

“I just needed to clear my head. I can’t wait to get my body wrap!”

“Well I’m just looking forward to the wine and some other man putting his hands all over me” she said with a wink towards him.

“Hey, I heard that! We can make it permanent you know!”

“Just kidding baby, you know I love you” she shot back as she got into warrior pose.

I excused myself to wake up wifey and get ready for our relaxing spa retreat. The cars came around 9am and most of us were ready. We had to wait a few extra minutes for his wife, the diva, as she wanted to make sure she had her flip-fops and chilled face mask for the drive. The spa was on a compound that resembled what I assume the south of France to look like. There were rolling hills with trees and prairie surrounded by nothing but big sky with a main building on top of a hill. The design was sort of rustic with huge metal gates and vines running about the exterior. We were greeted with warm lemon water to refresh the system as well as cool water for the heat. We were given a short tour then split off into our respective service groups. Since I don’t like external massages, I opted for a facial followed by a mud wrap, then a steam shower. Some of the guys opted to get a good sweat going on the basketball court before cooling off with a cool shower and a facial. Wifey was lined up for a massage, mani-pedi, and another massage with hot stones. We kissed our respective partners and parted ways. After my facial, I decided to bake in the sun a bit and watch the guys play before my mud wrap. Wearing just my robe and slippers, I made my way onto the patio that overlooked the sport court. I ordered a sorbet pop to eat while I waited. As I scanned the court, I noticed him standing on the side, resting. It only took him a few minutes to notice me and come güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri over.

Sweaty and a bit out of breath, “I didn’t expect to see you here!” He plopped down next to me and threw his sweaty arm over my shoulders.

“I’m in between services,” rolling my eyes. “And you need a shower” smirking.

“I know. We are almost done. You wanna join me?” with flashing eyes and a cheshire grin.

“If I could, I would.”

“Well you can- if you really tried” he winked and got up.

“Don’t tempt me!” I yelled as he returned to the game.

The guys made two more attempts at scoring then called the game. A not-so bad looking older man came and sat next to me.

“I really enjoyed watching you eat that sorbet pop” he said creepily.

“Well I enjoyed eating it.” I gave him a side eye and re-focused on my prize.

“Your husband’s a lucky man.”

“Well maybe you should tell him yourself” as he approached us, looking a bit crazed.

“Everything alright?” he asked, eyes darting back and forth from my face to the creepy man’s.

“Oh please, excuse me. I was just complimenting your beautiful wife and remarking how lucky you are to have her! No trouble” as he waved his hands in feigned surrender.

“She is and I am” as he pulled me up towards him with his arm around my waist. I was stunned and oh so turned on now. I just looked at him incredulously yet undeniably aroused. His gaze followed the man as he walked back into the main building.

“Well, that was quite a show!”

“I know you can handle yourself but, sometimes, a man needs to handle the beasts out here.” With his arm around my waist he gave me a quick squeeze into him then went on to the showers. Still standing, stunned, I wondered if I could really get away slipping into the showers unnoticed. “Only one way to find out” I thought. I skulked around a bit to make sure I was inconspicuous as can be for the only Black woman I’ve seen all day besides a cleaning lady. Once I made it to the showers, I stood in front of the door, slightly frozen. What if they were open? What if they weren’t? What if I couldn’t find him? My thoughts and heart raced as the door opened in front of me, I was able to catch a glimpse of partly private stalls with feet and heads visible. Then I thought, “what if the other guys from the group are in there? They were all playing together…my thoughts trailed as the door opened once again.

“So you were tempted, huh?” He stood there smiling with a towel around his waist, already clean, and dripping wet. His sinewy arms were bulging as beads of water dripped from his hair-on his head and chest- and I could feel my clit stiffening.

I stammered, “Uh, yeah, but now that’s over so…”

“So why don’t we wait for the guys to finish and sneak back in?” He looked devilish.

“What are we going to do- peer around the corner like a couple of creepers until it’s clear?”

“No. We’re going to stand here, act normal, chat a bit, and wait for everyone to come out. Besides, they were almost finished anyways.”

And as he finished his sentence, out came all of the guys we knew. One yelled, “hey soldier, are you ready for your mani-pedi or are you going to keep gabbing with your girlfriend?” he teased.

He laughed, didn’t respond, and just waited for them to exit. As soon as it was clear, he pulled me into the showers with him. It was still steamy and of course wet, as we headed to a stall in the back for a little privacy. We hopped in, closed the curtain and kissed deeply. He pulled my leg up onto his hip and squeezed my ass as I raked my fingernails through his growing beard. He pushed me against the tiled wall and began rubbing his stiffening member on my already moist mound. I moaned softly as he licked and bit my neck while gripping him even tighter with my thighs. He picked up my other thigh while lifting me onto the wall as he thrust deep inside me. My goal was to be quiet but I just couldn’t with this man- he felt so good! I moaned even louder as he began to pump inside me, and still, I tried to control my responses. It was hard, so I began biting my lip instead. He moved faster and harder into me- into the wall- and even with the water beating down on us, I could feel his chest rubbing my nipples, which further excited me. I wrapped my arms around his massive shoulders and pulled him by the neck backwards so he could look at güvenilir bahis şirketleri me as he fucked me.

This is something he usually did to me, and it was nice to turn the tables a bit. He totally got it as he placed his forehead on mine, grunting and thrusting into me even faster now. He glared like a crazy man as I fought to maintain eye contact. My long legs nearly reached the other wall as he continued to pound the daylights out of me. I could barely contain myself and began whimpering and pseudo-crying tears of joy, relief, bliss, and primal sexual energy. My thighs began to shake and his grunts got louder- we were about to come together. He took a slight step back which allowed me to slide down the wall a bit, tilting my pelvis further into him to go balls deep. I held on to his neck for dear life as he pummeled my cavern like it owed him five large. Beads of sweat from his forehead dripped into my eyes and stung a bit while the water washed down my face as we peaked together with perverted liberation.

Breathing heavily, panting almost, and completely spent, he allowed my legs to slide down his body as he stepped into me, helping me to stand up. With my arms still wrapped around his brawny shoulders, we kissed passionately- letting our tongues intertwine over and over. He explored my mouth with his tongue- darting in and out while sucking my lips. I could feel his hand reach downwards to my still swollen clit as he began to rub me. I moaned as I became breathless with his touch. He stopped for a moment to shut the water off and peak outside. There was no one else in the room and heard no sounds just outside. Rejoining my company and gaze, he smiled, kissed my lips tenderly, then dropped to his knees. I threw one leg over his shoulder as he throttled my bud with his wet kisses. His tongue darted back and forth over my nubile goodness as he lapped at my still flowing stream.

I spread my legs for him as I rubbed his head, urging him onwards. He penetrated me with his tongue and lavished my lips with his sucking, probing, and a little gnawing- it was amazing. I felt myself ready to come again when he inserted two fingers into me, making me pulsate all over. I began to surge with excitement as he lodged a finger into my tight little pucker. I yelped from this still new sensation, then immediately relaxed into it as he hastened his hand’s pace inside me while still sucking on my niblet. I began grinding my hips into his face as I screamed out “oh fuck, fuck me Jacob” expelling my lady liquid forcefully down his waiting face. I absolutely couldn’t take any more sensation so I pushed him away from me forcefully into the opposite wall. He seemed to get a kick out of that and laughed heartily.

Licking his fingers and lips, turning the shower back on for a quick rinse, “I’m guessing you really enjoyed that last part huh? You know- since you’ve never called my name before.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I guess I did” kissing him again, under the water’s stream, “thank you.”

“No, thank you for following me in here- even if you got a little scared for a minute!” he said, half gloating.

Snapping back to reality, he turned off the water, grabbed a few towels, and we made our way to the door. The plan was for him to go out first, check both hallways, and pound on the door twice when it was clear for me to come out. I waited a few seconds and everything went off without a hitch. I quickly shuffled back to the patio, grabbed a fresh robe on the way, then casually sauntered to an open seat.

I heard a voice call out, “Hey! They were looking for you for your mud wrap. Where’d you go?” It was his wife and mine, walking down together.

Not even the slightest bit flustered, “Oh I changed my mind and decided to have a massage instead.” I looked over and notice Jacob sitting within earshot with the guys ready to get their hot stone massages, giggling to himself.

“Really?! Well that’s good! Did you like it?” she asked.

“Oh, I loved it- life changing!” I exclaimed.

My wife piped in, “Great! Now we can do them together some time!” so cheerily.

I thought to myself “greaaattttt” with an eye roll, but sucked it up and smiled on the outside. Although it felt like we were gone for a longer time, it was only about 15-20 minutes. And in that short time, he managed to finally make me call out his name and cum twice. It was totally worth it.

“So are you going in for your second massage?” I asked the wife.

“Nah. I already feel like a noodle. What more can they do? Besides, I’d rather spend some time with you just sitting here.”

The peanut gallery gives a collective, “Awwwwwww!”

Little did she know, I was like a noodle, too. Best. Massage. Ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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