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The conference room emptied in under a minute. I was a little apprehensive about a return trip to the Queens’. I checked my purse to see if I had taken my Valium this morning. I found a dozen unopened double packs. I knew I had taken a complete two pill pack yesterday after my doctor’s visit. And I remember the results. So with no open pack, I must not have taken one this morning. I opened a fresh pack and washed a tablet down with a big swig of bottled water. I was determined to rehydrate after my excesses of yesterday.

I glanced at my desktop picture of Dave and me at our first anniversary celebration last December seventh. We wanted a day that Dave could remember and one that didn’t interfere with a football Saturday. I wore an emerald green cocktail dress that was just short enough, just low enough and just tight enough to show my assets. The dress brought out the color of my eyes and contrasted nicely with my light blonde hair which nearly matched my creamy complexion. I wore my hair up and heals just high enough to thrust my pelvis forward. This outfit and hairdo brought my five foot ten inch height almost even with the top of Dave’s head.

I opened the top center drawer of my desk to take a look at our honeymoon pictures from Key West. We had let our hair down in more ways than one. My long blonde hair fell over my shoulders and blended with the surrounding skin. I wore a very brief bikini and a thin gauze sarong blurred my body. The only way the picture could have been better was if had been taken mid summer when my hair was lighter and my tan was darker. As we stood there barefooted Dave was clearly several inches taller than I. I slipped the pictures back into their special space, that’s when I noticed the half pack of Valium.

Here I was in my pinstriped business suit double dosed on Valium. This was not the way I wanted to start the day. That’s when Randy walked in. He informed me that I was riding with him to the Queens’. He was the boss so a simple “Yes sir’ was the proper reply.

I was somewhat apprehensive about our outing because Randy and I had a history. I texted Dave and told him l was on the way to the Queens’ with Randy to celebrate our office administrative assistants day. He replied, “OK?”

There was illegal bahis little conversation during our drive to the Queens’ and my mind drifted back to when I first came to town four years ago. I was a newly divorced twenty-two year old looking for a new life. I met Randy at a job fair, he practically filled out my application for me. In a matter of weeks, just after Memorial Day, I was a federal employee with a security clearance making more money than I could imagine. I wasn’t getting rich but I was making as much as the other secretaries who had been there several years. I also had the benefit of knowing someone in the office, Randy was my new boss’s boss.

I soon realized that every job finder charged a fee. It started with the usual pleasantries, escalating to casual touching, then invitations to lunch and more. The first real payment was about to come due. On Friday the thirtieth of June Randy and I were lunching at Queens’. Until this day lunch had only been lunch. Sure there had been lots of double entendres but no real follow through. Today was different. We had just finished our meals and Randy had paid the waitress.

He looked me in the eyes and said, “You know that I sent Dot and the kids to the beach for the Forth. Do you think that we could spend a little time together?”

I arrived back in the present about the time we arrived at the Queens’. It was well into lunch hour and most of the parking was taken. We ended up parking in the area of the motel rooms. Randy helped me from the car, as we walked to the restaurant it was clear that in my heals I was taller than Randy.

We entered the restaurant and joined the rest of the office in a private room. I was ill at ease being seated beside Randy at the head table, but there were the only two seats left.

The waiter asked “What do you want to drink?”

Randy replied, “She will have a Absinthe Frappe and I will have a rye.”

I corrected him, “I will have a white wine and a water.”

I wondered, “Who had talked to whom and what were they told?”

I considered changing to water only, but I didn’t want to look prudish.

The official proceeding began with the cards, chocolates and flowers. During this the waiter began taking meal orders. I checked to illegal bahis siteleri see which menu we were using. I thought everything was going great and took a sip of wine. I felt like everything was okay and then ordered a Caesar salad with grilled salmon.

Randy said, “We will share that.”

I took another look at the menu. It clearly was not the room service menu. I looked to the other table and saw Nancy seated between Billie and Chuck, the two division chiefs who worked for Randy. Everything seemed to be okay over there. I guess I was being overly sensitive.

We all finished our meals around twelve thirty. The checks were appropriately apportioned and people began to depart.

Randy said, “I should stick around and make sure that everything is properly settled.”

We left after making sure that all the tabs had been settled. We were the last of our party to leave, most of the others should be back in the office by now.

Walking towards the car, I said, “This probably looks like we are heading for a room.”

Randy replied, “We probably are.”

I looked at Randy and said, “This was just for lunch.”

He replied, “I can’t forget what we had. No one needs to know about this but us.”

I explained, “There are too many coincidences here, the drinks, the salad and the room. You know exactly what happened yesterday and exactly what you expect today.”

He countered, “Yes Billie and Chuck did talk, but that doesn’t change what you and I had. Besides I know that you only took three hours leave yesterday. You left at nine and didn’t return.”

He was right about that. I had filled out my time card before I left and had not corrected it this morning.

“I think we can work something out on this that we both can appreciate.” he said.

I struggled with my decision. Maybe my thoughts were clouded by the Valium and the wine; l said, “Okay.”

We awkwardly entered room 136. I said, “Maybe a little more wine will help.”

Randy ordered a bottle of champagne and a caviar side from room service.

We tried to clear the air about yesterday’s events. Randy explained that Chuck and Billie knew nothing about our earlier relationship. They were only bragging like a couple of teenagers. I wasn’t canlı bahis siteleri sure that was the entire story. It didn’t explain why I had been hired as Billie’s secretary before he interviewed me or why Randy and I had often lunched together. Because of the Valium I was completely unstressed and accepted his explanation.

Room service arrived, left a tray and returned to the kitchen. We began Randy’s afternoon agenda. He poured the champagne, took my hands and pulled me to my feet. He put his hands behind my shoulders and pulled me to his mouth. We kissed and I traveled back in time. It was like Dave never existed. I was soon standing naked as Randy removed his clothes.

Randy was quite adept at oral stimulation. He pushed me onto the bed, raising my knees and placing my feet at my bottom in a single motion. He brought me to the edge of orgasm with his tongue in a matter of minutes. Even though I was still sore and swollen from yesterday’s workout I asked him to gently enter me to finish his work.

I didn’t remember his girth as being all that I could take. I was moving between pain and pleasure when I exploded in orgasm. I took his member into my mouth to complete his pleasure.

We took a break to have more champagne and a bite of caviar. I was surprised at the similarity of taste between the caviar and my own juices. A few moments later we resumed our couplings.

This session extended over a much longer time. After extended mild foreplay and teasing we reengaged. We tried several different positions but I was still very tender and just couldn’t push myself over the edge to orgasm. After he came, he kissed me tenderly then moved to my breast. He kissed each nipple several times. He moved on to my tummy and lower. He stopped just short of my labia. While I ached for the ultimate pleasure that he could have brought, l was totally spent.

We sipped more champagne rested and later engaged in one more long slow fuck. I left satisfied.

Without speaking much or planning a later tryst, we drove back to the office.

I got into my car without going back to the office. Somehow I managed to drive home without an incident.

I entered the house wondering what I would tell Dave about this afternoon. My cell phone signaled a new message. It was from Billie, he asked “Annie, how do you like the attached pictures from yesterday?” He also added that I could see his action with Nancy today, if I liked.

I wondered if one more Valium would handle the stress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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