Taught by a Cougar


The only way to learn!

So, I have been doing landscape work for the last three summers. But this summer the company I work for got a new client, who wanted the works done. Grass cut, flowers planted, weeds pulled, trees, and bushes trimmed, anything to do with the yard she paid to have us take care of it.

My boss decided to assign myself, and one other crew member to do this job all summer. Great I figured it was going to be a pain in the ass. Usually, when we have someone hire us for this kind of work they are either old, and can’t take care it or a high-class business person, either way, both scenarios will nitpick us to death of what they want, and what we did wrong. This is going to be a long summer.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Lucas, I am a twenty-one-year-old college student. I will admit that I am kind of a nerd I study and work on a computer all the time. The only reason I keep working this job is that my parents insist I get a physical job for the summer so that I can stay in active. What they don’t realize is that I work out at the gym four days a week on campus to stay active and in shape. Whatever, it gets me out of the house, and something to do.

I am about six feet two inches tall like I said I go to the gym so I have muscle definition, I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I don’t care for body hair so I keep everything, and I mean everything neat, and clean.

I don’t have a lot of experience with a woman, but I did lose my virginity when I was seventeen in the backseat of my car. I have only been with a total of three women. But hey I am young, and having fun.

My co-worker Wade (who is one of the seniors on the crew.), and I went to the new client’s house to find out what she wanted to have done. When we got there, we knocked on the door several times before it was answered. We totally did not except the person who was standing there.

She was in her late fifties, maybe sixty, short silver gray hair cut very stylishly. But her body was to die for I’d say C cup breasts, skinny waist, and some nice long shapely legs. I was at a loss for words so Wade introduced us.

“Oh, yes let me come out here to show you what I would like to have done.” She told us as she was stepping onto the porch.

“Thank you, Ms. Green that would be, very much appreciated,” Wade told her. She smiled at both of us, and said, “Please call me Liz.” We nodded our head in agreement with her request.

She was walking in front of us, and we could not help noticing her ass. My god, she had on short shorts that hugged her heart shaped ass. Wade and I just looked at each other smiling from ear to ear. I thought maybe this job won’t be so bad after all.

Liz walked us around and explained everything she wanted to be done to the yard, and flower beds throughout the summer. Wade wrote everything down on the order form to be able to give her a proper quote. When she was done Wade went back to the truck to run the estimate. I stayed behind with Liz.

She was looking me up, and down with a sly smile on her face. I was actually feeling a little uncomfortable. Then she asked me, “So will I get to watch you work all summer?”

I was it a little thrown off by the question, and replied, “Yes, ma’am.” She looked at me, and told me, “Please don’t call me ma’am it makes me feel old.” I just nodded my head to her in response.

Wade came back with the quote, and Liz agreed to it. We told her that we would be back the next day to start work.

The next morning Wade, and I showed up early at her house, and started working in the flower beds. About an hour into working Liz came out wearing a bikini top, and again some very short shorts. I could feel myself getting a boner. Damn this was going to be a long day.

Liz started going over the work we had done, she only wanted one thing changed. I did the change while she was standing over me with her hand on my back. When I was done and straightened up her hand slid down to my ass. She kept it there for a minute.

I turned my head to look at her, she smiled at me and patted my ass before she removed her hand to walk away from me. Wade walked over to me nudging me in the side, and said, “You seem to have an admirer kid.” Then he walked away laughing.

I continued working for the remainder of the day. Liz came out to give us water to drink several times, and I swear every time she had fewer clothes on. I had to adjust my cock several times throughout the day.

By the time I was getting ready to leave I had blue balls, I could not wait to get home in the shower to jack off. Wade and I got into the truck to leave when Liz came out to see us off. “You both will be back çekmeköy escort tomorrow to work on this, some more right?” She asked us.

Wade looked over at her, and replied, “The kid here will be back tomorrow by himself, I have another job to do.” Liz smiled at both of us, and all she said was, “Good, I will see you tomorrow!” We nodded at her and drove off.

While we were driving Wade asked me, “So, kid what did you think of her?” I looked over at him and shrugged. He started laughing hard at me. “Kid you had a boner all day, because I know I did!” He said to me, and again I shrugged at him.

We got back to the office to punch out, and Wade made sure to tell everyone there about our new client. I could feel my face getting red because he was teasing me about getting special attention from her. Wade then tells everyone, “I think if the kid plays his cards right he could get lucky with her!” I was stunned that he would say that I just shook my head saying goodbye, and headed home.

Once I got home I had to take a shower, while I was in the shower I kept thinking about Liz, and her body. I started stroking my cock I had blue balls all day so I had to relieve myself. I leaned against the shower wall until I came, I was so turned on that I shot 6 ropes of cum onto the shower floor to run done the drain.

Once I was done with my shower and dressed, I went to the kitchen to get something to eat. My mom was making dinner so I decided to wait to eat. Mom asked me how my day was I told her it was a good day then went to the living room to watch some television until it was time to eat.

After dinner was done I went to a buddy’s house to hang out for a while. When I got there, I knocked on the door until he answered it. We went to his computer to play around on it, I wasn’t really into it tonight, and he could tell. “What’s wrong with you tonight? You seem out of it?” He asked me.

I looked at him and decided to tell him about my day. “I worked for a new client today. She was older but her body was sexy as hell!” I informed him. He stopped playing to turn and look at me. “She kept touching me whenever she could. I had a boner all fucking day long!” I told him.

“Really? How much older?” He asked me. I was sure he would laugh at me or say gross once I told him how old I thought she was. I blushed then told him, “I believe she is in her late fifties, maybe sixty.”

“Wholly shit, she is a cougar!” He exclaimed with excitement. “You are a lucky son of a bitch! You know how much she could teach you?” He asked me, I was floored that he reacted the way he did then I smiled him.

“So, you think I should peruse her then?” I asked him. He laughed, and said “Hell yes!” Then he asked me what she looked like. I told him, and he sighed before saying again, “You are a lucky son of a bitch!”

I stayed for another hour or so before I headed home. It was getting late, and I had an early day again tomorrow so I decided to crawl into bed. But once I laid down I could not stop thinking about Liz so, I pulled my cock out of my boxers, and started stroking it. God, I was imaging what her mouth would feel like on my cock. Once I came I grabbed a sock to clean myself up, rolled over, and went to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up I instantly thought about Liz, and my day at her place. It was going to be warm today so I put on a pair of cargo shorts, a t-shirt, socks, and work boots. As I was getting ready to leave I stopped in the kitchen to grab some fruit and water. I got into my truck and went to the office first to check in and get supplies before I headed to Liz’s house.

When I got to Liz’s I didn’t bother going to the door she was expecting me so I started working in the flower beds. After working for about an hour I heard the front door open so I looked over to see Liz in a very short silk robe. My god she has gorgeous legs.

“Good morning Lucas! It is good to see you here so early, and working hard.” She said to me leaning against the door jamb drinking a cup of coffee. I stopped working and stood up brushing off my hands. “Good morning Liz,” I replied to her as I walked over to get more mulch out of the back of my truck.

I could feel her watching me as I was moving around. I turned my head to look at her, damn she was sexy as hell, and a major distraction. As I was getting ready to start laying the mulch down Liz asked me a question, “Lucas, how old are you?” That threw me for a second before I answered her, “I am twenty-one.” I could have sworn I heard her say “Yes, he’s legal!” When I looked over at her she had a huge smile on her face.

Liz went back into the house, and I continued working. A few hours later I cevizli escort stopped to take a break, I went over to my truck to eat some of the fruit I brought, and have a bottle of water. The front door opened, and this time Liz was wearing some very short, shorts, a very tight top, and heels. She is a fucking walking wet dream!

“Would you like something else to eat or drink?” She asked me, and I replied: “No thank you.” As she walked over to me I could see that her nipples were hard, and she had no bra on. Instant hard-on! Thank god, my shorts are baggy.

Liz walked in front of me and stood there just looking at me. Then she smiles at me so I smiled back at her. Then she asked me, “Would you like to go into the air conditioning to cool off for a few minutes?” I just stared at her for a minute, and then nodded my head.

I followed her into the house. “Can you please take your muddy boots off?” She asked me, so I left them at the front door. Then followed her into the kitchen. “Go ahead, and have a seat at the table.” She instructed me so I sat down.

She brought me a glass of lemonade and sat down at the table across from me. She was watching me closely so I finally asked her, “You seem to want to ask me something?”

She smiled at me then asked me, “How many girls have you had sex with?” Wow, totally was not excepting that, I replied “Three” Liz looked at me, and said, “Really a handsome man like you, and you’re not beating them off with a stick?”

I laughed before I answered her, “No, I am not the greatest with a woman so I tend to keep to myself.” Liz was giving me an odd look that I was not sure what it meant.

Liz started leaning over the table showing me more cleavage. Then asked me, “Would you like to add another woman to your list?” I sat there with my mouth open staring at her. “Well what do you think, do you want some of me?” She asked me as she started rubbing her breast. I just nodded in agreement with her.

“The first thing we are going to do is get in the shower to clean you up.” She told me and grabbed my hand to lead me to the bathroom. She started the water to get it at the right temperature while I stood there in awe. Liz smiled at me, and told me to undress so, I did and left my clothes on the floor of the bathroom.

When I was completely naked Liz just looked me up, and down. I heard her moan then she looked me in the eye, and told me, “Honey you have a gorgeous cock! I can’t believe you haven’t had more women.”

I just shrugged at her… but inside I was totally thrilled that she liked what she saw. I knew I was above average at 8.5 inches long, I have a large mushroom top but the girth of my cock isn’t overly thick. My fingers touch when my hand is wrapped around it.

Liz got undressed now, and my god she had a beautiful body. She definitely took care of herself her breast may not have been perky but they have very nice form. Her ass is what kept drawing my attention it was a perfect heart shape. I got hard looking at her, she turned around and saw my hard-on which she smiled from ear to ear.

We stepped into the shower together. She started washing my body with soap, and when she got to my cock and balls she paid extra close attention to them. I turned to stand under the water spray. Liz got down on her knees in front of me and started stroking my cock before she wrapped her lips around my tip.

I was in heaven, I have only had a few blow jobs so, I was overly excited about what she was doing. She put a hand at the base of my cock, and started bobbing her head up, and down. Her other hand was rubbing my balls while she was sucking on me. I rested my hand on the back of her head to feed her more of my cock. Wow, this felt amazing.

I start thrusting harder fucking her face, I was breathing hard, and ready to blow. “I’m going to cum!” I told her, she then started sucking harder until I blew in her mouth. Once she swallowed all of it, she pulled off me licking her lips. “Very tasty!” Was all she said before she turned off the shower.

We got out and dried off. Once we were dry and still naked she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She sat on the bed facing me and looked up at me. “Have you ever eaten pussy before?” She asked, and I shook my head no.

She slid further back on the bed, spread her legs wide, and smiled. Then instructed me to crawl up between her legs. I laid there staring at her pussy, god it was gorgeous. Then she started giving me instructions of what she wanted me to do.

“I want you to use your fingers to spread my pussy lips open to be able to lick my clit.” She saw the confused look on my face, and laughed before saying, “The little nub at the top erenköy escort of my pussy.”

I reached in with my tongue to lick her, it was a different taste but not bad at all. I started licking her with more gusto, I could hear her moaning when I flicked my tongue across her clit. I could see the little nub peek out of its hood, so I kept teasing it then I sucked on it which I heard Liz moan as she was shaking. All of a sudden Liz’s pussy got really wet so I knew she came, I licked up all of her juices. It became addicting to me I did not want to stop.

After Liz’s came down from her orgasm she started instructing me again. “Lucas, I want you to put two fingers in my pussy hole, and hook them upwards to touch my g-spot. While you finger fuck me, and lick my clit.”

I did as she told me to do, I heard her suck in her breath, I guess I found her g-spot. I started stroking my fingers in, and out while I licked her clit just like she instructed me. I was so fucking hard I thought I would explode soon. After a few more minutes of doing this to her, she screamed as she had another orgasm. After she came down, and I cleaned her up she told me to lay on my back.

I got comfortable on the bed watching her movements, I was hard as a rock which Liz seemed to appreciate by the smile on her face. She straddled my waist and leaned forward to kiss me. She moaned as she tasted herself on my tongue. She lifted her head and guided my cock into her pussy.

“OH MY GOD!” Was all I could say at that moment. Her pussy was so tight, and it was gripping on my cock. I could feel her squeezing her pussy muscles to grip even tighter. I sucked in my breath and arched my back to hold off from shooting my load too soon.

Liz started grinding against me, then bouncing up, and down on my cock. My god, she felt amazing, I grabbed her hips to thrust up hard into her. She threw her head back, I could tell she was getting ready to cum so, I moved one of the hands to her clit to rub on it. She rode out her orgasm then fell forward onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over so she was on her back.

I started thrusting hard as I wrapped her legs around my arms to hold her open wide. “Cum inside me Lucas!” She yelled at me, and I shot my big load into her hot, snug pussy.

Once I came I pulled out of her and laid on the bed next to her. I looked over at her to see she was breathing heavy with her eyes closed, and a content smile on her face.

I couldn’t help myself I had to ask her, “I’m guessing that I did well?” She started laughing then turned her head towards. “Honey, you did an amazing job! Thank you.” She replied as I smiled at her.

Went to roll out of bed to get cleaned up, but she grabbed my arm, and asked me, “Where do you think you are going?”

I raised my eyebrows at her, and replied, “To get cleaned up to get back to work.” She just laid there shaking her head no. I shrugged my shoulders and laid back down next to her.

After laying there for about ten minutes she got up to hover over me. She took my cock and started licking it clean. She was sucking on it which caused me to become hard again. After a few minutes, more of sucking my cock she looked at me with a sly smile, and informed me, “You are now going to fuck my ass!” I was stunned, and squeaked out “Really?” Which caused her to laugh, and reply, “Yes really.”

She got on her hands, and knees so I crawled up behind her. “Now you have to prep my asshole. Spit on my hole, and finger my ass first.” She instructed me. So, I did as she told me, I started out with one finger, then two fingers. Liz was leaning her head down, and moving back against my hand.

When I knew she was ready for my cock, I spit on her asshole again as I guided the head of my cock into her anus. I slowly moved my cock forward until I was completely inside her. I stopped to feel the amazing sensations I was feeling, my God it was so tight it actually hurt my cock just a little bit.

I started moving slowly at first, then I found a good rhythm. I was hanging onto her hips tightly to start thrusting harder into her ass. She was pushing back against me moaning, and telling me that it feels so good.

I could feel her rubbing her clit when she had an orgasm, which made her ass clamp even tighter around my cock. I started moving faster because I knew I was going to cum soon. She yelled at me, “Fill my ass full with your cum!” So, I did just that, I thrust a few more times than exploded.

As soon as my cock softened I pulled out of Liz. She fell forward on the bed, and I collapsed on the side of her. We both laid there silent for a few minutes. Liz turned her head towards me, and then asked, “So how long will this job last you?”

I smiled, and replied to her, “You have me all summer.” Liz laughed then replied, “Thank god I’ve got to have more of that cock!”

As the summer continued I received much more lessons from Liz. It was my best summer ever!

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