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Dear R,

While you were at work, I thought I’d share those thoughts I told you I had yesterday. Remember what I mentioned about shopping? This is what I imagined could happen, had you been with me. I hope you enjoy it.

Love, J

I had agreed to go shopping with you because I needed some new pants. You know how I hate shopping. I like to go in, get what I want and get out. With you I knew it wouldn’t be that simple.

As I expected, I found what I needed pretty quickly. I know my sizes, there is rarely a need to try things on. I found two pairs of pants that I liked and I was ready. I did browse some hats but decided against getting the camouflage baseball hat. (Grins)

I found you in the women’s section straight away. Hoping against hope that we can get this over with and maybe grab some lunch. My hopes were dashed as soon as I saw you. You already had at least four items draped over your arm and still you were flipping through the rack. You saw me and smiled. Asking me to hold your things, you continued browsing.

I waited for you patiently for awhile. Occasionally, you would ask me what I think about this or that item. I gave the standard, ‘that’s nice’ answer. I was thoroughly bored and slightly embarrassed about standing in a department store women’s clothing section with an armful of clothes. At least you didn’t ask me to hold your purse.

After what seemed like hours, you were satisfied with your wardrobe choices, it was then that you informed me there was stuff you wanted to check out in housewares. I let out an exasperated sigh. You placed your hand on my arm and gave me a sweet smile. Standing on your toes, you raised up and kissed my cheek.

“Just a little bit longer, I promise,” you told me.

I nodded my assent and we headed to housewares. My mind was floating as you browsed through towels and bedsheets and lord knows what else. My brain needed food and quite possibly a strong drink. I didn’t dare look at my watch. I didn’t want to know how long we had been here. It felt like days to me.

When you had decided against upgraded our bath and bed accessories, you informed me you wanted to look at kitchen supplies. My mind reached its breaking point. Suddenly, the memory of my last trip to this particular store came back to me. I remembered the fitting rooms and the fact they were unisex, large and if you went all the back, quite private.

I stopped in my tracks and squeezed the hand you were using to drag me along. You turned back to me and I could see in your face you were about to tell me ‘just a little bit longer’ again. The words never left your mouth as your eyes met mine and I assume registered my resolve.

“I think we need to try some of this stuff on,” I said in a low voice.

Your eyes went wide as your mind registered my meaning. I turned on my heels and headed towards the fitting rooms. I was now leading you in tow, but it seemed you were following quite willingly.

I wanted to look back and register your expression, but decided to use my imagination and let the tension build. I imagined your face turning red. I know güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri how easily embarrassed you get when thinking of certain things. If you were thinking what I was thinking at this moment, the hue on your cheeks would have made an apple jealous.

We reached the counter in front of the fitting rooms and the motherly looking woman at the desk looked up.

“How many items,” she asked.

“I have two,” I told her. She handed me a ticket and turned her attention to you.

“And you dear,” she asked you. You didn’t answer right away. I squeezed your hand firmly in mine and you snapped back to reality.

You looked at her absently and muttered ‘four’.The woman smiled and handed you a ticket. She looked at both of us then and I couldn’t read if she knew what I had in mind or not. In the back of my own mind I believed she had to know.

We headed around the corner and back into the fitting rooms. There were two large stalls in front labeled ‘family changing room’. These would have given us more room, but were much too close to the counter and the rest of the shopping public. I led you toward the back.

You squeezed my hand and whispered my name. I turned back to you. My eyes boring into yours, silently asking you, ‘what?’

“We can’t,” you said softly.

“Sure we can,” I whispered, “We just have to be quiet.”

“Oh god,” you muttered.

We reached the last stalls and I turned quickly to make sure the woman at the counter couldn’t see us. I had a brief thought of security cameras, but quickly dismissed it. I pushed the door open and hustled you inside.

There were two hooks on the wall I used to hang our items. You stood by the padded bench, staring into the wall. I imagined trepidation seeping through your mind, but I didn’t allow it to go any further. My hand on your shoulder, I turned you to me and crushed my lips against. After a brief hesitation, you returned the kiss with vigor.

Our hands were all over each other as I pushed your against the wall. Our tongues pushing into each other’s mouths. My body was crushing yours into the wall. I could feel your nipples harden beneath your top and I’m sure you could feel my hardening shaft against your hip.

Breaking the kiss, I hiked your skirt up as I dropped to my knees before you. When my fingers hooked into your red thong and slowly pulled it down, you groaned a little louder than was prudent.

I looked up at you and raised my finger to my lips. “Shhh,” I whispered.

I watched you bite your lip to silence yourself and lowered my gaze. I was eye level with your smooth, bare and obviously wet pussy. I couldn’t resist and leaned in, inhaling your scent before dragging my tongue through your folds. I could feel your nails dig into my shoulder in response.

I would have loved nothing more at this point than to run my tongue through your pussy and suck your clit between my lips until you came in my mouth. Our situation, however, did not permit me the time.

I stood back up and followed your eyes as they gazed down at my fingers undoing my jeans. Pushing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my jeans and boxers down my legs to pool at my feet, I saw you bite your lip again as my fully erect cock came into view. Your arms shot up around my neck and your eyes raised to mine.

I took my shaft in my hand and finding the angle, guided myself to you. With an upward push of my hips, my cock head split your pussy lips and sunk into you. You choked back a groan valiantly, but I decided we needed more discretion. I crushed my lips to yours again in a hungry kiss as I began thrusting my cock in and out of your pussy.

God, baby, your pussy was so wet and hot. Your walls closing so tightly around my shaft. You returned my kiss with equal passion as I drove you against the wall again and again.

After a few minutes of fucking you against the wall, the angle and position became uncomfortable for my knees. I needed a change, that’s when I remembered the bench. As I pulled my cock out of your pussy you looked at me sadly, until I sat on the bench and reached for your hand.

No words were needed. Your lips curved upward in a smile as you straddled my thighs and reached down to take hold of my cock. You stroked my shaft a few times, spreading your wetness completely before guiding me back into your pussy.

You initiated the kiss this time as you sank onto my throbbing cock. I could feel you moan into my mouth. My hands held your hips, guiding your body up and down my shaft. You started moving your hips in a circular motion every time you bottomed out on my cock. I imagine you were grinding your clit against me, adding to your stimulation.

My hands slipped under your top and slid over your smooth skin as you rode me. My hands pushing further up until my fingertips brushed against your bra. Suddenly, in your lust, your hands left my shoulders and almost violently yanked your top over your head. I wasted little time in peeling your bra down and revealing your breasts. My lips quickly descended and sucked your hard nipple into my mouth. I felt your fingernails digging into my shoulders once again.

I heard soft noises coming from your mouth, not enough to garner outside attention for now. I continued my oral ministrations on your nipples, alternating from one to the other as your pussy glided up and down my cock.

I could hear your breathing becoming more labored and I realized I needed to bring this to a close soon. I lowered my hands to your hips and lifted you off my cock. Again you fixed me with a look of disappointment as I stood and guided you in front of the full length mirror, positioning your hands against it. Your bare ass on full display before me.

I glanced at the mirror and noticed your eyes staring at your reflection. Your breasts spilling over your bra, your skirt bunched around your waist. Me standing behind you, my cock at attention and begging to be back inside you. I hope you found yourself as beautiful as I did at the moment.

A thought entered my mind at that moment. I knew as we got closer to release, in this position, I güvenilir bahis şirketleri would have no control over the sounds coming from your mouth. I reached down and quickly yanked my belt from my jeans. Our eyes met in the mirror, you had a questioningly look on your face as you noticed the belt. It disappeared quickly as I guided my cock to you and sank back into your pussy.

When I was fully embedded inside you, I stretched the belt in front of your eyes and leaned in close to your ear.

“Bite down on this baby,” I told you, “It will help you stay quiet.” Your eyes flashed lust in the mirror as you opened your mouth and bit down on the leather belt.

Free from the worry of an inopportune moan, I grasped your hips in my hand and began thrusting my cock into your pussy. My pace was not gentle, there was urgency in our fucking. I caught your eyes in the mirror and saw your teeth grind against my belt.

I wondered, briefly, if the slapping of our flesh could be heard at the counter. My mind quickly returned to the task at hand. A few hard thrusts and I was on the verge. Locking eyes with you in the mirror, I mouthed ‘I’m gonna cum’. You nodded in agreement.

Biting back my own groan, I felt my shaft swell and then explode, sending my seed into your depths. Your pussy immediately contracted around me as your orgasm ripped through you.

A moan escaped your lips and my belt dropped to the floor. My hand quickly shot up and covered your mouth. I felt another you loose another muffled moan into my palm as your pussy milked every drop of cum from my spent cock.

Soft kisses on my palm told me you were back in control and I pulled my hand away from your mouth. Withdrawing my cock from your pussy, I stood up straight. With a quickness that startled me, you wheeled around and dropped to your knees. You took my cock in your hand and shoved it into your mouth, bobbing rapidly, sucking your wetness and my cum from my shaft.

When you were satisfied I was properly cleaned you softly kissed the head of my cock and stood, pulling your thong back up your legs. I took your head in my hands and kissed you softly before reaching down for my boxers. We silently straightened the rest of our clothes before our eyes met and our lips were drawn to one another once again.

Finally, after deciding we were once again presentable, I took your hand and led you from the stall. We approached the counter where I handed the tickets to the woman with a slight upturned grin and informed her we would be keeping our items. You never raised your eyes and I could detect the flush of color rising on your cheeks.

Holding your hand tightly, I led us to the checkout. You stood silently beside me, never looking up as I paid for our purchases and led you out the door.

When we had finally settled into our car, you finally broke your silence. “God,” you said, “I could feel your cum inside me the entire time.”

I looked at you with a shocked expression before you reached up and pulled my lips to yours. As you broke the kiss you whispered, “Let’s go get some lunch. I’m famished.”

With a chuckle, I started the car and pulled away, in search of our next adventure.

Dear R,

So, those are the thoughts that were going through my head while I shopped, alone, yesterday. As I was writing this, those same feelings were rushing over me again. I can’t wait for you to get home.

Love, J

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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