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I normally can’t stand muscled guys, at least, I don’t think they’re for me when it comes to sexual attraction. If they look fit, awesome! I’m more of a Tony Stark girl than a Thor girl if we’re watching Avengers.

But then, Mike returned from his transfer to the Japanese branch of the company he worked for. I had expected the Mike to return to be skinnier, you know, sushi is delicious, but I doubt it helps to gain weight. Instead, this Mike that would’ve been too bulky for my tastes showed up.

What was stranger, though, was that my infatuation with him didn’t change. If people already said I was a bitch, well, I would show them how true would that be. I made my decision.

I asked him to join me at a bar where his fiancee’s friends wasted time. He was clueless because he immediately accepted, given that our friendship had a long enough history.

I wasn’t going to be subtle if I could help it. Fortunately for me, I was already showing more than enough skin and judging by the looks I received, I was doing great.

I saw him, waiting for me. He looked delicious and I threw caution to the wind for the first movement. He sat on the stool, I straddled his lap.

“Melanie, please don’t,” his tone was firm and decided. But there was a deliciously thick bulge growing against my ass…

“All right, I’ll hop down, just…” I looked crestfallen.

“Just what?”

“There’s an issue with me…”

I came up with whatever stupid excuse I could come up with and I began to tell him about how lonely I was, how I was sure men didn’t look at me with desire and I was afraid I wouldn’t find anybody… And made sure I didn’t hop down, I kept on sitting on his lap.

I took a long time explaining, “adjusting” myself to be sitting comfortably, grinding against him as much as I could. His breathing got deeper at first, with my constant grinding it became ragged.

I remembered my acting classes in high school and managed to produce a tear, which was hard, given how horny for him I was. Once I had made my mind, I had the certainty that he was going to be mine and it kept me so worked up, feigning sadness or anything that wasn’t lust was a challenge. I had almost creamed myself thinking about him inside me for the first time.

But it wasn’t fruitless. When he said he had been obsessed with me a few canlı bahis şirketleri years ago, I saw my chance. Of course I said,”you’re just saying that, nobody wants me.”

“For real! I always thought you were hot, and everything!” he insisted.

“Prove it,” I told him, “would you kiss me?”

He thought about it. When he started to lean in, I pulled back.

“Not here, they could see you,” I pointed towards the group of girls Sophie, his fiancee, had to know. He looked a little uncomfortable, so I made my way out of the place, but I made sure they did see him leaving with me. Just to seem innocent enough, I added a, “I don’t want to cause any trouble… here, come with me.”

I got him to follow me all the way to my apartment, which wasn’t far. I kept saying that anyone in the street might recognize him, so we were better off in my place.

Inside of the apartment, he kissed me. Too softly.

I broke down crying. A fucking Oscar, that’s what I deserved.

“What’s wrong?!” Mike seemed really concerned. Wow. Nice guys are so hard to come around.

“Am I not hot enough?! I mean, you kissed me, but not wanting me, all soft and… like, you’re not hard or anything!”

“Melanie, it doesn’t work that way…”

“Because I’m ugly, right?”

“No! You’re gorgeous! It’s just I…”

“Turn around,” I asked.

He did.

That’s where things should get interesting. I undressed and said, “look at me.”

When he did, he looked genuinely startled. But then, an unexpected change in his expression happened, and looking at a demeanor I had never, ever found in him made me think I maybe had gotten into something that might not be under my control.

“I’m not stupid, Melanie. You want this dick? You’re gonna get more of it than you can handle.”

I was taken aback. All I could do is let out a perplexed, “what?”

Suddenly, he was naked. Not a slow strip tease. He got rid of his clothes with almost anger, I could see he was going straight to business. He walked towards me and I backed off. My back hit the wall. I cowered a little. In his hands, a condom that he began to unroll on his hardness glistened.

“Mike, wait, I’m allergic to latex!”


“Let me get a latex-free one, I have them in my drawer,” I begged.

I walked to my room and felt his canlı kaçak iddaa ominous frame behind me. I opened the drawers and the box…was empty.

My heart began beating faster, “I can go to the drugstore and-“

He made me back up against the wall, then lifted my leg. With his other hand, he pointed his heavy cock towards me.

“I’m not on the pill! And I-“

“Does it look like I give a fuck? And you’re dripping wet, I can see you can’t wait to get my dick in you.”

“Nnno, I-” I tried to say something but I was so turned on, my attempts at stalling him were far unconvincing. So he wanted to go bare. The risk turned me on more than I wanted to admit.

“Get ready, because I’m not gonna pull out,” when he said that, I actually moaned with anticipation.

Mike placed my back against my bedroom window and without any ceremony, slammed his dick inside. I heard myself scream like (I hate that phrase, but I really fit the bill that time) a wanton slut.

He began to move in and out and I wondered when had our roles inverted. He was suddenly calling all the shots.

I squeezed him tight and he moaned, his eyes narrowed, “what, do you want my cum so fast?”

Maybe I could regain control and steal this guy. No man can say “no” when he’s inside you, right? I grabbed him by the chin as he filled me so wonderfully and said in the most commanding tone I could muster, “I’m fertile. I could end up being pregnant. You’re going to leave your fiancée and, in return, you can fuck me bare as much as you want. Let me tell you what. I’ll call in sick to work tomorrow, and you can fuck me. All. Day. Long.”

His eyes shot wide open. Bingo.

He pulled out. What the…? Mike fished his phone out of his jeans. I extended my hand, ready to make the call. But he dialed a number. He put it on speaker mode.

“Honey?” I could hear Sophie’s voice.

“Hey, hun,” Mike answered, “Melanie is here and I need to tell you something.”

“Yes, honey?”

Suddenly he grabbed me and slammed his dick inside of me. I couldn’t stay quiet. Besides, if he wanted to break his girl’s heart so cruelly, it was not my problem. I screamed my pleasure again.

“Melanie is here,” Mike repeated, confidently.

There was a long silence on the other side of the line before Sophie spoke again.

“Oh, my canlı kaçak bahis god, are you fucking her?”

“Yeah, baby,” I saw his smug smile. I smiled back.

“Oh my god…”

“She’s allergic to latex, so I’m fucking her bare.”

“Oh… I…” Sophie went quiet for a second.

“She says she’s fertile right now,” Mike was being most dispassionate, not holding back on the details for her.

“Oh, fuck, that is so hot.”

What the fuck? The smile on my face died.

“Are you touching yourself, Soph?” Mike asked.

“Hmmm, yeah…”

“Remember, you don’t have permission to cum until I’m inside you,Soph.”

“Mmh-hmm,” Sophie’s strained voice answered.

“You’re gonna know what Melanie tastes like when you suck my dick tonight, hun,” Mike growled.

In response, Sophie’s quivering moan came out of the phone.

“DON’T CUM,” Mike commanded in such a voice I almost held back my own impending orgasm. I heard Sophie whimper in acquiescence before he continued with a, “listen carefully, hun. Hear me fill this slut.”

“Knock her up honey! Give it to her,” Sophie was probably saying it for her own benefit, but it sounded so hot anyway…

I was beyond confused, and fuck me if I know why, aroused like never in my life. I began to orgasm like never before. I bawled in ecstasy as my knees gave way, but Mike effortlessly kept me in place. My core heated up with pleasure from the strong man making me his. I felt him grow tense with the inevitable conclusion of our mating and I was dreading as much as I needed what was going to happen next. I trembled in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

He slammed all the way in… I felt the warm rush of liquid pooling in me, then another blast… and another… and another… Feeling his creamy seed filling me up ended in making me cum harder. Mike roared with his release, not pulling back at all, making sure I got it as deep as I could. I whimpered.

Unceremoniously, he dropped me. He ended the call, turned around and began to get dressed.

“Wait, Mike!”

“I said it was your problem if I came inside-“

“No, Mike,” I stopped for a second, trying to stop myself from saying it… but I couldn’t, so I went for it anyway, “I want more.”

I felt bad about myself. Used and begging for more.

“Tomorrow, 9 pm, Sophie’s place,” Mike didn’t skip a beat, “don’t come if you aren’t into girls. Sophie will surely want to eat you out once I fill you with cum.”

I sighed. Not because I was disgusted with myself. Because I knew I could get more. I was going to be there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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