Teacher Plays Strip Math


The events and characters in this story are fiction. All characters are eighteen or older.

My favorite teacher was my math teacher, Mrs. Gibson. She was in her late thirties, a wife and a mom, but man, was she sexy! She had long full blonde hair, a pretty face, was average in height, and had big tits. Like most of the teachers she dressed casual more than she dressed up, but whatever she wore, it was hard to hide her hot body. I wasn’t much of a math student, and since I had math my last class of the day, I spent most of the period staring at Mrs. Gibson and having fantasies about her. She didn’t wear skirts very often, but when she did, I would try to look up her skirt as she sat on her desk. Sometimes I was rewarded with a glimpse of her panties. I also liked watching her ass wiggle when she wrote on the board. But mostly I stared at her tits, especially if she wore something tight or something that I could see her bra through.

My class was a handful for her, but she kept control. There were fifteen of us in the class, nine boys and six girls, and I think that most of us guys were bad at math, and we had some aggressive guys that misbehaved pretty often. Early in the year Mrs. Gibson seemed like a bitch, but once the class got used to her discipline, she seemed to loosen up, even get friendly. Still, we were a rowdy bunch, and she seemed to accept some of the boys’ minor misbehaving.

With a bunch of horny guys in a class that had a big-titted teacher standing in front, there was often a sexually charged atmosphere. Some of the boys’ remarks were of a suggestive nature, but Mrs. Gibson tolerated the comments, even firing back with little innuendos of her own, especially before the bell when many of the girls hadn’t arrived yet. During class, some of Mrs. Gibson’s leg crossing and other posturing seemed be an attempt to get our attention, but I thought maybe that was my overactive imagination.

The problem remained that most of us boys weren’t very good students, and it seemed to frustrate Mrs. Gibson. One day near the end of the first semester, she dismissed the girls and asked all of the boys to stay late. She gave us a speech on how many of us were in danger of failing the semester. She intimated that it reflected poorly on her, and she badly needed us to improve the final weeks of the semester.

“What can I do to motivate you to work hard these last few weeks?”

From the back of the room, I heard Steve mumble, “Show us your titties.”

He said it a little too loud, and we all heard it, and there was suppressed laughter. Mrs. Gibson also heard it. At first she had a deadpan look on her face like she was mad, then a little smile appeared. “If I did would you study harder?”

Jim said, “Even I’d study for that!” and we all laughed.

Mrs. Gibson sat on her desk thinking, hiking her skirt up high to expose most of her thighs. “OK, Jim,” she finally said, “I’ll give you that opportunity. In one week I’ll give you boys an oral exam on Chapter Twelve, and for each answer that someone gets right, I’ll take off an article of clothing. Kind of a Strip Math game.”

“Yea, right,” Jim said. Like you’d do that.”

“Jim, I promise. I’ll wear the same outfit that I’m wearing today. I’m wearing eight articles of clothing. I’ll give each of you one problem, so if eight fikirtepe escort out of nine get the correct answer, all of my clothes will be off. But you all have to be very discreet about this. Tell no one, deal?”

“Deal,” we all said, and she dismissed us. The nine of us regrouped by our lockers and discussed whether or not she was serious. We didn’t totally believe her, but we decided as a group that we would actually study hard for the next week, to see what would happen. We checked with each other every day, even helping each other study, to make sure that everyone knew the chapter well.

The following week, as the class began, Mrs. Gibson gave each of the girls a pass to the library and gave them a worksheet, saying that she was going to review with the boys. After the girls filed out, Mrs. Gibson closed and locked the door. I noticed that the door’s windows had been covered with paper. She was, indeed, wearing the same gray skirt and white sweater that she had worn the previous week.

“OK, ready? Brian, here’s your question.” She wrote a math problem on the board. “You have two minutes.” Brian started writing on paper. In a minute he announced, “Seventeen.”

Mrs. Gibson looked at him and said, “Seventeen is correct.” Standing in front of the board, she leaned over and lifted her leg, took off her right shoe, held it up, and dropped it. We all exhaled and congratulated Brian and applauded, but Mrs. Gibson indicated to us to keep our voices down.

Mrs. Gibson pointed to Mark and wrote another problem on the board. Mark announced his answer, and Mrs. Gibson nodded and stepped out of her other shoe and kicked it away.

Ivan was next and got his answer right. Mrs. Gibson said, “Very good, Ivan,” and with a smile on her face, hiked her skirt up almost to her crotch, and wiggled her slip down her legs and stepped out of it. Now it was getting interesting.

The next question went to Greg, and when he got the answer wrong, even Mrs. Gibson looked disappointed. Then I got the next one correct, after checking my computations three times. Again Mrs. Gibson hiked up her skirt, this time to her waist, exposing her panty hose over white panties. She tugged the hose down her butt, slid them off of her legs, and off of her feet.

Jim was next, and when he announced his answer, Mrs. Gibson gave us a big dirty grin, crossed her hands at her waist, pulled her sweater out of her skirt, and lifted it. Her bra came into view. She pulled the sweater over her head, and dropped it on her desk. We all went bug-eyed staring at her white bra with lace along the top of the cups. Her tits were hanging out at the top and sides. She stood erect with her hands on her hips, with a big smile on her face. I’m sure all nine of us were sporting huge painful erections.

Colin was next, and as we waited for his answer, Mrs. Gibson sat on her desk, leaning forward, with her hands gripping the desk, affording us a nice view of her cleavage down the front of her bra. She couldn’t hide the smile on her face, seemingly enjoying our eyes riveted to her chest. Colin announced his answer, and he, too, was correct. “Wow,” said Mrs. Gibson, “You guys really did study!” She stood up, unbuttoned the button on the side of her skirt, pulled the zipper down, and pulled down her skirt. Her white gebze escort panties came into view, and as she leaned over my eyes went back and forth from her panties to her cleavage. Her panties were cotton, fairly tiny and high cut. They were stretched tight over her pussy mound, and the waistband dipped down a little in the front. At Steve’s request, she turned around and showed us her panties clinging to her butt cheeks, shaking them at us.

Kevin took the next question, and she gave him extra time because it was a more complex equation. As we waited, Mrs. Gibson slowly walked up and down the aisle in her bra and panties. We all craned our necks to watch her. I watched her butt cheeks jiggle in her tight panties. As she walked by me, I stared at the crotch of her panties, and I could see the shadow of her pubic hair through it. I glanced up, and she was smiling at me as I stared at her crotch close- up.

Kevin inhaled and announced his answer. Mrs. Gibson stood in front of the class, smiling, reached behind her, arching her back, and unhooked her bra. She teased us by pulling the straps down slowly, her forearm holding up her bra. She lowered her arm, and dropped her bra. Her big white jugs fell out. I stared at them, looking at her pink areola and erect nipples. Smiling wide and looking around the room, she threw her shoulders back, and shook her tits at us. They bobbled and jiggled and rolled, and I was afraid that if I would move too much, I would cum just from the slightest friction in my jeans.

One more student, one more article of clothing. Seeing Mrs. Gibson’s tits was already the most erotic moment of my life, but I would sure love to see her bare ass and pussy. Steve, our worst student, took the question. It sure was fun watching Mrs. Gibson writing on the board topless, her tits bobbling all over. While we waited Mrs. Gibson stood in front of me, smiled at me and leaned forward, shook her hanging tits, giggling. I noticed a moist area on her panties over her pussy that wasn’t there before. Steve announced his answer, and Mrs. Gibson threw both fists in the air, said, “Woo hoo!” and shook her tits. She turned her back to us, grabbed the elastic on the sides of her panties, and pulled them down. Her white round ass came into view, and as she bent over, I could see her pussy hair between her legs. She turned around, and I stared at her hairy triangle of pussy fur, a mixture of blonde and light brown hairs.

Mrs. Gibson leaned back against her desk, completely naked, smiling wide, her legs slightly spread, her pink pussy glistening amidst the fur patch. “I’m so proud of all of you! You really worked hard. And I love all this attention. ” She paused and asked, “Do any of you want to feel me?” There was a moment of silence as we wondered if she meant it. “It’s OK, c’mon up if you’d like!”

Steve and Jim were the first ones on their feet, but I was right behind them. Steve reached out and grabbed her right tit and started fondling it. Jim took her left tit. I stood between them, watching them jiggle her tits as she smiled at them, with her chest rising and falling from heaving breathing. When Jim moved his hand down to her pussy and rubbed it, I took her left breast and carefully squeezed. “You don’t have to be too gentle, you won’t hurt me,” she said, and Steve and I groped içerenköy escort her tits more quickly and forcefully. I lifted the heavy melon, jiggled it, squeezed it, and tugged at her hard nipple. The rest of the boys gathered around and touched what they could, the sides of her tits, her ass, her thighs, her waist. She alternately turned to her left and right to make out with Brian and Ivan.

Mrs. Gibson reached out and grabbed mine and Steve’s crotches and rubbed our hard dicks through our pants. She unsnapped my jeans and unzipped them, and pulled my jeans down. I helped her pry my stiff dick out of my underwear. She gave an approving moan and grabbed it. Steve pulled his own cock out of his pants, and Mrs. Gibson grabbed it with her other hand. She stroked both of our dicks, slowly at first, but then quickly, alternating the strokes like she was milking two cow’s udders. Mrs. Gibson was breathing very heavy and audibly, her eyes half-closed, her mouth open slightly, but still with a smile. Jim had worked three fingers into her wet pussy, and they made noises as they went in and out rapidly. Her legs were spread wide, and I was standing between her legs with my dick head less then a foot from her pussy and Jim’s hand.

“Oh, Jason,” she moaned to me. “Put it in.” I released her tit and moved forward. Mrs. Gibson sat with her butt on the edge of the desk. Jim moved his hand back up to her tit, leaving nothing between my cock and her pussy. Mrs. Gibson grabbed my cock firmly and pulled it to her twat. I moved up and my dick made contact with her pubic hair. She spread her legs wide, thrust her hips out, and guided my dick to her slit. The head slipped in, I thrust forward, and I slid completely inside of the warmest, most lubricated thing that I had ever felt. Mrs. Gibson grabbed my two ass cheeks and pulled me towards her has I pumped in and out of her. Then she grabbed Steve and Jim’s dicks and stroked them while I fucked her. Kevin and Greg leaned over and licked and sucked her tits, and the other guys kissed her and felt her.

Steve asked, “Do you give blow jobs?” Mrs. Gibson said, “Oh, yes.” Steve climbed on the desk and knelt to Mrs. Gibson’s side, and thrust his member at her face. She turned her head, opened her mouth wide, and started sucking on it. Kevin whipped his unit out, and she stroked Kevin and Jim as she fucked me and sucked Steve, with the others feeling her tits. I pumped faster, and felt like I was ready to cum. Mrs. Gibson started squirming, clamped her thighs around me, and as I unloaded my sperm into her, she bucked her hips. I pulled out slowly. She stopped sucking Steve long enough to say, “Jason, you made me cum!”

Jim moved between her legs and took my place inside her. Steve shot his load in her mouth. Some of his jism dribbled out of her mouth, and she licked his dick clean.

I watched the action continue for a few minutes as several guys shot their loads in her pussy and mouth. Brian couldn’t wait. He shot his load in her hand. She lied back down on the desk with her legs dangling. As Mark fucked her, Ivan climbed on her chest and laid his cock between her tits. She pressed her tits around his dick, and he fucked her tits, creaming all over her chest and neck.

By the time we all came once, it was well past the last bell, and some guys missed their bus, but nobody was complaining. Mrs. Gibson said that if we continued to study and do well, that she would continue to reward us, and she kept her promise for the rest of the year. Our parents and classmates marveled at our improved study habits.

The end.

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