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Big Tits

I lay in bed all Thursday morning, dozing with a light hangover from a party my husband and I attended. Around noon, the glare of the pool through the French doors seduced me into rising.

I heard Katie, our housekeeper, moving about in the kitchen. Knowing I wasn’t alone, I slipped on a swimsuit and walked out onto the patio. A beautiful sunny afternoon greeted me blindingly and I dove into the cool blue water.

I swam for a while, easing the tension out of my body. Feeling refreshed and fatigued at the same time, I pulled myself from the water and collapsed into a lounge chair. A quick look around, and I slipped my top off and stretched out on my tummy.

I catnapped for awhile allowing the sun to dry my skin. The sound of tinkling ice in a glass made me look up to see Katie smiling at me. Thirsty, I rolled over and took the glass from her sleepily.

“I’m done in the house, is there anything else you need?” she said. But her gaze never left my exposed breasts.

I was a little shocked at her bold perusal of my assets, and replied, “No.” But the intensity of her gaze made me feel powerful and seductive, hardening my nipples.

She shifted her eyes to meet mine and smiled knowingly. “Mind if I join you?”

Excited by the thought of seeing her body, I said sure.

Thinking she would return with a suit to lay out in, I was surprised when she stripped down before me. Without saying a word, she reached out and took the glass of iced tea from me and drank from it herself.

Then she leaned anadolu yakası escort over my tanned body, and placed her ice cold mouth on my aroused nipple. Not knowing what else to do, I grasped the arms of the lounger and sucked in my breath. She knelt on a towel and slid her hand over to tease and pinch my other nipple, making me arch my back in wanton delight. As her mouth warmed, she began a slow rhythm of almost bite-then-very hard suck on my taught nipple that made me wet instantly.

The hand strayed lower. Skimming across my taut stomach and lightly touching my swimsuit bottom. She cupped her hand against my crotch, rubbing me firmly with the heel of her hand while switching her attention to my other breast. After a few moments, she could feel my wetness through the suit.

Katie stood and slowly slid her hands up my legs, staring me in the eyes, stopping when she reached the suit. She lazily caressed downward and came up again. On the third pass, she pulled the suit down my legs and trailed her tongue leisurely across my soft inner thigh as I watched with an arched brow.

Her eyes lit up upon discovering I was completely waxed and she gave a throaty moan of delight that was muffled as she ground her face into my already wet pussy. She drew back and flicked her tiny pink tongue against my clit as I watched with mounting desire.

Rubbing her own hard nipples against my legs, she knelt again and spread me with her hands. My glistening mound fully exposed in the sunlight, she ataköy escort slowly lapped the full length of my pussy with her sharp little tongue making me moan with pleasure.

I had never had a woman in control of me like this. She stared into my eyes with a sultry smile playing at the corners of her mouth while she licked and teased my throbbing clit. The sight was so erotic; I closed my eyes in ecstasy and arched my back, forcing more pressure onto my spread legs.

Taking this as consent, she held the lips of my pussy open and leaned back to watch me as she inserted a finger into my near dripping pussy. Keeping the finger inserted and moving it slowly back and forth like a miniature cock, she began to rub my clit roughly with her other hand.

I moaned and she applied more pressure to my clit, rubbing harder and faster. It felt better than anything I had done to myself. She increased the speed and pressure, and we both heard my slick wetness.

Keeping my back arched for her access, and throbbing with ecstasy, I looked down at her shiny black hair spread across my tanned thigh as she rubbed my bare pussy forcefully.

“So smooth… and so wet,” she murmured as she leaned in to nibble my clit more. She continued to stroke my pussy with her finger, quickly adding another and stretching me more. Then I felt her other hand glide along my pussy as she stroked the wetness that now covered my tiny asshole. I began squirming in anticipation but she didn’t slip her wet little ataşehir escort finger into my ass, just left it tantalizingly at the entrance with a small amount of pressure.

The fact that it was another woman fucking me spurred my desire into full flame and I felt the blood rush up my chest and into my face. I looked down at her naked body, seeing her draped across the bottom of the lounger between my legs. Her own tight little ass was raised in the air, legs barely spread as she knelt before me. It looked like she was begging to be fucked from behind.

With my legs spread wide open, I began to slowly buck my hips against her chin allowing the finger at my ass to ease in a tiny bit more with each of my backward thrusts. Finally I was fully mounted with two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass, squirming wildly.

I felt my muscles begin to clench and tighten as I rode her slender hands. I buried my own hands in her silky hair and held her face as my pleasure built.

“Oh, yes, fuck me,” I moaned as I forced her to grind her face against my pussy. I felt her hands pounding both my pussy and my ass in full double penetration and still wanted more as I twined my fingers roughly in her hair.

The excitement was too much for me, and I felt the tightening of all my muscles. Wave after wave of intense pleasure passed through my body as I climaxed, holding her face down into me and gripping her with my legs.

She eased back and stood above me, watching as I struggled to control myself. Then she licked my wet juices from her fingers, wiped her chin, and parted her own nether lips. She was as wet and swollen as I was.

“Mmmm,” I sighed. She laughed softly and stood up, holding all the power of a satisfied woman, then slid back into her jeans.

Turning to leave, she smiled and said, “See you tomorrow, ma’am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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