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“Did you have a good evening, Baby?”

“Yes, Mom. It was really good. Cheryl is great in bed! What about you, Mom? Did you and Susan have a good time?”

“We did! But I can’t wait to see the videos of you and Cheryl. I have to admit, I get jealous every time I watch you sharing your double dildo with another girl’s mother.”

“I know, Mom. I turned on the television just in time to see you helping Susan tighten the strap-on. It was so hard to sit and watch her fuck you. I go crazy inside every time I see another young girl fucking you!”

“I know, Baby! Maybe someday ..”

“Why, Mom? Why someday? Why not now? We both want it! Why not now?”

“Oh, my god, Sandy!” They kiss. “Do you want to go to my room, Baby?”

“Yes. We’ll get the double dildo from my room, then we’ll go to yours. The cameras are much better placed there and there are 4 of them instead of the 2 in my room and that’s a video set we’ll want to watch again, over and over.”

Sandy and Clare have just hosted an eighteenth birthday party for Susan and her mother, Cheryl. As their guests leave, they finally decide that it’s time to give in to the lust they’ve been feeling for each other for the last several months as they hosted swap parties for young ladies and their mothers.

The eighteenth birthday is the most popular reason for a woman to bring her daughter to one of their parties, but they are willing to throw a party for almost any reason. Their only restriction is that the daughter must be at least eighteen.

As they start up the stairs, Sandy hesitates. “Mom? Would you be upset if I wanted to watch a little bit of the videos of you and Susan? It really turns me on, watching you eat another girl’s pussy.”

Clare laughs. “I thought you were jealous.”

“I am! But it still turns me on watching you fucking another girl!”

“I know, Baby. I think I want to watch a little of the video of you and Cheryl, too.”

As they go into Clare’s room, Sandy closes the door behind them. “The tech’s idea to hide the video ‘on’ switch in the door was great. I don’t think any of our guests have ever realized they were being videoed.”

Clare slowly unzips Sandy’s dress. “Oh, you are a naughty girl, aren’t you! No bra. No panties.”

“I never put them back on after a party, Mom. I’m always hoping that we’ll come back here.” As her dress drops to the floor she kisses her mother. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“I’ve wanted it too, Sandy.”

They kiss again before Sandy helps her mother out of her dress, and then releases the catch on Clare’s bra. As it drops to the floor she takes one of her mom’s nipples in her mouth and sucks gently on it for several seconds.

“Oh god, Sandy, that is so good!”

Sandy izmir escort bayan drops to her knees and slowly pulls Clare’s panties down past her knees. As they fall to the floor, she pulls open her mom’s pussy and begins gently teasing her clit with the tip of her tongue.

“Ummm, that is so good, Baby! But I thought you wanted to watch the video first.”

“Yes, yes! I do!” Sandy stands back up and kisses her mother. “Let’s lie down, Mom.”

A few minutes later they’ve fast forwarded to the place in the video file where Clare is kissing the insides of Susan’s thighs. She moves slowly up to Susan’s cunt and drives her tongue deep into her. As Susan squirms on the TV screen Sandy pushes a finger into Clare’s pussy. Another tongue twisting kiss and Clare hits the pause button.

“Now, Sandy, now! I need it now! Eat me, Baby! Eat mommy’s cunt!”

Sandy pauses only long enough to suck for a moment on each of her mother’s nipples before moving her mouth to Clare’s pussy. Several minutes later Clare hits her climax. Sandy sucks the cum out of her cunt and continues to tease her clit with her tongue.

“Enough, Sandy! Stop! My god, you are gonna drive me crazy, girl! Let me breathe!”

Sandy slides up beside her mother and kisses her gently on the mouth. “Do you want to watch Cheryl and me now, Mom? Do you want to watch me eat her, or would you rather watch Cheryl lick my pussy?”

Clare has almost gotten her breathing back under control. “Yes, yes. I want to watch … Cheryl … eat you.”

Sandy calls up the video file from the cameras in her room and quickly scans to a point in the file just before Cheryl begins eating her cunt. “I had a hard time believing she’d never eaten a woman’s pussy before. She really knew how to use her tongue!”

On the screen Sandy is squirming and squeezing her tits as Cheryl drives her tongue deep into her pussy and then sucks on her clit. As she approaches her climax on the screen, Clare drives two fingers into her cunt.

“Oh, shit, Mom! Pause it! Damn, I need you to eat me! Please, Mom, now!”

Clare moves quickly between her daughter’s thighs and in a very few moments Sandy is cumming in her mother’s mouth.

“Oh, god, Mom! Don’t stop! That is so good! You have got the most awesome tongue! Harder, Mom! Push it into me. Yes, yes, yes!” Sandy lifts her ass of the bed, pushing against her mother’s mouth, trying to get Clare’s tongue as deep into her pussy as she can. “Please, Mom, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She finally collapses back to the bed. “How … many …. times …. did …. I ….cum?”

“I didn’t count, Baby. But I don’t think anybody’s daughter’s pussy ever tasted so good!”

Clare pulls herself up over Sandy until escort izmir she’s lying on top of her. She pauses for just a moment to rub her nipples against her daughter’s before kissing her. She drives her tongue deep into Sandy’s mouth for a long, hot kiss before rolling off to her side.

“Are you ready to share your double dildo with me yet?”

Sandy laughs. “God, Mom! You are insatiable, aren’t you? But don’t you want to watch some more video first? Wouldn’t you like to see me share it with another girl’s mom?”

Now it’s Clare’s turn to laugh. “Yes, Baby, you’re right. We should watch a little more. What really surprises me is that none of those women ever suspect that we’re videoing them. You show them the first few minutes of me with their daughters and most of them get to see a little more before you take them downstairs, and none of them thinks about the possibility that there are cameras in your room or that we’re saving files of them!”

“But there was one time I didn’t turn on the TV at all, Mom. The cop. I thought she might figure it out, so I didn’t even pick up the remote. Surprising enough, she didn’t seem to be at all concerned about her daughter, so there really wasn’t any reason to.”

“She might have figured it out. I have to say I was really shocked when she tried to pay for the party. Between the website and my meetings with her at the mall, I was sure she knew we just got off having mother/daughter sex.”

“Yeah, Mom. I almost choked when she admitted that she was a cop and that if you had taken the money she would have busted us for prostitution! I wasn’t sure if that party was going to die right there or what!”

“There was no way I was going to let that party die, Baby! Her daughter was one very attractive young lady! I wasn’t about to let her leave without sitting on that pretty face!”

“I’m glad! I got really turned on eating a cop cunt! And she knew how to eat pussy! She made me cum almost as much as you just did! And I think she may have been the first woman that didn’t want to go face to face with the double dildo. I hadn’t ever gone ass to ass before her! Do you want to watch that now, Mom?”

“Yes! Do you think you can find it?’

“Let’s see. Her name was Karen and her daughter was …”

“Her daughter was Roberta.”

“Right, here it is. Karen and Roberta. Camera five or camera six. Let’s see what five looks like. Probably about 25 minutes in….” She runs through the first 23 or 24 minutes of the video at triple fast forward and then hits ‘Play’. They watch as Karen, a petite brunette with small, firm tits, tells Sandy she’d rather use the double dildo ass to ass. A few minutes later she and Sandy, on their hand and knees, are both about to cum as they izmir escort rock back and forth on the dildo. “I was surprised at how different it felt. It doesn’t go quite as deep into your pussy, but it pushes a slightly different way inside you. It really is incredible, Mom!”

“Let’s do it, Baby!” Clare’s eyes haven’t left the screen and she already sounds breathless. “I want you to fuck me like that!”

“Mom, would it be okay if we saved the ass to ass for another time? I want to watch as I push it into your pussy. I want you to watch as I pull the other end into my own cunt. And I want us to watch each other as we fuck each other for the first time. We can go ass to ass another time, maybe tomorrow. Would that be okay, Mom?”

“Yes, Baby, you’re right. Our first time we should do it face to face.” Clare pulls Sandy to her and they share a long, slow, very hot kiss. “Will you put it in me now, Sandy?” She spreads her legs slightly and Sandy slowly pushes half of the twenty inch long dildo into her mother’s cunt. “Oh, god, yes, Baby! That is so good. Yes!” She lifts her head off the pillow to watch as Sandy slowly moves close enough to pull the other end of the dildo into her own pussy.

“It’s good, isn’t it Mom?” She starts a gentle rhythm, pushing her pussy closer and closer to her mother’s pussy while pulling the dildo deeper and deeper into her own cunt. “Oh, god! Isn’t that good, Mom?”

“Yes, Sandy! Yes! Go slow, Baby! Go slow. I want you to fuck me real slow. Oh, yes, Baby, make Mommy cum.” Her ass is off the bed, moving to the same rhythm as her daughter’s, the dildo sliding in and out of both of their pussies. “Now, Sandy! Now! Yes, Baby, yes! Fuck me! Make me cum! Harder! Don’t stop! Oh, my god, Sandy! That is so good!”

“Yes, Mom! Yes! Keep going! Keep fucking me, Mom! Oh, shit that is so good!”

Several minutes later they slowly pull the dildo from their throbbing cunts and collapse side by side on the bed.

“That was the best I have ever been fucked, Mom! None of the other mother’s ever fucked me like that.”

“I have to admit, Sandy, I didn’t think anything could feel that good. I didn’t want to stop! Do you want to use the strap-on now? Do you want to fuck me? Or do you want me to fuck you? Should we watch some video first? We have lots of files of girls fucking me and a few of me fucking them. Roberta wanted me to fuck her. Her cop mom thought she was a virgin, but she was far from it! Do you want to watch me fuck her, Sandy?”

“Would you be too upset if I said not tonight, Mom? I am totally worn out! Aren’t you even a little tired? Do you realize how many hours we’ve been screwing, fist with Susan and Cheryl and then with each other? Don’t you need to sleep, Mom?”

“You’re right, Baby. There is always tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep. Will you stay here, with me tonight?”

“Yes, Mom.” She kisses her mother, driving her tongue deep into Clare’s mouth. “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you, too, Sandy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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