Susie Q Ch. 04


Turk and Susie climbed back into the truck with their bag of goodies. Turk looked over at Susie and said, “Hey, tomorrow’s Monday.”

“Yes, yes, it is,” Susie teased him.

Turk rolled his eyes at Susie and said, “No, I mean don’t you have to work tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I have to be at the office by 9 A.M.,” Susie said.

“Well, why don’t we go get you some clothes and you can just stay at my house again tonight and leave for work from there.”

Susie had a heartfelt grin on her face as she asked, “you sure you want me to stay again tonight?”

“Babe, I’m not sure I want you to ever leave,” Turk said.

Susie leaned in and put her head on his shoulder and ran her hand up and rubbed his arm. She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the side of his face and said, “I’m not sure either babe, turn right up here to get to my house.”

Turk pulled his truck into Susie’s driveway and she slid out the driver’s door behind him. Turk looked around and complimented Susie on her flower beds and the rest of her house. Susie led him into the house and gave him a short tour.

Turk noticed the house was very neat and tidy. He also felt a loneliness in the house, it was a loneliness he had felt in his as well. It was the loneliness of bologna sandwiches and TV dinners.

Turk followed Susie into her bedroom and watched as she got some clothes and make-up. Susie walked over and grabbed a pair of earrings off the nightstand and Turk’s eyes followed her.

Suddenly Susie turned and looked at Turk with what he thought was either fear or embarrassment in her eyes. Turk looked down at the end table next to where the earrings were and say a giant dildo lying next to the alarm clock.

Turk burst out laughing as Susie opened the top drawer and began to roll the dildo into the drawer. Turk stopped her saying, “No you don’t slut, throw that in the bag with everything else.”

Susie smiled at him and asked, “you sure babe?”

“Hell yeah, you need a good double teaming,” Turk giggled.

Susie threw the dildo in her bag and grabbed the rest of her stuff. She and Turk held hands as they walked out. Susie saw her neighbor across the street and asked her to watch her house for the next few days.

Turk and Susie began the drive back to his spread. Once out of town Susie couldn’t take it anymore. She began to rub on Turk, she turned around and began to give him a long tongue kiss. Finally, Turk couldn’t take the teasing anymore, slid his seat all the way back and unzipped his pants and slid them down.

“Alright climb your ‘Juicy Cunt’ up on my cock and let’s go for a ride,” Turk said.

Susie pulled off her pants and panties and climbed onto Turk’s hardening 10-inch cock. True to form Turk hit every pothole and rumble strip on the way to his house.

At one point after Susie had bounced up and down on his prick for several miles kissing him the entire time Turk made her turn around and steer the truck.

“This again?” Susie said.

“Yeah, you’re going to learn how to do this shit. You steer and I’ll work the pedals, yell if you’re about to kill us,” Turk said.

Soon Susie started steering towards every bump she could find, and Turk started laughing and said, “I see you’re starting to understand the tricks.”

Susie began to moan and said, “Ugggghhhh, yeah babe.”

Soon Turk began to speed up and Susie moaned, “what are you doing babe?”

“Sex is always funner when it’s dangerous,” Turk explained.

Turk knew the roads and once they got a long dirt road that went for miles before his house he began to speed up. Soon they were going almost 70 MPH causing a large plume of gravel dust to fly off the back of the truck. The speed added to the excitement and he could hear Susie get closer and closer to her orgasm.

“C’mon you dirty whore, cum on this big dick with that juicy cunt. I want that shit running down and soaking my balls,” Turk forcefully teased her.

“God baby yes, I’m cummming,” Susie screamed.

Turk could feel her juices run down and do exactly what he requested, and he loved it. For all of Susie’s shyness and bashfulness, once she climbed on his dick, she became the stark raving whore he’d always looked for.

Soon he began shooting a large load into Susie’s cunt. She pulled off Turk’s deflating cock as they pulled onto his long driveway and their gruel poured out onto his leg and the truck seat.

“Sorry about that,” Susie said.

“Stop with the sorry shit. This truck has seen more cow shit than you can think of. A little cum isn’t going to hurt it,” Turk said.

Susie gave him a long kiss as they pulled up and stopped at the house. When they got out Turk told her he needed to go do evening chores.

“Can I come?” Susie asked.

“Sure,” Turk said.

Susie climbed out of the truck and began to get her panties and pants back on. Turk held out his hand and stopped her.

“Nope, all you need is those tennis shoes you brought,” He said.

“But somebody will see me,” Susie said wide-eyed.

Turk laughed at her edirne escort and said, “My nearest neighbor is a mile away either side, pull off that shirt so I can see those wonderful titties and let’s go.”

Susie pulled off all her clothing and put on her pair of tennis shoes. Turk left on his boots and blue jeans but pulled off his t-shirt. Susie kissed him and then ran her tongue down and began to lick and suck his nipples.

“Mmmmm babe, that feels fucking nice, but c’mon we got work to do,” Turk said as he grabbed her hand and dragged him behind her.

Susie could feel the cool night air on her just fucked pussy as Turk took her down to the barn. He fed and watered his chickens and pulled out a small basket of eggs. Between each chore Turk finished he kissed and rubbed her.

Turk threw several square hay bales on the back of a small UTV he had. Suddenly he grabbed Susie and threw her up onto the hay bales. The straw poked her naked skin but the eroticism of being outside with this man made the pain worth it.

Turk spread Susie’s legs and immediately put his mouth on her vagina. He stuck his tongue deep and could taste their mixed juices. He continued to lick up her pussy and sucking on her clit. He stuck two fingers inside her and curled them upwards brushing up against her g-spot.

Susie moaned and her breasts rose and fell as she came closer and closer to her orgasm. Turk reached up with his other hand and began to massage her breast while he pressed hard into her cunt and sucked hard on her clitoris throwing her into a hard orgasm.

“Oh my God Turk, it feels so good I’m cuuuummmminggggg,” Susie cried out.

Susie’s cum literally sprayed into his mouth. He caught a large part of it but raised off her cunt as it sprayed out onto his face and naked chest.”

It took several minutes before Susie could even speak. Finally, she raised up and looked at Turk and said, “Oh my God, I’ve never cum like that before. Did I fucking squirt you in the face?”

Turk smiled a giant smile at Susie as he helped her down off the hay and gave her a long kiss and rubbed her body some more saying, “You did fucking squirt and I’m so proud of you for doing it. That was incredible.”

Susie put her arms around Turk and looked up into his wonderful eyes and said, “Proud, I’m proud to have a man that can make me cum harder than I’ve ever cum before.”

They kissed and held each other for several minutes before Turk suggested they finish their chores. Susie followed him around and enjoyed watching him do the physical labor it took to keep the farm running. Turk enjoyed watching her naked body as she walked around his property.

When they finished their chores, they walked up to the back deck and sat in a porch swing and watched as the sun finished sitting. Soon Susie told Turk she needed to pee.

Turk stood up and said, “Me too, kick off your shoes.”

Susie stood up and asked, “Huh?”

“Kick off those shoes and let’s water the yard a little before we go in,” Turk said as he unbuttoned his pants.

Susie realized at least part of Turks’ plan and took off her shoes and made her way off the deck and into the yard.

Turk pulled his flaccid cock out of his pants and said, “Squat here slut and let me watch you piss.”

Susie squatted down directly in front of Turk and looked up at him with her big doe eyes with an evil smirk and started to piss down onto the yard. As she pissed Turk walked up to her and began to piss down on top of her. Susie threw her head back and opened her mouth and began to catch as much of his piss in her mouth as she could. Then she spat it out onto her tits and let it run down her body.

Turk had saved his piss most of the day so by the time he was finished Susie’s hair was almost completely soaked. Susie fingered her cunt after finishing her piss as Turk’s rained down on top of her.

After they finished Susie looked up at Turk and said, “Will you give me a shower everyday babe?”

“That may be the only type of shower I let you have from now on,” Tank teased her.

Susie stood up and gave Turk a long kiss. Her wet body pressed against him and he ran his fingers through her wet hair and squeezed the remaining piss in her hair down onto back and ass crack.

They went inside and Turk asked Susie if she needed to take a shower before dinner. “No, not unless you want me to wash this stink off.” She said.

“I work with roughnecks; you smell like roses compared to some of them,” Turk said.

“OK then, this pissy whore is going to make you dinner,” Susie said looking in the refrigerator.

Turk sat down at the kitchen table and watched as Susie turned around, her nipples hard from the cold air.

“Sounds great, I’ll watch,” Turk said.

Turk watched as Susie made a dinner of steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. He couldn’t sit still and finally got up and helped make a salad.

“Daddy, you care if I put on a t-shirt for dinner?” Susie asked.

They both looked at each other escort edirne wide-eyed at her use of the term “Daddy.”

“Ummmm sorry, I don’t know where that came from,” Susie said looking down at the ground.

“I like it, better than something dumb like master or some other shit I’ve read online before,” Turk said.

“You don’t care if I call you Daddy?” Susie asked?

“Nope, what do you want me to call you?” Turk asked.

“In front of other’s you can call me Susie or babe, or you know what, you call me what you want…Daddy,” Susie said with a smile.

“Well, what do you like to be called in private?” Turk asked.

Susie looked hard at Turk and then said, “I really like Cunt or Whore.”

“That’s fine Cunt,” Turk said.

Susie’s cunt moistened at the degrading term and she hugged Turk and said, “Thank you Daddy.”

“Go put on a shirt cunt,” Turk said.

Susie put on a shirt and they sat down and had a wonderful dinner. After dinner they cleaned the kitchen together and continually touched and rubbed on each other. After the kitchen table was cleaned off Turk pulled Susie’s dildo out of her bag.

Turk stuck the suction cupped dildo onto the center of the table they just ate on and said, “climb on slut.”

Susie didn’t hesitate, she walked to the table and Turk held her hand as she climbed up and stood on the table hovering over the dildo. Then she squatted down and impaled her juicy cunt down onto the dildo.

Turk sat down at the table and began to slowly jerk his cock as he watched. While he watched he egged her on saying, “ride it cunt, stretch it whore, bury it.”

“Yes Daddy, I want to ruin it for you, is that what you want?” Susie asked starting to squirt down onto the dinner table.

“Yes cunt, that’s what I want!” Turk said as he suddenly jumped up and climbed up onto the table and began pissing down onto Susie.

“Oh, my fucking God, yeeeeessss!” Susie came loudly as the warm golden liquid poured down over her.

After he finished pissing Turk jumped off the table and dragged Susie to the edge. Susie maintained the dildo in her cunt and Turk jerked her legs up into the air and jammed his cock into her asshole.

“Oh God yes, double team me Daddy.” Susie begged.

“I’m gonna find another big dick to jam into you whore, do you want that?” Turk asked.

“God yes, ruin me Daddy,” Susie cried.

In what was becoming a wonderful habit for them both Susie began to spray her cum over both of them. As she came Turk began to shoot his largest load of cum into Susie’s asshole. After he came Turk pulled his cock out and sat down in a chair and reached up and stuck two fingers into Susie’s asshole and began to stretch it outward causing his cum to run out of her asshole onto the table and floor.

“God you’re beautiful,” Turk said.

Susie sat up on the table after catching her breath and asked, “me or my asshole.”

“Both cunt,” Turk said.

They both went to the bedroom and Turk brought out the Kong and Susie laid down and began to rub her cunt. Turk disappeared for a few moments and then returned with a bottle of lube and began to lube the Kong.

“You know this is only a medium sized one, they make them bigger,” Turk said.

“We’ll have to work up to that Daddy,” Susie moaned as she continually jammed her fingers into her cunt.

Turk licked his lips looking at Susie’s yawning cunt and said, “yes we will whore.”

Turk handed Susie the toy and she began to work it into her yawning pussy. After several minutes she finally worked it inside her and Turk was amazed at the stretch she was able to obtain.

Susie’s eyes rolled back in her head as the stretch took over her being. Soon she began to grunt and yelled at Turk, “Stick it my ass baby, please fuck my ass.”

Turk grabbed Susie’s legs and pinned them back by her head. Her still red asshole beckoned him once again. He impaled her asshole in one motion.

“Fuuuuucccccck yes!” Susie groaned.

Turk leaned down and stuck his tongue deep into Susie’s mouth and she grabbed his face and tried to pull his tongue even deeper. Susie ran her hands through Turk’s hair and then around him and pulled him as tight as she could.

Turk kept pounding Susie’s ass as she continued to beg him saying, “Don’t fucking stop, keep fucking my ass Daddy.”

Soon Susie began to spray causing the toy to pop out of her now gaping cunt. Turk reached down and stuck his four fingers into her loose cunt as it continued to hose them down.

“Jesus, I’m fucking cummmming,” Turk began to moan.

“God yes Daddy, cum with me please,” Susie cried.

They both came and fell into each other’s arms on the bed. Soon Turk had his head on his pillow and Susie had her head on his chest. They fell asleep soon after and unlike the previous night both slept throughout the night.

In the morning the alarm went off early and Turk got up and put on his clothes. He went and started the coffee pot and then walked back to go out edirne escort bayan the back door and Susie met him at the door in her tennis shoes and nothing else.

Turk smiled at his lover and said, “morning bright eyes.”

“Morning Daddy,” Susie giggled back.

Turk opened the door and led her out into the back yard and said, “you’re going to make chores a lot easier to do looking like that.”

“Shucks, I was hoping for ‘harder.'” Susie teased.

They both stopped and hugged and kissed for several minutes and then went and completed all their chores. This time Susie went in and got the chicken eggs by herself while Turk took care of some other chores. Needless to say, the hens were quite shocked by her nudity, but none seemed to mind.

When they got back to the house Susie kicked off her shoes at the back deck and kneeled in front of Turk. Turk unbuttoned his jeans and began to piss down over the top of her.

Susie brought her hands up to her face and cupped them under her chin catching her piss. She then splashed the piss that ran down to her hands back up on to her face.

“I love your warm piss,” Susie said.

“That’s good cunt, cause you’re going to get a lot of it,” Turk said.

After they were done outside, they went in and had a quick breakfast. Susie looked at Turk dejectedly and said, “I really don’t want to wash you off of me.”

Turk laughed at her and said, “well thanks baby, but they might not like ‘eau de piss’ at your office.”

“Maybe someday…” Susie said.

“Maybe whore,” Turk said.

They both took a shower together lathering each other up. Susie took the time to wash her hair completely twice to get the piss smell out. After they got out, she dried it off with a towel first and then held it up to her nose and took a deep breath.

“Fucking strawberries, I like it better when it smelled like Turk,” Susie said.

Turk smiled at her and continued getting dressed. After Susie got her hair done, she fixed her make up and put on a pair of pleated work pants, a lacy camisole with a business jacket and a pair of heels.

Turk looked at her, whistled and said, “Damn Cunt you look sexy.”

“Whatever, I did wear a camisole and I don’t usually do that,” Susie said.

“Why not?” Turk asked genuinely interested.

“I don’t know, I just felt a little sexier today than normal,” Susie tried to explain.

Turk leaned in and gave her a kiss and said, “You’ve always been sexy girl.”

“I feel sexier around you,” Susie said as she kissed him back.

“You fucking anybody at work?” Turk asked.

“Stop it, you know I’m not,” Susie said bashfully.

“Why not cunt? It’s literally a giant glass building filled with people, lots of which have cocks.” Turk said.

“I don’t know, I’ve never been good at that. I basically met you because it was through the internet first and I didn’t have to face you,” Susie said.

“Ok, your task for today is to find someone there you’d like to fuck,” Turk said.

“Are you through with me?” Susie asked almost in tears.

Turk reached in and grabbed her face and kissed her saying, “No, no, stop that. I’ll never be through with you. But you are way too sexy to just be fucking one guy. Listen I’m not the jealous type, I want you to enjoy yourself because trust me I’m going to enjoy you.

“Undo your pants,” Turk said.

“What?” Susie asked.

“Do what Daddy says cunt,” Turk said forcefully.

Susie unbuttoned her pants and began to slide them off.

Turk pulled out his cock and said, “No, just unzip them and pull them down and little bit. Now pull out your panties so I can see that beautiful cunt of yours.”

“Oh God baby, we don’t have much time,” Susie said.

Turk pushed the head of his cock towards her until it stuck over Susie’s panties and said, “Tell me what you’re going to do today slut. Tell me you’re going to find someone to fuck.”

Turk began to jerk off pointing his cock at Susie’s cunt. Susie began to breathe deep and closed her eyes saying, “Well, there is this one guy that works next to me. He’s got a wife but I dunno.”

“You dunno what?” Turk asked.

“He’s cute, maybe I could get him to fuck me,” Susie said.

“Now you’re thinking, tell me about it,” Turk said as he continued to pump his cock.

“We do lunch sometimes. We walk to a little bistro next to the office. We walk through the parking garage when we go. I bet I could suck him off between the cars. Would you like that baby, do you want me to suck his cock for you?” Susie said as she could feel her pussy begin to moisten.

“I want you to want to suck his cock baby. I want you to turn into the whore you’ve always been,” Turk said his breath ragged.

“I am a whore baby. I’m your whore, look what you’re doing to me. Jesus Christ cum for me baby, please cum for me,” Susie begged.

Turk began to shoot a large load of cum onto Susie’s pussy mound. It ran down her pussy and pooled in her panties.

“Fuck me!” Turk said as he finished cumming, “Now, pull up your panties and wear my cum all day.”

Susie pulled up her panties and zipped up her pants. She could feel the cum squish between her panties and her hairless pussy. It was an odd feeling to her. It would not have been a pleasant one if the source had not been so outrageous. Deep inside her, she knew she loved it.

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