The Cherry Poppers Ch. 13


This is a fictional account.


Jason was studying hard Tuesday night when he got a call from Stephanie. He was busy concentrating on the material for a test the next day and was surprised by her call.

“Hi, Stef,” Jason said when he heard her say hello.

“How is everything?” Stephanie asked.

“Oh, studying for a damn test tomorrow,” Jason replied.

“Yeah, I had one today. What’re you up to tomorrow night? Sounds like you could use a break,” Stephanie added.

“Probably could. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, Pammy and I were missing you and hoping we could spend some time together?” Stef asked.

“Tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, can you come by the room at around seven? We plan to make it special for you,” Stephanie said, with a definitely sexual hint and giggle.

“I think I could do that,” Jason responded with a laugh. “How special?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Stephanie concluded.

“Okay. I’ll see you then,” Jason said and hung up after goodbyes.

He was curious what these two were cooking up but the idea of seeing both again, together, was making his cock stir. Stephanie was an incredible fuck with big tits to play with and Pam was also a dynamite fuck with her long legs and Hersey Kiss-like nipples. The only problem with the whole affair was thoughts of Beth and Sheila started filling his head too. ‘God damn, what am I going to do about this situation? I love fucking Stephanie and Pam, I’ve got Friday coming up with Kira and Tessa, but I can’t get these thoughts out of my head about Beth and Sheila.’

Jason gave up thinking about it as he had to reimmerse himself back into his studies. He studied the rest of that evening and felt confident he had the material down.

He took the test in his second class of the day and felt good at the conclusion that he had done well. As he left the class and walked down the hall, he ran into Beth. They both had a break before their next classes and found a place to sit and talk. After the usual small talk, Beth brought up Saturday’s date.

“What should we do on Saturday?” Beth asked.

“I was thinking about a movie,” Jason stated.

“That would be fun but how would you feel about bowling?” Beth asked.

“I like bowling,” Jason declared.

“The reason I mention that is Haden wanted to double date this weekend and talked about going bowling. She met this guy that invited her out Saturday and she accepted but she doesn’t know him that well and wanted to double. You okay with that?”

“Sure,” Jason replied.

“Haden hasn’t dated much and is a little shy. This guy is from one of her classes. She likes him okay but is still a little nervous the date will go well,” Beth added.

“No problem,” Jason said.

“I promise we’ll still have time together at the end,” Beth offered. “I’ve been missing you.”

“Me too,” Jason agreed, feeling guilty of his other dalliances.

“I can’t wait to kiss you know what,” Beth whispered with a mischievous smile. “And feel him inside me too.”

“He can’t wait for that either,” Jason whispered back and they laughed together.

“I could meet you later at your frat?” Beth offered naughtily.

Jason looked at the beautiful redhead and he was tempted to agree but he already had a session with two women planned for the night and would need all his strength for those two he was sure.

“I loved to, Beth, but I have more studying to do and work at the infirmary,” Jason begged off guiltily.

“Okay, just a thought,” Beth proposed with a smile.

They talked about swimming for a while. Beth was doing well in the meets and the team was tied for first in the conference. If they won out they would be the top-seed for the conference tournament. A lot was riding on her to do well for the team. Jason told her the practices would be starting real soon for the men’s team. His mornings and many evenings would be tied up with practice.

They parted company with a kiss and Jason walked to his next class. Just before getting to the door, ironically he ran into Sheila. They stopped to talk briefly as class was about to begin.

“How’s it going?” Sheila asked.

“Good. How’s Spanish?”

“I did better I think on a quiz the other day but I’m still behind. I’ll need your help on Sunday.”

“I’ll be there,” Jason replied.

“Good. I can hardly wait,” Sheila admitted and she too smiled lecherously.

“That goes double for me,” Jason added with a smile.

“I had a great time last Sunday,” Sheila confessed.

“Me too,” Jason agreed.

“Well, we better get into class,” Sheila stated.

“Yeah, see you, gorgeous,” Jason complimented.

“Later, Jason,” Sheila said and walked off to her class.

At the infirmary, Dr. Jenny told him the new doctor would be in starting Monday for training. They would work together through Thanksgiving break and until Christmas vacation and then the new doctor would take over. Dr. Jenny had mixed emotions about retiring but she was looking forward to time Gaziantep Binevler Escort to herself and to travel. She wanted to see Europe and Hawaii. Jason told her he would miss her but was glad for her that she was finally getting to retire.

Nothing much happened at the infirmary that day. A couple injures from intramural games and a few colds. No new virgins showed up which disappointed Jason but at the same time he had all he could handle for now.

Just before seven, he drove over to the dorm to see Stephanie and Pam. He got the shock of his life when Stef answered the door completely naked. He could see behind her through the little she opened the door that the lights were off and candles seemed to be providing the only light. He heard soft music playing in the background. The women had obviously set up a night of erotic pleasures. Seeing it was Jason, Stef ducked behind the door and let him in.

“You have to strip immediately in here,” Stephanie said naughtily.

Pam sat on one of the beds, also completely naked. They must have had twenty small candles going adding to the mood in the room. In addition to the music, incense burned and made the room smell delightful.

“You heard me,” Stef restated. “Strip, stud.”

Jason laughed but complied and soon his clothes were off and draped over a desk chair. Stephanie led him to the bed and placed him between Pam and her. As he lay back at their urging, both women pressed their tits into his respective arms and leaned over to kiss him on the cheeks and neck.

“God,” Jason groaned. “This is something.”

“Glad you like it,” Stef responded.

“Yeah, we have a night planned for you,” Pam added.

Both their hands slid from his bare chest, where they had come to rest, down to his groin. Stef teased and played with his pubic hair as Pam’s hand encircled his growing length. Pam’s hand moved up to tease the head of his cock while Stef scrapped her nails down his thigh and around to his balls. They both looked at him lovingly in the flickering candle light. Jason’s cock was reacting quickly.

“You like this?” Stef asked.

“Oh, god, yes,” Jason moaned.

“You like having two women play with you at once,” Pam queried knowingly.

“Can’t think of anything better in the world,” Jason declared.

“We’re going to drive you crazy tonight,” Stef said.

“Might even wear you out,” Pam claimed with a giggle.

“I’m ready,” Jason said confidently.

His cock was already hard and getting painfully so. Pam was teasing him with light scratches of her fingernails on the sensitive underside of his cockhead. Stephanie rounded his testicles in her hand, gently squeezing them until they popped through her fingers like greased eggs. The girls kept this up for a while making Jason groan loudly with the sensational feelings. His cockhead leaked pre-cum which Pam quickly rubbed around his dick.

“Oh, shit,” Jason growled as the two recent entrants into the world of sex explored his genitals.

“You like that?” Stef asked with a giggle.

“Fuck … you guys are driving me nuts,” Jason exclaimed.

“Good,” Stephanie said. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

“What do you have in mind?” Jason asked.

“Well, I won the toss between Pam and I so I get to direct the action. Here is your first assignment, stud,” Stephanie said, getting up on all fours and then sitting across his chest with her pussy inches from his mouth.

“You get to eat my pussy while Pam sucks your cock,” Stef added.

“That sounds like a good deal …,” Jason said but any more words were drowned out as her pussy slid forward over his mouth.

At the same time, Jason felt his cockhead being drawn into Pam’s warm, wet mouth. He muffled some more words into Stef’s cunt as Pam began to suck on the head of his cock. Her hands played with his balls while her mouth consumed a few more inches of his shaft. He was enjoying the sweet sensations to his cock while Stef’s newly shaved pussy was covering his mouth. His tongue teased her wet inner lips as she forced her cunt against his face. Her wetness was already covering his lower jaw.

Stef rode Jason’s face, grinding her sex onto his mouth. Jason’s tongue probed deeply inside her causing Stephanie to mutter encouragement to him. Jason tried to concentrate on what he was doing to Stef’s cunt but Pam wasn’t making it easy with tremendous suction to his cockhead and wickedly teasing licks each time more pre-cum oozed from his slit.

“So fuckin’ good,” Stef growled. “Oh, Jason, that’s so fuckin’ good. Keep going. I’m going to cum soon,” Stef yelled.

Jason could feel his balls tightening too. Pam was learning the fine art of cocksucking well. Her mouth lacked experience but not enthusiasm which translated into exquisite spikes of pleasure as she tried different things. Her hands were as eager as her mouth and that helped too.

“Oh, god,” Stephanie screamed as her orgasm peaked.

She had been horny for days planning this get together with Pam. Her built up sexual frustration poured from her now in the form of a flood of juices to Jason’s mouth and face. He lapped as fast as he could but some even dropped off his chin onto his bare chest. Stef continued to grind her cunt into his face until she collapsed over him. He had to push her off a little to breathe. His own orgasm was coming fast.

“Ahh … ,” Jason groaned awaiting his cum, then, “Oh, shit,” as he felt Pam squeeze the head of his cock hard.

“What the fuck!” Jason howled. “Why did you do that?”

Pam had stopped his orgasm just as he was about to come by squeezing his cockhead that way. Her hands also pulled his balls away from his body and pinched the base of his cock. Pam smiled at him despite his concerned look.

“Shit, Pam,” Jason growled.

“She learned to do that on the internet,” Stephanie giggled. “You’ve turned us into sex fiends since taking our cherries. We can’t get enough and have been watching porno on the internet. Pam saw some girl do that to a guy to keep him from cumming too soon.”

“Damn … that’s frustrating for the guy,” Jason complained.

“Oh, we only want to make sure you last long enough to fuck us both,” Stef explained still giggling.

“Funny,” Jason lamented, but then moaned as Pam sucked his cockhead back in her mouth. “Oh, geez.”

“Switch,” Stef shouted and the women swapped positions.

Jason’s cock disappearing into Stef’s mouth as Pam pushed her equally shaved cunt into Jason’s. These girls were learning stuff beyond what he could have taught them. ‘They’re becoming like fuckin’ nymphomaniacs,’ Jason decided. The scene played out like before except that Stef kept his cock just below the level to cum. She maliciously teased him while he brought Pam to an equally magnificent cum like the one Stef just had. Jason loved the taste of both of them and relished the slight difference. When Pam fell off him like Stef had, he looked down frustrated at Stef.

“God, you’re killing me,” Jason bellowed. “I need to cum bad.”

“Not yet, sweetie,” Stef said. “Inside me first.”

She climbed up and slowly mounted his cock. She deliberately went slowly to allow him more time to relax before she started really fucking his cock. Pam got up on her knees by his head and kissed him passionately. Her tongue pushed into his mouth and played with his. They kissed while Stef rode his cock and ground her pelvis into his groin when his cock was buried deep inside her. This gave her excellent stimulation to her clit while offering only teasing pleasure to his big dick.

Pam shifted enough to feed her great nipples one by one into his mouth. He sucked on each one she gave him and kneaded the one not in his mouth. Her bullet like nipples were a joy to suck on as Stef fucked herself on his huge member. ‘Oh, god,’ Jason thought. ‘These two are going to kill me.’

Jason tried thrusting up into Stef to get the stimulation he so desperately sought. She let him but slowed her own movements which negated much of the affect he desired. Pam took one of his hands and pushed it between her legs as she continued to push her pear sized breasts into his mouth. He could take most of one tit inside while his fingers started playing in her moist gash. He parted the folds of her cunt and found her entrance. He slipped his forefinger into her warm wet hole making Pam moan above him.

Finally, Stef increased her motion giving Jason more sensation. He still pushed off the bed, driving his big cock deep into her pussy. He could sense that Stephanie was becoming more aroused and possibly getting close. He hoped she would keep going and allow him to cum with her.

“Oh, my god,” Stef gasped. “Your dick feels so good inside me.”

“Mmmm,” Pam moaned too as Jason put a second finger up her cunt hole.

His thumb wiggled around in the top of her cunt until he felt her little hard button. He pressed against that as his fingers pushed and wiggled inside Pam’s pussy. She started to groan loudly and pulled her saliva soaked tits from his mouth to be replaced by her lips and tongue. The combination of these two sexual beings attacking and using his body was driving Jason crazy.

Stef sped up and finally he had the stimulation he needed to cum. He concentrated on humping up into her as she bounced up and down on his big dick. Pam’s hot lips and tongue added to his pleasure. Jason could feel his balls tightening. He was getting close when he felt Stef’s hand grab his nuts and pull them menacingly away from his shaft. “Ungh,” he desperately moaned his disapproval into Pam’s kisses.

Pam moved away to watch Stef fuck him. Stef’s eyes were closed with her own passion but she opened them to see them both watching. Jason’s fingers still worked around in Pam’s cunt which had become juicy with her secretions.

“Pam, squeeze his shaft,” Stef said.

“What?” Jason screamed as Pam moved away behind Stef.

Pam grabbed his cock at the base and squeezed.

“Oh, you fuckin’ bitches,” Jason howled.

“That’s it,” Stef grunted as she hammered her pussy down on his blood engorged cock.

Jason’s dick felt huge and about to burst but he couldn’t get the pleasure he needed with Pam cutting off his ejaculation. She pulled and kneaded his balls making him groan even louder. The girls giggled as they looked at Jason’s strained face.

Stef pounded down on him and swiveled her hips as if she were trying to make sausage out of his cock. He reached up and pulled hard on her nipples thinking two can play at this game. Instead of reacting negatively though, Stephanie screamed and bucked against his dick. In seconds, she climaxed with unbelievable intensity. Her cunt clamped down on Jason’s abused dick like a vise. He thought he would die of frustration when Pam suddenly let go.

“Fuck,” Jason screamed way too loud.

His cock started spewing cum into Stephanie’s tightly clutching cunt like a howitzer. Jason felt like the top of his head blew off as he bucked up into Stef’s tight cum slick cunt. Pam’s hands were back rubbing his scrotum like she was trying to milk more cum from his balls.

“Motherfucker,” Jason yelled as his dick still coughed up cum into Stef’s quaking pussy.

Stephanie’s orgasm began to wane and she slumped down on top of him, mashing her large breasts into his heaving chest. Her orgasm had been titanic too and she moaned loudly now as the pleasure finally subsided. Jason felt the last of his cum drain out into Stef’s soaked cunt. He collapsed back on the bed, panting for air, as Stef did the same on top of him. Pam stopped rubbing his balls and instead started licking them. Her tongue swabbed up Jason’s cum leaking profusely from Stef’s stuffed pussy. Jason’s cum ran out of her in streams to his balls where Pam collected it.

Finally, Stef moved aside and Jason’s cum slick cock slipped entirely from her stretched hole. Jason moaned as he felt Pam pick up his cock and tenderly suck on his shrinking dick. He couldn’t stand it for long though, as his cock was super sensitive from all the abuse these two vixens had caused him.

“Shit, Pam,” Jason moaned rolling onto his side which pulled his dick from her tenderly sucking mouth.

Jason felt the bed move and turned to watch Pam shift up and kiss Stef. Their tongues battled and Jason could see cum move from Pam’s mouth into Stephanie’s. ‘Fuck, these two are wild,’ Jason moaned to himself. The girls stayed at it for several minutes until it was obvious Pam had fed Stef anything that remained in her mouth of Jason’s cum.

Jason rolled back over and closed his eyes. He was awakened after what felt like hours but was really was only a half an hour. The girls woke him by pulling him over onto his back. In seconds, he felt a warm wet washcloth on his genitals. They washed him tenderly and the heat from the towel felt marvelous. He glanced down to see Pam smiling at him and washing his groin with the warm soothing rag. She had a robe on and a small tub of steaming water nearby. He looked to his left and saw Stef, still naked, washing her own sex with a similar washcloth. Jason lay back and enjoyed the wonderful feeling.

“You like that?” Pam asked as she tenderly swabbed his cock and balls.

“Feels great,” Jason moaned.

“Sure does,” Stef said and she smiled at him too.

“Still think we’re bitches?” Pam asked with a smirk.

“Yes,” Jason complained. “What the hell was all that about?”

“We wanted to make sure you would last,” Stef said, grinning too.

“You broads are wicked,” Jason declared.

“Get out. You loved it, who you kidding,” Stef claimed.

“You nearly killed me with frustration,” Jason lamented.

“But I felt when you came inside me. My god, that was incredible,” Stef said. “Admit it.”

“It was pretty phenomenal,” Jason admitted with a smile now.

“I have to pee,” Pam announced and got off the bed.

As she left, Stephanie said, “I have another pleasant surprise for you but first you have to promise us something.”

“What is that?” Jason asked.

“Well, honestly, Jason, since you popped both our cherries Pam and I can’t get enough of sex. This was sort of a fantasy we had discussed and thought you would like. We have another proposition for you too,” Stef concluded.


“How would you like to fuck two more virgins?” Stef asked.

“What are you saying?”

“You see, there are two roommates down the hall that we are good friends with. They are both virgins. We’ve told them about you – not your name though – and they are intrigued,” Stef stated.

“What do you mean intrigued?”

“I told them how good you are with virgins and they are interested in you popping their cherries too,” Stephanie explained.

“You serious,” Jason extolled.

“Absolutely, but you could do something for us for arranging it for you,” Stef mentioned.

“What’s that?”

“Oh, this is so naughty I almost can’t say it,” Stef stated.

“What is it?”

“Well, this is going to sound crazy but Pam and I want to fuck a bunch of your frat brothers at once,” Stef proclaimed.

“You what?”

“We want you to arrange a gangbang for us.”

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