The Cop and The Stripper


Diane just walked into her apartment on the twenty-seventh floor. She could hear the motor which made the bubbles for the oversized tub. The sound immediately brought a smile to her face. The door to the bedroom was open and she could see that Rachel was already in the tub relaxing with her eyes closed and head back. The tub was made to accommodate up to four people and Rachel who was five foot seven inches tall looked small.

On the other side of the tub were two wicker chairs which were somewhat set up to enjoy the view of the city out of the floor to ceiling windows. The ladies usually threw their towels or robes over them for convenience. The balcony door was open allowing the heat from the desert to wisp inside. Rachel and Diane both enjoyed the natural heat of the night air moving across their skin. It felt refreshing and sensual at the same time.

Relaxing was exactly what Diane needed. It was the end of her five day shift. She tried to walk quietly to the bedroom as to not disturb Rachel. But it was actually the sound of Diane placing her gun and badge on the dresser that got Rachel’s attention.

“I didn’t mean to wake you, Raech.”

“You didn’t. I was just laying here thinking of work.”

“You’re supposed to forget about work when you’re in there,” Diane replied.

Diane emptied all of her pockets since she knew Rachel was awake; then she sat on the end of the bed to remove her shoes and socks. She stood back up to systematically begin removing each piece of her uniform. She set her cap by her gun and badge and pulled the wooden hair fork out of her hair bun. Her hair instantly fell past her shoulders. It had a clumpy look now. She undid each button of her shirt and pulled it off behind her; and she threw it next to the dresser.

Rachel turned the bubbles off on the tub and just watched Diane continue to undress. Diane then removed her short pants. They were standard issue tactical shorts for the units on patrol duties. Diane flung them with her foot to land on her shirt. She was making her dirty clothes pile. Then she reached behind her and unclasped her black bra. It sort of slid down her arm dropping to the top of clothes pile. Next she pulled her black panties down, and swooshed them to that same pile with a side step flinging motion with her foot. Lastly she flung her head about to loosen up her hair and ran her fingers through as to comb it. She felt free again.

Rachel commented, “Wow, Di, you should try my job. I’d give you fifty bucks to see you undress again! The uniform strip would make you a hot act.”

Diane began chuckling and grabbed a pack of cigarettes on the dresser. “I know you smell these all day at work. But would you mind if I have one before I join you? I’m trying to unwind still.”

“It doesn’t bother me… unwind. Did you catch a lot of bad guys today?”

Diane walked over to the open balcony before she lit up the cigarette. Her intention was to keep the smoke outside and she could still continue with their conversation. Rachel was looking up at Diane. Because this night was moonless, the city lights below weren’t stopping the view of the stars in the night sky. Diane stood in the open doorway lighted from the tub area with the night sky behind her as a background. The lighting highlighted the curves of her body, the tone of her muscles, and seemed to make every pore of her flesh stand out clearly. She was in great physical shape because of her conditioning as a police officer.

Diane had to keep pulling a few annoying blowing hairs back over to the side of her face as she puffed on the cigarette.

Rachel liked what she was seeing. “You look like a sexy model, Di.”

Diane liked the compliment but tried to brush it off. “Oh stop. You’re the one who gets on the stage and let’s people oogle over you. How much did you make tonight?”

“Not much. I left after this one party gave me a four hundred dollar tip. I made eight hundred total. I had been there three hours when I made the four hundred dollars. One guy tried grabbing my boob when I was doing a back bend. Danny threw him out.”

Diane interrupted speaking of a similar experience on her shift that just ended. “I almost made four hundred dollars three hours into my shift as well. We were field sobriety testing a drunk driver. He reached over at me to steady himself, and he reached for my tits! I’m wearing a vest! What’s he thinking?”

Rachel gestured her hand up to Diane’s breasts. “That’s what I would reach for. He’s got good taste.” As Rachel lowered her arm she was able to touch Diane’s leg. So she softly ran her fingers down Diane’s thigh and and over her knee.

Rachel then continued with her encounter at the club. “The eight other guys who were with the tit grabber felt bad for me. They each gave me fifty bucks on the spot. I made four hundred dollars in five minutes because someone grabbed my boob! They were making up for their jerk friend’s behavior and didn’t want me to press assault charges. I didn’t after that. gaziantep escort Four hundred dollars was a nice gesture. The jerk’s walking free tonight.”

Diane continued with her field sobriety encounter. “Wow, the guy we were testing pulls out his wad of cash and offers me four hundred dollars to not arrest him for sexual assault either. I told him to keep it… that he was DUI right now! Dave found another four hundred under his seat with some dope. I looked back at the money and asked him if he got it from selling dope. It didn’t matter. He grabbed my tits, he went to jail. His four hundred became bribe evidence too.”

Rachel summarized the conversation. “One guy goes free, one guy goes to jail. Tits and cash… That’s what makes the world go around.”

Diane began chuckling at Rachel’s analogy of the world. Rachel and Diane eventually began laughing together at their parallel circumstances. Diane extinguished the butt of her cigarette in a nearby potted plant. She threw the pack on the nearby wicker chair and sat on the side of the tub. Rachel reached around Diane’s waist and guided her into the tub backwards. Rachel wanted Diane to sit across her lap. Diane’s nerves had calmed down a bit with the smoke and humor like conversation with Rachel.

Rachel pushed the few hairs in Diane’s face out of the way and kissed her. Their lips parted not long after they touched; and each of their tongues began the mating ritual to the other. It was a kiss of intimacy and their love.

Diane had her arms around Rachel’s neck. Rachel began to fondle Diane’s breast with her free hand. Diane was taking in the tender part of her day right now. The feel of Rachel’s soft lips against hers and Rachel’s hand massaging Diane’s breast was all encompassing Diane’s thoughts right now. After several more minutes passed, the first round of making out came to a rest. Diane told Rachel, “Now if all the perps would grab my tits like you, then maybe they wouldn’t end up in jail.”

Rachel smiled. “I’m just getting started. Let me turn the bubbles back on.” She reached over and pushed the switch. As the bubbles started churning the surface, the two ladies resumed the kiss. At first Rachel resumed fondling Diane’s breast. But eventually she slowly began moving her hand lower and lower down Diane’s body. Rachel enjoyed feeling the toned muscular definitions of Diane’s mid section. Rachel then moved her hand to feel the curve of Diane’s waist and the bone of her hip. The journey of her hand getting to where she wanted it to end up was pleasurable foreplay for both of them.

Every time Rachel moved her hand lower she would try to distract Diane by pushing her tongue more aggressively to meet Diane’s. Rachel finally placed her hand over Diane’s pubic area. Shaved in a diamond shape, Rachel also enjoyed tracing the outline of the diamond with her finger. Rachel’s finger running across Diane’s pubic hair was tantalizingly pleasurable for Diane.

It wasn’t until Rachel’s finger was tracing that diamond that Diane realized where Rachel was going. Diane conveniently opened her legs wanting Rachel to continue moving her hand lower yet. That’s exactly what Rachel intended to do.

Rachel slid her fingers right over Diane’s clitoral area to the lower part of her sex opening. She worked her fingers to spread Diane’s vulva lips apart by rocking her fingers back and forth. Rachel slowly kept the gyrating motion going with her palm on Diane’s clit. Diane broke the kiss and leaned her head back on the ledge of the tub to relax. “Thanks Raech. That feels awesome!”

Rachel went slow enough to allow Diane’s love wetness to continue to lubricate her fingers despite being in the water. She continued to work her middle and index fingers in deeper as well as upwards. As Diane’s moans of pleasure became more intense Rachel began using her thumb to concentrate more pressure on Diane’s clit. Diane’s neck became the object for Rachel’s lips. Rachel began a series of tender kisses down Diane’s neck from her ear to her shoulder. Rachel enjoyed the feeling of Diane’s vocal chords through her lips touching Diane’s neck. She felt the soprano sound of Diane moaning in pleasure! Rachel knew that her fingers were sensationalizing the right spot in the depths between Diane’s legs!

Diane was enjoying the hand job! She moved her arms over the tub ledge to gain leverage to heave her chest out of the water. Her moans of pleasure and her breathing became heavier. The bubbles danced around her breasts. Her orgasm was about to climax. Rachel leaned over and began her tongue pressure kiss on Diane’s near breast. Rachel’s tongue twirled around Diane’s nipple in the same pattern as her thumb was simultaneously applying pressure on Diane’s clitoris. Rachel’s hand motion to maneuver her thumb did the same thing to her middle finger passing along the same gyrating motion to her finger still inside Diane’s sex opening.

Diane’s orgasm moans finally peaked. It was the sensation and euphoric giresun escort state of mind Diane was longing to feel. Her orgasm climaxed. She closed her legs to indicate to Rachel to stop and trapped Rachel’s head with one arm as Rachel was still sucking on her nipple. When Diane began to regain control of her breathing she released Rachel’s head. Diane’s body melted back under the water. Her head was leaning on the tub ledge. Her feet were rising with the bubbles on the opposite side. She was relaxed!

Rachel turned off the bubbles and grabbed the pack of cigarettes an arm’s reach away. She laid back next to Diane in the same position, head on the ledge. They looked out the window to the stars. Rachel lit a cigarette and took the first puff. Then she offered it to Diane. They alternated puffs smoking the same cigarette. The cloud of smoke would form over the tub and then dissipate with the gentle breeze from the open door.

Diane broke the silence, “What did you want to be when you were growing up?”

“I don’t know. I wanted to make people happy, help people. I thought about being a cop like you.”

“Why didn’t you?”

Rachel took a moment to reflect on her life with a big exhale of smoke. “I was afraid, I guess. This job came first. This was easy for me… I love to dance… I make a lot of money… Look at this apartment we live in. I have no regrets… I still make people happy. I think I’m helping people make it through life. I give them a show that takes their mind away from their troubles… you know, a way to escape. Oddly, I show people my tits, dance naked, and that helps them in life. Who would of thought. That’s kind of the equivalent of having a psych degree, don’t you think?”

Diane let out a big exhale of smoke; she needed to laugh a little. She also realized Rachel found fulfillment even as a stripper. Rachel posed the same question, “What about you. Did you know you would be a cop?”

“I didn’t know what I would do. I wanted to help people too. Making people happy, I thought, would just go along with helping people. My job seems to piss a lot of people off. I take people to jail so they have a place to think about what they’ve done. …I’m just helping them. …I think.”

“It’s too bad you just can’t show them your tits, like me. Going to jail sucks.”

Diane gave Rachel a snide look at first but the humor overcame her and she lost control of her laughter. Rachel let out the last puff of smoke billow out of her mouth and she was laughing along with Diane. The laughter rejuvenated their energy. Diane moved forward to the opposite side so she could reach for the cigarettes again.

Rachel saw Diane’s ass out of the water and sex was on her mind. She went over and while hugging Diane’s legs she caressed the cheek of her face against Diane’s butt cheeks. She began to run her hand up and down the inside of Diane’s thigh softly feeling her smooth muscular legs. Diane arched the small of her back downward raising her ass up to feel Rachel’s face erotically against her skin. That in turn slightly parted her ass cheeks. She was positioned right in front of Rachel’s face and Rachel’s desire to sexually please her partner was over coming.

The next time Rachel brought her hand up the inside of Diane’s thigh, she continued upwards to feel for Diane’s clit. Rachel then pushed her face into Diane’s ass so that with her tongue she could reach for her fingers already massaging Diane’s clit. Slowly she parted Diane’s sex opening from her clit backwards with her tongue. Diane threw the pack of cigarettes back on the chair and bowed her head to relax. Rachel’s tongue felt too good at the moment and Diane no longer wanted a smoke. Instead, a pleasure moan of satisfaction overcame her breathing.

So Rachel did it again, reaching with her tongue for her fingers already massaging Diane’s clit. She slowly parted Diane’s sex opening with her tongue going backwards. This time though as she heard Diane moan Rachel didn’t stop. She continued with her tongue upwards to Diane’s anus and began licking circles around it as she rubbed Diane’s clit in a likewise circular motion. Rachel could tell by Diane’s moaning that Diane liked this stimulation. Licking circles about her ass was new to the both of them.

Rachel enjoyed giving the pleasure and continued the technique several more times. Rachel stuck her tongue into Diane’s love depths to coat her tongue over and over with the love which made it easy to glide about Diane’s ass. The circles around Diane’s anus kept getting smaller and smaller. Diane was still letting out moans of pleasure, each time more intense than the last, bigger and bigger. Rachel’s fingers were still doing circles on Diane’s clit. The tandem sensation was pushing Diane to the orgasm edge.

The pleasure was building and Diane was soon feeling the verge of another climactic orgasm. She had to push herself upright. The motion caused Rachel to pull her face away from Diane’s ass and her hand from between Diane’s gümüşhane escort legs, away from her clit. Diane was trying to poise herself vertically as she was still breathing heavy. Her body was slightly wobbly as her orgasm passed. When she was able to control her muscle movement again she turned to look back at Rachel with satisfaction. “You made me come again! I’m still hot from your hand job.”

Rachel had returned to the place where she was sitting in the tub to watch Diane come down from her sexual high. Diane finally sat down in the nearest spot in the tub. It was opposite of Rachel this time.

They were facing each other now in conversation. Diane spoke first after her orgasm, “That felt incredible, Raech. You’ve never licked me there before.”

“I was feeling horny and we’re in the tub! Your ass was right there like a gift and I wanted to know if you would like it. We don’t do kinky stuff very often,” Rachel said with a smile.

Diane was grinning. The derived pleasure may have been kinky but she liked it! Diane thought more of Rachel’s sexual desire. “When did you know you were a lez, Raech?”

“I remember at a junior high dance I was dancing with a guy. I was happy I had a guy come ask me to dance. I thought I liked him too. Then this girl came over and cut in on me when the song ended. During the next song I was jealous. I thought she was really attractive. My heart was racing as I saw the two of them dance. I wished I was a guy so I could go cut in and dance with her.”

Diane was smiling and blushing. She knew she was the other girl. Rachel asked Diane the same question. “When did you realize you were…?”

“You know, I dated that guy later for two years in high school. I never felt anything. I was just glad to have a boyfriend so the other girls might think I was hot or something. We kissed maybe three times. … In biology class you were sitting across from me at the lab table leaning way over to look into the microscope. I was looking down your blouse. I can still see that white bra with the pink rose petals in my mind. I thought that you must have some great tits to wear something that pretty. I tried to picture you without your bra all the time. I wanted to feel you up.”

Rachel continued with the high school memory. “I loved that bra too. … Remember when you broke up with that guy, you told Jenny that you never felt anything when you kissed him? And that was why you weren’t going to go to the senior prom? I over heard that! There we were… two eighteen year old seniors… and no dates! That’s why I said I would go with you as friends since I didn’t have a date either. Remember our first kiss?”

Diane was smiling remembering their past with Rachel. Diane did remember! “I kissed you on the cheek when you dropped me off at home. When you tried to kiss me on the cheek in return to be nice, I turned my head and you got my mouth. After we laughed I kissed you again on the mouth and when I thought you were going pull away I put my tongue in your mouth. You never pulled away.”

“I loved that kiss.” Rachel happily remembered.

“Me too.”

Diane came back across the tub and got on Rachel’s lap facing her. She put her hands on Rachel’s breasts and began massaging them in a circular motion. And the kiss from twelve years earlier resumed. Their tongues were mating in sexual delight. Rachel reached over and felt for the bubbles switch. The bubbling water tantalized the skin through every crevice of their bodies. And the erotic kiss from yesteryear continued.

Diane wanted to return the pleasure experience to Rachel. One hand was still massaging one of Rachel’s breast. Their tongues were tied in an erotic interlude. The bubbles tantalized the skin. Diane slipped her other hand down to put her fingers on Rachel’s clit. She circled her fingers around and around lowering them to head for Rachel’s sex opening. The lower she went the easier it was to spread her sex opening. Her index and middle fingers were eventually in Rachel’s depths. The heal of her palm was massaging Rachel’s clit. Moving slowly, Rachel’s love wetness was plenty enough under water for Diane to keep moving her fingers about for Rachel’s pleasure. Rachel was delivering her pleasure moans directly in Diane’s mouth. They were still in that erotic kiss!

Diane was engrossed to give more pleasure as she felt the echo of Rachel’s moans in their kiss. Diane finally pulled away and told Rachel she wanted to feel her orgasm on her tongue. Rachel’s smile beamed in anticipation. Her mind was just entering that euphoric state. She knew Diane would bring her orgasm to a climax with her tongue. She sat up on the ledge and spread her legs open. Diane ran her hands softly up the insides of Rachel’s thighs. That was just the beginning.

Rachel thought she would not be able to keep her balance so she moved over to the part of the tub where the ledge met the window. She again sat on the ledge with her back pressed against the glass for support. As she spread her legs open Diane was there. Diane ran her face along the inside of Rachel’s thigh sticking out her tongue as she came to Rachel’s sex opening. Rachel gave no indication that she would lose her balance now. In fact she raised her arms against the glass as if making angel wings.

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