The Big Bear

Big Tits

I met Bear online.

Of course, your first reaction is going to be what did you expect from a guy you meet online. Well, I guess I expected him to be somewhat normal. I was a little bit off.

To some of you, however, Bear will be normal. Bear is not his real name. It is not even close. His real name is Robert but everyone calls him Bear. I did not know why then and I still do not know why now.

Our relationship started out normal enough. We did the things all couples whom meet online do. We had lots of long chats in cyberspace then we had cyber sex. This is the 00’s after all. Living on the edge is what we are all about.

He was my first online and real time Master. He had a real life slave, whom he has since married. He met her when she was 16 and he was 20. He was her first lover and they have been together ever since. To celebrate their relationship as Master/slave, he bought her a dog leash and took her to the mall while she wore it. He told me it caused quite a scene as it was not something one does in West Virginia. You don’t bring your girl shopping to the mall wearing a dog leash. But he was never one to conform and more power to him.

Time went on and he became involved with online M/s. Then he met me. He took me as his online slave and all was comfy cozy until his real life slave got a bit jealous of me. She had no reason to be. Yes, I did make an offer to him that he could move in with denizli escort me in New Jersey. Frankly, I would think West Virginia rather dull but then I am used to the city. He was unhappy in real life and I said maybe a break would do him good. But he elected to stay in West Virginia with his slave and they, hopefully, will live happily ever after. However, he broke it off with me to placate her. Later, he took me back when she developed self-esteem and he grew a back bone.

I believe to this day one of the reasons he kept her was she wore a size 10 shoe. Now to most people this would be a bit odd. First off, a woman that wears that large of a shoe is usually large and I saw photos of her, she was a big girl. But Bear had a kinky habit. He liked to dress up in pantyhose and high heels.

He was not a cross dresser as I would see it. He never really got into the whole dressing as a woman thing. He just liked to wear stockings and shoes. The first Christmas I knew him, he bought his slave a pair of knee high leather boots for Christmas. Now that is a good gift. I have had boyfriends buy my coffeemakers, I know. (So have you! Admit it!) So I am sure she was tickled pink to get them. The next day she went off to work and he slipped them on himself.

At this point, he had lost his job and was on unemployment. He had had no luck finding a new job so he joined the antalya escort Armed forces. I won’t say which one but he is in there, sneaking home at night to put on his wife’s shoes.

He called me up and whispered over the phone, “Guess what I am wearing?” and of course I knew. Then he would have me tell him all the things I would do to him for being so naughty as to put on his girlfriend’s boots.

This became our usual routine; he would put on stockings and a pair of her shoes and call me up. But even that became too routine after awhile and we had to spice it up a bit. He did continue to wear them but he also has a very strong foot fetish. He would enjoy imagining cumming all over my feet. And it got to the point that I also became aroused by the idea of him cumming on my feet. I guess that is how kinks are found or born or made.

He became quite enthralled with the idea of my feet. He started asking me constantly to send him photos of them. Finally, after weeks of him asking, I got out a pair of stockings and my best pair of black leather pumps. I powered up my digital camera and I took 12 shots for him of my feet in the stockings and wearing the pumps. I moved my feet a little in each pose so they were not identical. Sometimes the ankles turned left or right, sometimes the toes pointed left or right or straight ahead, in some shots the ankles were pressed izmir escort together and in some they were apart.

Then of course, I teased him with the shots. He was like a junkie at this point. I would send him one every time he did something good, as a reward. And how he loved those photos of just my feet. But then, he has a foot fetish so of course he would. Eventually he had all twelve poses and then he started asking about the shoes. He had me move on to using the shoes during masturbation. Oh my, I had never considered a shoe as a sex toy until Bear had introduced it to me. I began taking those pumps to bed with me. My poor vibrator remained in my drawer, ignored.

I must admit I enjoyed using the shoes to get myself off. It was an interesting experience but now I have cleaned them off and put them back in my closet. They are just shoes after all.

My desire to have my feet cum on also faded. I am sure I would be more than happy to have it happen but it is not number one on my list. But for Bear, of course, his desire never changed or faded. He still has a huge thing for feet. He still puts on his now wife’s stockings and high heels. He still surfs the web looking for good sites that deal with foot fetishes. For him, he would just as soon see a woman modeling shoes than have it some hardcore site.

And he still has the photos I sent him. Every few weeks when I log into my online messenger program, I will get a message from him. They are always the same: “I was looking at the photos of your feet last night”. He says they still make him cum. He can just masturbate and cum looking from them. Personally, they are just my feet. But if that is what turns the man on, more power to him.

Feet, the way to a man’s heart.

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