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Jacob Crane evaluated the caramel skinned young woman walking in the door. He looked at her walking in for the interview.

“Nadia welcome, it’s nice to put a face to the resume'” he said noticing what an attractive woman she was. He put her at a little over 5’7, strong supple shoulder leading into long graceful arms. Her breasts were high firm tear drop shaped, just over the size of peaches. Mentally shaking his head getting back into the right frame of mind for the interview.

“So Nadia tel me about yourself, I noticed you had a bachelors in psychology” he asked looking at her almond eyes as her sapphire ring flashed in the light.

“Yes, Mr. Crane I hope to continue and get my masters and eventually my PhD. This seemed like a place where I could make a living while perusing my ultimate goals and as an add agency I thought you would see my degree in psychology as a benefit. Plus I read how well you treat your employees and thought this would be a good fit.”

“I see, your overqualified to be applying for a secretarial position. So what brings you here for a job that pays less then you could make elsewhere.”

Again the light flashed from her ring as she smiled “Well sir, I really wanted to meet you” she \said as her finger danced back and forth. The light kept blazing back and forth across his vision. The low blue flashes tingling back and forth across his sight.

“Sorry Nadia, I seem to have a hard time focusing today. Please tell me about drew you to psychology as a field of study?”

“Well I guess it’s kind of cliche. You see I never new my father. But it’s not his fault. He never knew my mother was pregnant. She told me how he dotted on her. How well he treated her. My mother explained how he asked her to marry her, even though they were only in high school.”

As she talked the light kept it’s steady pace back and forth across his vision. Keeping time as if it were a metronome. The blue light in his field of vision back and forth. Slowly his shoulders dropped as he just listened to her talk.

Nadia continued “Mother said he was so respectful of her, He treated her like a princess and she was the one who got hot and bothered and caused there first time.” Nadia smiled and just bahis firmaları looked as Mr. Crane just kept staring at her ring. “It was really quite something he was from a fairly well off family and white so it was kind of surprising. Although she told me once he got over his hesitancy about sex with her he was insatiable for her.”

Nadia smiled as he had no reaction, just kept staring at her ring. “Yes the real twist of the story is his family adored her and had no problem with him seeing her.” Nadia just smiled bitterly. “No it was Mom’s family that got upset with her dating a white boy.”

With that Nadia stood and walked around the desk. Slowly she with drew a syringe and slowly injected it into Mr. Crane’s arm. “No one knew she was pregnant when they moved out of town. So I grew up never knowing him. It caused me to make some very questionable choices. Truthfully it’s made into quite the slut. I have slowly needed more and more kinky things to get off.”

Slowly Nadia lifted his head shining the light back and forth in his eyes. Slowly she smiled as she continued talking.”So that brings me here Dad, not having a father growing up as well caused me to want to know you, can hear me.”

Charles suddenly looked right at her his voice steady answered “Yes I can hear you Nadia.” Nodding she looked into his eyes “Good now I just gave a very new drug we call it Inception after the movie. Only this works much better. So now you know I am your daughter. You also know that as lovey dovey you use to be, your now a total player who has no belief in monogamy.”

Nadia ran her tongue up his neck to just behind his ear. Slowly she whispered “Only from now on you get especially hard for black women, or your daughters. This means you get hardest for me. You can fuck women of other races, as long as either a black woman or your daughters is with you in a threesome. This includes your wife or soon to be ex-wife. We will start a whole new department of Urban sales development. You will task me with the staffing as the new VP of Development.”

Slowly she unbuttoned Charles shirt her lip trailing along his skin towards his stomach. “Will throw a company barbecue, Shortly after most of the existing personnel will decide kaçak iddaa to seek new opportunities” her hand feeling the sharpness of his zipper, as the zzz sounded in the small office.

“Soon the whole office will be filled with sexy young black women. I promise they’re going to be very eager to please and their panties will practically fly off when you smile at them” there was a loud thunk as his heavy belt-buckle hit the floor.

Her tongue slowly slid up shaft, slow quick licks flecking against it slowly to bring it to hardness. “Now when you come to, you will know how finding out I was you daughter while being so incredibly sexy broke something in you. You fell madly in love and lust with me. That I was your illegitimate bi-racial daughter only made it hotter. The second you cum in my mouth you will know you want me always.”

Slowly she stood her hands sliding under her skirt, her hips shimming from side to side. Her nails clicking against the plastic of her buttons. Her bra hit the floor as she ran her fingers through his hair pulling him between her breasts. ” You will realize you how you seduced me. How you want many women, black women, how you will always come home to me. Still you know it will excite me for you to fuck and impregnate other women, especially my half sisters.”

Looking down on him as she tilted his face up, leaning down to push her lips against his. “You will divorce your wife and marry me. You will come with your wife and daughters to my apartment tomorrow night for dinner. I will explain everything to them. Once you cum with me, you will know you need to seduce, fuck, take, and dominate women sexually. This goes especially for me, however I run all other aspects of our life.”

Her lips touched his again, slowly her tongue slid into his mouth. Slowly his mouth responded, as his eyes fluttered up and down. Jacob’s hands caressed down her back, his fingertips tracing the curve of her back down to her ass. Nadia broke the kiss, her tongue trailing down his neck. Nibbling down his chest and stomach. The carpet brushing against her knees as she lowered her mouth to his full cock.

“Oh, oh god baby you should stop, this is so wrong” Jacob said as he felt her mouth envelop his cock. Her kaçak bahis mouth tightened around his shaft as her nose moved towards the base of his shaft. Gradually she began quickening her pace. Nadia new she had him primed,once she made him cum he would never be able to stop fucking her.

“That’s it, I can’t stop you I don’t want to faster, suck it all the way down” she pushed down harder and faster her mouth going two meth addicts on a seesaw. The heat and slickness surrounded her thighs as she flicked her tongue around his mushroom head. She loved this, she loved him, even his taste. Nadia knew she would do whatever it took to keep this. She finally had the father she always wanted.

“I am cumming, I AM CUMMIIINNNGGG” Jacob shouted. The salty taste hit the back of her throat as she pushed her thumb against her clit. The combination of it all causing her body to shudder and shake, a very small version of the little death.

Nadia rose, taking his coffee up into her hands. Letting the cold coffee slide down her throat. “Well now that was nice, but I want to sit in your lap now like a good little girl” Nadia said. Sweat glistening from her body as he studied her in detail. Her skin sliding against his, as it slowly dawned on him he was staying erect.

“Do you like me in your lap” she whispered in his ear. Jacob’s hands encircled her waist. “Are you ready to fuck me,…Daddy.”

His cock surged into her pussy, pushing hard and deep. Thrusting in pushing as his hands squeezed her ass. “Yesss Daddy fuck me, fuck me as I have dreamed of you fucking me Daddy.” His hand came down on her ass. Giving her the spanking she wanted.

“God your even hotter piece of ass then your mother was” Jacob screamed. His hands cupping her ass bouncing her up and down on his cock. “From now on your my baby girl slut” he whispered in her ear. “Ride Daddy’s cock like the little slut you are. Tell Daddy how much you love his cock.”

Her legs wrapped around his chair grinding her pussy harder onto him. “Yes Daddy, I fucking love your cock, I adore it. I want you to take me any where, any when, any way you want. I worship your cock now DADDDDYYYY.”

Finally both reached the crescendo of their passion. With one powerful thrust their bodies shuddered. Nadia felt Jacob’s lips moving up her neck. He held her now so tenderly as he kissed and explored her body. He was her’s now, she knew. Soon she would have the family she always wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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