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I had taken the week off to catch up on some work around the house. I had only lived in the neighbourhood seven months and had not spent many weekday hours at home. During the weekend, the neighbourhood seemed quiet and residential.

It was gone 3 o’clock when the doorbell rang amidst my reorganization of my bedroom. Few people knew I was off so I had no idea who was at to door. Turned out to be the mailman with a package that had shipping due. We exchanged pleasantries and I ran upstairs to get $10.

When I came back I signed the paperwork, I handed over the cash made a few comments and off he went. When I went in the living room to open the package I noticed he was still standing at the base of the stairs looking back. Just then the phone rang and while talking I went to make sure I had locked the porch door. I noticed the mailman further down the block but he kept looking back.

It wasn’t until an hour later I realized I had taken my threadbare t-shirt off and shoved it in my waistband. Below the waist I had on very old worn knit sleepwear bottoms. My upper body, which is real beefy, showed my tattoos and pierced nipple and there was no question I was naked under the sleepwear bottoms. FUCK I thought – no wonder he looked at me!

As I was thinking about it my cock grew mega hard and I realized I was jerking off thinking about what had happened. But I knew the chances of a scene like that happening were nonexistent.

But I replayed it in my mind all that day and woke up the next morning thinking about it. I spent the day imagining what I could wear that would give me another hard on – lycra running shorts, ripped and threadbare levis or cutoffs, underwear and socks – there were lots of possibilities. But then why would the mailman ring the doorbell again since I received so few packages?

I kept trying things on and couldn’t decide what was the hottest. It wasn’t even 2 o’clock so I had plenty of time still and then the doorbell rang! Ninety minutes early – through the window I could see him. I had on the least likely choice I’d ever wear to the door – completely sheer form fitting trunks with a patch of very small lycra over the cock.

I had no choice – I either went to the door like this or missed the chance completely. When I went to the door he wore an evil grin and laughed saying escort buca he had obviously disturbed me and all over 50 cents. I said “What?” He then reminded me that the shipping due was only $9.50 and that he owed me 50 cents from the day before. We had a good laugh and he asked if I was enjoying my week off. I said I was just about to have my afternoon coffee and he said he was just about finished for the day and he was going to do the same thing.

I asked if he wanted to join me and we went into the kitchen while I made the coffee. This guy was nowhere near my type but he just fuckin oozed sex. He was medium height with a slight tight build and the polyester pants definitely were form fitting to his ass and crotch. His shirt was open three buttons showing his tight chest covered in grey and black fur. And his bald head, pencil thin moustache and black rim glasses topped off this nerdy looking mailman. My guess was he was around 58 a total suburbia dad type.

I figured I was giving this closet case a good dose of cock teasing. When we went to sit down at the table I realized the extent of it too. His cock was obviously aroused as you could see the massive outline of the head pushing the taunt polyester inches out. I figured he had at least 8 inches and it was obviously nice and thick too.

It took my cock about 5 seconds to start getting hard and I couldn’t take my eyes of his bulge that kept pulsating in his pants. We talked about pretty much nothing then he commented on my shorts saying they fitted real well and were pretty hot – he had never seen nay like them. I said right back that I had never seen a mailman fill out their pants that well either.

We laughed and Bob said he could never fit into my shorts his pants were so tight at the moment – I asked if all his customers had that effect. Bob explained that a few had over the years but certainly I intrigued him more than anyone ever had.

I went to get the coffee to refill our cups and it was obvious my cock was enjoying the attention. When I poured Bob’s his elbow brushed my lycra covered mound and he said if it wasn’t so big he might have avoided it – we both laughed and I said “ maybe I don’t want you to avoid it.”

With that his fur covered hand covered my growing bulge and I reached to touch his polyester covered buca escort bayan man sized meat. “ Yeah dude,” he said grinning,” I’ve been wonderin about you for a long time.”

I couldn’t believe my ears – “Really?” I asked to which he responded “yeah, you are definitely a hot stud and I’ve been wonderin if you ever played with other guys since you never seem to date or have women around.”

I laughed and said “ Well man I think you’re about to find out how much I like to play around with other guys.”

Bob stood grabbed the back of my head and rammed his thick wet tongue into my throat. Obviously I wasn’t his first conquest and he knew exactly how to treat a young slut.

My mouth answered right back and as he was tonguing my hungry throat his hand reached in and grabbed my cock and balls pulling them out from under the sheer fabric.

I was moaning and sweating like a pig wanting him more than any man ever. Bob had me so hot and I knew this wouldn’t be the last time we would fuck. His tongue came out of my mouth and he spit a huge gob of man juice down my throat. I drank the thick gob and he pushed my head down and into his poly covered huge mound. I licked ate and munched on the hot fabric and wanted more than anything to swallow his cock. I just didn’t want to rush the excitement this old stud was giving me.

Without missing a beat Bob turned and immediately was pushing my head into his hot tight ass and I was enjoying every minute of eating his polyester covered hole. I couldn’t believe how hot he was and I was eager to do anything this guy wanted.

I was so into eating his ass that I hadn’t noticed him remove the thick black belt from his pants and he instantly wrapped it around my wrists and bound them behind my back. He undid the button on his pants, unzipped them and released the most magnificent purple headed cock surrounded by masses of the thickest black and grey hair – I couldn’t even see his balls there was so much fur on them!

I opened my mouth and begged for his cock and he said,” not so quick boy we’re gonna have some fun and started spurting his golden juice into my mouth.”

This was becoming every fantasy I had ever had. I never thought he was going to stop and I loved every drop of juice he fed me. He was just finishing when he thrust buca escort his 8 inch cock right down my throat. It took me by surprise and while I had had much longer I don’t think my mouth had ever been stretched that far open. His cock was at least 6 inches around if not 7 and it felt like my mouth would never regain its shape – not that I cared at that moment.

I ate his cock and opened my mouth to make sure I got every inch every was possible. I wanted this guy’s cock as far as I could take it and he obviously loved giving it. His moans and orders to his young cocksucker made me realize he loved being deep throated.

“Suck my meat fag boy’” he kept saying,” yeah baby you’re gonna make me so happy, we’re gonna be fuck buddies for a long time now that I’ve discovered how much you like daddies boy.”

I just kept deepthroating this guy who was thrusting his meat into me like a madman. He grabbed my arms and flipped me over and within 3 seconds had forced his cock into my asshole with only my spit as lube. I knew my hole was ripped apart from the thickness of his cock but I didn’t care. I also didn’t care he was fucking me raw. I knew he was going to be my new owner and that my ass would belong exclusively to him from now on.

“ Yeah baby give me that hungry pussy’” he kept hollering at me. I just kept forcing my ass onto his meat – the pleasure and pain mixed to send me into pure ecstasy. I had never been so happy in my life.

Here was this massive cock on a man more than twice my age fucking my hole like no one ever before and I couldn’t get enough. “Own me fuck my faggot cunt,” I screamed at him. He laughed and pounded my ass harder and harder everytime I screamed it.

With that he started to shudder and I knew it would only be seconds………..and then he started to explode and with every ounce of energy in him he poured what felt like gallons of man cum into my ass and he just kept pounding and pounding me while he shot.

I couldn’t touch my cock because of my bound wrists but that didn’t stop me from shooting the biggest load of my life in unison with Bob’s cream.

This was the most spectacular fuck I had ever had. His furry arms were around me now holding me and all I heard was “ Baby everything will be perfect from now on – our fuck sessions will be forever and I will take care of that ass and mouth everyday.”

I looked at him, smiled and said, “ That’s all Uncle Bob that’s all I ask.” He grinned back and said,” yeah baby your Uncle knew you were ripe for the pickin – I’m just glad he got to bring you this special delivery!”

let me know what you think!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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