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I stepped into my former classroom, excited to spend the day with my good friend and co-teacher. I looked across the room, taking a quick head count when I locked eyes with one of my favorite three year olds.

A toothy grin spread across his face and he ran to me. I crouched to the floor and almost fell over when he threw his arms around my neck, burying his face in my chest. I love being a librarian but moments like these make me miss teaching full time. More than anything, though, they fill me with a desperate desire to become a mother.

I was in my traditional preschool teacher garb, tight jeans and a tee shirt. Standing in front of someone my outfit looked innocent, modest even, with the deep v-neck of my navy shirt partially obstructed by a carefully added piece of fabric. But, as anyone with a child can attest, preschool teachers spend the majority of their days in more compromising positions than standing at eye level. Sitting on the floor, squatting to tie shoes and crawling on all fours were the norm in my day.

I don’t find any of my students’ parents particularly attractive, especially not enough to cross the line and risk my career and marriage, but offering them peeks at my intimate parts excited me. I love going to the floor for good bye hugs and watching the dads shift on their feet to get a peek down the back of my tight jeans. I never wear panties to preschool and when my shirt rises up my back I can feel the cool air slip down my pants and caress the top of my round ass.

The men drift around the classroom, trying to keep me in their line of sight, my pale cleavage and lacy lingerie exposed as I crawl around, collecting toys and kissing ouchies. Occasionally I glance at their faces and smile knowingly, them turning their gaze quickly to avoid eye contact. How much lust did I inspire? Did they think of me when they touched themselves? Did they imagine my face and body when making love to casino şirketleri their wives?

The end of the day came and pick ups began. One of the more attractive fathers arrived to take his four year old home. We spoke about his daughter’s day and I tossed aside a brown ringlet that had fallen from my pony tail and landed directly in my cleavage, calling his attention to my considerable chest. His little girl approached and I picked her up for a bear hug. I lowered her to the ground and, not wanting to leave my embrace, she gripped the front of my shirt, pulling it down and fully exposing my white breasts, the skin looking even more sun starved next to the pink lace of my bra. A tiny bit of my rosy areola poked up above my cup, bumpy and hard at this sudden exhilaration.

The dad blushed and I made eye contact while placing myself back inside my clothing. What was he thinking right then, I wondered. Was he aroused? Embarrassed? I wasn’t. I hoped the image of my almost bare chest would burn into his memory and haunt his waking thoughts. I wanted to inspire naughty afternoon daydreams, forcing him to beg his wife for release and pray for another peek at my private body.

I loved the power I had over these men. Secretly teasing them, making it seem like an accident, and watching them respond to my every move made me tingle all over. This incident of full exposure, while completely unintentional on my part, made my groin burn with desire and begin to moisten.

I sent my last student home and cleaned my room before heading out to my car. My vagina still throbbed from my power play and I grew more needy by the minute. I began my half hour commute home, pushing hard into the front seat of my mustang to enjoy its vibration. I opened my eyes wide, forcing myself to focus on the road and not the sensation that was growing between my legs.

I let my left hand slip off the steering wheel and onto my lap, casino firmaları applying pressure to my inseam. I began rotating my hips while pressing harder on my prickling vulva, but it wasn’t enough. Without looking away from the road, I unbuttoned and then unzipped my jeans, shoving my hand down their front and directly into my bald pussy. I erupted with pleasure, feeling my nipples growing hard under my bra.

An SUV passed by and the driver smiled wide at me. Did he know what I was doing? Just to be safe I took my sweatshirt off the front passenger seat and laid it over my lap. My fingers felt wonderful dancing over my clit, but my range of motion was hindered by my pants. I finally decided for my sake and the safety of those on the road I would pull over. I took the next exit, pulling into the parking lot of the trail head I passed each day.

I glanced around, checking for any possible witnesses. There were no other cars in the lot and any hikers were long gone, leaving me to do as I pleased. I turned off my Spanish language CD and tuned my radio to the classic country station. I listened to the music as I casually slipped my pants down to my ankles, grateful for my lack of panties. I opened my legs wide and, using the four fingers of my left hand, massaged my aching nub in a clockwise motion.

The smell of my pussy filled the tiny interior of my mustang. I breathed in deeply, letting my natural perfume fill my lungs and excite me even more. Would my car still smell later? I certainly hoped so.

Despite the early morning fog, the sun now shone bright and the heat made me drip from every body part. My breasts begged for attention, my swollen nipples trembling from want. I dare not touch them, however, deciding this action would be too noticeable should someone else enter the parking lot.

I pulled down my sun visor and flipped open the vanity mirror. I examined my round face, caressing my güvenilir casino cheek with the back of my hand and laughing at the streaks of dry finger paint that speckled my brown curls. I love watching my face during love making, my eyes squinting, brows screwing up, jaw clenching and lips puckering in hopes of a kiss.

I stroked the inside of my fleshy thighs with my right hand, finger nails clawing at the skin and leaving red trails in their wake. I bit my lower lip but moan after moan of delightful joy escaped my throat despite it. I playfully slapped the outside of my vulva, turning the pale white triangle a blushing crimson.

My left hand continued working at my bulging clit and my right middle and index fingers glided inside my tight hole, which slurped appreciatively. The constant movements of my hands worked to spread my natural lubrication all over my soft pussy. I approached the edge of ecstasy when I pulled my digits out, spreading my juice across my inner thigh. As the wetness dried, pulling my skin tighter as it did so, I began again, diving even deeper than before.

I slouched down in my seat, giving myself a better angle of insertion and further tickling my g spot. I squished my bust between my upper arms and forced my head deep into the back of my seat. My fingers began moving faster, stopping occasionally to flick and pinch my lower lips. My toes began to numb, the blood rushing to my groin. Despite the sweat pouring down my face, my skin erupted in goose bumps like it was well below freezing.

Deep in my core I felt my body winding up, becoming tighter and tighter with each thrust of my hand. Suddenly something inside me sprang back, forcing my head into the headrest and a scream out of my mouth. My entire being trembled and I collapsed into my seat, exhausted. Several minutes later I awoke, having actually fallen asleep in my post-sex bliss. I licked my sticky fingers clean and pulled my jeans back up, soaking them in the process.

I pulled back onto the road and within twenty minutes arrived home. I wondered if my husband would notice my obvious glow and suspect me of cheating, even if I was only cheating with myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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