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I apologize for the delay in posting this chapter of the story. Hopefully, everyone will feel it was worth the wait.

I headed straight for the bathroom, threw my top and panties into the hamper and jumped in the shower. My legs were a little jumpy still…I had cum pretty hard. It was so exciting to have the video playing, watching two people fucking and sucking like that and tell each other how it felt and what to do…then looking at Tommy not five feet away from me stroking his cock like that, his eyes watching my fingers diving in and out of my pussy. If I closed my eyes, I could still see Tommy’s cock and the way he moved his hand up and down, stroking and squeezing. Masturbating and cuming like that in front of each other was the hottest and sexiest thing I had ever done, but I was already wondering where we would go from here and just how far Tommy was willing to take it.

I jumped out of the shower and started drying off. I heard Tommy go past the door and ask me to tell him when I was done, then heard him enter his bedroom and close the door. I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable or shy again about what we had done, so I wrapped my wet hair in the towel, took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hallway wearing only the towel on my head. I walked down to his door, took a deep breath and opened it wide. Tommy glanced over at me, started to look away, then did a double take when he realized I was naked.

“Just wanted to let you know the bathroom is free,” I said and smiled. Then I slowly closed the door and headed to my room. My heart was still beating a mile a minute when I closed the door and flopped down on my bed. I heard Tommy go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I laid there and imagined him washing himself….soaping up his body, his chest and abs where his cum had landed from his jerking cock. I could almost see him rubbing his soapy hands over his cock and balls, maybe stroking it while he remembered me fingering my pussy for him. I was getting wet again thinking about him in there with that hot water splashing all over his body and running off the end of his hard cock.

I got dressed quick in a pair of spandex shorts and a belly shirt, then decided to peek in on Tommy to see if he needed anything before I headed down stairs. As I stepped out in the upstairs hallway, I noticed that Tommy had left the bathroom door open, something neither one of us had ever “forgotten” before. I walked past slowly and looked in. Tommy had his head down under the shower nozzle and his cock was sticking straight out from his body, but it was hard to tell if it was full erect or not through the glass shower door. I decided to just head downstairs and wait for him to come down….and maybe see what else there was on that video tape.

I went downstairs and into the living room and hit the rewind button for the tape that we had left in the machine, then headed for the kitchen to grab something quick for breakfast. I was just coming back into the living room with a glass of orange juice and pop tart when the player clicked and stopped rewinding. I heard Tommy coming out of the bathroom and heading for his room, so I figured I had about 5-10 minutes before he came down stairs so we could talk. I decided that playing one of the movies with the volume down while we talked might be the perfect background to what I wanted to talk about. I was really, really attracted to him and wanted to see how far he might be willing to go. Maybe having a movie in would make him see what our summer could really be like, if he wanted it as much as I did.

I turned the TV on and sat back and waited for Tommy to come down and the movie to start. The screen filled up with a scene of a woman in a maid outfit dusting a dining room while a man and a woman were having breakfast. The man kept stealing glances at the maid, whose outfit was basically a see through French maid outfit. She was smiling at him and teasing him. I didn’t hear Tommy come down stairs until he spoke right behind me and I jumped a little.

“You put another movie in already?” he asked. His was looking at the TV and grinning and blushing at the same time. He had on a pair of basketball shorts nothing else. His body was still wet from the shower. He looked sexy as hell.

“No, it’s the same tape as before, I just rewound it. I wanted to see what was on at the beginning of the tape.” I looked at Tommy and patted the sofa next to me. “Are you ready to have that little chat?” I asked.

Tommy sighed and came around the sofa and sat next to me, but still far enough away that our legs didn’t touch. “Yeah, I guess we need to get it out of the way. Look, I’m sorry if I did anything that freaked you out. It’s just watching that movie and seeing you like that when I came downstairs…it just about drove me out of my mind. Ever since we found all this stuff, it’s like sex is the only thing I can think about. I mean, I thought about it a lot before, but now….my dick’s been hard for 3 days.”

I laughed a little and smiled at him. “Well, that’s why I figured we should talk. I have to tell you, I’ve been the same way. It’s not like I’ve never done bahis firmaları anything at all before, you know….it’s just, this has all been so much hotter.” I looked at the TV. The scene had changed and the maid was now lying on a bed in her room. She had her hand inside her sheer panties and was rubbing her pussy through them while she bucked her hips up into her hand. The man from breakfast was peeking at her through the door and rubbing his crotch through his pants. “I can’t stop thinking about all of it.”

Tommy looked over at me and swallowed. “Can I ask you a question?”

I smiled and could feel my face getting red a little. “Sure. You can ask me anything.”

“What all have you done so far? I mean, how far have you gone?” he asked.

“Well, aside from kissing and heavy petting, I’ve given my ex-boyfriend a hand job a few times with my hand down his pants and I let him finger me inside my panties.” I looked right at Tommy. “Aside from that, I’d have to say showing you my tits and pussy and fingering myself was probably the farthest I’ve ever gone and the hottest thing I’ve ever done.” Tommy blushed a little and looked back to the TV, but he was grinning too. “How far have you gone?” I asked.

“Pretty much the same, except I dry humped my old girlfriend. She wrapped her legs around me and I ground my cock hard on her pussy, but we both had our pants on.” Tommy looked back at me. “You’re the first person that actually saw my cock hard.”

We both looked back at the TV. The maid was totally naked now and fingering herself hard. The guy walked into the room and pretended he walked in by accident. She looked at him and reached out for his pants. We watched while she pulled his cock out and started stroking it while she laid back and rubbed her pussy.

I glanced back over at Tommy and saw his hard on pressing against his shorts. He was breathing a little faster now too. I was feeling myself getting excited again. I figured it was time to take a chance and see if he was willing to experiment a little more than we had so far.


He looked over at me. “What?”

I took a deep breath. “Would you take your cock out? I want to see it again.” I bit my lower lip and waited.

He stared at me for a little bit. Then he said, “Tell you what. I’ll show you mine again if you show me yours.”

“Sounds fair to me,” I said and stood up. I hooked my thumbs inside the waist band of my spandex shorts and turned my back to him. I slowly slid my shorts down over my hips. I bent over as I pushed them down my legs and pushed my ass backwards towards his face. I stepped out of my shorts and turned around.

Tommy already had his shorts down around his ankles and was holding his cock in his hand again. He was giving it some slow strokes and as I turned around his eyes went straight to my trimmed pussy. I still had my belly shirt on and I could feel my nipples pushing against the cotton, hard and erect.

“You have a nice body, Tommy,” I said as I looked him up and down. I could feel my pulse throbbing in my pussy as I looked at him. His cock was rock hard and he was giving it some long slow strokes and squeezes. “I can’t believe we just did this a half hour ago and I still feel this horney,” I giggled.

“Yeah, I know,” he said. “My cock hasn’t really gotten soft, even after I came.” He looked at me, then let his eyes roam all over my body. “Will you take your top off too?” he asked.

Without a word, I reached down and stripped off my top. I threw it down on the sofa and looked at him. He kept staring between my tits and my pussy. “You have an incredible body,” he said. “I’ve wanted to see you naked ever since our parents started dating. You’re so fucking hot.”

I smiled at him. I glanced back at the TV and saw the maid was still stroking the guys cock while he stood next to the bed. He had reached down and was rubbing her pussy and fingering her while they looked at each other. I looked back at Tommy. “I have an idea,” I said.

Tommy looked at the TV, then back at me. “What?”

I bit my lip and looked at him. “Can I touch it?” I asked.

He swallowed and looked at me. “Are you serious?”

I nodded. I wanted to see what his cock felt like in my hand. “Come here.”

I laid back down on the couch and started rubbing my pussy with my left hand as Tommy walked towards me. He stood by my head and let go of his cock. It slapped up against his stomach and I reached towards it and started rubbing it with my open palm. Tommy groaned and pushed his hips towards me. I wrapped my hands around his cock and started slowly stroking it. I was soaking wet and so incredibly horney, but I forced myself to rub up and down my slit slowly and in time with the strokes I was giving his cock. He threw his head back and groaned, then looked back down at me and said, “Do you want me to do anything?”

I nodded and reached towards his hand. I made room as he sat down next to me, my hand still on his cock. Now we were both looking at the TV and sitting on the couch. Without looking at Tommy, I placed his hand on my flat stomach and started rubbing the back of his hand. Then I grabbed kaçak iddaa his wrist and slowly moved his hand down on top of my pussy. He started rubbing up and down on top of my pussy, then started rubbing his middle finger up and down my slit. I kept stroking his cock at the same speed his finger was sliding up and down me…I’d squeeze his cock a little at the top, like I had seen him do when he was jerking off.

“Oh God, that feels good,” he said. He pulled his hand away from my pussy and propped himself on his side so he could use his other hand to get better access to my pussy. I opened my legs a little wider and he slid his finger down to the opening of my pussy and then slid his middle finger inside me. I drew my breath in and exhaled out slowly. He rocked his hip a little because I had stopped stroking his cock when he slid his finger in me.

I started stroking his cock in time with his finger moving in and out of my pussy. It felt so amazing to have his finger inside me. I was moving my hips up as he pushed his finger into me and the sensation was incredible. I felt so much better than when I fingered myself.

On the TV the guy had climbed onto the bed and the maid had laid him on his back. She moved down and stroked his cock while looking up at him; then lowered her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. Tommy and I were both watching the movie while he kept fingering my pussy and I kept stroking his cock. Her head was bobbing up and down on his cock and the guy was moaning. Once in awhile, she would take it out of her mouth and stroke it a few times, then lick his cock from his balls to the tip and slide it back in her mouth.

I was breathing faster as I watched, feeling Tommy’s finger rubbing against the inside walls of my pussy. He was starting to finger me faster while he watched the movie and he was breathing faster too. I looked over at him and he gave me a quick look, then looked back at the TV. “She’s so fucking hot, isn’t she?” he said.

“Yeah, she is,” I said. I kept looking at him and he finally looked back at me.

“Does this feel good?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yeah it does,” I kind of whispered. “It feels great.” I looked at him, then down at his cock, then back at him. “I want to try something. Is that OK?”

He looked at me and swallowed. “Yeah.”

I got up and made him move down to the end of the sofa and lay himself back against the arm rest. He could still see the movie playing on the TV made him open his legs wide so I could kind of lay down between them facing him. If I looked to the right, I could still watch the movie playing. I grabbed hold of his cock and started stroking it again while I watched the movie, stroking it at the same pace the maids head was bobbing up and down on the guys cock. My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. I was so nervous, but I wanted to try it. On the TV, the maid pulled the guys cock out of her mouth and looked up at him and said, “I love the way your dick feels on my tongue,” as she kept stroking him. I looked back up at Tommy and told him to just watch the TV for a few minutes. He turned back to the TV and I looked at his cock.

I couldn’t believe I was actually holding it in my hands and had it only inches from my face. It had a kind of musky smell to it that turned me on even more. I stroked and squeezed it once more, then pulled it forward and put my tongue on the head of his cock and gave it a lick.

“Holy shit,” Tommy said and lifted his ass off of the sofa for a second before setting it back down. I looked up at him and his face was flushed. He looked almost sleepy, but his cock was throbbing in my hand as his heart beat. “Do that again.”

“Did that feel good?” I asked, then bent my head forward and licked the head of his cock again. His body jerked when I did it.

“Fuck yeah, it felt great,” he said.

“Hmmm,” I said. “How does this feel?” I put my tongue on the base of his cock and licked his shaft all the way up to the head of his cock like the maid had done in the movie.

“Ohh….that was incredible,” he said. He looked back down at me, then back at the TV. “Can you do it like she does?”

I looked at the TV. “I could try to,” I said. “Rewind it back to the beginning and I’ll try and do what she does.”

Tommy grabbed the remote of he floor next to him and hit the scan backwards button. I was watching his face as the movie scanned backwards. He was so excited his face was flushed bright red. He hit play on the remote, looked down at me and smiled and said, “It’s back on.”

I looked back at the movie and watched how the maid was sucking and stroking the guys cock. I started moving my hand up and down the shaft of Tommy’s cock like she was doing, putting a kind of twist into it I didn’t notice the first time we were watching it. While I did that, I let my tongue slide all over the head of his cock, then I’d pop it into my mouth without really going down, just kind of sucking on the head while I stroked his shaft with that same twisting motion. It wasn’t exactly like the maid was doing in the movie, but Tommy wasn’t complaining at all; he was kaçak bahis groaning and moving his hips a little trying to push more of his cock into my mouth without forcing me. I was teasing him a little, but I had kind of gagged the first time I pushed his cock towards the back of my throat and I figured I better work up to it. I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe something could feel so hard and so soft at the same time.

Tommy looked down at me and kept rocking his hips up a little each time my hand stroked down on his cock. “Oh my God, I can’t believe this is even happening. You’re actually sucking my dick.” I looked up at him and grinned without pulling him out of my mouth. “My cock is really in your mouth. I’ve had dreams about this.”

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and gave him a slow, hard lick from his balls to the top of his cock and flicked my tongue over the head like the maid was doing. I gave him a few long strokes and asked him while I kept my eyes on the TV, “Does it feel as good as you dreamed it would?”

“No,” he said. “This feels better than anything I ever imagined. I’ve jerked off so many times thinking about stuff like this, but actually doing it… it feels so fucking good. I feel like my cock will never be soft again. Every time I look at you and see your lips wrapped around my cock, I feel like dying.” He was breathing really hard and fast, and the words just kind of rushed out of him.

Just hearing him say all that got me so turned on and hot I shoved his cock back into my mouth and started sucking it faster and harder. Just knowing I was turning him on so much, turned me on even more. I was pushing down farther with each stroke and I was getting it all the way to the back of my mouth without gagging now. I started to move my head faster and kept looking at the maid in the movie to make sure I did everything she did. Aside form being in a bed on the TV, Tommy and I were in basically the same position as the couple in the movie and I could almost imagine a camera crew filming me sucking Tommy’s cock and how it would look on TV.

In the movie, the couple was changing positions now, with the man kissing and licking his way down her tits and belly. As I swirled my tongue around the head of Tommy’s cock, I watched her lay back and spread her legs wide and high as the guy buried his face and tongue into her pussy.

I kept stroking Tommy’s cock, slower now, and looked up at him and asked, “Did you ever dream about doing anything else?” He glanced quickly at the TV, then back down at me. I swallowed and said, “I guess it’s only fair to tell you, I’ve had dreams and fantasies about you too. I wondered what it would feel like to hold your cock in my hand, put it in my mouth, all of it. Some other stuff too.”

“Do you want me to eat you out?” he asked. “Is that what you want?”

I bit my lip and nodded. “I want to know what it feels like to have your tongue on my pussy. You can kind of do what I did if you want. Follow along with the movie.”

He looked back at the TV and got up off the sofa. I flipped over and scooted up where Tommy had been. Tommy looked down at me and was stroking his cock. I opened my legs up slowly and rubbed my hand over my pussy a few times. Tommy said, “Hold on a sec,” and reached down for the remote and ran the scene back to when the guy started licking and kissing his way down the maids body and pushed play, then threw the remote back down on the floor and turned back to me. I opened my legs wider to allow him to lay between them and he started kissing and licking my nipples and squeezing my tits together. I could feel his hard cock pressing down on top of my pussy and I knew right then I was going to feel him inside me before we were done.

He stated to lick down my belly and I could feel my pussy throbbing waiting to feel his tongue down there. His mouth was just inches from my sopping pussy and he started kissing the inside of my thighs right next to my pussy. He pulled his head back and looked down at my wetness. “You look just like the girls in the magazines. Your pussy is so hot.” Then he put his tongue right on my shaved, swollen lips.

I gasped and arched my back. I thought he was teasing me, but I think he gagged a little too the first time he licked me and got a taste of my pussy juices. I put my hand on top of his head and gently pushed down. “Eat my pussy, Tommy. Please. I want to feel your tongue on my clit.” I looked back at the TV for a second, then down at Tommy looking up at me. “Lick my pussy like he’ licking hers.”

Tommy glanced at the TV, then dove back down licking my slit from the bottom to the top, then flicking his tongue over my clit. My pussy was so hot it felt like it was on fire. I reached down and pulled my lips back, exposing my clit. Tommy was watching the TV sideways and trying to lick my pussy the same way as in the movie. He was licking my pussy up and down my slit, then flicking his tongue over the clit when he reached the top. I was arching my back and moaning, but I wanted his tongue on my clit, so I reached down with one hand and pulled my pussy lips back, while I took the other hand and pushed on the back of his head, trying to guiding him to the top of my pussy. He opened his eyes and looked at me with his tongue buried in my pussy and I felt my heart skip…it was all so hot and unbelievable to see Tommy fucking me with his tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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