Stuck at Home Ch. 01


Stuck at Home — Chapter 1

Being cooped up inside due to this COVID-19 virus was driving me nuts but not how you would think; not with cabin fever or going stir crazy with in-home isolation but the lack of freedom. You see my girlfriend Laura with whom I share the house with was also cooped up with me. Normally, I would work in my home office while Laura would go to her office three to four times a week depending on what she had on her schedule. Now with offices closed and physical distancing being the norm, Laura was also doing all of her work from her home office which she had set up.

It’s not that I didn’t love having Laura home. The amount and type of sex we shared was wonderful… but there was one fetish I did not share with Laura. I loved wearing women’s clothing; in particular women’s sexy lingerie: bras, panties, stockings, garters, heels and the like. What was worse was, weeks before the order to stay home was enacted, I had received my new set of custom fitted breast forms.

These forms were beautifully made for me. The inexpensive pair I had before were “B” that didn’t fit very well. I think one was a different size too. Plus the nipples were rather flattened and uninspired. The new self-adhering ones were double-D with nice hard, protruding, cranberry nipples. When I place them on chest, they felt like they were part of me. Of course, most of my bras were now too small to hold the larger sized forms so I had to order new ones; not that I was complaining. Ordering new bras was fun and exciting. Of course I couldn’t just order bras without panties and panties without stockings and garters so…

While Laura away at work, I had ample time to try on my newest ensemble. The newer and heavier boobs changed my balance and walking in my high heels was a new experience until I found my stride again.

The first few days of isolation at home was great. Laura and I spent a lot of time in bed. Well not just in bed; in the living room, kitchen, dining room, rec room, her home office, my home office… You get the idea.

Many, many months previously, I found a desire of being taken from the back accidentally (and a bit grossly). I was applying some Prep-H to some hemorrhoids when my finger “slipped” inside. Then it slipped inside again and again and again. Masturbating while fucking my ass with Laura’s dildo or vibrator then became a regular practice whenever Laura was away.

How Laura “discovered” my love of anal, both giving and taking, happened one night after that. Laura was having her monthly so she said she was closed there. She was an incredible talent with BJ’s but it wasn’t the same as fucking. When I suggested her back door, she paused and then agreed if only it was quid pro quo. I was pretty sure what she had in mind and of course I wasn’t adverse to the idea although I pretended I was.

Laura propped herself on her elbows and knees. I used my tongue to make her bung hole well lubed. My cock was already leaking pre-cum. I smeared it around her hole and around my knob before positioning the head. I slowed pushed forward as she pushed back. Her anus stretched around and accepted my swollen stiff; not that I am huge. My erection was just over five inches and the girth was a decent diameter.

I pushed myself in deeper until I was all the way in. With her bum hole was sealed tightly around my shaft, I slowly started to hump her. I pulled half way out before I plunged it back in. From her strong moans, I could tell Laura enjoyed the ass fuck. With her face buried in a pillow, she reached between her legs and fingered her cunt. Laura pushed back to match my forward thrusts. My hips slammed into her ass cheeks. I pumped my cum into her bowels. She clinched her hole tight and screamed out. “I’m cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me hard you bitch! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh…. Yes! F…U…C…K!!!”

Still inside of her, she collapsed with me on top. I continued to make micro-thrusts as I felt the last of my sperm dribble out. “Mmm… Babe, that was incredible. Now clean me out.”

“Cleaning her out” wasn’t novel. Often after fucking and cumming inside, Laura would straddle my face and had me lap out my cream. This would be the first time I lapped it from her ass though.

A Ümraniye Esmer Escort few days later, Laura surprised me with a strap-on that she had ordered it on line with expedited shipping. It was definitely longer than I was; about eight inches in length and a bit thicker around. I took my position on our bed; hand and knees. She inserted some sort of nozzle and filled my asshole with lube. I tried to keep as much of it inside but some still leaked out. Laura used it to lube her cock. I felt the tip against my hole. She pushed it in slowly. As big as it was, she was stunned by how easily it went in; I wasn’t. That night, I came so hard even without either of us touching my cock.

But I digress. After the first few days together, my girly yearning started to grow. Reading Transgender & Crossdressers stories on Literotica didn’t help a bit. Watching Shemales porn only got me more excited. My addiction became overwhelming. It started with just panties.

Day one — I was in my change area (we have separated spaces) pondering how much I wanted to wear panties verses risk. My desire was stronger than my fear. I opened my bottom drawer where I had stashed all my stuff and picked out a pretty, coral coloured pair of lacy, lo-rise bikinis which would easily be hidden under my sweat pants (normally I would be commando at home).

I pulled them up my legs, up my thighs, over my bum and around my hips. They were snug enough to contain my erection inside and I almost blew a load just putting them on. I wanted to come as my palm grazed my boner over the dainty lace.

I was a bit paranoid that day as I consistently made sure to pull down my shirt and ensure my sweats covered everything up. Laura didn’t notice or say anything. By the end of the day, after stripping off and changing for sleep, I was so fucking horny. Unfortunately, Laura wasn’t but fortunately she agreed to use the strap-on on me if I masturbated for her. I came so hard. Laura laughed when I splashed my own face.

The next morning, emboldened by the success of the previous day, I opted to continue my risky behaviour. Each day I wore something different; tight boy shorts, thongs or tiny G-strings. Since we worked during the day in our respective home offices (hers upstairs, mine downstairs), it was easier to relax and enjoy the sensation of wearing my intimates. Sometimes after a particularly hot Literotica story or watching some porn, I’d jerk off and cum inside my panties. Of course I hand washed them each day and hid them to dry so I would always have clean underwear (like our Mom’s told us) to wear.

Keeping my secret under my sweatpants helped at first. But by the second weekend, my aching grew stronger and just panties wasn’t enough. So Saturday, after pulling on some teeny, cheekie panties, I hooked my six-strap, garter belt around my waist. Each one-inch wide strap length was adjusted as I tried to hook the wide lacy welts of my opaque white seamed stockings. My experienced hands trembled so much with excitement, I could barely clip them. Finally successfully doing all the clips, I put on some athletic, calf length socks over them to hide the stocking reinforced heels and toes.

After a quick, morning coffee, I remembered I needed to go grocery shopping. Doing the majority of the cooking at home, grocery shopping was just part of it. This would not be the first time I had worn any lingerie outside so it wouldn’t be too much of an alien feeling. I changed into tight jeans. I loved how I could feel the straps against my thighs and how if you looked closely, the clips made tiny bumps through the denim. I hooked around my plain white bra. With a loose sweat shirt, you really couldn’t tell anything. I grabbed my jacket and left.

At the store, I purposely swayed my bum back and forth as I pushed the cart through the aisles and picked out what I needed. The cans of Marzano tomatoes were on the bottom shelf. I bent over at the waist and grabbed a couple of cans. The garter strap dug into the backs of my thigh.

Home and hard, I put the away the groceries. Laura was busy on a conference call so I wasn’t concerned at all. Lunch however was a different story. As I fixed sandwiches, Laura entered Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort the kitchen. Often, she would pat my bum. If she did, would she feel my garter belt? And I still had my bra on!

All during lunch, I fretted about her noticing my clip bumps or how the straps made indentation in my pants. By the time we finished lunch, I realized how irregular my breath was and so did Laura. “Are you okay, Babe? You seem to be breathing a little funny. Did you pick something up?”

“Er.. Uh… No, I ‘m okay.” I stammered a response and then quickly left the table to return to my office.

By the days following, I was back to my normal dexterity and could do up my stockings easily. I continued to wear a bra beneath my top. In my office, while surfing porn, I came across a fem-dom video. The mistress made her boi dress up. S(he) had big boobs spilling from the cups of a too small bra.

I pawed my flat chest. Unable to control myself any longer, I found my new breast forms, insert the Double-D’s into the cups of my bra and then pressed them into place. When I pulled my top back down, I found the sweat shirt wasn’t as loose as it was when I didn’t have boobs. The tight top made it look like I had two cantaloupe halves on my chest and the nipples poked out like maraschino cherries.

I palmed and pawed my boobs and pinched my nipples. My erection was rock hard. A hand slid inside my waist band and stroked my stiff shaft over my panties. I leaned back in my chair. My eyes closed. My mouth gaped. I started to cum but couldn’t make a lot of noise since Laura might hear. I tried to muffle my moans as much as I could. “Oh…! Oh…! Fuck!”

Footsteps! I could heard Laura walk upstairs; then they became louder as she descended to the basement. I yanked my wet hand from inside my pants and kind of stooped forward a bit to obscure my boobs as Laura stood at my doorway. “I need to drop this off at a client’s in Hamilton. I’ll be back a little later… Are you okay? You’re breathing funny again.”

I guess I was still panting. “Uh… yeah! Um… Okay, be safe!”

She gave me a concerned look before leaving. “Yeah, don’t worry. I just need to drop it off in their mail slot so no actual contact.”

“Whew!” She was gone. I pulled down my pants to clean up the mess in my panties. “That was close.”

Knowing she’d be at least a couple of hours, I sat at my desk and took off my sweats but remained in my bra, panties, stockings and garters. I got a pair of my high heels to walk around the house for a while. I loved to hear the click as I walked across the tile floor. Even though I had just cum, my cock was hard and ready again. I made my way to our bedroom. I got the vibrator. I pulled my panties down over my bum but as much as my garter straps allowed me to. I spread my legs and bent over with my butt facing the full length mirror.

With the vibrator on its lowest setting, I put the point against my puckered hole. Slowly I pushed it in. I groaned slightly as it entered with very little resistance. As I pushed it in more. “Oh gawd! Fuck!”

My knees quivered slightly. I nearly collapsed. I jumped on the bed and positioned myself so I could watch in the mirror. My legs were straight up in the air; spread apart in a “V”. I loved the way my panties and stocking legs looked; my heels were above my head.

I lifted my bum up off the bed so feet touched over me and my cock was above my face. A bead of pre-cum grew and dripped from my pee hole to my lips. I wanted to get my face closer. I bent a bit more. My legs were getting heavier and harder to hold; I could bend more so my knees almost rested on the bed. My dick was less than six inches from my face. I shredded my panties and lowered my legs more. I shimmied my arms were behind my thighs and my head was past my knees. My shiny, goopy knob pressed against my kisser. I opened my lips and took it into mouth. With my lips sealed tightly around my shaft, my head bobbed up and down. I had more than half of my cock in my mouth! “Mmmpphh! Mmmpphh! Mmmpphh!” I wanted more. As I tried, my cheeks suddenly filled with my hot cream. I didn’t spill a drop as I swallowed it all down. I kept sucking to get all I could Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort and even when nothing was left, I continued until my dick was too flaccid to reach anymore. My neck was getting sore anyways.

I laid out on the bed panting and gasping as I tried to recover from this incredible, intense orgasm. It wasn’t the first time I had eaten my own cum but it was the first time I had sucked my own cock. I thought to myself. “Holy fuck! That was … Gawd!” I couldn’t think of the word that would describe what I had just accomplished, but I knew I’d have to do it again.

I turned my head and looked at the clock radio. I didn’t realize how much time had passed. “Shit! She’ll be home soon!”

I stripped down and put donned my sweats again. Even though I was pretty sure I swallowed every drop, I cleaned myself off making sure I didn’t have any traces of drying cum anywhere. I put all my things away just in time. Laura walked through the front door. “Hey Babe! I’m back!”

The next day, I awoke earlier than normal. My morning wood seemed harder than usual. I was much more excited with the fact that Laura didn’t catch me and I would chance dressing up again. Not wanting to disturb Laura’s sleep, I carefully and quietly slipped from under the covers and made my way to my change room. I selected my candy apple red bra and garters. Rather than full panties, I pulled on a small G-string; big enough to contain my balls but left everything else free. The tight string running up between my butt cheeks reminded me of how much I loved having my ass played with. I hooked on my bra. I’d fill them with my forms once I was alone in my office. I selected some, natural coloured, ultra-shiny, silk stockings with black reinforced heels and toes. I made certain that the thin black seam straight up the backs of my legs. As I clipped the heavy, black, four inch welts to my high waist garter straps, I chuckled to myself. “My seams are the only thing that’s straight right now!”

I pulled on my sweatshirt and pants along with some white sports socks to unfortunately cover everything up before moving out to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. By the time I had read the morning paper, Laura was up and stirring about. I finished my morning routine before going into my office downstairs. I pulled out my new, breast forms from their hiding place. I positioned the right one and then the left one. I pressed and secured them against my chest. More than a large handful, they felt heavy as they pulled on my bra straps.

I sat at my desk. The straps on my garters were taut against my legs. As I concentrated on my work, I became less and less aware of my under attire. Meanwhile, I could heard Laura moving about on the upper floor. I just hung up the phone but I didn’t heard footsteps descend the staircase. As Laura reached the bottom step, I heard her scream. “Yeow!”

My head turned to the yelp. Laura was on the floor holding her ankle; laundry strewn all over the place. Automatically, I ran to help out my injured girlfriend. “Are you okay? How bad is it? Can you stand?”

Laura looked up at me and grimaced a bit. Then she looked at my chest, then my face and then back to my chest. I realized what she was looking at; her mind tried to calculate what she saw. She held out her arm for me to help her up but as I reached for her hand, Laura jerked me towards her instead. She placed her hand on my firm breast form and squeezed. “Wha… What the fuck?”

Okay so trying to explain to your girlfriend why you have tits is not the easiest thing to do. Where do you start? I ashamedly looked down with my mouth gaped open but no words coming out.

“Well? What the fuck?” Laura repeated herself. “Are those boobs? Did you grow boobs?”

“Uh… These are fake boobs. I… uh…” What else could I say? I stood up and took a step back as if that would make this go away. It didn’t.

“Show me! Take off your top!” She demanded. When I paused… “I said take off your top… Now!”

I grabbed the bottom of my sweatshirt and slowly pulled it up over my belly. My garter belt was peeking out from under the waistband of my sweat pants. Still within arm’s reach, Laura grabbed legs and yanked down exposing my tiny G-string and stockings. My dick was hard and stuck straight out at her.

I finished pulling my top over my head. My boobs heaved up and down under my bra. Stunned, Laura shook her head back and forth as she took it all in. It was a few minutes before either of us spoke. I broke the silence first. “Uh… Laura?”

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