Station Helio Ch. 00 Prologue


Humans tried so hard and for so long to reach the stars, but were doomed to fail. Until the alien tribes came. Each alien race gifted the humans with a new Gene-Line, providing them with new powers and physical capabilities. And though the aliens soon vanished, travelling to distant fields, the humans spread far and wide. Using the power of their new Lines, the human race reached the stars of their solar system and far beyond, leading to a thousand years of exploration and change.

Laser fire scorched the ground behind Samantha’s feet as she sprinted across the battlefield, one hand gripping her side, feeling her skin where the explosion had torn through her shielding and some of her top. Her other hand gripped her furry green tail, holding the edge out of range of the weapon discharge being aimed at her. Thirty seconds ago she had been comfortably sequestered behind a generous piece of rock. She hadn’t expected the next set of rounds to obliterate her cover and send her sprinting for safe harbour.

She didn’t even know where she was running at this point. The smoke and dust were so thick in front of her that she couldn’t see her direction, and the laserfire at her heels prevented her from stopping to take stock of the situation.

Just as her breath was beginning to slow, just as the crushing weight of the exertion had reached her lungs, she heard a familiar voice cry out.

“Herren! Get down!” Samantha, by this point beyond used to being referred to by people screaming her last name, leaped forward and to the ground. She buried her face in the hard dirt and wrapped her hands over the back of her head as she heard the explosions. Her squad were using their L.A.D.R.s (large-area-discharge-rounds) to clear the area. Her’s had been knocked off into the distance when the explosion had broken her cover.

Sam kept her head down and covered even after the exchange had been completed, the sounds of battle fading into the distance as the nearby threat was eradicated. She was tired, already she was so tired and they had barely begun. She could still hear the other sectors, where the rest of their forces were clashing with the enemy for control of strategic positions. The coming night would be long and there were no guarantees she would have a chance to sleep or rest, so just now, just in that moment, she kept her head down to try and rest.

Or she would have, if a boot hadn’t kicked her in the side. It wasn’t an overly aggressive kick, her attacker didn’t mean to wound her. It was just a fairly painful way of grabbing attention. Which worked. Sam jolted onto her side and looked up, eyes wide and wild, to see Ashe Lafaen, her commanding officer, smirking down at her.

“Enemies in this area are clear rookie, get up.” Ashe’s smile had slipped away as she returned to business mode, stepping over and past Samantha to inspect the path ahead. Instead it was Ashe’s second in command Haley who came over and offered a hand for Samantha, who gladly took it. She rose to her feet and turned to examine her surroundings. They had taken the immediate area, well, her squad had. But they still had the outpost to contend with.

Ashe fixed her attention on the small square building that peeked from around the corner. Sam couldn’t see her face but she knew the shapes and patterns that were darting across the surface of her commander’s eyes as she attempted to glean the secrets of the base and its surrounds. Ashe, like most of the battleground officers, was a Seer. They appeared human for the most part, but below their clothes lay skin and scales that marked their Line. Sam often looked on Seers with envy when she came across them. Not only did it mean an instant promotion for their strange and unusual powers, but the Seer Line was one of the more respected in the Helio sector.

Sam glanced down at her tail, singed at the edges during the fighting, that marked her Line as a Felai. She was common, widespread. Human but for that tail. A few years ago she had been so desperate for a sense of individuality that she dyed it a lightish green colour, just so she could stand out. She didn’t even have the ears that Royal Felai had. That at least would have marked her as a little bit different. She sighed.

“We’re clear for a moment” Ashe finally said, turning to face the squad and allowing her shoulders to relax. “I heard them speaking. There are a dozen survivors and they’ve retreated into the compound.”

Haley breathed out a sigh of relief, sitting down on a nearby rock and rolling her shoulders back. “Good. Hasn’t been ten minutes and already I feel like I’ve been working all damn day.” She looked up at Ashe and cocked a brow. “They planning on mounting a counter attack?”

“Not happening” Ashe replied, “not until they get orders from their command and our signal jammers are still in full effect.

“Good.” Haley said, closing her eyes. “Ashe, I can feel you standing up, sit down, you’re making everyone else nervous.”

It was true. Of the six people in their hatay escort team, only Haley had sat down. Everyone else was nervously eyeing Ashe, as if they were waiting for their commander to bring more bad news raining down on them.

“Right, right” Ashe said, sitting down, but keeping a hand on the handle of her weapon, just in case. “Everyone please, sit. We’ve got a hard fight ahead of us in there and I don’t want anyone wearing themselves out too soon.”

With that, the group sat down, removing their helmets and stretching themselves out. Sam eyed the other women in her team. Aside from herself, Ashe and Haley there were three others that made up their merry little band.

First there was Zenobia, olive skinned, dark of eyes and of short cut hair. Her limbs were long and loose, seemingly able to bend at any point, the Line of Reptis. She had been transferred from five squads before now, always at the unanimous request of her squadmates. She hadn’t spoken much in the time Samantha had been with this squad but she had already left an impression. There was an aggressive force that folded into all of Zenobia’s movements and her eyes told the tale of a short temper and shorter fights.

Next was Sadie, a far more pleasant woman by quite a distance. She was the team’s demolition expert and years of mistakes and explosions had wiped away any trace of her Line as she continued replacing the broken pieces of her body with bionic enhancements. The content, methodical red-head was supposedly more machine than woman by this point.

Finally there was Jean, an anomaly to Sam’s eyes for certain. When Sam had first arrived on base and met her squad she was relieved, albeit not surprised, to see a blond tail protruding from Jean’s suit. But then she had noticed the feline ears atop Jean’s head, marking her as a Royal-Felai.

Jean rarely spoke and found ways of avoiding all of Sam’s proving questions about her past. Royal-Felai were near worshipped in some circles and they never worked alongside the lower classes. But despite that, here was Jean, on the battleground. The questions were driving Sam crazy.

“What’s the news of Hotel Squad?” Sadie was asking, her question breaking Sam’s train of thought.

“Making good progress, not sure if they’ll have their outpost locked down tonight.” Ashe responded, causing Sadie to fall into a rare frown.

Hotel Squad was securing the outpost ahead of their own. If they sent word announcing a fortified position it would mean Ashe’s own team could rest easy for the night, with that extra base between them and their enemy.

“Orgy tonight, orgy three nights from now when we take the region” Zenobia said, shrugging, “doesn’t make much difference to me.”

Sam did her best to hide the sudden wheezing noise she made. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Awwww” Sadie said, “you gave away the surprise. Sorry Rookie.” She directed a smile at Sam and a glare at Zenobia.

“Well the cat’s out of the bag” Ashe said, her eyes flicking between Jean and Sam, “no pun intended.” She looked over to Haley, “you tell the story, it’s your turn.”

“Well,” Haley said, straightening up, “it started with the two of us,” she gestured at herself and Ashe, “we were training together a few years back and there was a bit of sexual tension. Of course neither of us was feeling up to the task of acting on it, not until that first battle.”

Her face turned grim for a moment she she recalled the memory. “Hell of a thing, when the worst firefight of your life is the first one. Maybe there’s a worse one on the horizon but until then, that first one takes the cake. We shouldn’t have survived. Our position was crap, we were outnumbered and there was no word if we had reinforcements on the way. We were certain we’d die and so, having nothing to lose, I turned to Ashe and told her that if we survived I was gonna pin her to the floor and fuck her till she went blind.”

Ashe, who had been trying to remain professional in the moment, smiled. Haley continued.

“We’re not sure if it was the extra motivation, a total coincidence or fate but we held out for longer than we should have. Long enough that we were still around when our reinforcements finally arrived. And when we got back to base… Well” she licked her lips.

“We kept that going for a while, sleeping together after a mission or a raid or anything else that seemed death defying. And when we got our own squad, one that Sadie was a part of… Well we put the offer to them as well. After every battle, everyone would be invited to an orgy. Gives everyone something to look forward to during the fighting, and extra motivation if not dying wasn’t enough.”

“Really helps with team bonding too” Sadie said.

Sam was floored by the revelation of her new squad’s nocturnal activities. She could feel her jaw practically crashing into the floor. “So” she said after a long silence, trying not to drool. “After the fight, after we secure the base.”

“We’re gonna fuck” Jean said, “yes.”

“Well, assuming Hotel secure their position” Haley clarified.

Ashe rose to her feet, “that’s enough of a break everyone. We’ve got an outpost to take.”

The next twenty minutes passed in a blur, with Sam’s focus more distracted than ever. Perhaps that was the reason Ashe wanted it kept secret for her first battle?

As they crept along the sides of the rocky cliffs near the base, stealing their way closer, Sam found her eyes focusing less on Ashe’s hand signal and more on the forms of her squadmates. Jean was directly in front of her and Sam was admiring how their skin tight under-armour was showing off the shape of her ass. It was also then that she noticed how Jean had wrapped her tail around her waist, something Sam had not thought to do. Her own tail had been scorched slightly during the fighting as a result of being left to hang free.

Another blur of memory passed her by as they took up positions near the back entrance of the compound, Sadie slowly placing explosive charges on the door. And as she did, Sam couldn’t help but notice just how precise and careful Sadie’s long fingers were, and how the robotic right hand seemed to be hiding all sorts of non-standard tools inside its internal structure.

After the charge had been set and the door blown open, Sam saw Zenobia rushing through the dust cloud first, her long arms and legs carrying her into the base at a fast pace. She saw Zenobia take a stance and open fire, the tensing of her muscles as her gun recoiled against her. She was in such fantastic shape. Sam was practically licking her lips.

Pushing through the compound, Haley was always right by Sam’s side. The second in command was compassionate and constantly watching the rookie work, making small corrections to her actions as they went along. Sam felt Haley both critiquing her work, helping her through the base and keeping her alive, as well as examining her. She felt her own body being admired for its slender form.

And of course, somehow always taking up some of Haley’s attention was Ashe Lafan. Their commander was a force of nature on the battlefield, always two steps ahead of the enemy, gleaning their attacks split seconds before the attacks began.

The fight didn’t last long. In less than twenty minutes from their break, the outpost had been taken.

An hour later, Sam was taking stock of the weapons and equipment that their enemy had stored in the outpost. After clearing the base of hostiles Ashe had set them to the task of securing their position. For some this meant moving bodies or finding the security controls but Sam had been instructed to gather any useful weapons or armor and relocate them to the armoury.

As she finished up the door opened behind her and Haley strode in, tired but smiling. “Everything good on this side?”

“They were well stocked” Sam noted, “I think they were expecting more defenders than they actually had.”

“Good for us that they were wrong.” Haley was still smiling.

“What’s that for?”

Haley stepped in closer, Sam hadn’t even noticed how little space Haley had been leaving between them. “Hotel squad just got in touch.”

Sam felt her skin shudder and her heart skip a beat.

“In a few minutes everyone’s gonna be in this room to store their gear.” Haley said, reaching out a hand to brush Sam’s cheek. “It’s gonna be wild, frantic and by the end you won’t know which way is up. But until then…” Her eyelids fluttered and Sam gulped.

“How much do you think we can do in a few minutes?” Haley asked?

Sam barely gave Haley time to respond as she stepped into the other woman’s arms and kissed her. She and Haley took each other’s heads in their hands as they kissed, stepping back until Sam was pressed against the wall. But even then Haley kept pushing until Sam’s back was pressed flush against that concrete surface. For a moment she was ready to melt into the domineering guidance of the usually gentle and considerate second in command. But Sam, controlled by lust and the adrenaline of the fighting, acted without thinking. She grabbed Haley’s shoulders and shoved her hard.

Haley stumbled away, at first her face reading as concern, concern that she had gone too far with Sam. Until Sam smiled, her eyes half lidded as she undid the glasps of her armour, letting the shoulder and chest plates fall away.

“The rookie plays rough,” Haley smiled, unclasping her own armour and unzipping the top half fo her body suit. Hazel had been about to do the same but found herself distracted by the sudden appearance of Haley’s breasts.

Sam could feel the intensity in her breathing grow. She could feel her chest expanding outwards with each breath, each breath deeper and more ragged as she viewed her second in command’s half naked form.

“Well come on rookie” Haley said, reaching out a long arm. Sam lost all hesitation, undoing the top of her suit and peeling it down, freeing her own small breasts before taking Haley tight in her arms and kissing her. As their lips connected and their bodies pressed together Sam moaned, feeling their tits collide, soft mounds of flesh rubbing against each other. She shifted her torso from side to side, rubbing their nipples against each other.

They fell down together, onto one of the metal benches. Sam on top. She ran her hands down haley’s sides, one hand slipping down her still clothed legs. Haley traced her fingers down the edge of Sam’s spine. Sam broke the kiss, moving to kiss and nip at Haley’s neck. Haley let out a few quiet gasps before shifting her head and taking the lobe of Sam’s ear into her mouth. Sam whimpered into Haley’s neck as she felt teeth catching against her ear.

After a moment Sam sat up, straddling Haley’s hips and smiling down at her. Sam brought her hands sliding up over Haley’s stomach before finally gripping her breasts gently. She felt the rise as Haley’s breathing intensified. Sam shifted a little and lowered her face down until her lips brushed against one of Haley’s nipples. She kissed it gently, all while one of her hands took the nother nipple between its fingers and gave it a slight squeeze.

Haley moaned at Sam’s touch, her back arching and her fingers sliding up to her back to dig her nails in. Sam did not let up, continuing her work sucking and biting on Haley’s nipples, all the while the other woman was hooking her fingers in Sam’s suit and pulling it further down to expose a neatly trimmed, dark haired pusy.

Haley didn’t even hesitate as her fingers began to rub at Sam’s clit, breaking her focused attention on Haley’s nipples.

“Can’t let you have all the fun now rookie” Haley said, winking.

“Funny” came a new voice, “I was about to say the same thing about you, Haley.”

Sam and Haley looked up to see Ashe, Zenobia, Sadie and Jean standing in the doorway and watching them.

“Haley always takes the new ones” Jean said as she strode toward the two half naked women, sliding off her bodysuit and crouching down. She ran a finger down Sam’s spine, down toward her hips, over her ass and then between her thighs. Sam let out a gasp as Jean, royalty in the eyes of their people, slide a finger into Sam’s pussy. She slowly began to slide it in and out, whilst Haley resumed her rubbing of Sam’s clit.

“Never leaves room for us to break in the rookies.” She leaned her face down to look at Sam, all the while her fingers continued. “Do you have any idea how rare fresh pussy is for me? Ever since my husband realized I was peggy the maids it’s been a diet of his small dick and these girls for me.”

She removed her finger from Sam and grabbed her tightly by her hair, pulling her back up into a sitting position. Jean smiled, but it wasn’t the reassuring warmth of Haley’s smile, it was the grim smile of a woman who enjoyed the control that came to her so easily. And now that Sam was sitting up she could get a good look at the naked Royal-Felai. Her skin was more olive tanned than Sam had realized and she bore a series of names tattooed all across her body.

“One day I’ll tell you about these” Jean said, keeping her grip on Sam’s hair tight, “but for now…” She swung her leg over the bench so that she was facing Sam, with Haley’s face resting between her legs. She lowered herself down. Haley, not needing to be given more of an ask than that, extended her tongue, whilst her fingers continued their work on Sam’s clit. Sam in turn gripped Haley’s pants and pulled them down to her ankles, freeing up her own thighs. Sam slid a hand down between Haley’s legs. And as she and Haley began to finger each other, Sam leant in and kissed Jean hard on the lips. There was none of the gentle care that she had taken from and given to Haley. This was a feral thing. Something that only two descendents of the cat could truly understand.

Standing and watching was Ashe, ever the commander, concerned for the comfort of her troops. Once she was certain that Sam had been brought comfortably into the fold… and her moans certainly suggested that she had, she turned around to face Sadie and Zenobia. The two women were already naked and pressed together, Zenobia shoving Sadie repeatedly into a wall whilst Sadie dragged sharp robotic fingernails down Zenobia’s scaled back. They hadn’t got along when they first met and though they seemed to be friends in public, things always reverted back to the anger when they fucked.

Sadie’s tongue was battling with Zenobia’s as they kissed, fingers sliding down between each other’s legs and fingering their pussies without thought to technique or each other’s pleasure. To them it was simply an action of penetration. As each woman moaned their approval of the aggressive ritual, Sadie shoved Zenobia and shot a glare at her.

“On your knees snake girl.”

“That your best insult? Look at you, with all those bionics. You’re a vibrator with a brain and nice tits at this point, nothing more.”

Sadie, normally so cheerful and upbeat, stepped forward and punched Zenobia in the face. Her head rocked back and she felt her balance slipping. Before charging at Sadie.

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