The Adventure


Author’s note: This was created for Mistress D, the most awsomest Mistress anywhere. Thank you. Pet

So, I followed her to the car. My head down and my stomach queasy. I opened her door and she slid in the driver’s side. I entered the passenger side and sat down. I turned to her and began to plead. “I know we’ve talked about this, but as a fantasy … I never thought, thought for real …” She cut me off. “You agreed to this. Your time to object has passed. We are doing this now — I don’t want to hear any more.” Then the big silent pause — you could have heard a pin drop. “Yes Mistress,” I quietly responded, and she sped off.

I looked at her. Short, reddish brown hair. Short, clingy back dress. I knew, because she had me help her dress, that she wore nothing underneath. High heel shoes. She looked beautiful.

We drove in silence and she pulled in front of the bar. I followed her inside, very nervous. She seemed excited, hurriedly going in the door, not looking back to see if I had followed.

She went straight to him. He was standing next to the booth near the back of the room. I had never met him before. She knew him through work. She hugged him. Then, as he gestured, she slid into the booth. Then he held out has hand and I shook it. He had a firm grip.

He offered for me to sit on the other side of the booth. As I sat, he slid in next to my Mistress. Pangs of jealousy raised in my throat. But I stifled them, saying nothing.

We all sat and stared at each other. Then he broke the awkwardness by telling a silly little joke. We started making small talk until the waitress arrived to take our order. He looked up and the waitress and ordered a beer, and indicated that “she” would have some water — nodding at my Mistress. The waitress turned to me and I started to order a beer — thankful for the opportunity for some liquid courage — when Mistress spoke up, “water for him.” I blushed. The waitress looked at me a little funny, and wandered off.

She returned with our drinks and we began a pleasant conversation. The three of us talked about everything from the weather, gardening, movies and football. I was really starting to like this guy. Then, he looked at me and asked “so, you know why we are here?” I gulped and nodded. “I want to make sure you agree to this. If you do, ask me to kiss her.” I looked at her. Her eyes were stern at first — then they almost pleaded. “Please kiss my Mistress, I quietly asked.” He smiled and looked at her.

He looked into her eyes, and she into his. Then she reached up, pulled herself to his mouth and kissed him, long and hard. Their mouths open and exploring each other. When the kiss broke, she demurely patted her lips and sat back down.

He picked up his beer and took a sip. His right hand disappeared under the table. I saw a look of surprise on my Mistress’ face. Then her jaw set, as she was attempting to give the appearance that nothing was happening. Finally her mouth opened and her face flushed. It was clear she was past the point of arousal. I could see her pant. As she approached orgasm, his hand reappeared on top of the table. She moaned in protest. I could see her essence on his fingers.

He then finished his beer and waived for our waitress, who promptly appeared. Seeing my Mistress’ flushed appearance, she asked if everything was ok. He said that it was. The waitress produced the check, he reviewed it and left payment and tip on the table. He whispered something to Mistress. He stood and allowed her to exit the booth. She stood, handed me her keys and told me to follow them home.

I followed them out of the door and to his truck. He opened the door for her. As she climbed up into the truck, her dress rose up, exposing her. He did nothing to cover her or obstruct her nakedness, which was viewable to the whole world.

I found our car, eventually got behind them and followed them to our home. It appeared they were talking and she clearly laughed a number of times. I could only guess as to what they were saying.

I followed them through our front door. He looked at Mistress and asked her for a drink. She then ordered me to fix him a scotch. I did so and returned to them in the living room. I handed him his drink, which he took, almost ignoring me. He sat in my chair and took a sip as Mistress turned to me. She ordered me to my chair, a straight back wooden chair I had arranged earlier for me to sit.

I sat in the chair and Mistress took the length of chord from the from the floor and bound my hands behind the chair.

She returned to him. He had her stand for a moment, then told her to remove her dress. She did so, letting the dress fall to the floor. She stood facing him wearing only her heels. Her hands rose to her breasts in an attempt to cover herself. He looked at her in silence for some time. Then he told her to raise her arms and lace her fingers behind her head.

She did so, exposing Maltepe Anal Escort herself to him. He told her to turn and face me. She did and we looked in each other’s eyes. He stood behind her and bent down to her neck and he gently kissed her neck as he began to explore her body with his hands. Mistress’ eyes closed and she softly moaned. Her body relaxed. His hands found her breasts and he began to gently caress them. Then he fondled her a bit rougher, until he was kneading, grasping and pulling roughly. Mistress tensed and cried out. I attempted to stand, but my bindings prevented me. Mistress looked at me and shook her head “no”. I sat back in my chair, resigned to my place.

She stood, wearing only heals, as he explored her, kissing, groping, and biting. Sighing at times, crying out at others. He stopped and ordered her to bend over and touch the floor.

Mistress bent at the waist, displaying herself to him. He slapped her behind and she yelped. He thrust his hand to her. Penetrating her. She gasped. “Your cunt is wet, isn’t it.”. Mistress hates that word — yet she showed no sign of distaste, simply responding “Yes Sir.” He touched her, rubbed her and she responded passionately. Pursuant to his instructions she had not had an orgasm in three weeks (meaning I had not had one since then either). He stopped, holding is hand in place. He told her , “fuck my hand.”. And she did. Pushing back against him. Faster and harder. I could hear her wetness and the noises she made from where I sat.

Bent over in what had to be an uncomfortable position, she began to pant. It was clear that Mistress was approaching orgasm. Just when I thought she would cum, he withdrew his hand, leaving her humping nothing but air and whimpering in frustration.

He told her to straighten up and turn to him. He then told her to undress him. I watched as my Mistress undressed another man. Unbuttoning his shirt. Kissing his chest. Taking in his body for the first time. Then, on her knees, taking off his shoes and trousers. Finally removing his underwear. She breathed in when she saw him. I could tell that he was large, and beginning to harden.

He then sat back in my chair, naked, and motioned for Mistress to crawl between his legs. “Suck” was all he said. And she did. She took him in her mouth and with enthusiasm, skill and passion she licked and sucked. I watched my Mistress’ head travel up and down his length. She approached her task with a vigor I have never seen before. He seemed not to even care about her efforts, taking sips of his drink while she labored. However, she seemed not to notice, seeming to work even harder. Do to his size, she was unable to take him fully in her mouth, but had to use her had to cover and stroke him also. I watched her hand wrap around him. Her red nails, which she had spent so much time on the night before, stood out against him. Using her hand and mouth, she worked, trying to give him pleasure. This seemed to go on forever. Him sipping his drink, seeming hardly to care. Mistress working harder and harder. Then, he closed his yes and Mistress’ eyes flew open in surprise. Her mouth and throat began working furiously as to accommodate the flood that had erupted in her mouth. Clear, pearly white cum began leaking from the sides of her mouth as she tried to take it all. He seemed to cum forever. Finally, his eyes opened. Mistress tenderly released his cock from her mouth. She reached of to wipe his dripping cum from her cheek and mouth. “Leave it,” he instructed and she lowered her hands.

After a minute his eyes fell on what we call “the bench.” I constructed the bench at Mistress’ direction. It is essentially a bench, with a well padded and soft top, with straps and ties placed in various positions that permit Mistress to bind me in numerous positions. I had moved the bench in the living room earlier in the day as Mistress had instructed.

Mistress rose from between his legs, and turned and walked toward me. She approached the bench and retrieved a crop and my collar. She looked beautiful. Her face and body still flushed from her efforts and arousal. As she came closer I saw her lipstick was smudged. Then I saw his cum, drying on her face, reminding me of what I had just watched. My stomach was performing gymnastics as she walked up to me. She bent down, kissing me. I could taste him, on her mouth, on her tongue. Every part of her mouth tasted of him. Although I had tasted myself on numerous occasions, I had never tasted another man before. His tasted distinct and strong on Mistress’ lips. More so than I ever remember mine tasting.

Mistress broke the kiss and smiled as she buckled the leather collar around my neck. Then, after untying my hands, she ordered me to stand and strip. I guess I knew this was coming, but still. I began to unbutton my shirt. I must have been going to slow as Mistress struck out with the crop, telling me to work faster. Soon I was down Maltepe Yaşlı Escort to my underwear, then naked in front of my Mistress and this strange man. As I began to ponder what I had gotten myself into, I felt my cock explode as Mistress struck it with the crop. “Why are you not hard?” she posed. I looked down and saw my cock, flaccid and limp. “You had better get my cock hard now!” she ordered. I looked at her. She sternly looked at me, uttering between clenched teeth, “take hold of my cock, stroke it, get it hard this instance.” And I did. My right hand reached between my legs and I masturbated, standing nude in front of this stranger. I looked up at him, sitting there, watching. And I hardened.

Mistress hooked my collar to her leash. “Knees,” she ordered and I fell to my knees. She led me on my knees to the bench. She then bent me over the bench. As my arms hung down, Mistress used the Velcro cuffs to cuff them to the base of the bench. The same with my ankles, which left me open and vulnerable. Satisfied with my position, Mistress proceeded to go to work with the crop. Moving from one butt cheek to another Mistress landed blows on my rear. Her strokes were untimed, so I never knew when one might strike or where. The force of her blows became harder, until I yelped, struggling in my bonds. Then she rained a series of blows on me, one after another, before stopping. Giving me a minute to rest and regain my composure. Then, when I sure she was going to begin again, he spoke up, “Stop… release him.” She did so, undoing my arms and legs.

He walked toward us and told me to get up and kneel in front of the bench. Then, he placed Mistress in the same position I had been, bent over the bench. He strapped her in, just as I had been, leaving her bound, open and exposed. I was now kneeling few feet from her face. Her breast now hung below, gravity pulling them.

He slapped her rear with a bare hand, hard. Mistress shrieked. He then slapped her again. “What a nice shade of pink. Have you been spanked before?” He asked. “No sir” she responded. “Hmmmm…. a virgin. We can fix that” he commented as he slapped her yet again.

His hand then slid between her legs. I watched her breath quicken and her eyes close as he worked her with his hand. She was panting by the time he stopped. He placed a finger on her other hole. Mistress groaned as he slid his finger in. “What a tight little hole we have here.” He commented. “Have you ever had a cock here before?”

“Yes sir,” she stated in between gasps as he inserted another finger. This was a shock. She had never told me that and she had certainly never let me. “Did you enjoy it?” He posed. “No!”. She firmly started. “Too bad,” he commented inserting a third finger. Mistress groaned as he continued to work his fingers in and out.

Eventually he stopped, withdrawing his fingers. Mistress sighed with relief as he went to the bag he had brought. Suddenly he appeared in front of me and, before I knew it, he had inserted a butt plug in my mouth.

I felt small, kneeling there with this phallic pacifier in my mouth. Then I saw my Mistress’ eyes open wide in fear when she saw the nipple clamps out of the corner of her eye.

Losing all her composure, she tried to stand and her limbs struggled in their bindings. Mistress has very sensitive nipples, and, while they love to be stimulated, rough treatment is painful. She began to verbally protest when he hushed her. He bent down and told her. “You will do this for me.” She looked at him and, with resolve, nodded “yes.”.

She watched as he opened the clamp, placed it on her nipple, and then released the clamp, letting it tighten on Mistress’ nipple. As the clamp bit into her flesh, she shrieked and struggled in her bonds. Eventually she calmed. Then she watched him do the same to the other nipple. She was able to stay quiet and still. However, I saw a tear leak from the corner of her eye. He again bent down and whispered, “good girl,” and she smiled.

He turned to me, yanked the plug from my mouth and walked behind her. Slowly, and gently he worked the plug into Mistress. Gritting her teeth, Mistress resigned herself to the assault. Then she gasped as the plug stretched her and seated itself.

Then he picked up the paddle and began. Working on her rear, until she eventually cried out. Then setting the paddle aside and working her with his fingers till she was moaning and nearing orgasm. Then he would stop, pick up the paddle and began the process again.

With each swat of the paddle, each thrust of his hand, the chain between the nipple clamps swayed, pulling on Mistress’ nipples. Over and over he paddled Mistress, then breaking and working her almost to orgasm. Finally, he paused. “Your cunt is leaking on the floor,” he commented. I could see behind Mistress, and it was true. There was a puddle on the floor between her legs.

He walked around her. He stood Maltepe Zenci Escort nude, facing me. I was now looking straight at his penis, which was hanging inches from my face. Looking down at me, he simply stated, “Make me hard.”

I looked up at him. I started to object. This was not part of the deal. I agreed to be here and to watch. Maybe participate with Mistress. But not this. I’m not into guys. It’s just not me.

Then I heard Mistress, in a stern whisper, “Open your fucking mouth and suck him. Make him hard.. NOW!” Automatically, my mouth opened and he placed it inside. I began sucking. I tried to take him deeper into my mouth, but he was too big. As he got harder, I began to gag trying to take all of him in. I brought my hand up to help, but he pushed it down, telling me to only use my mouth. Finally he grabbed my head and stopped me. He then started sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Fucking my mouth. I strained to accommodate him. Spit was running down my face and he began fucking me harder and harder, until he forced himself to the back of my throat. I gagged, but he didn’t care. He kept going, forcing himself in and out of my mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to keep up with him. His cock felt huge. Finally he stopped. Sliding from my mouth, he turned to Mistress.

“What do you want?” He asked. “Fuck me she pled… please.” She responded. He looked at me and instructed me that, when he indicated, I was to release one nipple clamp and when he indicated again, I was to release the other.

He then walked behind Mistress. He slapped her rear. Again and again he slapped her. With each slap, she gasped. Then, when she was expecting another slap, he entered her. He took her. All of him at once entered her and she screamed. “God, yes…. More…… Please……Fuck Me! …….Fuck My Cunt! ……..Pleasseeee” And he did. There was no pretense. No gentleness. He simply used her and she loved it. Moaning and panting. She started to cum. He looked at me and said “now.” I released the nipple clamp and Mistress screamed as the feeling returned to her nipple. I kissed it, gently, trying to help, knowing that it would help little. And she literally exploded in orgasm. Panting, screaming, crying, she came and came. Just when I thought she was done, he told me to release the other clamp. I did so and she exploded again. Coming over and over. He continued fucking her. Without mercy or rest, over and over. Pounding into her she came again. Eventually, exhaustion began to set in. She just couldn’t respond. He taking her and she just lay there, letting him have her, taking him.

Finally, his pace quickened and Mistress seemed to awaken “God, yes….. Please….. Cum…. Cum in me……Cum in my Cunt!” And he did. Forcefully. And as he came, Mistress also came one more time. They both came, long and hard, both of them screaming aloud. Then Mistress slumped over the bench, motionless, exhausted. He withdrew.

He walked around and faced me. Standing in front of me, he instructed, “clean me.” I did. I opened my mouth and took him in. I licked and sucked his cock, then his balls, tasting both of them. I could feel my cock grow harder as I cleaned him and I was embarrassed. He looked down and noticed too. He patted my head. When he was done, he withdrew from my mouth.

He turned to get his clothes. He told me I could release Mistress when he was gone. Then he turned and stroked Mistress’ hair. He whispered something into her ear, and I saw her smile. Then, he left the room.

I looked at Mistress. Her hair was damp with sweat. Eyes closed. Makeup smeared with sweat and tears. She was beautiful.

When I heard the front door closed, I rose and released Mistress’ bonds. I helped her to her feet that then to bed. I laid her on her stomach. I began kissing her neck. I worked my way down her back to her behind. I tenderly kissed the marks on her behind, trying to make them better. Then I noticed the plug. “Take it out,” she whispered. Gently, I removed the plug. After it was removed, Mistress remained swollen and open. I then lowered my head, kissing her there, trying to make it all better. Mistress softly moaned with pleasure.

She rolled over. Again I kissed her neck, then moved down to then the marks on her breasts kissing each one. I worked my way down from her breast, over her tummy. As I made my way down, between her legs, I saw her. Her lips were swollen and open. She looked so…. well, she looked used. His cum was everywhere, matted in her hair, on her lips and leaking from her. She spread her legs and I felt her hands on my head as she urged me down. Down I went, gently licking her clean. Taking my time, gently licking, sucking and cleaning each part of her. I felt her fingers tighten in my hair as she came one last time. After she calmed, she pulled me to her face and kissed me.

She reached down to my hard cock. Grabbing hold, she whispered “save this for me.” Kissing me lightly one more time, she whispered, “don’t wash up yet.” She then rolled over, snuggled next to me and promptly drifted off to sleep, leaving me hard, frustrated and smelling and tasting of sex and cum. Reaching for her I held her. Then I closed my eyes and wondered what tomorrow would bring.

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