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Okay, so far, with one notable exception, I’ve concentrated on recounting the best and/or most exciting blow jobs I’ve gotten. And it’s not that there aren’t more of those to talk about, but I feel like changing it up a bit. This next entry was not a great blow job or particularly stimulating circumstances, but it was a pretty unique experience. To this day I’m not sure if it was a good idea to go for it or not. I’ll tell the story and you decide.

Maggie was as nice a person as you’d want to meet. She was very pleasant and courteous, said hello to everyone she passed and seemed to take a genuine interest in the people around her. She worked in the building next to the one containing my office. Her office was too small to have a cafeteria, so she and a lot of her coworkers often came over to my building for lunch. My company also did some business with hers, so they were in and out fairly frequently.

A lot of the people in my office knew who Maggie was and she would stop and chat when she was in the building. I only spoke to her on rare occasions, but when I did, I couldn’t help noticing there was a certain look in her eyes. It wasn’t a particularly sexual type of look, but there was something about it that seemed submissive.

Maggie was in her late forties or early fifties. She was married and had a couple of college age kids. While her face was relatively pretty, her body really didn’t appeal to me. She had no ass at all, thin hips and a little bit of a pot belly. She had rather large breasts, but I was willing to bet if they were ever released from her bra, they’d probably sag half way to her ankles.

Maggie wore clothes that did very little to flatter her figure (or lack thereof). She almost always wore slacks, instead of skirts or dresses that would have hidden some of the less attractive aspects of her body. They were nice clothes, don’t get me wrong. She was always elegantly dressed. It’s merely my opinion that she could have made herself look better with different fashion choices.

Maggie’s face, like I said, was still pretty. She had short, dark hair that was always neatly styled. She had dark blue-green eyes and nice full lips framing an attractive smile. Her cheeks were high and rosy. Her nose was kind of pointy, like a hawk’s beak. Yeah, there were some bags and wrinkles that come with age, but overall not too bad.

At any rate, there wasn’t anything particularly physically appealing to me about Maggie. But I couldn’t help noticing that submissive, man-pleasing gleam in her eyes. When I talked to her, Maggie returned my eye contact unflinchingly, but there was a subservience about it. When I see that look in a woman’s eyes, right or wrong, I automatically think about her on her knees.

Even so, I really wouldn’t have been interested in her. On top of not being physically attractive to me, Maggie also came across as being very straight-laced. Naturally, I’m not looking for the prim and proper type, so I never even considered her at all, except during those conversations when I was looking into her eyes.

It was a bit of a fluke that I got to thinking about her as part of my collection. I was in the cafeteria waiting in line to get lunch and one of my friends was going on and on about someone who had really rubbed him the wrong way. Four letter words were spewing out of this guy, and he wasn’t exactly muttering under his breath. People were beginning to look in our direction, some clearly unhappy with his language.

I was trying to nonchalantly gaze around the room to see who was noticing our conversation. I was looking in Maggie’s general direction when my friend blurted out, “and then that fucking cocksucker told me that I’d be lucky to get it by next week!” Maggie’s body stiffened, her head snapped up and our eyes met for an instant before she looked away. I could see a little bit more color than usual in her cheeks.

My buddy’s tirade went on as we got our lunches and found a place to sit. I was a bit uncomfortable with the attention he was drawing and kept looking around. I saw Maggie look over at us a couple more times, but she didn’t react the way she had the first time. Either the shock had worn off, or it was something specific my friend had said that had bothered her. It clearly wasn’t the f-bomb that had jolted her the first time, because he used that frequently, both before and after her reaction. I was wondering if ‘cocksucker’ had been the offending word. If Maggie was as straight-laced as she seemed, I could see her getting upset by that kind of language. I doubt it was a word she heard very often. But I didn’t give the matter much more thought at the time.

It wasn’t until I ran into Maggie a couple days later that I even remembered the incident. She mentioned something in a vague way about having overhead the conversation.

“Yeah, sorry about him,” I said. “He’s not a bad guy. He was just having a bad day.”

“Well,” Maggie replied, “he should be more careful about using that kind of language in the cafeteria. Someone might illegal bahis complain.”

“Did you complain?” I asked, though I was pretty sure she wasn’t the type.

“Oh, no,” she said quickly. “But some of the things he was saying…” During this conversation Maggie and I were maintaining pretty steady eye contact. Now I’ve said before that that can be one of the biggest sexual tension builders, but even so, I was surprised to feel it between me and Maggie. Usually, I make eye contact on purpose, deliberately creating the tension, but this time it was a spontaneous thing, almost accidental. I guess that’s what prompted me to say what I said next.

“Like ‘cocksucker?'” I asked and saw Maggie stiffen the way she had in the cafeteria, her eyes getting wide with surprise. I guess that answered my question about which word in particular had offended her. She looked away from me, then back, then away again.

“You shouldn’t say words like that,” she said at last.

“It’s just a word,” I replied, looking into her eyes again for a long moment. “Why? You’re not a, uh…” and I paused just long enough to see her eyes widen. I know she thought the next word out of my mouth would be ‘cocksucker’, but I was only yanking her chain. “…person who’s offended that easily, are you?” I concluded.

Maggie didn’t sigh with relief or anything that obvious, but it was clear she was glad I hadn’t said what she had feared. I smiled at her.

“You didn’t really think I was going to ask you if, uh…” Maggie shot me a warning look, but there was a hint of a smile on her face. She knew I was just teasing her.

“You should quit while you’re ahead,” Maggie said, trying to sound stern. I hadn’t thought about it before then, but she had kids that were not much younger than me. She was accustomed to being an authority figure in these circumstances. But I was having none of that.

“A head?” I asked, deliberately separating ‘ahead’ into two words. “Hmmm… Freudian slip, perhaps? Maybe I should have asked that question.” Maggie raised her eyebrows in a way that no doubt was supposed to convey disapproval. But the traces of a smile still clung to her lips and her eyes were still locked on mine, losing none of that spontaneous tension.

I felt that little flutter in my stomach, the delightful by-product of playing sexually charged games. I could tell Maggie was feeling it too. She was still trying to maintain her stern expression, but her eyes weren’t part of it. In them I again saw that doe-eyed submissive look. She was enjoying this exchange.

It was at this particular moment that I first wondered if Maggie would suck my cock. I mean, I had thought about it before, but not really. It’s one thing to think about every woman I talk to sucking my cock. It’s quite another to stand in front of a woman and plan what I should say or do to get her to put me in her mouth; to have her suck my cock, not just daydream.

The important thing I’ve found, is not to push. I’d say the first time I reach this point with a woman, where we’re both a little charged up and thinking about each other that way, ninety percent of the time nothing more happens. At least not then. The times I’ve been aggressive have often ended in nothing happening anyway, so I’ve learned to back off and let the idea grow in the woman’s mind a bit before trying to take things further.

We stood not talking, just looking into each others’ eyes for what seemed like a long time. It was probably only fifteen or twenty seconds, but I can tell you that feels like hours when all you’re doing is looking at each other. I had a little smile, or maybe smirk would be a better word, on my face. Maggie’s expression didn’t tell me much about what she was thinking, but the fact that she stood looking at me that way said plenty.

The moment passed and Maggie said she had to get back to work and hurried away. I watched her leave and acknowledged that her body was not very appealing to me. But it didn’t matter. I didn’t want to fuck her, I just wanted to see for myself if she was a cocksucker. At that point I was seriously beginning to wonder if I would see her lips wrapping around my shaft. Not that it would happen any time soon. But I was thinking it would happen eventually.

“So, Maggie,” I called after her. “Can I ask you a question?” She turned briefly and gave me a semi-serious look of disapproval before hurrying on her way.

I only saw Maggie occasionally, and I made no special effort after that to bump into her more frequently. But when I did, I gave her a somewhat suggestive look, say something like, “Maggie, if you don’t mind my asking…” and then give her a sly wink.

At first I think Maggie was a little uptight about it. She played along, but it had a forced feel to it. After a while though, it just became an inside joke between us. We still had some tension going when we made eye contact, but the winking and the partially-asked question had become routine.

During this time I was putting my energies into collecting other illegal bahis siteleri women and my attitude toward Maggie was it would happen if it would happen, but I wasn’t going to put much effort into it. I honestly believed that Maggie would go down on me if I worked at it, but I wasn’t excited enough about the prospect, so I just left things to happen or not on their own.

I had a couple reasons for this. First, Maggie was not very sexual, in either appearance or demeanor. She just wasn’t the type of person you got a charge out of looking at or talking to. Yeah, there was a little tension sometimes when our eyes met, but I got that from lots of women who were better looking and more likely to flirt with me. Second, I suspected she hadn’t sucked much cock in her life and probably none recently, so it would be more of a novelty than a quality blow job. Yeah, it might be fun to stick my cock in the mouth of a woman who ordinarily wouldn’t do that, perhaps who even thought of it as dirty or sinful. But it’s not very realistic to expect a woman like that to suck cock very well. So if it’s only a novelty, why work for it, right?

That doesn’t mean I didn’t push things at all. But I was casual about it and really didn’t care too much if anything came of it. Just a little push of the envelope now and then. It’s kind of nice when I can sit back and play that game. Especially when it ends with me cumming in a woman’s mouth.

Maggie and I had long since worn out our “Can I ask you…?” routine. I mean, we were still doing it and smiling about it, but it didn’t really mean anything now. It was just a cute inside joke. So, on the spur of the moment one day, I decided to put some new life into it.

“So, Maggie,” I began the next time I saw her. “I wanted to ask if, uh, well…” I waited for her to react to what had become our routine before adding my extra touch. “Well, are you?”

Maggie gave me a blank look at first, not comprehending. When it dawned on her what I was asking, she gave me a little finger wag and a ‘behave yourself’ look, but I saw a bit of color rush to her cheeks as well. I tipped her a wink and went on my way, wondering exactly what thoughts were running through Maggie’s head.

The next time I saw her was almost a week later, but apparently our previous encounter was still fresh in her mind. As I started to ask the question, she interrupted me.

“Don’t even,” Maggie said, raising an eyebrow. But a slight smile crept onto her face.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“You know,” she replied. I could see the color starting to rise in her cheeks again. I was also looking into her eyes and enjoying that fluttery sensation that accompanies sexual possibilities. Let’s face it, when your talking to a woman about cocksucking, no matter how it’s disguised, it creates that feeling.

“I just had a question,” I persisted. She stared at me. I guess she wasn’t sure what to say to me. “Are you?” I said softly after a moment or two. She looked at me a moment longer, then blinked and turned away, shaking her head.

“You shouldn’t… I… it’s not very nice…” Maggie stammered, but I saw that faint smile again and figured she wasn’t too offended. A bit flustered maybe, but not offended.

“Not nice?” I asked. I was thinking that I should let it go, at least for now. But I continued anyway.

“Yes, it’s not nice to be crude like that,” Maggie replied, getting a little indignation into her voice.

“Crude to ask you if you’re a…” I did the pause thing again and then finished as I had before. “…person who’s easily offended?”

“That’s not what you were going to say,” Maggie replied. “Or not what you were implying, anyway.”

“What did you think I was going to say?” I asked.

“I don’t use that kind of language,” she said.

“Fair enough,” I told her. “How about yes or no?”


“Well, if you know what I was going to say, you can answer without me saying it, right?” I gave her a slightly leering smile and raised my eyebrows a couple times.

“No!” she shot back, rolling her eyes at me. She was trying to act disgusted to hide it, but I could see she was only playing out a role. I suspected Maggie was enjoying this, but she couldn’t show it and still be the prim and proper person she wanted the world to see her as.

“No, you can’t answer or no, you’re not a, uh…”

“No! No, no, no!” Maggie said, trying not to raise her voice. “No to all of it!” She held her hand out, gesturing for me to stop.

I said nothing. I just stood there looking at Maggie, who was avoiding my eyes as she regained her composure. When she looked up at me, she gave me a polite smile and excused herself. I swear though, there was something in her eyes that didn’t want our little exchange to end. There was a look, perhaps it was longing. Whatever it was, it was crystal clear. Maggie was enjoying this forbidden fruit more than she wanted to admit.

The next few times I saw Maggie I was on my best behavior. I was polite, smiling and saying canlı bahis siteleri hello to her each time. On a couple of those occasions we talked for a few minutes, but I no reference to our previous conversation. I stayed away from the whole routine.

My thinking was that if anything was going to happen, she was going to have to give me some sort of encouragement. It can be tough to figure out how much stimulation a woman is looking for in these cases. So rather than arrogantly assume that every woman I think might want to suck my cock actually does, I leave a little bit of room for a woman to provide a clue. Some are very direct, others very enigmatic. Maggie was definitely in the enigmatic category.

Now, I didn’t doubt that she had gotten some excitement out of our exchanges. But to assume that that excitement could lead her to go against her seemingly very prudish background, well, that would be foolishly optimistic. So I played it cool and waited.

After nearly a month of polite-only conversation, Maggie opened the door for me again. She commented how nice and polite I was being with her. I answered that I thought I might have offended her and didn’t want to do so again.

“I’ll be honest,” Maggie said to me. “I wasn’t all that offended. Just a bit surprised.”

“Why were you surprised?” I asked. “You thought I was a nicer guy than that?”

“No, no,” she replied with a slight laugh. “It’s just that you’re, uh, you know, so much younger that I don’t usually think in those terms when I talk to you.”

This didn’t sound exactly honest to me. We had been joking along those lines for a while. Yeah, maybe I surprised her by going a step further, but it wasn’t because we had never been sexually aware of each other.

“No, you were getting offended,” I said. “I didn’t even have to say the word and your cheeks got red and you started getting annoyed with me. That’s okay,” I added as she started to protest. “You were right to be annoyed and offended. Who am I to ask you questions like that, right?”

“Well, you were pretty close to crossing the line,” Maggie conceded with a smile.

“You really got uncomfortable,” I observed. “I didn’t even have to say the word and you got pretty uptight.”

“It’s not the kind of word I’m used to hearing,” Maggie said, a little bit of agitation in her voice. “And certainly not a word you should be using around a woman old enough to be your mother,” she finished in her best adult-talking-to-a-child voice.

“Unless…” I replied with a sly smile. “She is a…” Maggie’s eyebrows shot up like a warning. Her eyes and mine were locked together and a lot of things were running through my head as I finished my sentence, “…cocksucker.”

Maggie rolled her eyes in disapproval, but again she was merely playing out a role. She seemed more amused than offended by what I said.

“Why do you keep saying that?” Maggie asked. “Are you hoping to shock me?”

“I guess I was just hoping to get a little rise out of you,” I answered honestly enough. “Sometimes I like to poke people just to see their reactions.”

“So you’re just having fun trying to shock an old lady?” Maggie said, folding her arms across her large breasts. I shrugged.

“Something like that,” I said. “Or maybe…” I gave her another sly look as my words trailed off. “Dream on,” Maggie shot back. I shrugged again.

“Oh, well,” I said. “It was worth a shot.”

“Worth a shot?” Maggie asked.

“To find out,” I replied. I could see the uncertainty in Maggie’s expression, so I spelled it out for her. “Find out if she’s a…”

“Stop it!” Maggie hissed in an emphatic whisper. She tried to give me an angry look, but she couldn’t do it. First a smile slipped through, then a nervous laugh. “You’re too much!” she said, still laughing. She rolled her eyes at me one last time and walked away. But she looked back once and the smile was still on her face.

I guess it felt good to her to get attention from a young, good looking guy, even if the subject matter made her a little uncomfortable. I don’t know. I do know that she looked at me differently after that. Maybe before she had looked at me as she would one of her kids’ friends, but now she started looking at me with different eyes. There was still that same something in her gaze; that look that told me Maggie had potential for sucking my cock. But now there was a playfulness in it that wasn’t there before.

I really don’t know if Maggie was interested in anything other than a little attention, some harmless, if risque, flirting. I don’t know what her situation at home was and never asked. Even if she and her husband had an active sex life, I suspected oral sex was not a big part of it. If my flirting had Maggie thinking about sucking cock, and if she couldn’t satisfy her cravings or curiosity at home, well…

What I assumed I had on my hands was a good girl who was tempted by the idea of being bad. She couldn’t be bad at home, so she’d have to look elsewhere. What I wasn’t sure about was how bad she wanted to be. Or how bad she’d actually allow herself be. For a few months it seemed like she was content to let our conversations get a little steamy. I think she started wanting to hear me say ‘cocksucker’ while looking into her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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