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Stephen was just wrapping up a business lunch with a prospective client when his cell phone rang. Despite his preoccupation, he took the call because his office and family both knew better than to disturb him during a business meeting unless it was urgent. It was Laura, his secretary, informing him to call his sister, Evelyn, who had been trying to reach him.

Apart from the yearly exchange of e-cards during Christmas and other holidays, Stephen had lost contact with Evelyn after he moved to LA. She used to be working as a high school teacher in Dayton, Ohio, close to where their parents had their farm, and had gotten married to a software engineer with a finance company. Her husband had been laid off recently due to the economic crisis and had started drinking heavily.

Stephen was surprised to hear from Evelyn and, as soon as he saw off his client, he called his sister’s number. Evelyn answered and, despite the years, Stephen felt a familiar stirring in his loins when he heard her voice. Her speech was erratic and it sounded like she had been crying. She told him that she was in LA and wanted to meet him urgently. He gave her the directions to his apartment and informed his office that he would be away for the rest of the day.

As he drove home, Stephen felt his cock getting hard when he recalled the incestuous childhood games he and his sister had played when they were eighteen and nineteen, respectively. After coming home from school, the children would have lunch with their mother and then retire to Evelyn’s room to ‘study’. The game Steve enjoyed the most was ‘Cow on the Farm’.

“OK, Bessie, its milking time, Farmer Mike is here to take care of you.”

Evelyn was playing the role of her father getting ready to milk their cow, Bessie, in the barn. She would be dressed in an oversized shirt and trousers with her father’s baseball cap on her head. The shirt would be unbuttoned all the way down the front and she wore no undergarments. She would be squatting on the floor and impatiently scolding her brother to quickly take off his clothes and assume the role of Bessie the cow.

Stevie was soon naked and on all fours, mooing softly as he crawled back and forth in front of his sister who slapped his plump buttocks.

“Bessie, be a good girl now and stop fooling around – get into position so that Farmer Mike can milk you.”

‘Bessie’ gave a long “moo” and docilely took its place across ‘Farmer Mike’ — just like the real Bessie before her milking. Instead of a pail for the milk, a shallow cup was positioned directly under his penis. The boy’s frail, pinkish white body shivered with excitement as his small dick pointed stiffly down — its shiny, acorn head red and inflamed.

“Good girl, Bessie, now before Farmer Mike milks you; let me check you out for any infections and stuff.”

Stevie’s cock nodded in agreement, his buttocks tensed in preparation for what was coming next.

Evelyn squeezed out some KY Jelly in both her hands and worked it vigorously it into her palms and fingers taking care to especially lubricate the long and slender middle finger of her left hand. She had ‘borrowed’ the tube from their parent’s bedside dresser. She parted her brother’s plump round cheeks and ran her fingers expertly up and down his crack, finally stopping at the threshold of his tightly pursed pink ass-hole.

“Does Bessie want Farmer Mike to check her ass-hole to see that it’s clear?”

Stevie smiled and nodded his head with a consenting “moo”. He could feel his sister’s finger skimming over the furrows of his anus and then slowly insinuating itself into the hole.

The pain was excruciating but inexplicably pleasurable. The boy’s cock jacked up higher as his sister continued the anal assault.

Evelyn’s finger was now inserted up to the first digit and she pushed it further inside until she felt her brother’s sphincter muscles gradually relaxing to accommodate the intrusion.

“Good girl, Bessie, your ass-hole feels fine and free. Good enough to take Farmer Mike’s cock whenever it wants to.”

The girl penetrated deeper into her brother’s anal cavity and then began fondling his tight, pink scrotum with her other hand.

“Is Bessie ready for milking now? Does Bessie want Farmer Mike to remove his finger from Bessie’s ass-hole?”

Stevie moved closer to his sister and nodded “yes” to the first question and “no” to the second. He bucked his hips up and down to indicate his readiness for the milking.

Evelyn grasped her brother’s dick between her thumb and fingers and squeezed it in a downward movement– just like she would be doing to a cow’s teat. Both children had done their share of chores around the farm to know about proper milking techniques.

“Hmmm, Bessie’s tit is hot and ready for milking.”

Stevie gasped with pleasure as his sister’s soft, nimble fingers slowly milked his cock while her other hand explored his anus. Evie had sworn him to secrecy about their games, warning bahis firmaları him that people considered sex between siblings and immediate family members forbidden and called it ‘incest’. The very fact that it was his sister, who was pleasuring him, aroused him exceedingly – adding more fuel to their flames of depravity.

“Bessie needs something sexy to look at? Here, baby, look at the goodies Farmer Mike has in store for you.”

Evelyn opened her shirt to display her pert, pointy nippled pink tits to her brother and pulled down her pants to show him her clitoris stimulator that was embedded in her pussy, humming merrily between her wide open legs. Stevie noticed that his sister had fuzzy red hair growing on her virgin mound.

Stevie forgot that he was playing the role of a dumb animal and burst out, “Gee, sis. Your titties are simply the greatest and your cunny is way too hot!”

His sister’s green eyes shone with excitement and the tresses of her tumbling, red hair caressed the soft lines of her high cheek-boned, classically beautiful features.

Evelyn giggled. She enjoyed the depraved sex games with her brother — she knew that while he enjoyed the farmyard game the best, she loved “Doctor, Doctor” more – when Stevie played the role of a physician who carried out a full physical examination of his naked sister — probing and stimulating her pleasure points until they both came.

From his deep breathing, the girl knew that he was close to cumming now. She milked his penis harder and began moving her finger rapidly in and out of his ass-hole.

“Bessie, my sweet cow, give Farmer Mike your milk… give me your milk!”

Steve groaned as the orgasm hit him. He felt as though all the fluids within his body were starting to burst out through the tiny hole in the tip of his cock which jerked spasmodically to shoot out sprays of milky semen into the cup and on the carpet. Evie also came at the same time, her slim frame shaking with the overwhelming ecstasy.

“Yes, sweet Bessie, you have lots of milk for Farmer Mike, don’t you? And you know that Farmer Mike also likes to suck milk directly from your teat…yummmm…”

Evelyn’s red-head dived for her brother’s cock which she firmly clamped between her lips, sucking the throbbing, fleshy tube as she would a thick soda straw and gulped down the warm liquid that was pouring out. She licked her lips after she was done and kissed her brother on his lips, shoving some of his own cum into his mouth with her tongue.

Crazy Evelyn would then proceed to lick up all her brother’s milky semen from the cup and spread her legs wide to offer her warm, pulsating cunt to her brother to drink from. Stevie carefully removed the small dildo from his sister’s dripping, wet pussy and, after licking her juices off the device, plunged his face eagerly into her crotch.

Stephen could still remember how much he savored that taste — the potent, arousing and sinful blend of incestuous brother-sister cum. His cock strained against his trousers and the prospect of seeing Evelyn again excited him intensely. How had he been able to keep his desires buried for so long?

He parked in the basement and took the stairs to the foyer where she waited near the elevator. He fondly gazed at her mane of full red hair, it was shorter now and accentuated her long, tapering neck and highlighted her well-defined cheekbones. The eyes had smile lines around the edges but the brow was lined with furrows of unease. The worry lines disappeared and her green eyes lit up as soon as she saw him and rushed into his arms.

The years flew away and Stephen felt like they had never been apart. Evie was sobbing into his shoulder that she had taken a divorce from her husband, Chris, and was moving to LA to take up a new job. She wanted to see Stephen before joining her new school.

“There, there, sweetheart, it’s OK. The bastard didn’t deserve you, anyway.”

Stephen hugged his sister. The smell of her hair in his nostrils, the hard nubbins of her unhaltered breasts digging into his chest, the familiar warmth of her crotch cradling his hardness and the pliancy of her buttocks in his cupped hands — it was just like yesterday once more.

Through habit, their mouths urgently sought each other and lips locked as tongues caressed in a sensuous dance. Stephen pushed her into the open elevator doors and tugged her small duffel inside. Even as the doors closed, brother and sister were clawing at each others’ clothes. Her fervent hands unzipped him and pulled out his angry, throbbing cock.

“And how’s my ‘Spot’ doing?” she whispered, her voice hoarse with passion.

The two had named Stephen’s cock ‘Spot’ because of the unusual birth-mark. Stephen wagged his tumescent organ in his sister’s face.

“He missed his mistress’s attention – you can see how excited he is at seeing you.”

“Oh God, Stevie, it’s been too long …”

Evie kneeled down at her brother’s feet and began sucking his cock kaçak iddaa furiously.

Stephen ripped open the buttons of her blouse so that he could free her jiggling, pear shaped breasts and twist their protruding pink nipples.

His throat was dry, “Why did you stay married to him for so long, baby?”

His sister looked up, replying between sucks.

“Because… he was …such a good fuck, Stevie.”

Stephen stared into her green eyes which glittered with mischief.

“Better than me, sis?”

Evelyn pulled her brother’s cock out of her mouth. It was slimy with her saliva. She worked it expertly with two hands – briskly stroking it up and down as well as massaging it firmly with corkscrew strokes. Repeatedly spitting on the inflamed head and licking the weeping eye with her tongue.

“You know that no one can be better than my baby brother! But the mother-fucker was good — he had a ten inch dick and whenever I got home from work, we would fuck for hours – sometimes even forgetting to eat. We did it every where and every time. Most of our friends deserted us in embarrassment and envy at being so fucking lucky.”

The elevator dinged on the third floor and stopped to admit an elderly lady, hands laden with grocery bags. Her eyes widened at the passionate sexual scenario but she politely turned her back on the couple and pressed the button for the sixth floor. However, the elevator walls were mirrored so the woman could continue to watch them discreetly in the mirror.

Neither brother nor sister missed a beat. They were like animals in heat – too sexed up to care about having an audience. In fact, the idea that they were being watched was a major turn on for them and they decided at once to give the old biddy a performance she would not easily forget.

Stephen squeezed his sister’s supple breasts harder, tugging at the protuberant nipples until she winced with the pain.

“So, what happened to change all that? Evie, open your legs and lift your skirt, I want to see your cunt.”

The attractive redhead smiled lasciviously at her brother. He knew how much pleasure she derived from exhibitionism. Evelyn pulled up the hem of her skirt, tucking it into her belt and opened her tanned thighs wide to expose her clean shaven pussy to her brother. The flared pink pussy lips and the swollen clitoris deliciously looked back at her in the mirror. As the incestuous woman sucked her brother’s cock, she brazenly gazed into the eyes of the elderly woman who had placed the groceries on the floor and was now openly staring in between the girl’s legs.

“Chris lost his job and started drinking; he beat me up whenever I offered to connect him to prospective job leads. We should talk later, Stevie, I’m too hungry for your prick right now!”

The girl dug her face into her brother’s hairy crotch and began gobbling his tumescent organ in earnest, moving her head vigorously back and forth.

The taste of the pre-cum from his piss-hole, the feel of his thickness in her mouth, the heaviness of his balls banging against her chin and the familiar fragrance of his pubic hair as it tickled her nose … god, how she had missed it all!

And, it just reconfirmed what she knew all along – that her brother’s cock was made for her. Just as her pussy was made for him – and that there could be no one else for either of them.

Brother and sister shared an uncanny telepathic link when it came to sex. They had realized this early during their exploratory sessions. Evelyn would suggest a new sex game and Stephen would know exactly how to take it forward and improvise it further – and vice versa.

As his sister sucked his knob and massaged its stalk with her spit-wet fingers, he was thinking about how much he had missed the unique pleasures of her mouth on his penis.

The tender nibbles on his cock-head, the sly tickling of the sensitive under-spot, the long, lascivious licks of his hairy balls and the delicate tongue flicks into his ass-hole. He reached the same conclusion as his sister — and said it out aloud, “Sis, your mouth is made for your brother’s cock. No other mouth gives me as much pleasure and joy. I can feel your love running through my cock, washing all over me, making me weak and strong at the same time. God, how I’ve missed you… your loving, your delicious depravity…”

There was a gasp from the old woman who realized that she was witnessing the forbidden ritual of incestual sex between brother and sister.

Evelyn’s green eyes stared deeply into Stephen’s shiny, black orbs. Brother and sister exchanged an unspoken message that telegraphed their depraved sexual desire and addiction for each other.

But where would Stephen’s wife, Maria, fit into brother and sister’s taboo world of incestuous sex? That was something that the lust-consumed duo would have to resolve.

Mouth full, Evelyn peeped into the mirror and her eyes twinkled as she caught and held the old woman’s gaze. Was it her imagination kaçak bahis or had the senior spectator opened her coat front and her hand was now pressing the front of her dress?

The elevator dinged at the sixth floor and the old lady heaved a sigh of relief and rushed out, but not before smiling widely at the cock sucking redhead shouting, “Go for it, Red!”

Despite their sexual tension, the incestuous siblings broke into hysterical laughter.

Stephen hooked his hands under his sister’s armpits and pulled her up, back against the mirrored elevator doors. Evelyn knew what her brother wanted. His hands cupped her breasts, she grabbed his firm buttocks and pulled his sinewy body to hers; raising one leg up against the side of his hip as he plunged his cock deep into her cunt.

“Oh my god, baby bro… it’s been so long….oh my god. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck the shit out of your slut sister’s cunny!”

Stephen’s penis was like a well-oiled precision instrument. It knew every little bump and crevice inside his sister’s pussy — which parts needed more thrust and which responded better to gentler manipulations.

The only sounds apart from the whir and dings of the elevator were the deep breathing of the two lovers and the rhythmic squishing of the rampaging penis.

“Sis … huhh… tell me, did Chris fuck you as good as this?”

“Honey, no one can fuck me better than my cock-stud brother — you know that! Your cock fits my pussy perfectly. Made for each other — that’s what we are. Fuck incest or whatever else people may call it — I know I love you with a hunger that rises like fire from deep inside my cunt and consumes every particle of my being. When we are one, when you are inside me, my brother, we are complete! And all is well with the world.”

The elevator gave a final ‘ding’ as it reached the penthouse. The doors slid open and the raunchy siblings tumbled out into the corridor.

Evelyn pinned her brother under her as she began removing all his articles of clothing. Her tight pussy continued milking his tireless cock. Stephen pulled off his sister’s shirt and tugged the skirt from over her head.

Brother and sister were both stark naked and rutting like two animals in heat. Stephen slowly tilted Evelyn’s torso backwards until her head was on the floor between his feet, with her legs raised high. He firmly took hold of her ankles and slowly stood up, hands moving to grip her thighs, raising her body up in the classic wheel-barrow position, his cock continuing to pound her demanding pussy.

Evelyn Saunders felt the blood rush into her head, making her dizzy and uncoordinated. Stephen knew she liked this position because it always made their fucking feel so relentless. He retrieved the room key from his pile of clothes and opened the door to his apartment — which was quite an achievement, considering the fact that he did not miss a beat while continuing to bang his sexy sister.

Stephen’s cock pumped harder and deeper inside his sister’s vagina which massaged it longingly. He crouched somewhat to cradle his strong arms under her so that he could carry her into the room without pulling out from her.

“Baby bro, now do me doggy style, that’s the best!”

Evelyn momentarily allowed her brother to withdraw his cock as she crawled into the apartment on her hands and knees, stopping in the middle of the plush, carpeted foyer. She turned her head to smile wickedly at him as she held her tanned, ass cheeks apart for her brother’s cock. Stephen cheated and plunged his juice-soaked prick into his sister’s tempting, pink anal orifice instead of her pussy.

Evelyn whimpered loudly, “Ohhhh… you goddamn, mother-fucking ass-fucker…!”

Stephen laughed wickedly, “Slut sister, I know you love a brotherly cock up your ass, it was just too tempting to resist!”

He spat on her tightly stuffed ass hole, moving in and out in long, slow strokes. He could feel her sphincter muscles gradually relaxing to accommodate his cock as they began their rhythmic contractions. It was just like old times, his sister milking him with her amazing anus; waves of intimate caresses, holding his penis a helpless but willing captive to the joys of anal sex.

“Stevie, baby, I’m cumming now …. oh my god …I’m cumming…ohhhhhhh! Harder, baby brother, harder; fill your sister’s ass with your hot, incestuous seed.”

Stephen rammed his cock deeper into his sister’s ass-hole and shoved his fingers up her humid pussy. He gathered the sticky juices and sucked them off his fingers, rubbing some on her soft, gasping lips for her to lick. That was their way — tasting and enjoying each other’s cum.

Even as she trembled with the impact of her orgasm, Evelyn ground her ass hard on her brother’s crotch, scrunching his balls with her soft buttocks. She wanted to take as much of her brother’s burgeoning tool into her anus as she could, so that she could feel the full force of his load deep within her as he came.

She could feel his hardness tensing, muscles bunching up just before the release. He shouted obscenities at her as his flood-gates burst, releasing violent torrents of hot semen into his sister’s anal cavity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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