Sunday Afternoon


This is a true story:

I had been on a few dates with Jim before this night, and nothing sexually happened. I felt like maybe he was nervous. Jim was a sweet guy, handsome and just fun to be around. We would go out for dinner and drinks and laugh and hold hands etc… But no sex… yet.

So Jim had called me on a Saturday afternoon in early September, and asked if I would be up for a few cocktails in Harvard Sq. in Cambridge the next day. Of course I said yes! BUT, I was going to see if I couldn’t light a fire in him. I understood. Here I am living this new life of femininity and he was a bit shy about expressing his desires. We were both a little shy.

This was my perfect opportunity to express my new found feminine side in all of its power.

So… I got up Sunday, got all smooth except for a small patch above my cock. I made sure my makeup was simple, yet sexy. Cat eye liner, long lashes, and some mauve lipstick. I slipped into my favorite fuscia lace thong and bra, and white eyelet pencil skirt from Talbots and a fabulous light blue button down with 3/4 sleeves. I chose to wear bright lingerie under a thin eyelet skit to entice Jim. Let him get a slight hint and what was under my polished mecidiyeköy escort ensemble. Not to mention, my heels were killer! Not slutty, just sexy.

Well, he picked me up and we hit the town. We sat at Grendel’s in the Square and had a few too many cocktails. At this point I knew I had him where I wanted him. He was leaning against me, giving me very passionate looks and would rub my exposed legs under the bar. Well, that just about did it for me! I suggested we take this back to my place and he paid the tab instantly. Walking back to his car, he would reach behind me and grab my ass and kiss my ear… What a scene we made!

We got back to my place and started making out immediately. Long passionate kisses. I began unbuttoning his shirt and pushed him onto the couch. I got down on my knees and unbuttoned his bulging pants and reached inside for my prize. I was thrilled to see his cock was nearly 8″ and thick! I then began sucking the head of it and stroking the shaft and alternating my mouth between his cock and balls. I sucked him to the point of him cumming, and then stopped. I stood up, unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor. He began stroking his cock as he watched vip escort istanbul me strip. I then turned away from him and slowly unzipped my skirt and slowly let it fall to the floor after letting him stare as I let him see what he had been waiting for. He stood up and ravished me with his hands and tongue. It felt so sexy to be wanted like this.

I got on my knees in front of him again and he shoved his cock down my throat. Fucking my mouth and groaning. I got hints of his warm seed now and again. I needed him to fuck me before he came. I needed him badly. I got up and leaned over the back of his couch and pulled my thong to the side to let him have access to my tight hole. He lubed his cock and fingers and started getting me ready. One finger. Two fingers. Three fingers… and finally, four. I was so ready for him and begged him to put his hard cock in me. I felt him pull his fingers out of my well-lubed ass. I then felt the head of his cock pressing gently against my hole. He was so slow and smooth. I felt the head of his cock pop into me, and then, slowly, inch by inch, he slid his huge cock into my tight warm ass. he began pumping into me. Slowly at first. It didn’t take long for sarıyer escort him to pick up the pace as I began to moan in heaven as this gorgeous man fucked my tight ass. He was soooo deep inside of me. It felt incredible.

I then was pulled off the couch and taken to the bedroom where he put me on the edge the bed and put my legs over his shoulders and pushed into me and fucked me hard and deep. I could feel his balls slapping against me and his cock begin to tighten up inside me. Knowing he was getting close, I made him get on his back on the bed and I then mounted him. At first I just kneeled and rode him slowly. I wanted to prolong his inevitable orgasm. But his cock felt so good in me, that I then got to my feet and straddled him and went to town. His cock almost popping out of me and then I would slam back down on his cock. It didn’t take long for him to start tensing up. I began moaning things like “Cum on my face baby. I want to taste your cum”… He let me know and I got on my knees in front of him as he stroked his cock and I lapped at his huge balls. It didn’t take long for him to begin spraying my face with his warm cum. He shoved his cock in my mouth so I could feel his cock quiver and shoot more seed into my throat. I was dripping with sweat and cum. I got to my feet and he pulled me close and began making out with me and stroking my cock until I exploded all over his stomach.

Jim and I had many escapades after that. I am happy to share, just let me know!

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