Suck It Ch. 02


“You need to get out for a while and try and play the field!” came the voice of Victoria, a blonde bombshell of a woman as she walked into the living room, wearing a tight fitting red dress that hugged to her large breasts and showed off her long and lean legs. With a smirk, she grabbed her friend Alyssa’s?arm and pulled her over to the bedroom. “Change! It has been almost a month and you need to kick your butt back into that dating girl Alyssa! You’re hot and young, guys will want to sleep with you in a second,” she said with a smile. “I put something out for you. Wear whatever is on the bed, got it?”

Rolling her blue eyes, Alyssa walked into the bedroom and closed the door. On the bed lay an outfit that she would have never picked out on her own. The last month had left her wearing jeans and track pants to hide herself from the world. It made her feel better after all the things that happened with Noel. However, if Victoria was going to take her out, she had to do what the older woman wanted. Especially since she had been living here all this time without paying a dime. Sliding on the small black thong, she looked in the full-length mirror and couldn’t help but smile. She had taken to shaving herself, just around her lower lips, the fire red hair just poking out at the top of the skimpy fabric. Pulling on a matching black push up bra, she stood before the mirror for a little bit, just looking at her body. Was this a good idea? Maybe her friend was right…She looked good right? A firm and round ass, long lean legs, a slim mid-section and tits that were big enough to be squeeze toys while still giving a good curved look.

Grabbing the short?silver dress, she pulled it on and sucked in her breath. This thing was so skin tight and she could almost see every single bump on her body. It reminded her of what Noel had her wear and she didn’t like it much. But, then again, she had to do what was expected. Slipping on the silver pumps, she smiled at her reflection and walked back out into the living room where Victoria was waiting with her purse. “Well?” she asked, turning slowly.

Victoria smiled and nodded her head, “You look hot and fuckable. Come on, we’re going to have fun.” she teased with a smile and dragged her friend out the door. Within twenty minutes, they were at a club and Victoria was already grinding on a couple of guys.

Alyssa, meanwhile, sat at the bar, drinking some shots, just trying to relax. A hand suddenly went over her own and she looked up to see a man with black hair and dark brown eyes grabbing the shot from her.

“Mind if I take one?” he asked with a grin and took the shot easily, sitting down next to her. “What are you drowning your troubles for baby?” he asked, his eyes freely moving over her body.

Giggling in her drunken state, Aly smiled, “A lot of things. I’m Alyssa. And you are…?” she asked but the man never gave up a name, simply moving closer and putting a hand onto her bare knee.

“Alyssa. A very pretty name for a very pretty woman.” he said and leaned closer to her, his hand stroking her knee. “I have a better idea for you to drown your troubles.” Slowly, he moved his hand up her knee to rest on her thigh, just under her short skirt. In the darkness of the club, most people didn’t notice moments like these, too wrapped up in their own behavior then anything else. Lips sought out her own and were rewarded with the taste of alcohol on her lips and her tongue. His hand slipped further up her leg, beginning to stroke the outside of her thong with a smirk, sucking on her bottom lip as she tried to pull away from him. With his free hand, he kept her head in place, moving his lips from her own to kiss and suck down her neck and shoulders. The gasps were things that turned the guy on and kept moving his hand over the thong, finally moving the fabric aside to push a finger into her tiny pussy.

Alyssa let out a small gasp of terror and tried to pull away, but he had moved to almost pin her in place. She wasn’t getting away that quickly from him. His finger started to pick up speed, smirking as her body reacted to the movements. Her wetness soon covered one finger and he added a second on in. By now, heads were turning to see what was?going on, only to see the guy with his hand up a girl’s skirt. A couple turned their heads away quickly while others continued to stare, clearly liking it.?Ally just blushed brightly, unable to speak. His hand moved from her head to her round ass, pulling her from the chair quickly and pushing her against a near-by wall. It was easier to do this standing and gave her less room to run right? Slowly, he moved his finger around to her ass and started to rub the tiny little hole.

A slap rang out from the corner of the club and Aly pushed the man away from her. “You sick bastard! Don’t touch me again!” she snapped, moving away from him quickly, ignoring her wet pussy and the flush of her skin. Finding Victoria, she tugged on her arm. “Vic, let’s go.” she begged, but Victoria simply smiled.

“Aly, this gaziantep escort is Marco and David. They wanted to know if they could come over tonight.” Victoria said with a wink, pushing her closer to the blonde David who wrapped an arm around her waist.

However, the Aly pushed him away quickly. “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this. I am really, really sorry,” she said and stepped further away, wrapping her arms around her middle slowly.

Victoria frowned, “Well, we can still have fun right?” she said to the boys, but they simply made up some excuse and left the area to find two other girls. Victoria rounded on Alyssa and grabbed her arm, dragging her out onto the street and back towards the apartment. “Fuck Aly, grow up! They weren’t going to hurt you…much. You would have liked it anyways! You’re being a fucking baby!” she snapped as they started to climb the stairs, Victoria still dragging her along. “You messed up a perfectly good night because you are a fucking wimp! So stop whining okay!” she snapped before finally getting back to the apartment and unlocking the door.

Going into the kitchen, she grabbed a bottle of wine and started to pour herself glasses, drinking down quite a few of them before she started to calm down. “Just go and shower okay?” she said with a frown, “Go and we can watch a movie or something I guess. ” she hiccupped before sitting down on the couch, leaving her outfit intact.

Alyssa walked into the bathroom and slowly unzipped the back of the dress. Why were there so many mirrors in this house? Honestly, was Victoria that vain…or that sexual? Either way, there were way too many. Watching as it slowly slide over her curves before hitting the floor, Aly smiled to herself and slipped off the high heels. Standing in place, she pulled her bra off quickly, watching her nipples harden in the air-conditioned room. Slowly, she reached down and pulled at her tiny thong, watching is slide down her creamy white legs before landing on the floor with the rest of the clothing. Giggling, she walked into the shower and stood under the flow of the hot water, her long red hair clinging to her skin. It hurt her nipples and her wet pussy for a minute or two, a sharp contrast to the cool air she had just been in. Washing herself quickly, she stood in the large shower and closed her eyes. Slowly, her fingers moved to her pussy, sliding up into the hole, two of them easily slipping in the wetness. A groan came from Aly, her other hand moving to squeeze and pull on her hard nipples. It felt like seconds before she was cumming around her long and slim digits, breathing in her scent.

Slipping her fingers from between her legs, she washed her hands and her thighs quickly before stepping from the bathroom, standing naked to dry her hair. It wasn’t normal, but she didn’t feel like going out to see Victoria at the moment. If she was still mad, then it was going to be a cold greeting anyways. As her hair dried, she used the hair dryer on the rest of her pale body before looking around for a towel. Her eyes grew wide as she realized that she hadn’t grabbed one. Biting her lip, she slowly walked to the door and opened it a crack. “Vic?” she called out.

“Come on out here Aly! I can’t hear you.” Victoria called from the couch, quite comfortable after another glass of the wine. However, as Aly finally stepped out, her eyes grew wide with lust. Alyssa was beautiful…why did she wear clothes at all? With a smile,?Vic stood up and looked at the Aly. Well, this was a treat for her.?Alyssa knew how?Victoria liked her men and her women apparently, and now she was paying up her rent? “You know Alyssa; you were a bad girl tonight. You don’t realize what your little act there cost me do you? I’m not too happy and you’re going to make that up to me. Got it?” she said with a smile before walking over and grabbing her, trailing a hand over her beautiful lips with a smirk.

Aly shook her head slowly, “Vic, I only wanted a towel so that I can change and we can watch the movie…Let go of me please, I don’t like this.” she said with a frown before Victoria simply pushed her towards the couch.

“You’re going to do what I say okay Ally, or you can get out. Like that.” she added as she looked at?Aly in the?nude once again, a sly glint in her eyes. “Bend over the?end of the couch, yeah, just like that Aly.” Victoria purred, running a hand down her bare back, watching as the goose bumps broke out over her spine.

A smirk played on the?Victoria’s luscious?lips, walking away from Aly. “You better not move,?or you are going?to be?in a lot more trouble then you already are.”?her voice called to Alyssa from the office area, grabbing a?wooden?ruler from a drawer and walking over, keeping the?ruler hidden away. “Now,?I know you didn’t like?Noel’s beatings, but I told you that you needed someone who?gave you pain and pleasure. So I am going to show you just what that will feel like. Trust me okay…”

Alyssa gripped the edge of the couch, her eyes?as round as saucers. What was she talking about? Noel had always hurt her so much and left her with bruises all over her body. What was Victoria going to do to her??Would it hurt as much as his did? Shivering in the cold?air of the room, she could hear Victoria walking?behind her, not sure why she was bent over like this. It hurt her nipples that?had swelled up in the chill and were just grazing the top of the leather armrest. Shifting a bit,?she almost moaned in pleasure as her nipples?dragged over the fabric and sent an electric?charge down to her shaven pussy.

Victoria waited until Aly seemed to have gotten bored and forgotten about her. Raising the ruler, she let it crack down on?Alyssa’s round ass, watching as?the spot turned bright red in contrast to the creamy white skin.?She screamed out in? pain, trying to get away. Smirking, Victoria leaned down and?licked the bright?circle, waiting until she was sure that the?pain had stopped. Raising?the?ruler once more, she smacked it hard across the other cheek, letting it bounce once more and?licking it.?Alyssa was whimpering and?kept trying to move, only to freeze in terror as the mouth stopped comforting her sore? ass.

Alyssa gripped the edge of the couch, trying to support herself on shaking arms. Her?chest was heaving up and down as she waited for the next blow, knowing that it was going to come. Victoria wasn’t going to give up that quickly. The?ruler quickly came down on her ass for what seemed like a million hits, burning in every part of her rear end. Her cheeks were bouncing and the shots moved lower onto the back of her sensitive thighs. Fat tears began to roll down Aly’s?face, gasping for air. However, the?ruler was dropped to the floor and she could hear it clatter on the hardwood.

“Turn around.” Victoria said. It wasn’t a calm one like Victoria had used before and Ally felt her body shaking as she turned around to look at Victoria, a bit leery of the older woman.?Bending down, Victoria picked up the?ruler again and walked closer to her. Grabbing her?arm, she pulled the Aly into the bedroom, throwing her down onto the large bed. In seconds, she was dragging her up to the headboard and tied her hands together, forcing her to stay put. “Good girl. Now, this is going to be the same?kind of thing. You behave, and I will make the pain stop.” Before?Alyssa could protest, Victoria delivered a sharp?slap across the girl’s breast, watching as she cried out in pain, her breast bouncing?and turning red. Smirking, Victoria licked the soft skin, slowly cradling it within her hand and massaging?it. Like on her ass, the same was done to the other breast, though the? slap was a little bit harder then the first.

Aly tugged on the ties that held her in place, trying to get away from the hits.?They hurt her breasts and?her hard nipples were already close to bursting from the?cold air. “Stop, please Vic. Please, it hurts,” she whimpered. However, it just?earned her more hits across her chest, some?aimed very well to slap her nipples.?Yelling out in pain (and to her surprise, pleasure) Alyssa finally gave up the fight and let more tears?trail?down her?freckled face.

Victoria smirked and looked down at Aly, withering?in pain on the bed, her breast red and?the nipples swollen. Smirking, she leaned down and sucked on the?nipples. They?had swelled to about an inch and looked like little pink candies, surrounded by dark brown areolas. Smirking, she lightly bit down on the sensitive?tip before pulling back.

“What a good girl you are.” Victoria said with a smile.?”You were too good for Noel. He didn’t realize what a good?and?behaved girl that?he had. If he had?been nicer, you would have liked it better.?Just like you like when I hit you. Don’t ?pretend Aly. Your nipples are as hard?as?humanly possible and your pussy is just dripping. You like the pain and pleasure.”

Alyssa shook her head at Victoria’s words, trying to protest. However, the second she tried, her nipples were twisted painfully. Tears leaked down her cheeks, but she could feel her pussy growing wetter and wetter with each passing moment. Could what Victoria had said been true? She liked the pain that Victoria was inflicting upon her. Yelling out in pain as the ruler slapped against her hard nipple, sending a shock through her body. Finally, the ruler was put on the side table and she thought that her torture was going to be done. She had been punished enough for wrecking this night…However, she was wrong.

Victoria dug through her drawers and took out a couple of toys that she laid well out of Aly’s eyesight. A vibrator, a strap-on, nipple-clamps with weights and a small anal toy. The last thing that she wanted to do was push her too hard or far, but she was going to go until Alyssa was screaming out in pleasure, realizing that all of this had a purpose. With a smirk, she leaned down and started to lick the?Aly’s clit, sucking on the sensitive nerve quickly, listening to Alyssa thrash about. Apparently, the pain was all forgotten and the pleasure had replaced everything else. Licking her until she came, Victoria stood up with a smile, looking at her flushed face. “Now for the real pleasure. The welts prove you had enough pain. Misbehave though and you’ll get another thrashing okay?”

Slowly, Victoria picked up the vibrator and turned it on. The machine had little nubs all over it while it rotated, knowing that it would stretch her and give her a great pleasurable feeling. After all, Victoria used it enough to know how wet and hot it made her feel. Slowly, she pushed it against Aly’s clit and watched as it started to pulse a tad, still coming down from her climax. Without wanting, she moved the tip down to push against her pussy, her free hand separating the lips. “Suck a fuckable little cunt you have.” she growled before pushing more of it in. The scream of pain and pleasure pushed Victoria onwards until the entire nine inches were imbedded in?Alyssa’s dripping pussy. Sitting up, she grabbed the nipple clamps with a sly smile on her face.

Aly lay panting, feeling like she was being split open as this thing turned around and around inside of her. Eyes were closed tight as she tried to focus on making herself as wide as she could, her legs spreading as far as possible. However, she suddenly felt a hand rubbing her nipples slowly, figuring that this was another part of the pain and pleasure that she had been told about. However, a slap crossed her breast and her eyes flew open in pain.

“Turn onto your knees. Your hands are going to stay tied, now do it,” came the voice of Victoria. Nodding her head, Ally turned over and let her arms cross, getting onto her knees as best as she could. Vic repositioned her knees, spreading her out wider so that the vibrator would work even better.

As soon as Aly was properly positioned, she reached down and clipped on one of the nipple clamps quickly just letting it hold onto it. Victoria smiled and added a little weight to it, pushing it so that it swung and pulled at the nipple. Doing the same to the other side, she watched as they both swung and looked at Aly’s face to see it contorted in pain and still feeling the pleasure of the vibrator. Smiling, she reached into the drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube, kneeling behind her Alyssa’s ass, looking at the little anus poking out of the creamy skin. Smirking, she took some lube onto her finger and rubbed it around the outside of the skin, watching as Alyssa bucked her hips. “Shh baby girl. This is going to feel good. Trust me, I’ve been around the block a few times,” she purred as she kept rubbing the lube over the sensitive opening, slowly slipping the tip of her finger in.

Aly let out a scream, trying to pull away. “No no no! Vic please stop! No, I don’t like it. Please,” she begged quietly, tears running down her cheeks. For the first time, Victoria pulled her hand away from her, letting it slip out of her ass with a quiet pop as the muscles refused to let go of the intrusion.

“Fine baby. You are going to do it to me another time okay, just so you can see how good it will feel. But for now…” Standing up, she pulled off her dress, standing naked before Alyssa. Pulling the strap on over her own dripping pussy, she climbed up behind her and pushed the nipple clamps and weights again, listening to her yelp of pain from Alyssa.

Sliding the vibrator out of her dripping and slightly enlarged pussy, Victoria smirked and thrust her hips forward, the strap-on pushing into Aly like a dick normally would. Both of them gasped in pleasure, Victoria starting to pound into the pussy quickly. Reaching around, she started to rub her own clit while Aly thrust her hips back, her nipples swaying more painfully, yet the pressure of the oncoming climax subdued the pain entirely. Victoria shifted and changed the angle so that the plastic dick would hit Aly’s g-spot with each thrust, reaching around to play with Alyssa’s clit, watching how quickly the she came.

Sitting back, she watched the plastic dick pop out of Alyssa with a smirk, looking at the juices that glistened against the pink and against the creamy white skin of Aly’s thighs. Moving around to the edge of the bed, she untied Alyssa’s wrists, turning her onto her back once again. “Suck me off Aly,” she said quietly and slipped the strap on off, lying down with her sex exposed to Aly.

Slowly, Alyssa crawled forward and started to lick Vic’s clit slowly. Every few seconds she would shudder as her climax still started to come down, this just adding a whole new dimension to it.

Alyssa had never done something like this before with another woman. She had only ever-dated guys and they had always been the ones that were in control. It felt strange to have such a soft touch that mixed in with such a force that she?had never experienced before. Smiling, she sucked on Vic’s clit slowly, slipping a finger into her pussy. Eyes grew wide as she felt how wet Victoria was and started to thrust two fingers into her, sucking on the clit more quickly. Victoria’s hands knotted in her hair as she started to cum, grinding her hips into?Aly’s face, not as forceful as Noel had been, letting her lap up the juices slowly.

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